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8.8k · May 2018
Seema May 2018
I have been away for too long
In a solitude, burried with remorse
For I've lost a very close loved one
And the situation got worse

I prayed to be taken away
For my life to end
As soon as possible
Coz nothing much was left to mend

Tears rolled down my cheeks
To stop the negative thoughts
Got taken back many times
To untie the invisible knots

Voices got into my ears
That ached to explode my temple
Closing my eyes eveytime
A picture painted, to resemble

It's you, O'mum...that I can't get over with
Life seems, more like a lego
Feelings that can't be put into words
Every bit pierces through the core

Your smile, your beauty, your essence
Has all been captured by this heart
Now, in troubled weak times
Another scene peeps as an art

How will I ever, comfort myself
That now I am all alone
None that are left by my side
All have fallen and gone

May your soul rest in peace
Exactly, a month today
Missing you heaps in this crowded shell
Hope to meet you, someday...

Voices from my weak heart.
8.0k · Jul 2018
Cynical Life
Seema Jul 2018
Different people, different ethics
Is religion, complex mathematics?
Fair, dark, almond or honey
A vice-versa change, with alot of money
Smile on faces, broken inside
Dead by feelings, happy outside
A full dictionary of words spitted
Meanings gone wrong, relations slittered
Food on table, cooked and warm
Unexpected wars, blast with bomb
Crying eyes, look for life
But hourandous beings, **** with knife
Day and night, no time to rest
Even birds have abundant their nest
Clumsy clowns, crawl in tanks
Lotted are the peoples money from banks
Clean water, is now price of gold
Almost all the shops, it's increasingly sold
Time to spare for a nice talk
But excuses come up, "busy at work"
Stress builds up, health affected
A true self is then reflected
Depression eats aways, the handful of happiness
Insanity on the verge, lost in loneliness
Praying without faith, awares your self war
Change from one religion to the other core
Brainwashed everytime you try to accomplish
But like dreams, it just demolish  
A fine night you give up your all
And jump over the bridge, one last fall
No alarms or cries of dismay
I was simply living but people mocked me as gay
Pool of blood soaked my body
I was treated like a stray dog, belonging to nobody
In peace, I am not
But enough were the battles, I fought
If only I was another human in a humans eye
My soul wouldn't be wondering in darkness and in the lighted
At least, I am not bullied in my soul form
Feel at a little peace, a little warm
Sadness binds, the cynical trend
Very soon this gay tag, will be a common brand
The hatred may no longer flounder in the air
Feelings respected and thoughts to share
Breathing and being alive is a magical boon
Live to the fullest or it might just end soon
Death is not a secret or a lie
It is just wondering around, nearby
**** your stresses before it germinates to depression
And you start to avoid your own reflection
Suicide is not the answer to any call
Or crying behind closed doors, hitting on wall
Surround yourself with positive beings
You will sing and laugh, to what joy it brings
Never let yourself down to drown
Even if thousand eyes flash with frown
Smile away, with good words of wisdom
Somewhere far, awaits your kingdom...

Spilling thoughts and imagination. Fiction.
4.9k · Aug 2017
Love And Religion
Seema Aug 2017
Love has no religion
Nor does hate
But in every society
There is a rate

The superiority of faith
Over the many gods
All who reside in heaven
As we live between odds

If only our blood color
Reflected our skin
Then the religion we belong
Would be easy to pin

The devil in our heads
Plays the tune of hatred
And makes us believe
In other demeaning sacred

Fooling us to the extent
Where we **** each other
Regardless of who they are
Either it's the mother or father

A complete brainwashed
From the faith of love
While rotting in the prison
Then we hail our prayers above...

Hate no one, love everyone.
  I have not criticized any religion in my poem. Neither do I condemn or degrade any beliefs. I wrote this piece "Love and Religion" just like any other poem I write. It is nothing to do with my personal belief. If my poem somehow gave you a negative insight, then I am truly sorry. Thanks!
Seema Feb 2018
I will fade away, like a sketch
Gone, torn, broken so far away
Where no one would be there to catch
Not even a word to say

Alone, in this busy world
An identity of an unknown
I'd be forgotten soon
Like a weary leaf, been blown

You promised to be by my side
But instead, you pushed me outside
Dropped from a glass tower
Taunting every minute, every hour

What did I do wrong?
What have I ever done?
You hated our favorite song
The love that shined, now all gone

Perhaps, burry me in your memory
And walk away like a stranger
You'd not stop, even if I tried
And never see the danger

I'd be fine, yes I'll be
Once you were mine
But now on my own, living you alone
I'll be fine

So sorry, I took up your time
That for now, you labeled as wasted
You never told me my crime
But the bitter hate, I tasted

I'd have lived by your side
In the dark days, showing you light
But now, I am fading away
Like a mist, in the darkest night

I should've never loved you
If I'd known, you'd leave my side
While breaking my heart into two
You gobbled up, all your lies

What should I think?
What should I do?
Atleast give me a clue
Of what I should do?

In a blink, you took all away
No reasons, no words, no nothing at all
So I am fading away, yes I am
I cannot hear your call

                                                ­            Away....

Scribbling thoughts with imagination.
3.7k · Aug 2017
Kuch Acha Kiya Karo (Hindi)
Seema Aug 2017
Kya kabhi patharo ne siskiyan li hai?
Kato ne chubna chor diya?
Dil ne dhadakna;
Aur ankho ne barasna chor diya?

Kya kabhi kadi dhoop mei,
Indradhanus ko haste huwe dekha hai?
Iss duniya mei,
Insaano ko ladtey aur marte dekha hai?

