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I don't want your love 24/7
Or even 25/7
I want it 26/7
Turn up the heat
Who cares about being discreet?
I want our eyes to meet
In tune
I want every second to feel like it's my birthday in June
And it should feel that way
I have you, after all
From a rating of one to ten
I say ***** it
You're tired of being used and objectified and i'm not renewing it
I just do that with my library books
I'm not going to dangle you on a hook
And take you out
I'm going to make sure you have the best out there possible
Which is hopefully me
I'm not here to waste your time
I'm here to make it worth your while
I can't allow, 24 or even 26 hours
I'm going to need all 28 hours of the week
I don't want to drive a sports car just to show off and make people inadequate
I want to drive a car that leads to you
I want to be inside your garage
And stay in there for life
Your car looks like its not for sale
And its too special for you to
I cherish the day I have a chance
To park my car inside
Your home
Don't you ever worry
You will never be one night
Hopefully you'll be in the thousands
But not everything goes to plan like we want it to
What does a poet like me to do?
I want you to keep gazing at me like that again and again until my death
The best women keep you from having a breathe
Because they constantly take it away
And when I say that, I'm no bluff
You're going to make me have Asthma
And I think I can vouch for that
Don't you question your value in this world
He might of seen you as an object
He might of used you
But I will make sure your dreams come true
By getting the treatment you've deserved all this time
Don't weep, it will be okay
They can't hurt you anymore
I'm here to take all the pain away
I'd much rather it be me than you
I'm uses to this more than you know
All the foundations that were once built
Have seemed to diminish
As i try to find some way to make the finish
I try to find ways to replenish
My sorrowful soul
It always hits me hard and i don't know why
I've gotten better about it but it always seems to smack me full circle
It's not a wasteful existence but my mind is telling me so
And i've done nothing to make myself feel this way
I just do, and it's eating me alive
I want to permanently be happy and thrive
But the shrouds of darkness is trying to take me alive
If you have to put up with this much black
Than i want to come back

I hate change
Not the type you find on the ground
Or the inspiring differences
Just the way things falter, transform and corrode.

34 hours. Feels like 3400 days
The series continues!
We were a flame that was hard to stay lit
And i constantly questioned myself on most of it
It was all worth it, regardless of the time wasted
Youth is a silly thing
And i'm not that person anymore
Regardless if i still ask myself if i'm a human is besides the point
There was a dozen of gin joints
I could of ended up at
But this one was the most pristine
I'm favorable on trying new cuisine
Because i'm the poster adult for cheap thrills
I really don't like how high these prices are nowadays
Not everyone is rich, you know?
Good moments and good times is all i want bestowed
But even though we're confounded in our woes
I want us to always fight these fires with harsher fire

36 hours, my thoughts persist to keep me up at night.
That's how long the change took
But it feels like 3600 days
Or perhaps even years.
Sticks and stones may not break your bones
But a 40 ton truck sure will
You wasted all the words you said
By throwing them into the trash
Because you're a human that is too rash
You're just going to crash
Over and over again
I'm not going to be like that
I'm not going to choke on my words
I will have some reason to say what i say
Let's end the facades right here and now
Too many hearts have been deceived
Here's the truth and i will direct you the way
I'm fine today
But i'm not so sure about the rest.
Done with people who lie.
Across the road
I can see the x's painted on the concrete
Some of the hopeless just want to lay there waiting for the end
Just looking for a reasonable inclination
To keep them all alive
So when they wake up from their coma
They can prosper and thrive
If only people had more 20/20 vision
Instead of their glasses and contacts
They feed their own superstitions
I want no eruptions, keep your emotions in tact
There's already way too many accidents on the road these days anyway, why would i want to cause another?
Cheaters have a *** addiction to multiple women
Loyal men have a *** addiction to their wife
Don't do secret admirer letters
You'll get rejected faster than a criminal applying for a job
It was a sincere deed that made me feel like I was one after I got a reaction
Some lessons hurt deep
Real life experience. I hate valentines day because im stupid. Not being negative but I was stupid.
Everyone wants to win money at a Casino
But they're really losing more than they gain
Some people can never afford to lose
But yet some of them still go
I don't understand
But I guess its not in my jurisdiction to
Seventy percent of the world is covered in  large oceans
Enough to create millions of bottles of potions
To heal  the sick and amend the unstable
I'd gladly sit in the same table
As you
I'd gladly be a fish
In your ocean

