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Lance Mar 9
Falling was the easiest.
Staying wasn't even that hard
Despite what they say.

The most difficult?
Knowing when to stop
and let go

It ****** a lot to not have it all.
It might've been different
It might have changed

If decisions were made
and things changed.

But I guess that's life's ultimate joke
To play you
and to remind you

It was never on your side..
To the readers, Live life to its fullest. Always choose what makes things grow around you or to you. Never make a decision youll regret not doing. Ever.
xavier thomas Jan 12
-someone pray for my family to start moving forward.
-past regrets has my family still walking backwards.
-no gatherings, reunions pass due, no nothin’
-stay in contact mainly on Facebook or group texts.

-I never wanted this
-members can’t get past previous trauma that’s keeping them ******.
-most mindset are like “I don’t rock nor want to bother them.”
-man F**k that -ish
-let’s stick together, we still have time to heal over our egos,
stop trying to quit.

-family wishing to redo their prime past for a better paradise in mind.
-living now is the “fear.”
-since nobody wants to say it, I’ll express this  overbearing feelings.
-the fact my grandma still cooped up in the house feeling worthless
is dangerous cause she feels left out or no one wants to visit her due to “un-build relationships”.
-feeling unfit.

-most members from the Chi-Town calling me like I’m the man now.
-because they can’t get along nor grow together, so i’m their problem solver now.
-sad seeing the family drown, so I pick the pen up to write the words down.
-sometimes it’s embarrassing writing these words down
-but someone has to expose these generational curse truths now.
I’m just a Chicago kid
George Krokos Jan 31
If at times we have to swallow the bitter pill of remorse
we may at first appear to sound much like that of a horse.
And when copious tears flow they tend to purify our being
leaving us with an inner peace and clearer sense of seeing.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Chloe Dec 2021
Time stands still
and nothing changes
I don’t know how to survive

Time stands still
and nothing changes
I take my life

If only there was
something perfect
I could exist
And if you were real
and I didn’t miss you
it would be different

In a dream
we fixed this
distance between us
I wake up
and everything changes
for the worst

He liked to watch
a woman struggle
I can’t change that
I’m no one’s savior
You’re not helpless
I am only here
to lift you up
so you can leave

Do you feel empowered yet?

And I would much rather
tear you down
so you will stay
But that’s not my agency
I am sorry for everything
I’m still not well
Where did you go?
Justin S Wampler Dec 2021
We were a trio.
Gone together,
mentally alone.

90's alternative had been playing for maybe
three-quarters of an hour, and at this point
we were all mostly toasted.
A shot of beer a minute.

Talking ****, shuffling the deck.

Nick laughed, Luke mocked.
I cheered them both on.
In that moment we all lived in the golden light
of youthful ignorance and concrete friendship
that can only be fully grasped by a drunken trio of guys
in their mid-twenties at 2:00 AM on an idle Thursday night.

We all cracked fresh cold ones and lit up fresh cigs,
and I raised the burning tobacco in a toast:
"To friendship!"

Luke matched my pose, left arm outstretched.
We caught each other's eyes, and without missing a beat
his right hand plunged the cherry into his left forearm.
I looked down and saw myself doing the same,
yet felt no pain. We stayed that way until our embers died,
and relit the remaining smoke off of a shared flame.
Nick never matched our level of commitment,
I doubt he even bears a scar these days.
My scar still itches from time to time.
I wonder if Lukes does, too.

I started seeing tunnels
and soon, gravity took me.
Horizontality was my fate.
I was the first to fall,
the first to succumb to gratuitous consumption.


Birds chirping, deafening in the late morning.
The angry sun cast slotted beams
through the still-lingering twines
of cigarette smoke from the night before.
I watched it slowly twirl and stir through slitted eyelids.
My eyes hurt, and my neck creaked as I looked around.
Nick passed out beside me, I figured Luke got the top bunk.
In the daylight I could always see the apartment for what
it really was.
An escape.
One room, bunk beds, and abject emotional destitution.
I rolled over on to the floor and steadied myself with
closed eyes and a palm planted on the ***** carpets.
My phone was on the desk in the corner, I grabbed it
and headed towards the bathroom.