Kya tumne kabhi socha hai,
Jiwan mei dukh ziyada aur khushi kam kiyu hai?
Rastey sabh seedhe nahi,
Tedhe rastein bhi manzil ke kareeb le jati hai.

Kya tumne kabhi rotey huwe buzurgh ko,
Aur besahara bacho ko dekha hai?
Apni unchi naak, neechi kar,
Dharti mata ko dhanayvad diya hai?

Nahi na! Ya sambhawna kuch toh kiya hoga.
Ya tumhare dil mein daya hi nahi.
Kya muskurana bhi bhool chuke **?
Apne nahi toh dusroh ke liye kuch kiya karo.

Zindagi ke akhari pal mei, yaad karo ge.
Ek ek din ankho ke samne daud ke jayengi,
Tabh tum yaad karte, muskhurate iss duniya se,
Hamesha ke liye alvida kahe jaoge...


*Do Something Good*
Do the rocks ever sob?
Or the thorns stopped to *****,
The heart left it's beat ;
And these eyes forgot to rain.

Has there ever, in a bright sun,
The rainbow came out smiling?
In this world,
Have you seen people fighting and dying?

Have you ever thought,
In life, why there is more sadness then happiness?
Not all roads are straight,
Crooked roads also lead you to your destination.

Have you ever seen an old man cry,
Or seen unassissted special kids?
Have you ever bowed your head,
To thank this mother earth?

No, isn't it! Or say may have done some.
Or is your heart dead on remorse.
Have you also forgotten to smile?
If not for you, atleast do for others.

In the last hours of life, you will remember.
Each day would run off infront of your eyes,
Then remembering and smiling, from this life,
Forever you'll wave goodbyes...

2.6k · Jul 2018
Swirl Labyrinth
Seema Jul 2018
Like spools of thread, pilled in the midst
Darkness draws attention to the danger
Up few miles, is that place
Where the sign reads, welcome stranger
Curiosity jumps on each step
As the enchanting forest gets deeper
The sun rays sparkle the early dews
And awakens the sleeping keeper
Birds chattering, singing melodiously
Giant rocks, stand as guards of century
Silent kills the morning songs
At the dark weaved, heavy grown entry
Myth say, it may be a portal to another world
But reports and researchers find it their own way
What's there to be afraid of
Besides an approaching thunder day
A torch in hand, walking cautiously
Humming sound follows through, alerting my ears
Tripping, few times on dead branches
Triggers my lost unwanted fears
It's almost past mid day, but not a single string of light
The passage seems like a hell deep
Strange scribbles on near stones, alert
"Do not fall asleep"
Hours of walking on turns and paths
Tiredness and hunger grasped in well
Don't fall asleep rings in my ears
I was not alone, I could easily tell
Within this labyrinth, mysteries lie of all kinds
An evil crackling laugh, shakes my fears
Looking in the direction of the sound
There is an "it" and it hears
Run out now, my gut feelings kick in
Hoping for sun rays, but thunder beats the sky
Peculiar heavy steps seems to follow
I wish, I could just fly
One exit, echoes another entry
A swirl labyrinth has woken today
Running in circles, lost my routes
I can't find my right way
A small spark of light in a corner
Disguised as the suns ray
Traps my vision to walk forward
Like a poised lucidest prey
What happened next, I do not know
But not alone now, as more walk my way
Finding their own possible routes
We have become abundantly stray...

Spilling imagination. Fiction.
2.4k · Jul 2018
No Rain
Seema Jul 2018
Scales on bodies
Of that of farmers
Sun bares no harm,
On swinging charmers
A drop of a bit
Gives no smiles
To the hand that feeds
That walk for many miles
Cracks flap, mudcakes
Steaming heat rise won't stop
Children doing rain dance
While egg fries on roof top
Clear sky, bathes no cloud
Just stroke of heavy rays
Heatwaves tants the skin
Bad are these days...

2.1k · Dec 2018
The Greed-yes
Seema Dec 2018
A word unspelt
The words unsaid
A wrong turn again
It may be bad
From one end to another
The evidence makes no sense
There could be another way
Why feel tensed
The heavy clouds will soon fade
And moon will give us the way
It's gotta be somewhere
Not so far away
Whoever has laid hands on
The buried old scripts
Have gone missing
On their adventurous trips
What is in it,
That one craves to find
Is it a treasure map
Or a portal of any kind
I feel it isn't a good idea
To join this group of five
It is still time
To run and be alive

But wait...

What is that noise, I hear
The other five lanterns
Seem to have disappeared
Like being swallowed
By some form of evil
I may be wrong, coz am quite behind
To even reach the grounds
Where, burried are those scripts
And a curse that bounds
I decided not to continue
Any further and put my life in danger
So I waited for day break
And that's when, I met a stranger...


An unusually dressed figure
That like of an ancient priest
With a hood covering
Emerging, from behind the trees
May be, he is one of the five
But how can I be sure
As the figure looked strange
Or perhaps, trying to lure
I sat next to a big rock
Keeping my eyes fixed
A sudden brush of winds
And the place seem to be mixed
I blinked to clear my view
Of that of dirt and dust
Pieces of rags flew
In the wildly gust
Intoxicating scent caught my senses
And I seemed to be drowning
From below my feet
Hours later, opening my eyes
On a hard solid ground
Surrounded by
Unearthly or earthy crowd?


Whispers of death
Rang in my ears
Blurred vision gave way
To my crouching fears

Where am I?

Above the ground of below
Is it my grave
Or a tomb
Like cave
Dim lights sprawl
As I try to stand
The ground suddenly shakes
And on my chest, I land

Is it my end?