Try me
I'm a little rough around the edges
But if you're thinking about it, you might as well.
Don't really know how this one came out.
A Muslim boy with a clock
Is seen as a terrorist with a glock
Maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong
But if he were White, Asian, Hispanic or even Pacific Islander
Nobody would of suspected anything.
When are we going to stop fearing an entire race for only a portion radical and illogical ways of treating others?
I don't tolerate people who behead others if they don't agree with their religion
I don't agree with the repressive governments that control everyone and stone them for minor misdemeanors
There are good men out there fighting this evil that has plagued their homelands
I'm all for ending terrorism of all kinds
But let's stop terrorism of innocents too
Sure, i'm afraid of what the radicals will do to their own people, my people and the rest of the world
But i'll be dammed if i treated somebody from the Middle East like a monster when i don't even know who they are
If it wasn't for a Middle Eastern girl
The Syrians girls wouldn't have an improved education
If it wasn't for a Middle Eastern man fending off the Taliban and risking his entire village to keep Marcus Littrell alive
He would of been KIA a long time ago.
What about the ones who fought and died for America?
Nobody ever mentions them
The media wants me to hate them all, but i laugh and shake my head
Warped minds trying to warp others
I only see the ones who want to do us harm, and the ones who want to live peacefully and away from a life of hell
Brothers and sisters, just a different culture and skin color
I'm sorry if America seems racist or hateful, but i'm proud to be the one who throws those two words in the trash
Because i'm not afraid to speak my mind
And i welcome everyone here
America is everyone's home.
If only the Soviet Union never invaded Afghanistan
If only the people were not scared
To be free like America.
Unity for all,
Religious differences and Cultures alike.
I hope one day a Muslim man or Woman can walk down an American street without being labeled as a terrorist.
I hope one day these repressive governments fall into the hands of democracy
And we start the Age of Unity again.
I went all out on this one. I wanted to speak my views on this and i believe that the Muslim people and Arabian people deserve the same amount of freedom as we have. I feel so bad for that poor boy.
I can't believe people have the effrontery
To make the choices they do
All my rooms feel more snuggery
Almost everything they seem to say is perfunctory
I'm trying to become something that is alary
But the snippery is at an all time high
So I'm just cruising through
Taking care of crew
That's exactly what i do
Visiting Alice's Grave
There was nothing more than her life to save
She was the most brave
She was the good game you wanted to save
That dependent person to rely on
The shoulder to cry on
She was the kindest and most caring friend a human can ask for
She would see the rain and watch it pour
Smiling and dancing with a yellow jacket
She put on a Darth Vader helmet during one of her birthdays
She invented the term "wild card"
You could never predict her
She left behind a legacy
And a Best friend
Who was there until the end
Who she thought was a friend when she was alive
Was something more
Something she accidentally ignored
Roseyln loved her, but never told her
Now her life is under a carved boulder
This is a fictional story. Nobody named Alice died. This was written to portray a tragic heartbreak for a character and never revealing her true orientation to her friend.
I like to align my Stars like you like to brush your hair in the morning
I like to bury my problems like people bury the dead during mourning
I'm sorry to hear that your misery is morphing
I wish i could trap it with a jar
But i'm just a man
I can just try to let it die with my words of empowerment
I work day and night on myself
Using the right words
Cause half the time it's not the right ones
I'll keep trying
Regardless of how many people tell me i know exactly how to speak.
There's always room for improvement.
I like to align my Stars just right
Keep your dreams tight.
I think i should apply for a mental health alleviation position
Because I've been making sure these people don't severely hurt themselves or commit suicide
I'm here to help you and i want absolutely nothing in return
It's one of the gifts God gave me
To make people feel better
And to be their vase to store all their tears
Here is to all the years
Of healing and wellness
That i'm bestowing upon them
