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Queen Z Oct 2020
From the birth till the death,
Has different level of stress.
Life starts going in darker rooms,
No switch of white light to press.

Since the birth of the child,
Parents force to be at the front in life's races.
Among the 1000,5 succeed,
But have something left in life which can bring snake on the face?

Bad memories give so much of pain,
Start smoking and drinking.
For sometimes give some relief,
But more deeper in hell,it's taking.
Kyle Oct 2020
Don't let other people define you;
Don't let the fear of perfections and failures;
Hold you back.
You will make mistakes;
But that is a part of growing.
Be who you are;
Don't give up.
To all the people who are losing hope,
Never quit, You can do it!
Yana Kim Oct 2020
What if I said yes to him,
Would I still be single now?
What if I took the board exam,
Would I still be a loser now?
What if I never accepted this job,
Would I be successful now?
My life has uncertain future
But one thing is for sure
I am such a failure.
Gibberish truths
Khyati Jul 2020
I'm acrophobic
But I ain't afraid of heights.
Instead, what I'm really afraid of
is the fall.
Khyati Jul 2020
i wish i never ran out of words
i wish my emotions found a better way out rather than expressing themselves in tears
i wish i knew how to fight those toxic battles
i wish i knew how to swim the ocean of failures
i wish i didn't feel tormented all through
i just wish i could get anaesthetic to all the pain they put me into!
anonymous May 2020
"Could you name a shortcoming of yours?"
       and I stutter- I stop
after nights of practice
mindless rehearsing
this should not be the question
that turns me to a boulder
hurls me off the cliff
so I shatter
while bystanders thank their lucky stars they weren't hit
I've named thousands thanks to you
but now
the pain has muted me
"I am shy"
it's a lie
this is about an interview lol
Mayara Giorno May 2020
Preachers in another storm

‘STAY’ whispers Mother

Followed by another joint

hands are met

and with him I crash

My bloodstained shadow


thrashed onto the walls

Cray-Cray Calling

Dos Tres – Another! Better!

Quatro Cinco – What a disaster!

T’was never my intention

But I succeed at my own failures

for there has always been a reward after my tormented failure.


But You can’t say I left you empty handed

you can’t say I didn’t offer you all I had

I just left

for I found better.

I know – What a ***!
Matthew Sabella Apr 2020
I guess it is time to find something to look forward to.
I guess it is time to be reminded that not everything is falling off the edge.
I guess it is time to tap into hope.

I Guess... I Guess...

It is more than a feeling that I seek today.
I look forward to the time when I choose to be happy more than I choose to be sad.
A simplistic, cliche statement that speaks dividends to the current mental state of myself and others.
We look inside of ourselves and choose to look at the nuggets of despair that are over there,
Instead of looking at the joy that is on the other side.

I Guess... I Guess...

Life is more worthy of repeating than closing.
Doors that open might be more intriguing, but sometimes revisiting past failures can make you stronger.
But make sure not to dwell too long.
Balance the doors that are new and the ones that used to be present for you.

I Guess... I Guess...

Hope is a choice.
Hope can provide peace.
What do we put our hope in?
Where do our eyes rest upon when we look up to the stars in the sky?

Who provides us our daily bread?
Who irrigates our bodies with life?
Where do we put our faith in when the times decide to derail us off the tracks?
Where does the child go when they no longer have the bread they need?

When we gather up the provisions we need, do we take too much?
When we grab the stars do we take too many?
Are we using hope to fuel the fear that is festering deep inside?
When the stars are shining are we the ones snuffing them out?

I Guess... I Guess...

The time has come to choose true hope over falsified documents.
The time has come to let faith be a guide.
The time has come to stop hoarding the stars and take just what I need.
(I wonder what else I need?)
The time has come to take someone else's hand just to comfort them.
To show love and to choose love.
To choose life over death.
To show hope to choose hope.  

I Guess... I Guess...

I want more than a fine feeling.
I want more than a horoscope peace.
I want more than a past that I'm ashamed of.
I want more than a degenerating hope in things that will never give me joy.

I guess it is time to find something to look forward to.
I guess it is time to be reminded that not everything is falling off the edge.
I guess it is time to tap into hope

I Guess... I Guess...

I am lost, but I am too scared to be found...
Looking for some clarity.
Grey Dec 2019
If the bar is low,
maybe I won't disappoint
you with my failures...
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
They go on searching in Kingdom of happiness
Trying to find a place of

When they realise that it is a barren field
Unexpected failures break their dream.

They are not searching for castle and king
But a crowd of dreams that they're loving .

Wearing a crown is not the only source of a beautiful smile
It is a strange heaven where nameless happiness lies.
'Strange heaven' one of the best poems written by me. It is my favourite poem.
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