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Seema Feb 2018
A beautiful nation,
In the middle of the pacific ocean...
Filled with all races, its multi racial...
A paradise where the sun rises first...
Lots of people come as tourist or guests...
Sun shines brighter in the west...
Heat smearing enjoyed by rest...
With coconuts to quench your thirst...
You bet, we are the best...
Fiji as a small country with a big heart...
Welcoming people from all different castes...
With majority population of Fijians and Indians...
We are given the citizenry to be known as Fijians...
Hindi, English and Fijian are the spoken words...
Once you come you may never feel among odds...
Hot springs, hike place, wonderful beaches...
Friendly people and no dangerous creatures...
Waterfall, country rides, water dives and much more...
Am sure you would enjoy and not get bore...
This is my home, a paradise heaven on earth...
I seek nothing but to live here until my death...

Seema Dec 2017
A blessed year it has been
So many things done
Happy and broken I've seen
You were amongst one

Wishes I have for, all of you
May you continue to write
For your ink may never dry up
As all darkness may ease with light

Here at Hello Poetry
I heartedly thank you all
For every poet who has read and supported
And would pull me up, when my poems would fall

From the isles of Fiji
I wish you all happiness and joy
It's gonna be a blast tonight
I hope you all will enjoy....

Love to all.
Seema Sep 2017
I am losing my mind in this heat
Can anyone rock on some crazy beat
Let's do a hip hop rain dance
So we all can feel a little less tensed
Rain God, hear us through
We dance from our heart, that's true
O'Cmon, don't be so stubborn
Just shower hard in our urban
I honestly can't think straight
Soon we'll turn into human bait
Baked in this burning sun and heat
O'please can you give us rain as a treat
Things are moving in slow motion
There's salty smell coming from the ocean
It's getting too stuffy, why can't it snow
A little cooler, but I really don't know
Tropical Fiji, why are you getting hot
It's like sitting in an oven or being stirred in a ***
All my energy seems sapped in
I am feeling hot, I am suffocating within...

Dry season too soon.
Seema Sep 2017
A place to spend your holiday
A place of peace and getaway
Pack your bags and grab a flight
For Fiji is awaiting your atmost sight
Early sunrise, cool sea breeze
Waterfall wonders, you'll surely freeze
Hikes like no other, activities you'll enjoy
No dangers, no creatures no forest toy
No roaring lions, no slithering snakes
No bears of any kind that awakes
Just wild birds chattering their plea
"Come on humans, why do you flee"
People friendly of all races
Sometimes its hard to tell their origin by faces
Food of great delicacy on a bed of island chill
You'll not be disappointed when you'll get your bill
White sandy beaches open to all
Bonfire activities often on a roll
Special island dances and firewalking by natives
So much to do, plan your island motives
Just now I see a big cruise ship docked at sea
Why not come down and enjoy
A small piece of heaven, my Fiji can be...

Seema Sep 2017
I am called an angel
I am called a ninja
I wear silver bangles
My color is of ginger

I have doll like eyes
My figure is of a small coke bottle
I hate tales of flying lies
I live in the pacific portal

I smile when I am sad
Tears are always in abundance in me
I have a temper and I do get mad
I am only a human, you see

I love reading and adore writing
But my mouth ain't a word diarrhea
I love silence and scenery sitings
I've been writing for over an year

I am in love with my adorable dogs
Who make my lone day bright
Cloudy yet windy, misty or fogs
I love this weather, as a cold night

My inner me is a mischief child
I am in my early working thirties
My imaginative writing gets wild
I am quite authoritative

I teach info tech, I love my students
Knowledge sharing is my best part
I am intolerable to fake mutants
But, I hate to see them depart

My name is Seema and I am a free writer
With the challenges I face
Each day makes my life brighter
With the blink of time in trace...

my cup overflows Oct 2015
The sun so bright the epitome of life
Contrasting dark green coconut leaves
And white sands blue seas
The place where hearts keep dreams. ..
Come see :)
Come see
my cup overflows Jul 2015
the silent tress hold memories
of winters sweet melodies

search high and low
and in every fox hole
where oh where.. can she be?..

oh feet that quickly flee
who then holds your stories
or keeps you... in times keep

but the trees and stones
that stay beside roads
you gave a glance to safely keep
but in every time
of past and new
they pass by you
without speaking speak
beginning , end ...old and new
oh what stories you doth keep
a walk in the afternoon
Southern shells – or longitude
it’s rude to discuss such a rough location – but I’m a *****
to such provocation.
destiny’s Vacation
in a nation
with ****** – nonchalantly run a muck.
total *** or ******* visible I don’t believe the natives can purchase *****.

a loss of bucks is inherent to those who want.
bring your paranoia to a paranormal place where
paintings haunt
or move around after your heat signature.
can he make this
make meaning?
i am the dignitor.

a broken side of a square to settle the score
if you weren't sure.
stressed to proceed with thee program.
the waves can crash on shape and
make ham
which is beautiful.
in the eye of the beholder, hold on I’ve smoldered
all of my calls.
put a hold on the fourth wall – I can
and swam into the shallow.
tribune myself to the tropical Loch Ness
fall fourth to the shadow.
let us Dive further.
amphibious herder of the deep
stay afloat on a personal boat
to return to sleep.

— The End —