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IncholPoem Jan 15
Bake  your  legs
on  fire
on  street.

The  strays  may
not  bark  !

Bake  your  brain-ideas
with  newspaper's

the  morning  
may  not  bark

Bake  your
back  pain
towards  the
finishing  fire.

feel the power surge come through my feet
as my body sways to an unheard beat
was feeling drained, forgot to charge it
something popped and someone farted
first yoga session in a week or so.
something I tend to do alone, as it is generally considered "feminine"
Colten Sorrells Dec 2018
in the now,
my feet are planted
so I don’t take my time for granted

I breathe new life
as my expression
and passions have been resurrected

so energized
restored, I sit
my inner fire has been lit

and in my heart,
the fires rage
expelling darkness in my way

now vibrations
in my throat
are of a much more pleasing tone

an open doorway
to my mind
now calmly rests between my eyes

and straight from source
a light shines down
it’s energies into my crown

all systems go
transfer complete
now I can take on anything
“Meditate. Let the light of the heart engulf you.”

Toxic yeti Dec 2018
I cherish
One of the first times
That we coupled
We kissed
Ever so gently
Ever so tenderly
Our tounges
Doing their forbidden dance
Then you kissed
Each of my chakras
When you came to my root chakra
You gently kissed my womanhood
My body was awash of love
And awash of pleasure.
Seema Nov 2017
The sky split open
I'm ****** in a whirlpool
My body light as a feather
I am used as a tool
In another world or dimension
I not know the place
But it's too familiar
And I recognize that evil face
A demon of this world
A satanic being with filthy evil powers
Sapping my energy, draining
And this forces me to be awake for hours
Lying on my bed, praying hard
To prevail, evil forces from destroying my spirituality
Alas, I get pinned down most days
Like that of a nasty shaman practising ***** sexuality
Hitting on my chakras, stealing my energry
For somehow, I feel this person is attached to me
Please believe me, I am not insane
I feel his presence around me
And then I am left dealing with my pain
I am a spiritual person and used to feel my positive auras
Now that I am draining from my so called sickness
And feel my energy used by another for astral travel
A thief, in shadows, I can't even sketch coz of weakness
I wish to get well, I wish to live fully again
But seems, all my tries are going in vain
****, seems to be cracked open to let its beings out
To crawl and survive on the energies of high spirituals
Sometimes I wake up sweating with a shout
May be that's the time, this person performs the rituals
From another place unknown to me
Stealing from my meditation vault, my energies
And I am too blinded to believe and see
Coz I feel I'm in mercurial abyss, with some alienetic synergies...
Kim Johanna Baker, this poems is dedicated to you my dear poetess friend. May you get well soon :)
Katarina Jul 2017
Dust the base of my spine
In red sparks of Jasper
The cherry of a cigarette on a
Smoky quartz


And then you progress
Caress my lower abdomen
Make me contract and shake, in infinite bliss
And lay me in a field of orange marigolds


****** the naval centre -
My life principles of power and identity
Melted away
In the honey calcite that drips in pearls


528 Hertz, you vibrate
The frequency that renews the very
Physical matter of my vessel,
My coded waves


My throat, where you talk your wisdom
Lace my waist in agate
And your hand circles the point of serenity
Teeth in the butter soft skin


And then you kiss me
On the forehead between the eyes
Those eyes that transform to yours,
When I open my third, and see the indigo


Shatter, shatter the shards through the finality
The barrier of quartz and clarity
And melt into my Sahasara
And we become knowing.

Ella Alvarez Jun 2017
they say
to love
would be
an illogical

but loving
you, my dear,
is the most
logical thing
i'd ever do.

sarah s Jun 2017
the violets in the window box are pungent
sitting on this old wooden floor
ankle over ankle
eyes closed
intertwined with consciousness
i press my tongue to the back of my mouth
create a vibration
nung nung nung
the amethyst vacillation
it pulses from the root of my skullcap
i am united
with everything around me
the sahasrana chakra, or crown chakra is the chakra of inner-connectedness. this poem is to describe the setting and feel of crown chakra meditation. vacillation is just another fancy word for vibration. i will be doing more poems on the chakras starting from the seventh to the sixth, fifth and so forth.
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