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Simon 5d
Detesting authority isn't in the background service for pleasure. But for authority to simply detest it's own offer at a newer starter development. Then it should have taken that very chance at not becoming more detesting of itself. Unless the authority is being too harsh onto it's own background service for pleasure. Exceeding boundaries where none were ever supposed to have surpassed!
Detesting authority is one thing... But remember that authority (in it's own right) isn't valid to prepare for the worst.... Unless that very authority is detesting all essentials without pleasure to know of it's own decisions? Which is no different from even telling left from right apart!
Seema Sep 2017
A blunt start
It's Monday blues
Aching heart
Searching for clues
Wondering eyes
Scheduled meetings
More sales lies
More customer cheatings
Gloomy, rainy, breezy day
Good morning, morning all passes say
My mind is rolling over thinking
My eyes heavy, dosing and sinking
O' I hope it was another holiday
Another day in bed, dreaming all the way
But Monday always comes again
Ruining my week, giving me pain
Same people, same desk, job loads
Traffic queuing on the roads
O' this laziness
I need coffee, to focus on today's business
Monday! Monday! Fly away fast
Till Friday comes, with a party blast...

Glad the day is over :)
Seema Aug 2017
I am running low
On everything, my mind thinks
I am probably stuck
No heart often sinks
Will you write me a nice poem?
One that reflect on light
How about on bright colors?
Other than the darkness of night
I know you are the one I seek
Your words are healing
No matter in how many pieces I break
You never hurt my feelings
Can you make me smile?
In this odd time of the busy day
As I've forgotten that in a while
Because everyone tends to go away...


— The End —