Diya 6d
When they play, I get the reason to smile ~ that's football for me!

When they score a goal, I get the loudest voice to shout~ that's football for me!

When they celebrate, I get the happiness to rejoice ~ that's football for me!
The greatest season of football ,FIFA World Cup unfortunately ended and will come back after four years ...I'm already missing it..I don't know how to play it but watching football is my greatest treat!!! There is so energy!
Congo to France,Croatia and Belgium for securing the top three ranks and of course all the teams for your amazing play! Thanks too for making this worldcup Amazing and also making my life glorious!
You give me so much happiness!! :)
David Boff Jul 14
I wore my England shorts today
as a form of camouflage
so that I could remain at large
amongst the crowds of yobs
it's amazing how they can afford so much beer
without having jobs

a group of them approached
asked if I had a light
I said I never smoked
but there's a torch app on my phone
which is pretty bright

then one of the three
roared at me
It's coming home!!
to which I didn't reply
as I went back to my phone
afraid it was some form of mating cry
I realise that some outside of England won't understand this poem completely however it seemed culturally relevant to write during the mass hysteria of the world cup.
puddle dotted fields,
kids in mud football frenzy;
time stops for each game!
Paul Butters Jul 12
It’s over, all over.
Our dreams have faded away.
Blackest January sadness blights July.
England beaten by Croatia
In The World Cup.

We reached the semi final
For the first time since 1990
Only to lose in extra-time:
Failing to see the danger
With our very youthful eyes.

So much to be proud of.
So much better than before.
We should have scored a hat-full,
But see the final score:
(One – two).

I really do hate losing
Whatever I watch or play.
It really will be ages
Before this pain fades away.

My defeats I long remember,
It’s from these things I learn.
Seeking to be a winner,
My inner passions burn.

We’re building to the Euros,
On in two year’s time.
Well ahead of schedule,
So losing’s not a crime.

The World Cup stays way out there,
Hopefully just on loan,
For in the hearts of England
Football has come home.

Paul Butters

© PB 12\7\2018.
World Cup Semi Final Result - England 1 Croatia 2 (After Extra Time, Half Time score 1-0).
Lyn-Purcell Jul 11
Blue skies kissed with pink
The cat stalks over to me
Hear the seagull's cry

Wisps of clouds drift by
The cat's fur strokes my bare legs
Now crouched, I stroke him

His purrs are so sweet
His green eyes shine so content
And he sits by me

I hear all the cries
Startled, he runs away scared
Mum says, "England lost."
Everything was so calm...until I heard people screaming, not just from my neighbourhood but the people at the pub also!
I go into my house and I'm hit with the news
Croatia 2 - England 1.
That sucks.
(The cat's from the neighbourhood and seems to like me alot. He follows me everywhere and tries to enter my house. I guess I really am a Catwoman 'cause I have that effect on cats it seems lol)
Paul Butters Jul 9
You know the song
So bring it on.
Football is the theme,
And England is our team.

We invented the modern game,
So losing is a shame.
But we are going to win.
Let the celebrations begin.

Bring on Croatia,
We know we can outpace ya.
As for France,
We’ll lead them a merry dance.

If it’s Belgium we’re happy too,
They always let you through.
Though nothing is ever certain,
Until the final curtain.

We’re owed (a lot) from Lady Luck,
But so long as we win, I don’t give a…
It’s time we won again,
Making boys into men.

I really hope we win:
Prepare for quite a din.
History could be made
That will never ever fade.

Paul Butters

© PB 9\7\2018.
A couple of football matches are coming up......
MicMag Jul 4
Fanatics fixed their eyes upon
The screen to cheer their team
The mood there in the air was tense
Tricolor seemed out of steam

The clock was counting down
The time was drawing nigh
Doomed to lose and head on home
Bid Russia their goodbye

An errant shot deflected out
Gave them one last chance
To score a goal and prance about
Show off their famous dance

From the corner, the ball soared in
A hero rose above
Mina smacked it with his head
And won his country's love

England shocked to see the win
Snatched right from their grasp
Colombia delirious
Successful at last gasp

And thus the game was sent along
Into the overtime
Two periods were played to nil
Two teams full in their prime

Penalties would now decide
Which team would advance
The locals glued to their tvs
The nation in a trance

Falcao scores! Kane as well!
Cuadrado, Rashford too!
Muriel then strikes one home
Tricolor up three to two!

Ospina blocks the next one
Hypes up the frenzied crowd
But Uribe hits the crossbar
And the silence echoes loud

Trippier knots it up again
We're down to final shots
Bacca fails to get his through
Past Pickford's valiant swat

Fate rests upon this final kick
Well placed with perfect spin
Just past Ospina's outstreched hands
Dier seals the win

The cafeteros reel from shock
No sign of jubilation
But still the crowd, crushed in defeat
Show their appreciation

Colombia eliminated
We give them all a hand
And though their World Cup here is done
I'm now their biggest fan
Inspired by the happy Colombian heart!

I'm not even a soccer fan but this game was a rollercoaster!
beth stclair Jun 20
how horny does harry kane look when he scores for england.
The thought hurts so bad
That the game has turned sad
To take away a voice
And replace it with silence
Who let that go
Who let me know
When freedoms are allowed
Only conditional
The insane overseer controls his puppets
And to know that I use to have strings
Tossed twisted pulled and pushed
My career was a slave dream
Filled with a combine built like a auction
A contract like the slaves just with more change involved
Whips are the fines, jails, and blacklist
That you eagerly get assigned
Dare you speak without a sheet
Or with your mind
I kneel for injustice
I kneeled to be free
I kneeled to show my struggle
But to you a unthankful coon is all you see
I raise my hand for help but you rather me melt then disturb your selfish wealth
You must see the whole frame I love starry night but van goh was insane
To only see the vision and fall halfway thru
Football is tied to Jim Crow in the expression view
Owners spread bigotry,and lie on the truth
Expand dollars to shrink everything we do
So since we can’t say no to cops killing,
Wrongful jail dates or the rigid two step back and one half step forward life
I won’t watch the nfl
I won’t partake in a game
I wouldn’t even tag they twitter name
So this is my hurtful goodbye
To something that was so high
I wish you could see it with my eye
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