Glitters and shine
From the passing ray of lights
A graveyard of buried treasures
Below many heights
It, definitely must be a dream
Yet, I can still feel
The chill of hovering death
Crawling beneath my heels
I dare not look down
To scream my head out
So I slowly, crawled
Towards the faint light
From where I heard the strangers call
Standing slowly,
not to disturb the peace
I followed the voice
That led among the trees...


The moon was bright
And I felt the cold breeze
Brushing enough
For my ears and nose to freeze
Then a voice cracked
Of that of an old man

"he who bares no greed,
shall walk free",
"he who dares to steal,
shall be buried alive"

The stranger -

Your life is spared
From the cursed wrath
Your soul is pure
In the eyes of death
You lack the ingredient
That most posses
So have perished
And left lifeless
It is the greed
That is cursed in a being
Thus, all five got buried
With their share and sin
You walk free unharmed
Return to your people
And let them know
Whoever walks through
The path in search of scriptural treasure
Shall be cursed and buried
Within the treasure

And I, blink -

Far from the place
As I was in the night
Back to my senses
Welcoming day light
Life of mine is precious
That no penny or treasure
Can ever buy
Who wants to live a cursed life
And live behind their lies
I lack the seed
Of greed
That I don't intend to plant
I shall read
And educate
On how harmful, is this

Spilling imagination. A story poem.
1.9k · Apr 2018
Miss You Mum, RIP
Seema Apr 2018
I have no words
Just tears to shed
         Incomplete poem...
7th April, a dark daý
1.9k · Sep 2017
Peer Pressure
Seema Sep 2017
I've lost a battle
Within my soul
My mind is unsettle
Forgot about my goal

Now trying to revive
To recollect and recall
The medium to survive
Before another fall

The pressure is intense
From my own peers
My heart goes in pretense
Hiding all my fears

Night brings in dark thoughts
To harm myself again with pains
Destined to fight these lots
But my hands are soaked with stains

Blood, it is mixed with ink
As I write on these walls
Drawing up my insanity link
That's when I heard the calls

Ambu sirens squeak the street
Someone rushes in my room
Gives me anesthesia as a greet
But time kicked me to my doom...

Peer pressure, in a new fashion has erupted recently. "The blue whale challenge", "The hot water challenge". Our teens are targeted on these brainwash challenges. Please keep a close watch on them.
1.9k · Oct 2017
Plucked Flower
Seema Oct 2017
I plucked a bud
It emerged into a flower
I poked it in the mud
Watered it every hour

Beautiful petals,
greeted with fragrance
Soft stem and leaves,
smiled with elegance

Upon sunset, the same day
The flower hung low
As I moved away
It withered and took a bow

Next day, no fragrance
No cheerful bloom
It looked obvious on the entrance
So I plucked out to its doom

I cried,
as I shouldn't have plucked the bud
I cried,
coz it seemed unhappy so it kissed the mud

I left the flowers to be
As they bloom beautifully how it used to be
So I just visit the shrub bushes to see
The blossoms, the butterflies and the bees...

1.8k · Aug 2018
Seema Aug 2018
Twisted at some point
Life never gets better your way
It has its own directions
Customize it, if you may
Pricky steps do guide
Where once fallen deep
Wide-eyed watching path
But still wanting to sleep
Lucid dreams make believe
That reality is fake
Daydreaming turns tiresome
It's good to be awake
Thinking the other way
That maybe you're in debt with death
Shatter the false vision
Or chaos could stir up wrath
Look around and stay sane
Coz insanity is on rise
People hooked on their phones
Life now, has no price...

Scribbling thoughts.
1.8k · Aug 2017
Thoughts Of My Heart
Seema Aug 2017
The wind blows
The stars glow
The river flows
As I walk slow

The moon is dim
I know I miss him

Rolling down tears
Missing him for years
I wish he hears
And combats my fears

The moon will soon shine
I know he is mine

Night creatures sing
Fireflies fly in ring
With bright colored wings
Along with their king

The moon is clear and bright
I know my heart beats right

Love is not an expectation
It's the heart's reaction
A decision, a feeling of hesitation
But true is this beautiful relation

1.7k · Jul 2018
A Deal, With Death
Seema Jul 2018
There has to be a way
To say
Whatever I may
Losing myself again and again
As the pain grows in my chest
Trying hard to restore my sane
But none retrieves,
To stop the pain
Tears give way to potholes
The depth unknown,
Hiding my face
With silent mourn
Beggy, sunken eyes call to you
None pay attention for
Some may just come along,
Asking for more
A drink or two is good enough
Thanking the bar when served at night
Counting my tears, bearing this love
Emotions, rise to fight
A guilt in my throat, struck my senses
To wake up from this hangover feel
Pleading myself in a hurry
I made death, a fine deal...

Fiction. Spilling imagination.
1.7k · Sep 2017
You Are A Shame
Seema Sep 2017
My heart won't forgive
My mind won't forget
For everyday of my life I live
Just wished we never met

Sour feelings, bitter emotions
Witnessed the living hell
Subjected in many portions
Stacked souls in a dried well

It's your skills and unnamed game
Luring each innocent in your bait
Behind pure love, you are a shame
Disguised poly player, how much I hate

Your deeds will get you oneday
With the curse of every broken heart
For every heartbreak, you'll surely pay
You'll then, beg to have a fresh start...*

Inspired by a friends dilemma.
1.6k · Aug 2017
Krishna Janmastami/Birthday
Seema Aug 2017
Maa Yashoda ke tum dulaare
Tujhe tere bhakt pukare
Chale aao mere makhan chor
Tujhse bandhi hai preet ki dor
Mohini muskaan, chanchal ye maan
Teri pooja karoon mei jeewan bhar
Aayi hai teri madhur janam diwas
Meri hirdaye mei basay rahena, bas
Shama karna, har bhool ko mere Kanha
Kabhi mujhe bhool se bhool na jaana
Haath jhod kar, tujhe sumiroon
Yaad tujhe har pal karoon
Poori kar doh apne bhakto ki kami
Aap ko shubh ** ye janmastami...


