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Pyrrha Sep 2018
When you were mine
I always saw specks of blue
In rivers, oceans, and spread across the sky
On butterfly wings, blue jay's, and flooding feilds of blue bonnets
Yes, within my lovers eyes that blue was mine

When you walked away
You took that color with you
And once again my world was monochrome
I thought I had found my colorwheel
But now I've found the spectrum to be larger than that pitiless hue

One day I will find
Someone who will make my world explode
With a kaleidoscope of all these colors that I've never known
As if their very breath gives life to such sights
And in my view they will stay, for this I'll get on my knees and pray
Glenn Currier Apr 2017
The clock was running and the hour was late
my mind was racing at a crazy rate
the traffic on the road was oh so dense
big trucks roared by, their drivers were tense.

My troubled mind was blue but I looked up
and saw a sprinkled wealth of buttercup.

And then I knew that even in delay
the fate awaiting later in the day
would not be something that I had to fight
for I’d remember then this splendid sight .

Along the way bluebonnets were ablaze
swaying in the wind and giving praise.

If on my path misfortune should I cross
when I encounter pain and suffer loss
I hope I can recall the glory of this drive
give thanks and praise that I too am alive.

I hope that on my journey I’ll look up
and see the sprinkled wealth of buttercup.
Driving this morning on Texas highways April was bursting with joy. The wildflowers are magnificent, especially the buttercups, also known as pink evening (or showy) primrose, or pink ladies.
You bloom in my heart like early Bluebonnets during winter
Removing all my splinters
That were still left from the beginning
I'm not even bleeding
I'm just pinned with feeling
Don't stop this fishing pole from reeling
Cause I'm believing
That you're more than the first moment

A florecer en mi corazón como primeros Bluebonnets durante el invierno
La eliminación de todos mis astillas
Que aún quedaban desde el principio
Ni siquiera estoy sangrando
Sólo estoy inmovilizó con sentimiento
No deje de esta caña de pescar desde el devanado
Porque yo estoy creyendo
Eso es más que el primer momento

— The End —