**** cascaded, and through the open bathroom window
I could hear it echo off of the buildings lining New Street.
My hand floated up to the back of my head
and picked at something. Something hardened.
There was a thick layer of something
on the back of my scalp,
down the back of my neck.
It felt like wax.
We were burning a candle last night.
They must've dumped it on me
since I was the first to fall asleep.
I quit picking when I was struck by a sharp pain in my arm,
my left forearm.
A bit of my hair had probed an open wound,
a round burn mark.
I sat down on the floor and remembered for a bit.

My phone turned on with a melodic series of beeps,
it had been awhile since I turned it on.

One new voicemail.

I dialed the number 1 while picking wax from my hair,
put my passcode in,
and listened.

Mom called me last night, she was crying.
I was used to that sound at this point.
"Otis wont get up, I think he's dying Justin."
A brief pause.
"Please come home."

I'm sorry Otis. I loved you.
More than a dog, you were a canine brother.
Raised alongside me.
Raised by the same parents.

I didn't come home,
at least,
not then.
Seven years.

I still think about that night,
That morning.
That mourning.

My scar itches.
Jack Mandala Oct 2021
your taste
so soft

so warm

contrasted with my rough edges

my passion to craft you into my image
my microscopic revisions
my criticism

I promise you I meant well
but my time is gone now

I'm sorry
Glenn Currier Oct 2021
It was the next day
after I saw her walking down the hall
with pain still etched on her face
that my anger began to give way to remorse
the erosion of my ego
together with an almost divine spark of mercy
finally led me to seek her out, face her,
and say “I’m sorry honey for raising my voice to you.”
She looked at me, the tension in her face gone,
smiled and said, “I’m sorry too.”
At that moment we were together
in a small peaceful, glorious
and powerful
space in the universe.
Francie Lynch Aug 2021
I took up biking down past your street everyday.
I hope to spot you walking towards or away;
What would I do if you spun and said, Hi.
I'd get unbalanced if you looked in my eyes.
I remember how they turned red when you cried,

     Just leave me alone. Please leave me alone.
      I once loved you when we lived in our home.
      I'd have done anything when you were mine;
      Just leave me now and I'm sure I'll be fine.

This ride can never end for me.
I'll  pedal past the street haunting me.
I'll keep my head down as my wheels flee;
But I'll gaze in my mirror in case you call out to me.
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
I do not blame you for leaving
Understand why you bid me goodbye
I would not be with me either
If wearing your shoes instead of mine

Sometimes regret past decisions
That never lasts for long
If I would have changed them
Could turn out even more wrong

You are not faultless though
Bear your fair share of mistakes
Both contributed to downfall
With messes each of us makes

Have no clue how it happened
Cannot pinpoint source
Of relationship's demise
Still fills me with remorse

To relive one day with you
When we were at our very best
Would give up everything
To again lay my head on your chest

Be energy responsible
For making world go round
It will never be that way again
Pieces fallen to the ground

Gone are the plans we made
Dreams had
Swept away with the wind
All I own now is my pen and pad

To soothe pain I write it down
Words can't take it away
Like an infected cut memory festers
Just grow more used to it each day

Come to realization
You do not need me anymore
Better off without me
And the life built before

Back when first falling in love
Felt too good to be true
Perfection may have been real
Ended too soon as good things do

And I wanted badly to believe
All those precious words you said
Ignored my rationality
Listened to my heart instead

I was convinced we were meant to be
My search was permanently done
Although you no longer feel the same
To me you will always be 'the one'

It's better to love and lose
Than never to love at all
Even with the agony inside
Still grateful it was you I fell for Paul
Too much I want to say to you but never will
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