Eryri 2d
Friends with Star Wars figures
And friends with football stickers.
Friends with bikes,
Friends with footballs;
The road was Wembley,
The neighbours' van our goalpost,
No one seemed to care
That their cars were being bashed
By wayward shots and way-off volleys
Or their lawns were being wrecked
By 10 year olds with football studs
Crossing themselves à la Maradona
Before vital penalties,
Despite not knowing what it meant!
Happy days indeed,
Playing Block,
Headers and Volleys,
Sixty Seconds,
Laughing, smiling, laughing.
But that same estate,
Thirty years hence,
Is clogged with cars,
No room for makeshift crossbars
To help nurture future soccer stars!
Lawns are now tarmacked drives.
Children forced into sedentary lives,
Not by social media or XBox Live,
But by lack of playing spaces.
So no more cycle races,
Or street football with undone laces,
Just kids with nowhere to play
And no power with which to sway
Those ignorant adults who simply say
"Kids today, eh? Too lazy to play".
It's that time of the Patriot's year
Postseason playoff games are in full gear
The road to the Superbowl, I cheer
But not for the big, bad grissly bear
That takes every opponent's fate without fear
That's right the big bad bear without peer
I'm snickering the Patriot's to cry a tear
Nothing would make me so happier, I swear
Fricken, dicken, bitchen Patriots beware
To see another Bostonian tea party, I glare
I do show respect at the Patriot's lair
Brady and Belicheck what a podded pair
Steady, stoic and simulcast, condescending I declare
You see a Patriots playoff loss is so rare
Their team profile is beyond compare
A well oiled machine that wear
Goliath close over David with regular fare
The road to this year's Superbowl Sunday, I say a prayer
That the other teams flag is flying patriotically in the air

Logan Robertson

I hope David crashes the Patriots party with flying colors.
laura Dec 2018
The snow has come,
And I can look forward to the days,
Where we go outside,
And build a snowman,
Where our mom finally lets us play tackle football,
Because it’s soft enough that we shouldn’t get hurt.
Shouldn’t anyways.
I can look forward to the days,
when my mom comes into my room on a school morning,
And says snow day,
You can go back to sleep!
I can look forward to sleepovers,
With best friends and going outside,
And making snow angels,
Then coming in and begging for hot cocoa,
With extra Reddi Whip,
That is why I look forward to snow.
Glenn Currier Dec 2018
Walking out to the mailbox
I breathe in the cool scent of fall
and from nowhere in particular
a memory of me running out for a pass
in the vacant lot - our neighborhood stadium -
where teenage boys
felt the thrill of freedom
in their lungs and limbs.

The cinnamon smoke
of a red candle
reminds me of my aunt Madeline
who prayed before the vigil light on her home altar,
and told me of her visions of the ******,
taught me the joy of faith and sacred music
and being a special nephew
destined for something higher.

Driving west on I-20 at 6:00pm
the layered gold and coral clouds on the horizon
bring back a trip to Colorado
pulling our little camper trailer
driving toward high altitude adventure.

I thank my muse
for drifting in a momentary breeze
through the ***** in the window
officiating at this marriage
of memory and writing.
Haylin Dec 2018
Dear World,

"I'm like you, I deserve love too." This is a statement all of us need to say.

But my story to you is, I am bisexual. If you don't know what it is, it's when you like guys and girls. Or you swing both ways.

I feel perfectly fine doing things with a girl, but if you tell me to do something with a guy, I'll have to think about it. But I will kiss, hug and cuddle with my boyfriend. I do it because I'm comfortable with him. If you told me to do it with someone else I probably wouldn't because I don't like it. When I was younger I had a girlfriend, we would make-out and I would cuddle with her. When we had sleepovers we would even share the same bed. But know one knew, because I didn't want them to know. But now I do.  

I have been bullied my whole life because of me liking girls. My mom say to me a while ago "You better not become a full on ******* cause I want grand-kids." I started to cry because she said that. Did she ever think that I don't want kids or it's my life not hers.  But now, I don't care. I can do what I want, it's my life.

I am gender fluid. That's when some days you feel like a guy and others feel like a girl. You can be one way for days, weeks, months or even years, then change back to the other gender. And you don't change your parts if you don't want too.

I just came out to everyone last month. Few ask me why I dress like a boy and I just tell them cause I like the style, but the ones I trust, I will tell them I'm gender fluid. But the others frown at me cause of the way I dress. They say I'm ******* or a dude cause I dress like a boy. But I don't care. This is me and you can't change it. My mom said "You have *****, so you are a girl. I don't care if you want to dress like a boy, you are a girl and you need to act like it. If you lived with me I wouldn't let you dress like this." Yes my own mother bullies me. She doesn't want me to be who I want to be. But as I said, I don't care.

But luckily people have become more open to this,

Sometimes I don't know what I am or who I am. But what I do know is that, this is me and you can't change it. If you don't like it, the you can leave me alone and not talk to me. It's that simple.

I guess I'm saying that I'm bisexual and I am gender fluid. I don't care what people say it's my life not theirs. And they just have to learn to accept it.

"I'm just like you, I deserve love too. And this is my story.

Love, @hagilyforever
Erin Beer Nov 2018
In 1914 when the cold wind blew,
Through no-mans land with a familiar tune.

In two opposing languages,
Both sides sang,
In perfect harmony,
Their voices rang out.

Two brave souls who started it all,
Risked their lives for a game of ball.

Germany and UK played side-by-side,
Enemies who became friends despite their divide.

A Christmas truce and a miracle of war,
A handshake that would become much, much more.
WW1 truce - Christmas day game of football. Inspired by the Morrison's 2014 advert.
Hungry Panda Nov 2018
When the ball is snapped
I run like ****
When I catch it
I run it some more
When the other team has it
They won't go far
Until I am there
Until my team is with me
Like football has been for me
I have always loved football
When I need to run
When I need to catch
When I need to feel
Like part of the team
astraea Oct 2018
i am one of those girls.
today, my hair waves softly,
and looks exactly right.
today, my shirt was tied exactly right,
so you could barely see the soft skin beneath.

today, i left.
i walked away from a pedestal
-yes, i would have been good,
yes, i loved it.
yes, i was amazing.

yes, i was tired and
couldn’t do it anymore.

i stand in the rain today,
on walkways where wet orange leaves are plastered to the ground.
i sit inside, scratching my pen on soft paper,
watching the sky darken grey and cold.

i am one of you.

i am the girl, standing on the bleachers with her eyes to lights.
it is friday night.
i am the girl who wears her school’s shirt,
on leggings and with pride.
i am the girl, who relaxes,
stands guard at the pool.
i am the girl who does her homework,
and always asks questions.

i am lost. i miss this,
the glory and the feeling. i miss being that good.
but i am content, my heart is at ease.

and don’t worry, the world’s still gonna know my name.
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