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Robby Dec 2019
How many times
Have I put my knuckles through these walls?
Not enough times evidently
Because my blood still boils
Rage surging through contracting muscles
At least it was only the wall
Arden Sep 2019
guess what  
no matter what you say or do  
my ****** does not make me less
my chest does not make me less
my voice does not make me less
i am what i am and you cant change that  
i am a friend  
I am a lover  
I am a brother  
I am not the subject of your study  
I am not the punching bag for your queerfear
i am strong  
i am everything  
i am still here
DancingEntWrites Nov 2018
I dont want to be
Your verbal punching bag. So
Please just set me free
Viseract Mar 2016
"At least I have a girlfriend...."
everyone laughs

Yeah I may be going solo
Here's something you should know, though
I had a girlfriend once too
But now I am on my own

"I bet you think you're so hard
Did she get rid of you?
Did you dump her?
Was it because you're a ******
And have nothing better to do?"

everyone laughs again

Nah, I am not *******
I just extinguished the fire I started
Because the stress was killing me
I may be cold sometimes,
But I ain't no beast

I've got a heart too, I guess
Though I wouldn't mind if you were laid to rest
Because if these insults are some form of test
The only thing you're wasting is your breath

"Nah, I'm just showing how much better I am
And how having a girlfriend makes me a man"

Last time I checked, to be a man,
You didn't need
A girl to beat
Do you understand?

"Aw, ******* ****
You're just being a *****
Why don't you just bend over
And go **** on someone's' ****"

A few people shake their heads

I just said I had a girlfriend
What, because I'm single means I'm suddenly gay?
Tell you what mate, I still like girls
Oh, and by the way...

If you don't beat your girlfriend
Why is her face all cuts and bruises?
Did you do it because you're a "man?"
I really hate you losers

Hit a girl for no reason
"Awww it's coz I'm tough"
impersonates drunk, gets a few laughs
It's pronounced "girl" not "punching bag"
Do you want to know what's rough?

"No, what's rough"
Drunken man takes a swing, misses

"My fist"
just something I thought of. don't know why, but probably because of past things I have heard, of girls being beat up by drunks. Not cool
Reverie Dawson May 2015
I know we are both human.
We both make mistakes.
But I 'am NOT your  punching bag.
You are scratching, shoving, and crushing me.
And I'm trying to run, jump and duck from all the words you throw at me.
But it seems like the ground is rumbling and turning me around back to your horrid words.
And it feels like every word that you speak brings me down.
Each word breaking and taring me slowly.
I guess I am your punching bag after all.
I'm fixed up with tape and glue, holding on by a cord.
Being the Academy Sports discount punching bag was so yesterday
I love it when you say I'm not good enough
Because I didn't pay you to be my personal coach
It gives me so much depth in my existence
When so many people who barely knew me tried to slow down the inevitable win
Aubrey Aug 2014
I want it to be like
you're in the guestroom
like we had a "guestroom"
or second restroom
but the focus then
is on earning potential
on gain
on capital
instead of the lie
still stuck in your throat.
I smell it: your gullet...
the living room is rancid with it..
the rot still lingering
on the barely shod
curtain rod.
My senses have no room
and the anger is in my tongue and fists
and I am writhing
and punching
and you...
are finally
BDR Apr 2014
I just want to
punch and
tear something apart..

All into one.

I want to
on top of a mountain
and do the same
and if not,
I'd just
and laugh all about it..

All into one.
I'm only human.
Tyler Man Apr 2014
Tonight there's nothing                    
Look left look right                    
Nothing left in sight.                             
 My eyes so open very wide.                
But everything,everyone is left to hide.                                                      
Cause­ from inside I found.                 
 It's the punches we take pound for pound.                                                    
  That­ eventually leave us bruised and down.                                                          
B­ut now there's no one left to frown.                                         
 Nothingness an emotional wreck.                                        
As far as the eyes could see as far as your legs could treck.                        
Now what went wrong along the way                                        
Found someone else yesterday.      
Now all I am, all I was is left behind.                                        
Nothingness down roads we wind.                                              
But what we don't see.                            
Is nothingness is to be free.          
Believe in me                                          
now is what I see                                      
to make a change                      
Completely rearrange                        
Now I see.                                              
That this nothingness is a beginning to a new me....
Showing self worth and inspiring change is something you find through pain and sometimes through others

— The End —