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Flor May 2021
"Beauty is pain" I said
"Then you must be in pain all the time" you mumbled
Lion Chaser Aug 2018
You look too good to be true
You must be bad
You look like my future boo
I would be glad

You look too bad to be good
I must be mad
You look like ur in the mood
Maybe just a tad.

You look too fly to be down (for me)
I must be nervous,
Because your silly *** frown
Says you might just curve us.

You look too hip to be scared
I know that I'm ripped
But when we're both in the bed
I gotta handle them hips

You look too fine to be mind
I hope I'm incorrect
I don't mind being behind
When I dig in *****

Why don't you bring those curves to us
So I can put my line in you
Koz girl this is a bad bust
And I'm finna put you in line

Most importantly.

You is you
Pick up lines. They never work.
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2018
Will I have you ripe tomorrow,
Or Raw?
will the sweetness be of fruit,
Found this echoverse in my drafts
...if it works,
then I am a Genius?
If it doesn't...
then what good is,
a -Dead Genius?

<a beautiful crow>

<beautiful crow>

Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2017
I told you not to pardon me
cause I couldn't let you count on me
but you put every bet on me against all odds...
I told you to hide your soul
instead you gave me heart mind and all
I told you I was a thorny road
you walked it bare footed
wincing at every *****
believing that right ahead things would change...
I told you I was a broken Eagle
but you believed you could fix my wings
I was a volcano waiting to erupt
you wasn't afraid of the larva, thought you could adapt
I told you I was splinters
and you started picking up the pieces
I told you I was hell
and you said you wanted to dance with my demons
When I revealed that I knew not how to dance
you said life's a lesson and you would be my teacher
"What if the song of our affection ends?"
I questioned with the belief that love's just a word
but you assured me that we would keep dancing
even after the song's gone silent...
because that's what real love's do
or at least we would dance until you found all the shards.
I told you I was a labyrinthine jungle
and you right away took adventures in my wild
even when I told you I was a wrecked ship lost at sea
you said that'd you'd find me free from the ecstasy
of this perilous world...
I told you I was a desert ...
but you were okay with sand and sweat
even thirst didn't scare you away
I told you I was a thunder-storm waiting to rain
malady and you said you've known such kind of pain,
you've withered storms that left you Ocean wet
so it wouldn't hurt playing in the rain again...
I said I was a wilting rose
and right away you started watering my hopes
with tender sprinkles of care
and weeding out despair
with endless promises to always be there...
I told you I was frozen inside and incapable of loving
and you said you'd place me in your warm embrace
and bare the icy chill for eternity
if that's what it took to melt the snow...
I told you I was all wounds and painful scars
you responded with "I know..."
and you said even Angels are not perfect...
I told you I had nothing but me to give
and you told me I was everything you always wanted
I tried not to believe
but I was enchanted...
I said I loved you not because you said it too
or because I ran out of excuses
but because it was true...
and because I was tired of pushing away
those gifting me a second chance...
With the multitude of thoughts in my head,
You standout the most
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
I don't want to be alone anymore
I need someone to share with my dreams
someone who can see my invisible tears
one who'll hold my sweaty palms when am shaken
and drowning in volatile oceans of fears
Someone to remind me that hard times do not
mean by the world am forsaken
I need someone who'll hear my silent screams
who'll understand my emotions to the core
to remind me to stop on the second beer bottle
they say the moment's a picture so I need someone in my photo
someone to cheer my cause, as I can always lift the load
thrown at me by karma, I need someone to listen
to help me find every piece to my heart that's missing
I need a friend beyond the lines of proverbial friendship
for now I believe I can manage romantic kinship.

It doesn't have to be a fairy tale, 'long as it's a tale that's fair
all I crave is someone who'll try to always be here
You don't need to be perfect or as sleek as the dawn
I just want someone too... to call my own.*
Am free falling from the sky of desolation
and hoping yours are the arms that will catch me
because I want you to be in my future, my definition.
T R Wingfield Dec 2016
The only line
I've ever heard that worked...

"Hey girl...
            Bring your fine *** over here and let me tell you some lies"

Honesty is always the best policy I guess.
True story
Ignatius Hosiana Dec 2016
I even don't know why
but what matters is I chose you.
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