Because it's an acting role where i'm not acting
I mean it
I love vaporizing the pain
It makes my mind less scorned from my own predicaments
I wanted to write this poem for awhile. Glad i got it out.
When all I have is strength
It's still a fallacy
Save the formalities
I know what's been coming out of me
I'm not losing this battle
But its still hard to accept
The fact that some people easily delve into death
I try to save my breath
But I'm running out
You just won't know
Because I am on my path to become unmendered
And running towards the story where I'm a contender
I didn't mean to break your fender
I'll be a quick sender
And settle it as fast as possible
Bare with me
But don't bear with me
I'd prefer not to be stuck in another wild
Mine is already rigid enough
Life is a fitness test and I have to hang tough
I think about the odds against me
And i know why i hate math so much
I dream of God's touch
Assuring me i'm the man my grandfather wanted me to be
He's no longer here for me to know
And now this bridge isn't as golden
And my pockets aren't holding
All this change
I wish i could properly rearrange
Without going through an uphill battle
But some people are as carefree as cattle
And hold life in a very small window
But i hate being a spider with two legs
So i decided to hold my podium higher while i speak my words
I think to not get anything accomplished is absurd
But i'm looking for a better word
Cause that's not good enough
For me
I want to be the best man i can to be the world
But i have a few losses on the road
I wonder if i'm still making playoffs
I guess i'm just crossing my fingers
As time lingers
I'm holding onto something that might or might not happen
I'm tired of cornering myself into living this life
So i'm going to solve this puzzle
While you bring more for me to solve
I got more problems fixed but many more coming up
Don't worry, i'm used to this
I'm now a professional
That's the only response you should have
To this roller coaster with no wheels or rails
You see all the details it entails?
It's loud out here but the self esteem is soft
And that's a terrible crime
I'm finding ways to rhyme
And all this garbage is happening in the world
I want to be be able to stare into a kid who has nothing in the eye and give them the world
It isn't about me
I'd brag about my fat stacks going to other people not for myself
These fat stacks have meaning now
Isn't that odd?
I like giving things meaning
It's what keeps me going
Have you ever seen a person bloom so much that you can smell the nectar nearby?
Alternatives to Dating Sites To Find Women:
Polo Tropical
Barnes and Noble
Metropolitan area
Something different that i usually don't write, but i think this is funny.
They can hold disdain through the sunny days and the rainy days
But i would never wish the worst events on them
They might hate me or despise me
But there's always reasons
Nothing is meaningless despite what they seem
Look, i can see the Sun twinkle like a Star
It's white instead of yellow but nobody knows that
See the correlation?
I'm that amaryllis that was left in the winter
I have no guidance or wisdom from Master Splinter
Just my pedals falling away
As you slowly erode me
You have no knowledge of this secret intentsion
My mind feels like it's in a mental detention
With so much thinking
You'd think my boats would be sinking
But they wait
To set sail and let me prevail
Avoiding the monsoons and treacherous hail
I would sail through the entire world
To do this over again
A new year, a new poem
I'm not sure if everything is new as they say it is.
Things have mostly stayed the same
Just time has moved forward
And that's all.
How much will change before the next new year?
Already on this momentum
Seeking another revival
Don't care much about the rivals
Looking forward to the arrivals
Please follow the bibles
That we're providing
You got to be cognizant of the horse you're riding
To get here, to make a mark
If you want to sing like a Lark
You got to be caring of your performance
This window of opportunity is enormous
You got to mitigate the dormice
To know who's truly there
Too many are in a sad state of affairs
I got my goals in the crosshairs
Forget harping on the job fairs
I want to throw my influence in the air
See if you can even catch it
Working tirelessly, trying to match it
Don't leave any cracks, bury the hatchet
It looks to me that this is sloppy and ratchet
Laugh it off, zero attachment
I'll explain my dfetatchment
But first you got to understand
Despite not being from the same land
We have to be on the same ground
I've taken despair by the pound
Way too animals left there
If you truly care
