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Seema 12h
The vengeance of morrow clouds
Move in ugly hounds
Provoking the unspoken to reach,
With guns and machetes handed to each
No mercy to the grounds that soak
The innocent blood of the vulnerable bloke
Help no other, of why should one
A hit shot dead, from a firing gun
Unarmed, visibility proof shown
Then why, was he deliberately disowned
Skin deep colors, reflect those eyes
When questioned, they ***** all lies
The growing crisis, has built cratic
Racism trolls, what remains static?
Absurd riots, counting the days
Shame no shame on the current slays
The one almighty, patiently watching all
One by one, the countries will fall...

©Seema Sen, 2020
It's very sad to read the current US news.
Seema 13h
The fray cries I hear
Of broken fallen angles
Is just hard to bear
Cast from their heavenly realms
Roaming in deserts and dusts

©Seema Sen, 2020
5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Seema 19h
Most hearts
Sink in an ocean of pain
Most minds
Spill thoughts stress and drain
Most eyes
Cry, till the tears are no more
Most sit
And watch the sunset by the shore
Most beg
For the old love to stay
But then,
They all find way and ways to go away...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema 20h
A tear drop
Waves by
Unable to erase my thoughts
Drop by drop it tries to wipe
But it doesn't stop
An eruption of painful feelings
I do feel the pain
But the hurt is just too much
I cannot love you again...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema 20h
Budding of life thrills
In love one feels
The beautiful charm
His smile, always steals
A warm kiss touches
My wrinkled cold cheeks
His eyes watches
Whenever I speak

In a dream, that is....

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema 21h
From the rings of fire
Where thousand tongues leap
Colonizing the breath
And conspiring revenge deep
Aiming to settle its hunger
By releasing venomous fume
I do wonder,
If our days are manship doom
Sly rips of shrewdy storms
Hail down the tempered roads
Act of god, it is so...
Who decodes these codes?
Shut the windows and doors
Shut your mouth tight
Out in the day or dark
There's definitely going to be a fight
We know the reasons gain
The sessions and dreadful days
There's enormous clueless pain
Yet, we wander our own ways...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Too many sad happenings this 2020 has brought and is still ongoing.
Seema Jan 12
Spinning threads to let me know
How much you love me
And how perfect I am to you
The reasons preach of an angel
That you say I look like
And that's how much I mean to you
The grin on your face tells me another story
Yet, I believe in you
And the honey suckle words you blow
Just, mists that dark love
When you say, I am made for you
I know the truth, Oh, yes I do
But what good it's gonna be
Holding me tight, you whisper your vows
Your grip so strong
You already straggling me now
Love you till eternity
Till my breath runs out
I'd reach the depth of your dark soul
To set it free
For your love to me means alot
In times like this
I'd accept death
In the form of your shadow
If it's meant to set you free
I'll love you more
From the starland where I belong
My love
I'd wait for you
I'd wait for you...

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