The team are positive and buzzing
The weekend game is ready for kick off
The passion and eagerness to get in the goals
To win the match, another notch
A goal! Yes!
That's what they're playing for.
To win and move upwards into league one
Time ticks on, the dynamics have changed the score now a draw
Determination is spread all over their faces
Moves that are planned, thought out and go well
Others that lack skill and don't go so well
Such promising chances to lead once again
But impossible to penetrate the whole team defending
They battle and strive, push forward so hard
The ball is resistant to hit the back of the net
Tempers are rising, remarks here and there
The team look exhausted but play through their pain
Keep going, play harder and do not give in
They've played very well even if they don't win
The clock is ticking the whistle blows
Their faces sink deep with frustration and anger
Why did we lose?
A player stomps off and throws his water bottle onto the pitch
Storms off in a sulk, swearing expletives
The others ignore him and join their team talk
To put into perspective, analysing their play,
To restore their passion and commitment to win on another day.
A little poem I simply had to write after watching my son's football match today. Hope that you enjoy :-)
Who says girls can’t play football.
I mean sure we aren’t the toughest.
But shouldn’t guys and girls be equal in this. And I don’t mean girls playing powder puff. I mean girls playing tackle football with quarterbacks and linebackers.
Why can’t we play with guys. And now if they even let us play football it’s usely just as the kicker. I want a fair shot. And I don’t mean as the girl on the football team. I wanna be one of the guys.

                            With love,
the Manly team racked up a big score by half time
they executed play with the brilliance of prime
Parramatta couldn't register one single point
their brand of league not of the try or goal anoint

when play resumed for the second half's concluding session
it was clear that the Manly Eagles would lead the procession
the Parramatta Eels were lacking game commitment
they needed possession of the ball's vital equipment

penalties and mistakes bought Parramatta dismay
of their play there'd be no hip hip hooray
the final tally showed Manly's field advantage
which was to the loser's woeful disadvantage
There's a town north of the Jacket's place.
In the heart of central western PA.
Where the horses run free.
And there ain't a trace of the big city.

Some people say they're old-fashioned.
The ones living in that nation.
But who calls that home won't complain.
They're happy in Colt's country.

Barbecued ribs best in the county made by aunt Don.
Falling in love with Mr. Lee's son Ron.
Watching the big play with the gang.
{hoping that the boys win the game}

Staying forever young.
Believing in the word of God.
Never changing who we are for anything.
This is how we were raised.
Oh we might not have a million days.
But with what we have left.
We'll spend it in Colt's country.

Picnic on Sunday down at Danielle's farm.
Kyle and Matthew show up showing their big arms.
They're leading the team to another victory season.
And when you ask them about it they thank god and one more reason.

That they've been brought up in this nation.
Of the white and blue.
Staying true to Colt's nation.

Touchdown thrown by number 43 Tom.
Watching my hero wide receiver Ron.
Hoping our season goes out with a big bang.
{the boys winning the championship game}

Staying forever young.
Believing in the faith passed along.
Never changing who we are for anything.
This is how we were raised.
Oh we might not have a million days.
But with what we have left.
We'll spend it in Colt's country.

Now I've been gone for so long.
Years have passed and the memories still living on.
I won't forget sitting in the bleachers.
Cheering on them men, who made the halls of my high school.

Now Tom went on to the military.
It was his dream even if it meant risking his life.
Kyle started teaching at the local school.
And Matthew now plays in the pro bowl.

As for Ron, well he went to Penn State.
Never played again, gave it all up for me.

The chills you get where you hear the school's song.
Still in love with Mr. Lee's son Ron.
Walking in the funeral procession with the gang.
{hoping that Tom knows we'll always remember his name}

Staying forever young.
Believing in this town.
Never changing who we are for anything.
This is how we were raised.
Oh we might not have a million days.
But with what we have left.
We'll spend it remembering.
And making memories in Colt's country.
Why I only wear Shiny shoes?

Every morning,
I would wear my shiny shoes
and run off to the field
for a game of football
and come back bruised and scarred
bleeding out of my mouth
but I was smiling.
You see, my shoes were still shiny.
Every morning,
I would go to school
bragging about my shiny shoes
and come back
with dried tears
and red hands as if
someone hit them really hard
but I was smiling.
You see, my shoes were still shiny.
Every morning,
I would see my friend
waving at me from a distance.
We were our only friends.
I was his SpongeBob, he was my Patrick.
One day, Patrick left.
But I was smiling,
You see, my shoes were still shiny.
All this while,
Nobody cared that the
insides of my shoes were
being torn apart
because my shoes were still shiny,
because I was still smiling.
I like you more than
Friday night football games with my friends
celebrating our team's first win,
eating concession-stand burgers,
checking out all of the football players
and picking who we would like to fuck.

The truth is,
I would give them all up for you.
I would give my whole Friday up.
The miasma and the spectacle
come, and yet, now gone
another year of football dreams
another winner, drawn

Home to ol Liberty, the bell
having hit the super high note
apex of every football dream
contracts to negotiate, and quote
as is, with every

Sleep well, Dallas cowboys
sweet dreams to Viking kings
another year, football dreams
of trophies, and the glories
and not just, another
Congrats to the Eagles for their first SB win! :)

Next year!
Maybe, the Texans can get their head out of their arse?
A dance
in the
flight ingenious
a team
snare at
yip afield
this fraught
license overland
altogether so
nil in
sides of
play but
torturous slide
as mortals
divisive incline
to march
afoot lawn
A coach's lament
Pick a team from the local to the ten counties away
Inherited from your father or defiant like no other
Typical football fan that likes a bit of banter
No way I’ll be the same as my brother

Be it a County or a Town, there will always be days where you’ll have to frown
From striker to the keeper, mistakes are made where someone acted the clown
But when Saturday comes that will all be forgotten
Hat-trick from the Spaniard you’re once again smitten

The rivalries increase from City to United
Yours will always be the best team well that’s what your dad said
From the Celtic to the Rangers down to the Arsenals and the Hotspurs
Trouble has brewed for years without a kick-start or a stir

And then the billionaires stepped in and made it a business
Money to be made from the working class through to the Stubhub ticket
The tout on the street is an illegal source of income
Whack on a tax and the Governments blind eye is now looking handsome

So how far can this escalate with wages and ticket price entry
The first player worth a billion is only a few years away
Stadiums that hold a capacity where nobody can actually see
You think I’m making a joke, it’s all on the horizon believe me,
It’s a way of life,

“I don’t believe skill was, or ever will be, the result of coaches. It is a result of a love affair between the child and the ball.” - Roy Keane
“Football is the ballet of the masses.” - Dmitri Shostakovich
“I’m a rock star because I couldn’t be a soccer star.” - Rod Stewart
"The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they don't know the game." - Bill Shankly
a woman
still left
extra once
again there
when her
man set
her black
dye in
addition to
her twice
swept hair
thus threw
her lion
on the
back of
a ninth
street line
Love 'Ya Lions
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