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Nov 2017
Yes..., "Jill"
What is in that sack?
Nothing... "Jill"
Isn't it time to fetch water
Ya, but......
I want to know
It's trash to throw..., "Jill"
Then why you climbed up this hill
You could have thrown elsewhere
Yes... "Jill"
You are lying to me
I am not..., "Jill"
I felt I would miss this moment with you
So I forgot to throw this on my way
Sitting here with you......
Open the sack, "Jack" !
Why? You don't believe me?
I want to believe you, "Jack"
But my eyes wants to see
Why not, "Jack"?
Because it will smell...
Ofcourse, it will "Jack"!
Yes! The blood is dripping from the sack
What have you done, "Jack"?
(silent sighs)
What, "Jack"?
It's another ****, isn't it?....isn't it?
Yes, "Jill"...
He's the last of the gang, that killed you
Now you can rest in peace, "Jill"
I will just tumble this sack over
Then fetch some water, down the hill
I miss you, "Jill"
Do you miss me to?
Yes, "Jack", but you shouldn't have killed
Why not?, "Jill"
They took my life away
So I took their knives and slittered same way
As, they did to you...(cries)
I will join you shortly, "Jill"
I will join you shortly...

A dialogue poem.
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
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