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Grey Dec 2019
If the bar is low,
maybe I won't disappoint
you with my failures...
cupid Sep 2019
i found two thousand different words to put in my poems but i cant find the words to make my way home, or to have a conversation with someone new
or to transfer out of this stupid honors chemistry class that i never even wanted to take
i just want to talk
i want friends and lovers and rivals
i want to feel more than a burning dictionary
please help my find my words
talk to me but dont touch me
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
They go on searching in Kingdom of happiness
Trying to find a place of

When they realise that it is a barren field
Unexpected failures break their dream.

They are not searching for castle and king
But a crowd of dreams that they're loving .

Wearing a crown is not the only source of a beautiful smile
It is a strange heaven where nameless happiness lies.
'Strange heaven' one of the best poems written by me. It is my favourite poem.
Keiri Jul 2019
Grasping at the speed of light after the shining antique.
Missed it by a hair, I blame my physique.
As my hands swim in the shatters of my heart, the vase filled with dreams and all that got discart.
The carmine liquid flowing out of my very own skin.
The regret, the shadow will be left within.
As an empty broken vase, oh isn't it sad.
For I alone understand the visions I had.
As I throw the shards of my life away, the sin.
I finally remembered an inch of his grin.
I should've known it was bluff, the eyes that has seen all, but I would not be enough, so my dream has finally made it's fall.
His silence cannot be tamed.
Lost in the blood and the shards he was framed.
This poem is a repolishing of High Pitched Silent Sounds. Since that poem was just simply litterally translated, this poem however grasped the same idea that I tried to express in Dutch, it used different sentences and structure, but shows you the feeling that it was supposed to express.
Bhill Jun 2019
How many chances
How many opportunities
How many failures...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 158
Sometimes you just want to know.
Ghost May 2019
I've always tried to be the knight in shining armor. I've tried to carry the weight of the world. In doing so I've thrown everything i hold dear away. I've had old loves leave because of my actions. I've had family leave because of my actions. I've had friends leave because of my actions. There was a point when i lost it all. I was no longer the knight
Anushruti Singh Apr 2019
On the way, during travelling
There’s a lot of obstacles
Lots of breakers, lots of crackers
Lots of turns and lots of miracles
Lots of ups and downs
Lots of animals and peoples though
And even conditions of roads
Are not up to the mark.

But there one thing in our mind
We have to reach anyhow at the end
There’s no matter if fact that
What time it needs.

So, why we stop
After some failures?
On the way of life.
There also obstacles
Miracles, sane and insane peoples
Crust and trough too.

Why we aren’t so crazy
As much as during travelling
Why we aren’t keep in mind that
Anyhow we have to reach our beach

Never stop, never!
During the way of your aim.
Be so insanely crazy about your game
Think why you are doing so.

Keep in mind that  
Plant takes a long time
To become a prolific tree.
They also suffer a lot as we do.
Sufferings are different but pain is same though.
Its all about how people change their aim after some failures and disappointed. And also about how everything in our life teaches us some lesson but depend upon us how we see everything, as a lesson or as a ordinary thing.
Äŧül Mar 2019
All the times I loved in the past,
They now seem ephemeral,
Moving on always seemed impossible,
However, the word impossible,
Itself says, I'm possible!
My failures were evanescent dreams,
Were they not?
My HP Poem #1734
©Atul Kaushal
‪I see people struggling with what they learned.‬
‪I’ve yet to learn anything.‬
‪My mind just feels empty and blank.‬
‪There’s nothing in it but abstract forms that ellicit vague and varied emotional responses.‬
‪Suddenly, without warning, “it” attacks.‬
‪But my apathy would invalidate “it”.‬
‪But “it” stays there.
Waiting until I feel again.
Until “it” re-triggers my emptiness and apathy.
Waiting to be filled only to be spilt and reduced to nothing.
An absence, a darkness, an abyss of unfeeling.
A deprivation of senses as if something has died.
“It” just does what “it” is intended.
At first, apathy dismisses “it”.
But soon, I regain my consciousness.
And “it” subdues my consciousness into apathy.
“It” is an endless cycle.
There’s no other word for “it”.
It is just “it”; an entity that lacks words to express, a phenomenon.
An anomaly within me.
I’m tired. Academically drained, lacking passion and dreams. Lacking aspirations, goals, ambitions and motivation. Lacking a future outlook. Trapped in a cycle of an empty mind and a broken body. I don’t feel anything but heaviness. Maybe this is depression? Lapses in memory? Random aches? Hypochondria? “It” swallows me whole.
Darling, we thought we were golden.
Honey we thought that we had it made.
But my dear, what they don't tell you,
is that the tongue is the sharpest blade.

Darling, we thought we were free,
free from the failures of others our age.
You called us love, my dear,
but if it were love...
If it were love then maybe- just maybe-
I'd want to still be here.

Darling, you called us perfect,
but the walls only hold so much back.
Love, you called me your light in the dark,
but I was eventually covered in black.
Love, you thought that we were eternal. What I didn't tell you was that neither of us are gods.
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