You are mother "Yashodas" darling
Your followers call upon you
Please come, my little butter thief
With you, is my whimsical tie
Charming smile, restless this heart
Your prayer I do throughout my life
Your mellifluous birthday has come
May you stay in my soul always
Forgive all my fouls, O' Kanha
Never by mistakenly forget me ever
I fold my hands in rosary
I think of you all the time
Fulfill the wishes of your followers
Happy birthday to you...

1.5k · Aug 2017
When Broken...
Seema Aug 2017
A broken jar
I fixed when fell
From a far
No one can tell

A broken heart
I tried to fix
But part by part
It all got mixed

A birds feather
I tried to catch
It blew off further
In the thorn patch

A child's cry
Weakened my soul
I went close by
His leg stuck in a hole

A set of painful eyes
Watched me through
An angel in disguise
Yes, that's true

I am quite broken
But I am strong
I am not a token
Don't take me wrong

My love is in my smile
Like a tombstone on a grave
I think for a short while
Then just smile and wave...

Smile, even when you think your life is sinking.
1.3k · Dec 2018
Red Zone Penny
Seema Dec 2018
Pooled in disgust
In the arms of a fool
My skin seems to burst
By his lustrous drool

The evil desires that spill
Gives shivers to my soul
It is of not my will
To be in such a role

Touched to places
Flames rise, high in pole
Strapping the laces
Seeking his ultimate goal

The pain aches pleasure
In his deaf ears
Nibbling bits to bites
My cries he hears

Now, on the natures bed
He pushes me back
Gasping over my head
Clenching his teeth on my neck

As I cried and he hissed
Like that of a snake
Crawling and being kissed
For a 'NO', he could not take

The nightmares spread
With a foul smell
Sheets covering red
From an unknown spell

His breath fading
Laying heavy on my chest
I pulled myself together
To be with the rest

Red zone or prostitution
Is not a self led to many
Neither it's an institution
To earn a penny...

Spilling thoughts. Not my story.
1.3k · Jul 2017
Seema Jul 2017
Soyi soyi si hai zindagi
Koyi bewaqt awaaz na de
Kismat meri ruthi si hai
Magar ankh khul jati hai
Tere ek ehesaas se...

Life is almost at a sleep stage
No one even gives a call
My fate is upset, yet willing
As my eyes opens
From the unusual feeling

Saaye se bhi, waja puch le
Ki darpar dastak kiyu nahi karti
Zalim dil soh nahi pata
Raato ki beraham tanhayiyan
Har waqt tujhe pukarti...

Ask the shadow the reasons
Why it doesn't show up these days
This wrenched heart, cannot sleep
In the loneliness of night
Calls for you, then starts to weep

Farista ban gaye ** ya fakir
Likhte hi nahi ** mere naseeb
Ek tutta tara, aine mei dekha
Khoobsurat sa chahera
Har baar rutha...

Have you become an angel or a saint
You no longer write my fate
A shooting star, on the mirror sighted
A beautiful face
Saddened yet delighted...

My mind wonders awe..
1.3k · Aug 2017
Village Girl
Seema Aug 2017
Surrounded by thorns
That ****** her heart
She silently mourns
For they are her part

Life is worth every moment
Be paradise or burning hell
To hear vicious torments
And cry near the deserted well

Village life is so hard
To please everyone
Another trump card
Her soul had no one

Extended families around
All sit and eat in disguise
She sits herself on the ground
And hears their usual lies

She thought she'd study more
But got married off then
Life's just to and fro
Surviving with her illiterate man...

Inspired by a documentary.
1.3k · Sep 2017
Eyes Of Gold
Seema Sep 2017
My eyes unfolds
What is seen
Yet untold
For the mysteries
It secretly holds
I have yet to mould
My heart to be bold
To reveal the cold
A truth, unspoken
To talk about it
Is to break, what's broken
But its a burden to hold
The clay sage, has eyes of gold
I've seen it, in the nights cold
The clay sculpture
Made by the potter
Grew an inch shorter
I am too scared to tell
None will believe me
And thus, they will sell
I don't know if it's a good omen
But this is unusually uncommon
I need to find out who else has seen
Perhaps together we can gleam
The mystery behind the golden eyes
Or am I just hallucinating and threading the lies
One way to find out that I am still sane,
Tonight I shall unveil the truth behind this game...


Goodnight all....that's all for today...too many stories spilling off my mind. Got to put myself to sleep ;)
1.2k · Oct 2018
All Will Heal
Seema Oct 2018
Like a clay ***, this heart
Cracks from within and out
Bruises, scars just a part
Muted, yet it shouts

Don't break me, I beg to thee
My scars are still healing
I bare no harm, you see
It's just another feeling

Look deep into my eyes
You can't read, can you?
Words have drowned in tears
I see you got someone new

What I shouldn't expect, is expect
Expectations lead to heartbreaks
This has always been a fact
Ending with lots of aches


Cracks will seal, scars will heal
No more cry, tears will dry
Smile will peek, dimple on cheeks
Feel the blast, forget the past

Stand in rain, drain your pain
Thank your feelings, that made you change
Be an insane yet a sane
Life is wholesome not as strange...

