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Seema Jun 16
Your talks are like the rain on a much-needed soil that cries for your storm
Your smile, like those wild flowers that gets brushed by the scorching wind
The fragrance from your body, sends a vivid signal to my ultimate form
Like that of none imagined, bound by this earthly ground
The seas and pasters dance to thrill the view of your existence
As now, I feel the elements of natural beauty, whole-heartedly surround
The pearly glossed lips, part to utter a sweet siren
Chanting a rhythm, of a scared love scene under the deep blue sky
And I, who stand apart, miles away moan my heart in silence.

Spilling imagination.
Seema May 7
The lies that lie within me
Has tortured my soul
And renched my body
Drenching in my own sludge
Where coming back
Seems too hard
The smile that stretches
Across my face
Is another lie
Inside, its another me crying
To breakthrough from
The unworthy bonds
That promise alot
And laugh away
Like nothing ever mattered
As tho, my existence
Is meaningless
How much will I cry?
How much will I subdue?
How much will I endure?
Before, I let go off this life
Merging with the fear
And losing self control
Over the past years
Living like a hog
Rooted to the reclined
Unmotion state of speaking
How am I going to emerge?
How will I continue this life?
How will I matter to anyone?
In this selfish world
My existence, will not matter
For even, if I disappear
My existence, will not matter...

Spilling thoughts.
Seema May 2
I hear you calling
From the white sandy shore
To join you, watching
The sunset, like before
Your voice fading
With the trade winds gust
Yet, it echos
As I write your name in the dust
For love is what I breath
And you are a core part of me
Here, I stand gazing
At the deep blue sea
Your memories float
To the places we've been
There are still places
Left to be seen
As usual,
I am waiting for you
At the same places
But seems you've disappeared
Among your traces
From the mountains to the valleys
I've called out your name
In deep trenches and flods
My echo's playing game
The seasons changing
More than it used to
Like it rains, more often
And so does my eyes too
Fear breaks, on my whaf-ifs
But I've kept our promise
Hope you come soon
For your longliness, I dearly miss...

Seema Apr 17
From the depth of my soul
And sins of my heart
I compel the pains that
Bound my energy
To a level to repent
So my spirit can
Regain trust
Back in life...

Spilling thoughts.
Seema Apr 11
A silent tic toc, is all I could here
Gasping for fresh air
I tried to move silently
In the middle of nowhere

The dried leaves crackled
As if someone was near
Stopping myself to hear again
I started trembling with fear

It was so dark to even see myself
I felt for my pocket to check my phone
My fingers all wet with blood
I could now hear a silent moan

My other hand, a complete numb
Like I could barely recall anything
I dragged myself a bit from my hide out
There, stood someone or something

With not much of energy left
I thought to stay hidden till morning break
What dangers, the night brings
It surely triggers and takes

Day Break
The chattering of birds
Came as a ringing alarm
The night has passed away
With needles stuck in my arm

Clueless of how or what happened
I tried recalling the events
The welcome party bursted
With fire engulfing the tents

A stampede suddenly broke
And some masked men started injecting
They all had needles in hand
No words ailed, just projecting

A hoax invitation, a false party
A preyed group lured in an experimental act
What was injected, is unknown
But many perished as a fact

I must have ran down to the jungle
Falling, hurting and hiding myself
The sun is well up to see
In a distance, someone admiring herself

The scene was shocking
As most leaves turned red with blood
My head still hurts bad
Like am afloat from a flood

The next hours went in abyss
As cold crept through my veins
I am alive or not
Are those, remains?

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Seema Apr 10
A sleep, so sound
In the alley florished
With green ground
The twinkling of stars
And the horning
Of rough cars,
Disturbs my sleep
That I've fallen
Into deep
Where my eyes are blind
With deaf ears
And a dead mind
A few hands grab
By my soaked frame
Just to drag
Me, out from the pool
Where I was caught in,
Shoved in with a tool
The beats has stopped
My heart aches no more
As my body dropped
In the freezing fog
Out of sight
In an aisle morg
I called out loud
But the airs freeze
In a chilly cloud
My eyes so still
My breaths gone
My bones fractured
My face all torn
My identity stolen
I am no one known
Like any other corpse
I am a garbage, that's thrown....

Spilling imagination. Fictional
Seema Apr 9
A weird world it is
To capture ones feeling
Of hope
The loath of living

I prospected to give
Of what I had
Giving up my all
Yet, not dead

Here, I sign and realise
Of lives worth
And there, he lives
And moves forth

All because,
Of one sided love...

Spilling imagination.
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