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Lieke Sep 17
Cherry kiss
Come inside
Catch my breath
Windy bliss

Sticky fingers
Tongue is shaking
Slashed skin
Yet it lingers

Fired gun
Dead flowers
Flood of remorse
Buried on the day it had begun
Tommy Randell Sep 15
there's a few things I'd like to say,
you know in the  honesty of full disclosure
given my moral stance is kind of made that way,
and so you can't say later that I glossed things over.

It'll  only take a minute...

just to set the record straight
so we both can agree I behaved abominably
that is if it's not already too late
and I've ruined our relationship utterly .

Okay, so it's already more than a minute...

but I'll get to the point I promise
I want to get things right if this is my final chance
There'll be no more excuses, honest,
It can all be explained as a circumstance.

One minute? Please, just a minute...

Or some cooling-off time perhaps
I can ring you... yes, maybe that would be best
I can text you with some of the facts
And then call you to fill in the rest.

Half a minute then, let's say a half...

We can't just leave it like this
This is Us ! We've got to be in it to win it !
We could write it all down and make lists
Let's just think things through for a minute...

I really, really... I didn't mean it...
Uma Sankar Sep 11
Unaware of the intentions
Intoxicated with the hatred and lies
I gulped every bit
from the bowl they offered

You wanted to offer me help
I thought you’re delusional
The realization was late
and remorse made me worse

I wanted to be free
to stop the ride of disgust
But, It kept on dragging
Like the law of inertia

I knew it won’t stop
So, I waited, waited so long
for the engine to corrode
and dismantle to pieces

Now, I am free like a bird
No strings, no cage
And no chasing after mirage
A new voyage to rediscover myself

I wanted to apologise a lot
to the ones I have hurt
to the things I overlooked
And to the special one, you

You should have been my priority
You should have been the focus
The real one in this fake world
The clear one in this blurry world

Hope I still deserve you
Your hand of help
Your words of faith
Your unconditional love!
Mister J Sep 3
Why is it so easy nowadays?
To make people love you
Dropping something heavy like
"I love you"
And leave you alone
With a broken heart?

Why is it so blatant nowadays?
That it is easy to flirt
But hard to commit
And letting someone fall
Without ever catching them
And feeling no remorse?

Love became worthless
Bastardized by people
Who can never back up
What lies come out
Of their greedy lips
Just needed to blow off some steam.

Happy reading!

Francie Lynch Aug 16
When she said, Don't talk to me,
She lost some of her voice.
Then I heard, Don't look for me,
She gave no other choice.
Don't touch, I have no feelings,
You make my skin crawl,
Don't expect a pick up,
If you pick up to call

But I still smell her everywhere:
The shampoo used on her hair;
The bedsheets where we lay bare;
The fragrance of her festive tree;
Her aromatic herbal teas;
The lilies she could grow in sand,
Are sensational in my memory glands.
annieohk Aug 7
Phone calls that are never made
Notes that aren’t written
Gentle words left unsaid
So wrapped up in my own little life
I don’t see the tears
Or hear the heart cries of others
So many what ifs, so many regrets
Hindsight is always twenty twenty
But foresight is blind
Like cold eyes on a statue
That never see the world around
Trips will be planned but never taken
Beds will be neatly made
Never to be slept in again
Front doors will be locked
But that threshold won’t be crossed any more
Clothes will be bought but never worn
A gift received but never opened
A whisper of love not given
A warm hug not shared
So many things we leave unfinished
When we leave this world
It’s true that tomorrow is not promised
So why do I live as though it is?
When death comes calling
Those left behind will ask
Why didn’t I do more
Why didn’t I say more
Why didn’t I hold your hand longer
You know how much I love you
But I should have shown it more
I thought we’d have more time
I thought we had more tomorrows
Some times I think people die
To show us how to live
For my sweet sister Mary who passed away 3 weeks ago today. I miss her so very much...... ***** cancer!
Willow SR Aug 7
I lay awake
Cry for their sake
But not on the outside
My tears flow
From the inside
Numb thoughts fill my mind
As I wonder why
Why I cry
When I know
The worst day is behind
I know people say time heals all wounds, but I think they forget that it usually gets worse before it gets better.
Espousal brimming with lies
Heart full of wrenching cries
Unshed tears
That sinful smile
Inferno in my heart
A tactful art
Muted the brewing storm
To watch you surpass
Shredding the pieces of my heart
With no remorse on your part.
Angela Rose Aug 3
If you still have the people you love most in your life today-
Hug them
Hug them tighter than you ever have
Call them and tell them you love them
Never ignore their calls
Pick up the phone and call them first
Make sure they know

They have to know
They have to know that when they're gone you won't be able to sleep knowing they've gone away
They have to know that all throughout the day you will cry when they have gone to sleep forever
They have to know your heart will be missing a piece when they leave
They have to know before they're gone

You have to tell them while you can
You have to tell them that they are special to you
You have to tell them that you will forever miss their voice and their laughter
You have to tell them you will miss never seeing their face on the caller ID

My God, please tell your loved ones you love them

I love you, Dad. I love you so much.
My dad died a few weeks ago, July 16th. I don't know if I will ever forgive myself for not calling enough or for being too busy to call back sometimes. I don't think I will ever forgive myself for always saying "I'll call tomorrow"
Jule Jul 27
A disconnect,
When they look through -
Rather than to.
An aching feeling
When one departs -
The understanding of
A world apart.
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