Spilling thoughts. Have no expectations.
1.2k · Sep 2017
Monday Blues
Seema Sep 2017
A blunt start
It's Monday blues
Aching heart
Searching for clues
Wondering eyes
Scheduled meetings
More sales lies
More customer cheatings
Gloomy, rainy, breezy day
Good morning, morning all passes say
My mind is rolling over thinking
My eyes heavy, dosing and sinking
O' I hope it was another holiday
Another day in bed, dreaming all the way
But Monday always comes again
Ruining my week, giving me pain
Same people, same desk, job loads
Traffic queuing on the roads
O' this laziness
I need coffee, to focus on today's business
Monday! Monday! Fly away fast
Till Friday comes, with a party blast...

Glad the day is over :)
1.2k · Apr 2019
Left Behind
Seema Apr 2019
Clear this fog
O rushing winds
Take it further
On your daring fins
Warm my eyes
O steaming sun
So I can see
Atleast for once
Light never pierces
Through my sight
Darkness realms
With no light
Hush, my heart
Don't feel down
Cheer up a little
Don't you frown
On the wings
Of the earliest flight
Dusk till dawn
It's never bright
Set a sail, O dear heart
Fear no fright ahead
Stir gently through the mist
So I can join the dead...

Spilling imagination.
1.2k · Aug 2017
Ancient Civilization
Seema Aug 2017
Lost in the thoughts of ancient realm
Many thousands of years back
Nothing then has stayed the same
Such civilization, understanding we lack

Every ethnicity group had a tale to tell
From every little corner of this mother earth
How we worked and walked, then we fell
Cycles of life flourished again with birth

Each era had it's own vulnerable states
And each state had it's own Queens and Kings
The then ancient calendars with marked dates
Of unplanned wars in those dates boldly clings

The cities that have sunk or drowned deep
Took away with them, their entire civility
In the great oceans graveyard, now it sleeps
To be discovered by people with extreme ability

The now generation, is very inquisitive
On every find of any ancient matters around
But the finds become government subjective
Mostly those found from deep underground...

Seema Nov 2017
My child I dearly pray
The wrong doers will pay
Your life was priceless
To some meaningless
You had a golden smile
Tho so far, so many miles
If I had you here with me
You would have been alive to see
There are those who have lost
Beautiful innocence by cost
I am deeply hurt reading about you
My heart cried tho I don't know you
The red t-shirt you wore last
Will alway remind me of this past
Why your family had to flee?
Why authorities ignore your plea?
Why the boat capsized in the ocean?
Why was there no precaution?
Why the world had to see you washed on the shore?
Laying face down on the Turkish shore
Such a beautiful child, how many more!
The aches getting worse as I see your face
You left every heart to break where we trace
It was not you fault, Oh baby boy!
You were thrown off board like a broken toy
May the good spirits guide your soul
Don't you worry, these ruthless will burn in hole
Even hell might reject them for achieving such goal
You were a Syrian prince, one can hint
Your tragic death would stay as an imprint...

Wrote this in 2015, after this tragedy shown in all news channel.

My prayers goes to thee and the others who were also the victims, R.I.P Thy Souls in peace:
"Aylan Kurdi, three year old
Brother Galip Kurdi, five year old
Mother Rihan"
1.1k · Dec 2017
Santa's Not Coming Tonight
Seema Dec 2017
It's Christmas night
And Santa's not in sight
Tho the stars shine bright
Something seems not right
Am holding my memories tight
Feelings pour in, while emotions fight
My fears turning into tears
A lonely Christmas since four years
Hopeless moments, no one cares
Darkness seems to be my true friend
The wailing of my spirit has no end
Yet, I've lit a candle to shed some light
In my dark corner, over a height
The night is beautiful, with decorations
On trees with antique creations
It's a silent night
A Holy night
Having cookies and milk,
Coz Santa's not coming tonight...

Merry Xmas :)
1.1k · Aug 2017
Repair (Tanka #32)
Seema Aug 2017
Yellow leaves scattered,
under the star apple tree.
Birds picking on twigs,
To repair the damage nest
On another small fruit tree.

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
1.0k · Jul 2018
Seema Jul 2018
Torn in pieces
Scattered on the floor
He thought my heart was a paper,
That he could easily tore

What actually got ripped
Was not even my heart
Tapped few emotions
Few things, did fall apart

Seeing another fluttering heart
Flying next to him one day
I chose to confront once
And that, made us go on our way

He thought, I'd be jealous and blazing
Little pain it was, but not too late
I often smiled if his gaze ever fell on me
That, I did not hate

He confronted me, one day
And wanted to be back forever
I smiled again, turned and replied
.........never ever!

Fiction. Freestyle
990 · Dec 2017
Seema Dec 2017
There comes a time
When all things seem unreal
Even the kindest soul
Looks drenched in darkness
And you and me just don't exist
Upon nightfall of each day
Staring at the starless sky
The fear of losing you
Turns my life's rainbow grey
It is my only wish to be with you
Regardless of how far or near
The distance may be
You are always close
Close, just like the beats of my heart
Drawing closer, being my part
One step at a time
And I tip toed into your gentle arms
Never before, this feeling came about
I feel as to scream and shout out loud
That you are my love, my one and only
A better half of me
Full of life, my dream, my love
We shall never grow apart
Tho distance may divide us
But never again, shall this heart be  
Shattered into pieces
Like how you found me one day
Drowning in my tears and collecting
My hearts broken pieces
The melody you played that day
Slowly repaired the strings of my soul
How fortunate, I am today
To be standing beside you
While you holding me gently
Blowing my sorrows miles away
And filling me with your unconditional love

