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Seema Feb 2018
A beautiful nation,
In the middle of the pacific ocean...
Filled with all races, its multi racial...
A paradise where the sun rises first...
Lots of people come as tourist or guests...
Sun shines brighter in the west...
Heat smearing enjoyed by rest...
With coconuts to quench your thirst...
You bet, we are the best...
Fiji as a small country with a big heart...
Welcoming people from all different castes...
With majority population of Fijians and Indians...
We are given the citizenry to be known as Fijians...
Hindi, English and Fijian are the spoken words...
Once you come you may never feel among odds...
Hot springs, hike place, wonderful beaches...
Friendly people and no dangerous creatures...
Waterfall, country rides, water dives and much more...
Am sure you would enjoy and not get bore...
This is my home, a paradise heaven on earth...
I seek nothing but to live here until my death...

Seema Feb 2018
For the myths say,
Once the soul leaves a body,
It enters a form to become somebody,
Depending on the good deeds done,
The soul gets its form ready,
To start another life with steady,
This goes on until the lifespan ends,
And the soul is given another form in turns,
If ever this happens with me,
I would love to be a bird you see,
Or the most adorable dog one can be,
Not a human again please,
Cause hurt and betrayal is hard to ease,
Mankind the most unkind,
Its pretty easy to define,
The greed and creed,
Of this human breed,
Most vicious plotting its needs,
On this earth as we all sow our seeds,
Then taken down by the overgrown weeds...

Scribbling thoughts.
Seema Nov 2017
Seema, Seema is divine
She dances in her day.
Writing words that are so grand.
Inside the sacred day.

Seema's meant to open heart
She really is a star
Hope she's well to move in dreams
To know just who you are.

written by: Star BG 12/11/17
Star BG, you got me surprised by this lovely write. Thank you so much poet goddess. I never thought, someone would actually write a poem on/for me. May you, be blessed always dear friend :))
Seema Oct 2017
She stood in the dark
With her long raven hair
Waiting for her prey
To grab her share

Clitching teeth, as thunder roars
Her eyes now glowing, red
As the heavy rain pours looks inhuman
The sharp claws on her hands
A disguise or her true form
Growls, as she lands

Her hunger raging
Like a wildfire
The prey’s blood must quench
And putout the flaming desire

Ready to attack
Without any remorse
Her full attention on the prey, of course

She jumped in full force
To **** with one shot
Not thinking of a power
The mighty prey may have got

A flash of lightening
Falling in between
Both looked fierce and frightening

The darkness creeped the night
As the war went on for hours
From far far away
I was watching with my invisible powers

The deeper the night, the intense the fight
In the land of "the half beings"
Who will shed a light?

Since the waging fight began
None backing to retire
The prey in digust anger
****** eyes, shooting fire

Instinct took over, on the prey most
Survival is a must
Fighting darkness with any priced cost

What will unfold from this battle?
Only time will tell
Either darkness will win or the prey,
One will survive from this bombshell...*

Rolling reels, spilling imagination. Thank you Jobira for keeping up with my imaginative theme and making this poem a success :)

— The End —