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Abdullah Ayyash Oct 2020
I want to scream my deepest fear
Uncover my deepest sin
Admit my wrongdoings
But the ice under me
Is very thin

The lion inside of me
Who scars the jungle
And fight an army of angry men
Can't fight the loneliness anymore
Or the sadness, deeper within
His lioness has gone
His lioness has left the den
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
October 31st, 2020
Poetic T Apr 2020
I cut down the last tree,
   and ate the last apple...

I  wore the snake as a noose...

******* gravity...

                 I fell hollow and empty...
Nicholas Feb 2020
I walked inside the den
and it was filled with wolves
showing their teeth
with snarls
and growls
so I threw some bones
and they paid it no mind.
They had blood
on their minds

bless my soul
it’s time to go.
Nyx Dec 2019
Cry me a river
Of insure little tears
Sparkling like diamonds
Filled with your greatest fears
Let it glisten, Let it flow
Down your cheeks
To the land below
Salty to the tongue
Taste it upon your skin
Be still my little darling
He's watching with a grin
Thriving off your sadness
He pushes the knife further in
Prying on your weakness
To unveil deeper sins
Sins that have been locked away
Beneath the facade of a smile
Nothing bothers the angel dear
Even those who are vile
Emotions make you weak
Nobody wishes to see the evil
Disgusting feelings of envy
That you so dearly keep
Rage and jealousy
Hide them away
Calm and gentle
Let them stay
For nobody will love
A girl who displays
Her heart boldly upon her cheek
They will fire their arrows at the rate
Of the time it takes for your heart to break
Run and hide with all your might
Do all you can but fight
Foxes they play
Snakes they bite
In the den you are trapped
You know that I'm right
And while in the home of the serpents
You will come to know
That the faces you loved
Are the first to go
And its then you will see
That surrounded by people
Is the moment you realize
You are truly alone

For nobody is willing to enter the den of those that break
As all the friends you loved turned out to be that of those very same snakes

Abdullah Ayyash Feb 2019
I want to tell the world everything
I want to uncover my biggest sin
I want to admit what I've done bad
But the ice on the lake is really thin
I'm the lion who scares the jungle
Even a crowed of armed men
I rule thousands of acres by myself
Nobody can get near or step in
But I can't hold back the burning fact
That makes me crying deeper within
How can I go on with my life
When the lioness has left the den
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
February 7th, 2019
Mark Parker Apr 2018
I shout inside my skin,
broken outside and in.

I sounded strange to men,
deranged to the women.

I shutter to my pen,
I live in the lion’s den.
Julie Grenness Apr 2017
Here in my old lady's den,
I retreat and reflect, do you ken?
I can hide from everyone,
Introversion can be fun!
I scribble verse s I meditate,
I close the door and welcome faith,
Shhhh! Pray in silence, as our Bible sayeth!
Feedback welcome.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
You've made your suffer very clear
In anguish's cutting headlights
You are a fragile deer
Glass organs pop under foot
Your psyche crumbles into dirt
Glass murks reading worse
Than it ever has
It ever has
In this one bedroom den, I'm the wolf
Once I was a scrapyard mongrel
Once you were my wide world
Presently avatar of indifference
You've become a cyclone fence
Every dawn sweet music cedes
Every dusk, must evade sleep
Evade sleep
Leal Knowone Apr 2016
ghost are jamming in the witches house
See dark visions forced to come out
There is a fox in the hen house
What'll we do to bring it down?
You opened the cage and let the monster out
You'r the prey in its mouth
Theres a rat in the dog house
How will we chase it out?
Ghost are jamming in the witches house
What was done to bring them out?
See em run, see them scream and shout
I see it all burning down

Time heals all wounds & it also will leave scars
Old memories fall like dying leaves
Rust metal minds junkyard
Minds masked in a maze, couldnt see that far
Old memories fall like dying trees
Twisted metal minds junkyard

Grotesque faces of pure pain
Empty hearts of unwarrented rain
Souls of the dead called to the purge
Can you feel the weight of this world?
I see deformites of this life
Skulls of the dying, solid is the mind
Feel the air passing by
Holes in happiness lined in social class

Old memories fall like dying leaves
We all fall like dying tree

The dogs of war are on the prowl
Should have escaped, but cant leave now
For there is nothing left of my youth
Nothing left to hold on to

There is a mouse in the walls
The hounds of hell are on the loose
the dogs of war are on the prowl
?Should have escaped but cant leave now
The ghost are jamming in the witches house
See the visions forced to come out
Pick the locks then break it down
Welcome the hardships to this house
I want this to go as smooth as writing from a ballpoint pen, girl let me be the Lion in your Lion's Den
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