Fictional write.
Unrhymed, raw scribbles.
972 · Sep 2018
Someone Unknown
Seema Sep 2018
I wished for rain
And soothing words of sweet
But you struck me with pain
In this intolerable heat

On the ground, I lay
In shock of what you just did
I hoped you came to stay
With me and our kid

Something was not right
I sensed the presence of an evil force
A drawn column of fright
And sudden objects began to toss

Darkness started to approach
As you became someone unknown
A lust to ****, a soul roach
To which, I wish, I had known

A language full of filth and foul
You spitted on few standing around
You snorted and then came in the growl
And like a fierce beast, you sat on the ground

My lips trembled but my heart prayed
For help from anyone anyplace
Planks were soon being laid
Around it, to gape and gaze

The unknown tried to escape
But the planks were blessed with holy essence
Verses were read by a person in cape
Darkness eluded by its presence

The unknown seem to struggle in a purifying body
Stubborn, causing it physical harm
Witnessed by everybody
Soon everything became calm

He lay on the ground, with scratches and blood
Breathing heavily as the prayer ended
Rain poured in suddenly, washing away the blood
The evil seem to have descended

He was carried back to my place
For nourishment and care
The man in cape, blessed and left the thin air

Spilling imagination.
912 · Jul 2018
Dirty Deeds
Seema Jul 2018
Stop tracing my heart,
With your ***** finger
I smell blood, on your murderous hands

Get out of my face,
You don't belong here
Your breath smells like of dead

Leave me alone,
I owe nothing to a freezed mind
Not even good words of wisdom

Reap your deeds,
Screams, begging and hurts
Is all I hear, from your silent posture

How many deaths,
And whose paying for all this kills
It's all noted, in the hells receipt

Payback time will come,
Your screams and moans
Will never be enough for those souls...

Spilling thoughts and imagination. Tho, monsters like this exist in our society. Keep yourself and loved one safe.
900 · Sep 2017
Seema Sep 2017
This joy
This madness
This rain;
Absolute calm
Meeting you
Then departing
You emerge, out of the blues;
Absolute calm
Here goes
My soul
As I've found you again;
Absolute calm
I was faithful
Unfaithful you fell
Played game too well;
Pained, yet in absolute calm


Ye suroor
Ye junoon
Ye barish
Kitna sukoon...
Tera milna
Phir bichadna
Istifak se milna
Kitna sukoon...
Loh gaya
Mera saya
Tujhe paya
Kitna sukoon...
Wafa tumse
Bewafai humse
Khel khela

Ok, my translation is a bit awkward. Hope you like either of the two :)
893 · Jun 2017
Bliss (Tanka #2)
Seema Jun 2017
Glow worms brighten, the
Moonless night, decorating
Itself on some trees
Like twinkling of million stars
Shedding pure eternal bliss

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
890 · Sep 2017
Why I Write
Seema Sep 2017
Words spill out my mind
As I write my writes
There is always a find
To ink in with highlights

Subjective, scenarios, facts
Imaginary, dreams, best
I am so consumed, infact
I hardly take time to rest

I feel at ease when I write
Words speak up from every line
Dull days light up, too bright
Rest of the days go so fine

I scribble on paper but
It's hard to read
So I type in my notepad
And post it, in the feed

Writing is part of my relaxation
A therapy that takes away my tension
It's a wonderful feel of sensation
Like my heart is beating in it's mansion...

886 · Jul 2017
Outer Appearance
Seema Jul 2017
I have dealt with this before,
This feeling...
I am dealing with it again,
This feeling...

The outer look matters
Rather the taste of inner
The shape and color of a bottle
Looks fancy and appealing
Rather its contents, so bitter

Beauty on face, complexion
So beautiful
Inside a dark, deep infested nest
Ugly and untruthful

Painted figures, expensive makeup
Lucious lips
Pleasing to ones eyes
Caring heart, kind soul, unpleasant appearance
Yet, doubtful cries

Whatever is beautiful, matters!
Regardless to the consequences
Most see the outer appearance and judge
Hardly see the innocent smile,
                            ...of the less fortunate

Judging people by their outer appearance is a disgust. Love yourself and appreciate others how they are.
881 · May 2018
Night Walker
Seema May 2018
I could feel his breath on me
Filled with heated lust
Triggering my visible spine
Any moment, the fangs could ******

He counted my heartbeats
Slowly nearing my ear
Whispered, delicious blood
And that ignited my fear

Holding me tight, yet being gentle
He had on a mesmerising scent
Looking deep into his eyes
Felt like my veins have burnt

A starry full moon night
And being caught up as a prey
It almost seemed liked midnight
Yet, in his strong arms, I lay

Pink blossoms, showered like rain
As the winds increased its pace
His warm lips gently touched mine
And, I was taken into galactic space

He embraced me like a flower
And continued to kiss me
Like there won't be a tomorrow
For me to ever see

I didn't fight back or resist
Perhaps I was hypnotized by him
But a night, I will never forget
When all lights slowly go dim

A life spared but repaid with lust
To the dangerous, night walker
An everyday trend
Meeting up, by the storeroom locker!

Fiction write. Spilling imagination.
861 · Sep 2017
Impact Of Stress
Seema Sep 2017
When days turn dark
And nights become long
When life loses spark
And you relate to a song

You stress yourself out
Reaching to a point of insanity
You just scream and shout
Unaware of the coming calamity

But your physical appears calm
While all this cooks up in your brain
Wiping the sweat off your palm
Hit by anxiety, yet you try to refrain

Soaked eyes, sunken with tears
Voices pushing you off the edge
Living each moment with your fears
Mind, heart all hanging on a ledge

So many things affects a person
Some commit suicide, some live and fight
Many are taught the right lesson
And so, the darkness slowly is replaced by light...