About your art
To alleviate the tension and not fall apart
You need to be focused
Strong and cohesive
Try to be adhesive
Pick up those pieces
Vacate to your beaches
Make sure you bring your breeches
So you can start your speeches
Of verse
Over again, rehearse
Seeing the world in obverse
Verbally amerse
Playing the fair central
Be astute with the pencil
Utilize that utensil
To bend your will
Creating the chill
Among the audience
You have to have the skill of clairaudience
To truly make things work
Not only do you have to ravage, you have to merk
Never wipe off that smerk
So you can avoid being a mere clerk
At some ordinary place
You got to respect every face
Keep an open mind on the preface
Life's not a race
Emotions can be beautiful or pure mace
Working hard to not be a disgrace
Is amicable
That's what should be predicatable
But it isn't
We've fallen so deep
You hardly hear a peep
About the best ones
Until they're gone
Showcasing the swans
At this funeral
How many numerals
Do we have to witness
To puncture through this
And call death to seal it with a kiss
There's a heavy mist
When the arms are scarred along with the wrists
From short-term problems
We try so hard to solve them
Mentally ignore, block them
While life has no problem stocking them
You're your own gem
Whether you believe it or not
I hate to let my work rot
Into unproductivity
Practicing better civility
Is what will help us thrive
Eagerly survive
Is much I try to revive
People from theirs issues
Keep in mind those scar tissues
Should be history
Not only in the class
Don't be afraid to look back, just avoid the rehash.
A quick word from my sponsor
i got a case of the ambition and the case of too much emotion
Don't worry, this will be over in thirty seconds
Because ***** the rules
I'm just a penny searching for a glamorous jewel to accompany
I make everything complicated
I hope you read that paragraph in my handbook
You threw it out?
You passed this test.
One point for you!
Trying out new things is fun.
Tips to writing a poem
Draw blood and cry for help
I may be a poet but those words aren't something that loses substance after a while
Or right after i say them
I actually mean what i say
I'm not the boy that says sweet words to you for a disgusting personal reward and to use you
Everything i say is genuine, i live by my words
I hate wasting them
One wish
To be that five star appetizer
On your plate
But you will probably throw me out
In the trash
For seconds
Without realizing it
But don't you worry, I'll climb out and win you over as of yet
I hope you don't forget
How hard its been to be me.
Apple in my eye
I hope you're not into another guy
Life has made my eyes undry
But I'll be alright
Opinions take flight
This is not a safe time of night
Let's go somewhere safer
Too many scoundrels and vandals active in this spectrum.
You're so special and comely
That you make Aprohodite jealous
Each part of your personality numbs me
To the point I can't forget what I'm feeling
Seeing is believing
And being with you feels like I'm remarkably achieving
We stay silent
Because nobody will listen
What did we do to earn a world of silence?
It's like the stone walls implemented itself in their ears
As they prolong it within the years
The more lonely we feel
The more success they feel
Are you happy now?
Nobody deserves to be ignored. Especially people who are better people than I am.
It's the cherry smelling fragrance
That's got my worries becoming vacant
That look in your eyes makes me feel so peutrbational
Because your presence is so sensational
You doubt yourself in everything you do
But the actions you take are very astute
Sometimes beauty makes someone become mute
The gift of vision adds onto your alluring existence
A good guy has to keep his persistence
Because if he falls through the cracks
A woman won't give him slack
But a good man doesn't force his woman to respond out of subordinate regimentation
But out of humble communseration and transparent sincerity
The keys to social prosperity
That leads to your twentieth anniversary
The day that makes your history necessary
Now that I take my first few steps
I hope I don't come off as scary
If I'm delivering my heart I better be able to be the canary
Because when I think of you it's just perceptional clarity
As I look into your eyes I envision us surrounded in deep emblazon chanting "just marry me already"
Under the the mistletoe
As the snows hits the earth
I take the bite out of frost and frost out of frost
Then I snap out of my vivid daydream just to look speechless and lost
But the reflection of your cherry lip gloss complells me to speak
