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Alex Scaife Jul 20
All that was fixed floated before
My eyes. Blood ridden rags flew like doves
Of peace outside my window.
Pictures of slaves framed as freedom

Ink in the pen replaced
With blood and  yellow bile.
Fheyra Apr 2018
Let us summon the Name of Everyone and Everything.
An accolade bestowed upon His greatness,
Where doves soar to the valleys of wisdom
Seeking for wonders love by Him.

Put a tune, or a note
To a song of faith
Is here to guide you in...
           "Gotta keep soaring high
             Keep climbing mountains,
            ' Till I rise my Heart
              Never gonna hold back
              Never gonna stop
              You know I won't give up
              It's the Spirit You put in me
              And the fight is to believe
              Oh, I'll be chasing clouds
              'Till I reach the edge of Life"

Take courage and have faith
For God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Oh Lord, bless us all.
Regina May 5
Forgiveness isn't, "I'll forgive you,
if you'll forgive me,"
its a symphony of lilacs in the
springtime fields,
and a song from the wren's
delicate heart,
its when you awaken after a
bitter night of anger melted
into tiredness, and moments
of grief turned to lavender
scented pillows lulling you
into a resplendent dream,
of white doves ascending to
Heaven carrying whispers
of the world praying,
as little workers in your mind
build a bridge of steel cables
of peace forged by God,
whether there's reunion with
those you've forgiven, or not.
Nidhi Apr 2
Doves flies everywhere
reminding  us to choose peace over war
yet people are still fighting
fighting in order to be free
free from trenches of fear
The doves are no longer white
but instead the color of charcoal
lets paint the doves white
lets help the ones who suffer
so they can become happy
the doves came swiftly into
the patch of sky above me

the first three had not a single wreath
or branch at the tip of any of their beaks
they simply flew into the openness above me

to thine eyes they neared the celestial sphere
Could he be as swift as the doves  
while jotting down equations over the gridded paper
was he too, thinking of the heavens
or just of the gravitational modeling over time and space  
Could the young man with the TI calculator
see, too the same patch of sky with the same doves  
as he engineered our course through space
running multiple scenarios through his mind
they gave us wings, and now we can all fly on commercial flights
take day-long trips to destinations to that used to be called "far off"
After being picked up from the airport I asked my dad
"Do you still think the sky divine?"
It had been raining for a week and the Santa Ana winds had turned the mild L.A evenings into chilly and sweater worthy nights.    
As we sat on the porch I leaned over and asked him about god; he pointed at the sky, but not at himself 
–and I wondered how much of heaven could be there for us
within that sky and beyond it
There are dreams of leaving earth and of making humans interplanetary. My question is: Would it be "heaven on earth" minus the earth part or would we reproduce the same mental formations and create a world that suffers from the same ailment of our current. How much of "heaven" of this idea of space that we've placed part of our collective hope will we really find?
LearnfromBOBD Feb 2019
My Haseena

late night
pillow fights
watching stars
airplane flights
Wow’ babe, come see the morning clouds
With peaceful doves
Flying above
Wet kisses
Like a washed dishes
Sweat on yo breast
Di* grew stronger
Felt the touch of your hand on my hair
And the other hand romancing my back
just me and you
After waiting for so long
Oh my gosh,
Yo high heels tinkling my legs
Night gown wet
I’m ready and set
***** shaved clean, nuh hair.
My dear queen can I come in ?
No! Not what you think
I mean can I **** it ?
Let me give you the legendary of me
Note to dreamboat ♥️
Bethie Nov 2018
I said this year I'm done with boys
I'm done with all this emo noise
And let's just say it worked quite well
But now it won't, as I will tell

I gave up all my childish loves
I set them free like they were doves
They flew away and left me here
I was content in this past year

The ones I liked became estranged
But now it seems the times have changed
For even as I left them be
They now come running up to ME

They cower under my commands
Do all my freaking dumb demands
I hate the every part of it
And now I think I'm going to quit

Before I go I have to say
If you want boys near you to beg
Just give up all your previous loves-
They'll fly right back like stupid doves
The irony isn't funny one bit
Faith Nov 2018
It's hard to see
It's easy to hear the
We each fight our own
But why don't we walk hand in
It seems like we only
But there is so much
The light is just inside
And together we'll fly like
The waves
crash on
the shore
of the eyes,
I wished
to create
worlds with
my mind
that the
lips fail
to convey,
I observe
the drifting
as the mind
wanders to
the paintings
of metaphysic
nature, where
stories are
found, as
I am lost
in wonder,
on and on,
I will live
as the dew
the endless
being of now,
the world I
had known
once cursed
me for being
a dreamer,
though I
feared not,
for the heart
of mine,
of truth,
was never
tears created
the clouds
I held within
my chest,
where I
as the
wings of
white doves,
the cage has
fallen, I have
risen as the
one who
saw the
light in
when they
failed to
have seen
it within
their own
I am the
in the
of words,
I am aware of
the unavowed
lost ways of
where the
seek the
of the leaves
within the
deepest parts
of the beautiful
mind, elusive
as the reflection,
wavering as a
even though,
the heaven in
my breath
will never
fade, as the
grace of the
delicate ones,
hidden to them
was the nature
of the imperfections,
forming something
so untouchably
I had seen
the truth,
and soon,
they shall
see it too,
I and them
shall walk
the earth,
from our
I will hope
they look to
the skies,
and find this
where the
are near,
I will wish
for them
to see how
these words
I have written
are sacred,
for beauty
lies in
for you.
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