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Seema May 2
I kept telling myself that I am doing well
That I am independent and
Out of the curse and spell
Of that, of loving someone unconditionally
That, I am way out of reach
Of my emotions and feelings
For the one that crowns my heart and soul
I kept telling myself that I will be okay
That for no matter what, I'll stay
I'll wait for him to turn my way
To take me in his arms again
And say
I will not leave you

©Seema Sen, 2021
Seema Dec 2020
When the days grow dark and ugly
And the nights become long and lonely
Your thought brings in a flint of light
For a little moment only

When there is nothing to hold onto
And all the faith, starts to lose control
Your smile brings in hope
If I just lift my head and call

When the tears won't stop rolling
And the heart aches and weighs heavily
Your warm hug gives me assurance
For the weighness disappears easily

You seem to be a true magician
That has put my heart and soul on sail
I don't know how to thank you
But I know now, I will not fail

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema Dec 2020
The demeaning pain, gusts through my heart
With every single blow of the words, slapped into my ears
An echo of love and hate spewing down my veins
Screaming those romantic words, that once carried beautiful meaning
Dark clouds poured and raged a heavy storm
In which my tears were washed down
once again I got torn and broken
By that someone.....who was my own

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema Nov 2020
Darkness speaks a volume
In a tone,
That fumes my blood,
nurturing my energy
with the rhythm,
that's now, a song.
A tongue of voices
hovering to the tune
picking up the pitch,
that almost hinders the ruin.
A stigma touch
lost in the delusional vibes
with cries of glory
praising the lives.
A hit pandemic carcass
Brews with a story
We all know about...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema Nov 2020
My shadow, sheaths the sorrow
That breaths in my veins
Who knows, if I'll see tomorrow
With these unbearable pains
I am sure, my life is temporary
Now that,
It's all true...
The tears that shed now
Had waited for a century
You don't have to feel sorry
As I was the one to love you
Just bury me, there
Where no one knew,
That I ever existed
To forever love you...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema Sep 2020
The stale air still carried your scent to my inner muse
To flourish the dead feelings which once bloomed into a forest
Like the silence of a midnight street where even the lights flicker
Walks my two feet with my never ending shadow
Soaked in the moonlights dew, a humble handful residue
Of my dying love...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema Jul 2020
The sorrow that is weighing me down now
Is the result of being expected too much
We all need time to fly,
If given, one push at a time
A rush into a flight, may lead to
Damaging my own fluttering wings
Yet, if I don't keep a pace
It's just disappointing
And I may surely lose my prime
I do try my best but
The timidness borrows me down
I yearn to drown in your love
For the way you do with me
But this shyness demon,
Raptures my heart and mind
And blinds me, for what I should see...

©Seema Sen, 2020
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