Stress slips deep if not controlled and may lead to unbelievable accidents.
856 · Feb 2018
Panic (Tanka #59)
Seema Feb 2018
Water level rouse,
like a giant fountain, in
middle of desert.
Where slowly, my soul dying
Tho, floating in the ocean.

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
846 · Oct 2017
Friday 13th
Seema Oct 2017
The number thirteen
On the day Friday
The murdered twins
A coincidence I may say

The lucky the number
Or unlucky a member
A dark day of sorrow
It's today not tomorrow

Friday the thirteenth
A superstitious belief
Crawling from beneath
It's no grief but a relief

The more the believers
Of this unlucky day
The more life shivers
In the dark anyway

A positive thought
To a positive mind
Sets lose if caught
From such negative blind

A number it is, for sure
Lucky or unlucky could be any
Being rich or be poor
Believers I believe would be many...

...and it's a bright morning today, 13th October :)
846 · Aug 2018
There, By Your Side
Seema Aug 2018
My love is like a river that flows in a rhythm
Sometimes aggressive, sometimes calm
At times dancing and overflowing
But not likely to harm

My anger is like a volcano
That in any moment it could erupt anywhere
The words flow then like hot lava
For some, I do not spare

My attitude depends, how you take me as
Judgemental affair is not favoured
If you treat me right, I'll treat you same
My feelings are quite flavoured

See me as your friend and I'll protect you
From bullies and threats that may cause harm
Share your thoughts with me
Do not grief, just stay calm...

Scribbling thoughts.
821 · Nov 2017
Terrorism Epidemic
Seema Nov 2017
The looters
The shooters
In the name of religion
In the name of a god
Why killing of innocents?
Why keeping of hostages?
Why such an ill feel of hatred?
Not just the recent Paris news
But this terrorist epidemic
Has widespread this earth
It seems there is more provokative acts
Then finding a cure to such martyrs
Scientists have found cures of many diseases
Yet when will this terrorist disease get cured
Assurances of innocent lives
Men, women, children all victims
Of such horrific crimes
Most slashed with knives
How does a prayer help?
Which god listens and acts?
Who has poisoned these peoples mind?
Now every breaking news hails on terrorism
Is there ever going to be peace?
Will there be smiles on sad faces again?
As I sit back to watch and read the news around
Am a bit glad am not in such surround
I do wish for the killings to stop
I do wish that people don't take a religion to act
As no god would appreciate innocent blood at their feet
Hundreds of lives lost
Blood, just blood and screams everywhere
I have seen in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Paris to name a few!
It was just settling on the missing plane news
And here racks on another news
Uncountable sleepercells
Controlled by several tycoon bodies
This life is not permanent
We all know that
Then, why **** to radiate the human race?
Why poison innocent mind to act like war machines?
What achievement do they get?
Do they not feel the pain?
What are they blinded upon?
Have they taken out double meaning from religious faith?
I am no one to point a finger on any religion
But it surely sounds wrong when innocent killing is involved
Has some mad scientists developed an invisible airborne drug
Turning men against men
Religion against religion
No remorse after killing
But become terrorist with hatred feeling...

I wrote this 2yrs back, thought to post It.
816 · Feb 2018
From the Isles of Fiji
Seema Feb 2018
A beautiful nation,
In the middle of the pacific ocean...
Filled with all races, its multi racial...
A paradise where the sun rises first...
Lots of people come as tourist or guests...
Sun shines brighter in the west...
Heat smearing enjoyed by rest...
With coconuts to quench your thirst...
You bet, we are the best...
Fiji as a small country with a big heart...
Welcoming people from all different castes...
With majority population of Fijians and Indians...
We are given the citizenry to be known as Fijians...
Hindi, English and Fijian are the spoken words...
Once you come you may never feel among odds...
Hot springs, hike place, wonderful beaches...
Friendly people and no dangerous creatures...
Waterfall, country rides, water dives and much more...
Am sure you would enjoy and not get bore...
This is my home, a paradise heaven on earth...
I seek nothing but to live here until my death...

803 · Aug 2017
Forbidden Love: I Am Dark
Seema Aug 2017
He was the son of a mighty God
And I, was a fallen angel of dark
Our pair was quite unique and odd
But I was bruised with a banished mark

Our love and faith was unmatched
And this had bothered all
The two worlds met and watched
The amputation of my wings and fall

Seeing my reflection in a lake
How ugly I looked as a being
Hiding myself for his sake
Like a risen shadow, unseen

Our love was pure but he had to choose
He was favoured the next godly heir
So for that he had to lose (me)
My love knew that I was near (him)

We met, on a moonless night
And our love grew at a peak
He got indulged in an underworld fight
Answers to which, I didn't seek

I was punished for loving a God
And the sole reason of  a horrific war
My eyes met him for the last time
Before being martyred at the shore...

fiction narrative poem
753 · Nov 2017
Jack Misses Jill
Seema Nov 2017
Yes..., "Jill"
What is in that sack?
Nothing... "Jill"
Isn't it time to fetch water
Ya, but......
I want to know
It's trash to throw..., "Jill"
Then why you climbed up this hill
You could have thrown elsewhere
Yes... "Jill"
You are lying to me
I am not..., "Jill"
I felt I would miss this moment with you
So I forgot to throw this on my way
Sitting here with you......
Open the sack, "Jack" !
Why? You don't believe me?
I want to believe you, "Jack"
But my eyes wants to see
Why not, "Jack"?
Because it will smell...
Ofcourse, it will "Jack"!
Yes! The blood is dripping from the sack
What have you done, "Jack"?
(silent sighs)
What, "Jack"?
It's another ****, isn't it?....isn't it?
Yes, "Jill"...
He's the last of the gang, that killed you
Now you can rest in peace, "Jill"
I will just tumble this sack over
Then fetch some water, down the hill
I miss you, "Jill"
Do you miss me to?
Yes, "Jack", but you shouldn't have killed
Why not?, "Jill"
They took my life away
So I took their knives and slittered same way
As, they did to you...(cries)
I will join you shortly, "Jill"
I will join you shortly...