No matter what I won't come off as weak
I'll protect you as I speak
A day without you in my arms will be a day I must slowly cope
For the time you return is what I plan to hope
To each of their own
I hope you'll be my own
As I slowly reiterate reality into my conscious
I keep my heart cautious
Praying that I played the right card
And to win the blessing of being part of your endlessly flawless presence
This poem is in the perspective of a boy who badly wants a girl but never actually makes a move. He predicts things really far ahead because he's emotionally relentless and passionate. It's one of my favorites.
A round of musical chairs
But it's actually a game of Russian Roulette
What terrible luck you have!
Our eyes to assent
Wanting to smell her great scent
Making bars bent
I used to get asthma at the thought of you getting close to me with my heart beating
But now I get asthma with the lack of trees around me
What a terrible combination of misery
I was born to make a difference
Not to stay stagnant in the indifference
That is the default.
I never saw the point of being the basic
I'm just basic on the essential things
But when it comes for the rest
I'm very advanced
I will make sure the ones repressed will be at a freelance.
Hold your rifles diligently, i'm not calling to arms
Unless their only option is complete harm
We carry our hearts before the onslaught,
For their traps to be caught
Failing in the midst of revival.
The resistance is the greatest outcome humanity can ever create.
Let's be awkward and listen to all of Atreyus albums together
Normal is insane
I get caught between the diction of unaware or mundane
What's this sanity thing you speak of?
Teenagers want to hear a lecture that means something
Anything related to their fading fate will do
Just not the mundane trials of life.
Anything but the irrelevant.
This is where the attitude comes from.
The more cars on permanent auto-pilot
The bleaker it will get
Don't get me wrong, the positives are definitely there
But let's see the dark side of the moon here
I want to be honest
So don't get too shocked
I can be a little blunt like the dollar store knife
The truth is
If you let this invention exceed far enough
There will be more texting, drunk driving and road head that will occur
The third one usually makes people laugh
But i know it happens
Ask around
You can't say it's a myth
If it wasn't truth, i wouldn't write it down
I promise
Baby blue eyes
Beautiful blonde hair
Gorgeous but cautious eyes
Not a touch of make up
I'm thinking what a cutie
But even when she makes no effort older creepy guys still bother her
Mozart had twenty kids but he stayed with his wife
For most of his life
You get with these girls and forever change their lives
By inseminating them and running away when you find out the news
Not cool dude
Too many baby mamas
I'm going to need a whole lot more commas
If you can't protect yourself and her, stay off of her
If India and China are telling you stop, you really need to listen.
You're holding back tears in your eyes
That's when I realized
I made some giant mistakes
Wanting to burn my past sentences and comments at the stake
Aspiring not to be a flake
I'm not going to push anything and see how much you can take
I'm going to erase the lines we put in the sand
Hopefully the rest will understand.
People who use other people have had emptiness in their reverse psychology working for them since the dawn of time
They're the real empty humans
Quit donating to the hands who need something to destroy
When you asked me to sign your contract
I accidentally wrote with bad handwriting
And you thought of me as a Doctor,once.
I've been trying to improve it ever since then
But cursive is a dying art now
I Wish it was all different between us.
What a beautiful planet
That we are in
So many glorious things to captivate yourself upon
That you can't just carry on
So much to take in
Overwhelming theories and thoughts entangle reality
There's no cure to immense intelligence
There's no cure of craving someone so bad it adds strain to your heart and mind
Just the same feeling sent back like a text message from the nearby phone tower
It's a conversation that has to have two parties wanting the same exact thing
Or it is biased in passion.
Love is so grand
Sometimes i can barely stand
But i just want to hold your hand
While the comets try to understand
The true wish
I already have a vague idea
And i want to study it for days on end
But these textbooks tell me otherwise
And other subjects push themselves in
Slowly, enticing the pencil
******* us off
But hey, it is what it is
Unless Is is a woman
I don't have to like it.

