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I S A A C Nov 2021
its new, its foreign
your form I’m adoring
your frown I’m scorning
I just like the way you do you
so unique, so new
so hot and so blue
so me but still you
hand on my thigh as you drive down the avenue
the first one to engrave their name in my heart
the first man to deserve his part in my art
of delusional confusion, idealistic intrusion
with a sprinkle of disillusionment
thought it wasn’t for me, too many days spent in existential worry
wondering how it would work for me or if it would hurt me
but I throw caution to the wind and trust my wings
to maintain my grace on the breeze
love is just as simple as it seems
simple life gets messy with simple lies
Allesha Eman Feb 2021
Underneath fractured rainfall
a shadow remains of the person you used to be
Your thoughts fly among the doves
having escaped steel cages of clouded silence
and comes gentle rain,
washing away the unforgiving cold

As your dreams pour out of your voice
A continuation of my previous piece "The Miseries of Healing"
Nickolas J McKee Dec 2020
Let the tables turn,
Lost & earned.
Forcing our love apart.
Let the eagles fly,
Love denied...
All seeking hearts to nest.
Enraptured the dove,
Claws mouthed shoved,
There goes your nourishment.
For nature is blamed,
To share shame,
Of the ones we lost most.
Tables all to turn,
What can earn?
Tables to Turn...
Alex Jul 2020
All that was fixed floated before
My eyes. Blood ridden rags flew like doves
Of peace outside my window.
Pictures of slaves framed as freedom

Ink in the pen replaced
With blood and  yellow bile.
Fheyra Apr 2018
Let us summon the Name of Everyone and Everything.
An accolade bestowed upon His greatness,
Where doves soar to the valleys of wisdom
Seeking for wonders love by Him.

Put a tune, or a note
To a song of faith
Is here to guide you in...
           "Gotta keep soaring high
             Keep climbing mountains,
            ' Till I rise my Heart
              Never gonna hold back
              Never gonna stop
              You know I won't give up
              It's the Spirit You put in me
              And the fight is to believe
              Oh, I'll be chasing clouds
              'Till I reach the edge of Life"

Take courage and have faith
For God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Oh Lord, bless us all.
Regina May 2020
Forgiveness isn't, "I'll forgive you,
if you'll forgive me,"
its a symphony of lilacs in the
springtime fields,
and a song from the wren's
delicate heart,
its when you awaken after a
bitter night of anger melted
into tiredness, and moments
of grief turned to lavender
scented pillows lulling you
into a resplendent dream,
of white doves ascending to
Heaven carrying whispers
of the world praying,
as little workers in your mind
build a bridge of steel cables
of peace forged by God,
whether there's reunion with
those you've forgiven, or not.
Nidhi Apr 2020
Doves flies everywhere
reminding  us to choose peace over war
yet people are still fighting
fighting in order to be free
free from trenches of fear
The doves are no longer white
but instead the color of charcoal
lets paint the doves white
lets help the ones who suffer
so they can become happy
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