A dialogue poem.
725 · Nov 2017
Fake Flowers
Seema Nov 2017
Lovely flowers surround me
So beautiful and colorful they turn to be
They never ask for water
Neither do they wilt
They are put around so I can forget my guilt
I feel blank inside when I am faked
These flowers ain't real, they are fake
Just like these people around
Like wearing a smile to show
Like these artificial flowers that seem to glow
There's no truth amongst these
Even our eyes betray us within the trees
Not everyone can be happy till their last days
But people will entertain you in many ways
As every aspect of life there is blooming flowers
So many, some creep up like how its in towers
A fake flower with no smell to make you feel better
A fake smile on a face to make you feel loved
A fake hug, just to stab your back and shove
It's just a courtesy to get rid of the matter
Some just fake this, and write a last letter
Move on elsewhere to find peace
But fail with heavy guilt, unable to ease
Lastly, lay in peace in their forgotten dark caves
While I put these flowers to last longer, on their graves...

Fictional write.
722 · Aug 2017
Fallen Flowers
Seema Aug 2017
Fallen flowers on my grave
The most favorite of them all
I am not there to receive it
Please let those petals fall

A bunch of fresh tulips
With mesmerizing flavored scent
Thank you for your kindness
I know it's with love, you meant

The words you spoke slowly
Sitting beside my fresh grave
I know you are too broken
Please take care and be brave

Sickness, life and death
Is not a puppet played by men
It gets to one and eats them up
Tomorrow it could be your turn

I am free from the miseries
Of the incurable sickness
I do hope you settle now
My death,
should not be your weakness!

722 · Aug 2017
Hell Storm
Seema Aug 2017
The night hasn't come yet
But the sky has turned dark
The air is unbreathable
This day was marked

The house doors are shut
There is no open window
I cannot see anyone
Not even my own shadow

A burnt tree stands tall
Where my house once stood
All in flames it went that day
Now in ashes and burnt wood

Most houses got burnt down
By the raging inhuman breed
For energy, they feed on fire
That's how they practice their creed

People fled for their lives
Never returning to their homes
Some killed in the stampede
No one ever dares to roam

The elders say, the spits from hell
Have taken the inhuman form
Feeding on blood and fire
This is the beginning of hell storm...

This is just another FICTION write out of my imagination.
Seema Aug 2017
I've got a handsome brother
Like I have, you may have to
Each day, I weave off his negativity
By praying to god sincerely
His life stays longevous  
Never shall he get upset unnecessarily
This thread, is a protection virtue
Never get upset, this heart gets upset to
Whether am far or near
Don't you forget this lives praxis
Brought 'rakhi' with love to tie on your wrist
Brought you lots of sweets and gifts
Let me embrace your forehead with sandlewood powder and wave this lighted lamp upon you
Tying this thread and serving these sweets
This day comes once a year with treats
My brother, remaining years of my life
I wish, be bestowed upon you...

*Raksha Bandhan*
Hai ek salona, bhai hamara
Jaisa hai mera, shayad waisa ** tumhara
Roz mein uski nazar utaroon
Bhagwaan se mein prathna karoon
Jeewan uska rahe salamath
Kabhi wo mujhse, bewaja roothe math
Hai ye dhaga, raksha bandhan
Dukhi math hona, dukhta hai maan
Mein paas hoon ya dur
Tum bhul na jana jeewan ka dastur
Layi hoon iss rakhi mei bhar kar pyar
Barfi, jalebi, peda aur ye uphaar
Tilak lagaoon, arti utaroon
Dhaga bandhoon aur methayi khilaoon
Din ye saal mein, ek baar aye
Bhai, meri umar bhi tumhe lag jaye...


Happy Raksha Bandhan
Seema Nov 2017
The sky split open
I'm ****** in a whirlpool
My body light as a feather
I am used as a tool
In another world or dimension
I not know the place
But it's too familiar
And I recognize that evil face
A demon of this world
A satanic being with filthy evil powers
Sapping my energy, draining
And this forces me to be awake for hours
Lying on my bed, praying hard
To prevail, evil forces from destroying my spirituality
Alas, I get pinned down most days
Like that of a nasty shaman practising ***** sexuality
Hitting on my chakras, stealing my energry
For somehow, I feel this person is attached to me
Please believe me, I am not insane
I feel his presence around me
And then I am left dealing with my pain
I am a spiritual person and used to feel my positive auras
Now that I am draining from my so called sickness
And feel my energy used by another for astral travel
A thief, in shadows, I can't even sketch coz of weakness
I wish to get well, I wish to live fully again
But seems, all my tries are going in vain
Hell, seems to be cracked open to let its beings out
To crawl and survive on the energies of high spirituals
Sometimes I wake up sweating with a shout
May be that's the time, this person performs the rituals
From another place unknown to me
Stealing from my meditation vault, my energies
And I am too blinded to believe and see
Coz I feel I'm in mercurial abyss, with some alienetic synergies...
Kim Johanna Baker, this poems is dedicated to you my dear poetess friend. May you get well soon :)
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