A boiling *** of good food with overdone cooking
Describes America
Beautifully crafted people dealing with people who make us feel like ember
I just want us all to get along
But i stay faithful in humanity and do what i can
I play my own tunes, one man Band
I hope you can fully understand
My reasoning for the things i tackle in my mind
But i'm more focused on you, you delicate find
A grand prize that wasn't supposed to be in the common pile
It happened anyways
While i can't argue luck
You're still so amazing

When you make all the Boys want to become Men
From the counting of one to ten
You got a lot going on
The Oven is getting colder
The little games become older
And i try to become bolder.

So smart, you know the trajectory of the dart
Without really having to think about it
That's a gift from God, on top of the sweetness that was already see-able
Don't put yourself down
Keep yourself up
Put all the egoistical people away
Just for you and the laughter for me
You got these cones set up in a line already
It's just a matter of time
Before you're making your own dimes
From all the success you've gotten
And all the negative vibes that went rotten

Baby, i want to stand in the same light
Keep my priorities tight
Trying to sleep better at night
But my minds runs with average problems
I know yours is more sophisticated and articulate
But that's not a glimmer of jealousy, but admiration
I want a Woman smarter than I
It would be make me proud of being the chosen male
Out of the seven billion here
Of course, i would have to genuinely like her and not be with her for just her smarts
But once again, i'm used to be the most unused dart in the row.

I just want to connect you faster than Wi-Fi
But the Estonians just invented Li-Fi
So maybe not
But i want to be the speed of light to your planets inside your soul
Can i land on them?
Just for a few moments
I want to bond in short increments
But i'm not sure of myself
Will i succeed?
Only you can tell
I don't care if i can't
It's worth the shot

If i get to be with you
Goodness gracious me
What a lucky fool i will be
The pretty white snow on my tree
But it stays that beautiful
All the time
I don't know what you would see in me
But i'd be so thankful for it
Cause i'm the best ring in your jewelry store
I cost quite a lot to not be around
That spins me right round
I'd have no more issues after that
Golden, with continuous effort

If i unlock your key
And get to hold onto it for the night
I will do my best
To make sure it's returned
In the right place
You would want
Your excitement seems gaunt
I'm about to change that for the better
If i was the Weatherman
It would change down there
Where most wish they could be
And something i'd feel honored to be
With the leading moments to it
There's nothing else like it
Dreams of elation come kind of close
But i hope you're getting close
After an hour or so
I want you to immerse yourself in what it's like
As long as possible
Because i'm putting my all in it
And i want to hear the sweet disclosure in your vocals
As the tempo gets faster
And then the softening sounds when i go slower
I want you to feel as much elation from it as a human physically can
Because you need someone who can give you the best releases
For a woman to release
If i can put your thoughts on a Lease
While you're trembling for more
That's something i will never stop being proud of
There's nothing wrong in trying to get what you're addicted to
If all of me is what you crave, my heart and soul will throw a Rave
Party of some sorts
Still trying to lay out the details

The last thing i want is your happiness to derail
And your heart to shrivel up
Like a misused paper
I'm going to be your thin water vapor
Not apparent, but visible enough to be apart of a beholder
Breathe me in
I'm going to heal your worst scars and keep you breathing regularly
Like i'm the only ounce of nicotine with two legs in the entire world
What a title that is
I think it's starting to resonate in my heart
I won't let you fall apart

You're down and you feel like you're not being respected and loved for who you are, but that's about to change with the most given effort
If you give me the key you've held onto for so long
To me
I won't lose it, sweetheart
I won't abuse it
I won't scratch it
I will cherish it until you want it back
I'm ready to open it
You're at your all-time best as a human being, but you're also a Hall Of Famer when you're on your back.

We're in the Badlands, baby
I already took you there
I'm ready to take you there again
Some would see the errors, but we're content with this
That's all that matters
Along with you
In my eyes that can't register the full scale beauty i have been able to humbly see
I could daydream within seconds
How do you not make Angels melt?
I just came up with this in my head. This is so long too, lol.
Close your eyes
Think of something nice and serene
Just like the grandest dream
As sweet as peaches and cream
You're the beam
I keep seeing in the night sky
And i don't know why
The others didn't put you first
You will always go first
I'm right behind you
Through thick and thin
Don't throw that in the trash bin
Win from within
Not outside
Despite the contrary
The heart speaks louder than the cosmetic looks ever will

I'm overly committed
So you won't have to worry
The rest used you before
But i'm about to show them up
I'll be your best
After the tests
For the rest
Of this earthly time
How much do you love when i rhyme?
For you, i'll do it all the time
These literary critics are wise experts, but what do you think, baby?

I don't write poems to implement any advances
I write from the heart
It keeps me from falling apart
At the halftime
One more half to go
Before i shatter

As long as you're okay, nothing else here matters
I could make every day your birthday
With a new gift everyday
By making you pant in rhythm
I'll study your patterns and algorithms
And explore the senses diligently
I want to be so strong you can only ask for more
The rest of them left you by the shore
I won't hesitate
To give you what you crave
Your heart is what i'll save
And never let it go
I will cherish it
Stare into my eyes while we're inside the tunnels
That bond us together
Your iris keeps moving in a sparkly manner
And i lose my self-control some more
And rock you gently like a cradle
Singing lullabies while your breaths increase in pace
Begging for more
I gladly give in
It should be an honor to take you
And give you what you always wanted
In every single way
I like to learn everyday
So you can be the master and i can be the apprentice
Show me your ways
And i'll follow the order
This is a two way street, you have just as much authority
Just say it and i will do
In the speed of light
Deep inside
I know it's right

You always will come first
These are Badlands but you're so worth it if you're only bad for me
And i have immense gratitude for that.
I do not own you
You can walk away any time this doesn't feel like it's the right path
But i feel thankful to get the opportunity
I want to be the best i can be
I want to serve you the best way i can
I'm glad i can step onto your Badlands.
I'm going to change things up a little
And let you be in control
Because you're my top pick in the Honor Roll
Your words were an auction that already had me sold
You know how to make the text bold
Your amazingness never gets old
You're better each time i'm told
You are
I'm going to let you take control of this board
You can move my pieces
And take them where you want to go
Explore the possibilities
Because it's your sandbox for the night
The daybreak is just right
So keep your hold on me tight
So i will never be abated from you
It's all up to you, Huntress
Hunt me down
It's in your hands
I wouldn't run your heart into the ground
So i hope you wouldn't either
People really lower their shields when they bond with a mate
I'm not trying to force you into a clean slate
Or make your traits go out of state
I want you for you, nothing else
I will accept who you are
As long as you're honest and transparent with me
I will not doubt
You can open your floodgates and i will gladly become engulfed
By it all
We can be happy if we live in trust
It's actually a must
Leave lying in the dust
I want only the truth
Let down your walls and open up
And don't be afraid
Many people will run away from problems a person has
But i will embrace them and do what i can
It's much better than
Doing nothing
From fighting seemingly endless depression to being torn on being bisexual
The difficulties seem to stockpile for anyone these days
We all have baggage to carry that we don't want too
I'll help you with anything girl
Many people's heads would roll from this
But i wouldn't mind if you wanted another girl around
If that makes you happy, i'm happy
Just be truthful with me and i won't mind
I'm not the one who carries a big hammer and tries to hit anything i don't like to objection
I don't really like rejection
So throw me your confessions
I plan on being your ride or die
If it all works out smoothly
Anything you want, lay it down
I'll let you do what you want
I want you to be free with me
That's how it's supposed to be
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