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The all attractive mighty-
Blue-skinned idol deity,
Grasping all suffer and misery
Call himself The Hari.
Even a leaf can symbol a devotee
Being natkhatlal is what Maiyaa worry;
His existence is an endless rath,
Knowledge is what defines Jagannath.
The Lotus-Eyed he is-
Lord of Love whom we wish,
Charioteer to Arjuna
Raas and Kanhaiyya,
Together we say-
Hari! hari!
O Sri Radha Krishna,
- may each moment
of my life,
remind me of you...

When gazing
- at the rain clouds,
let me reminisce your
mesmerising complexion.

When glancing
- at the hues of yellow,
let me recall it's your
favourite colour,
- the shades of your
exquisite dhoti.

When looking
- at the heavy rainfall,
let me embrace your
sweet Govardhan pastime.

When drinking
- pure water,
let me remember that you're
the authentic taste of water.

O Sri Radha Krishna,
please let
- my surroundings
be an evocation of your
blissful pastimes,
And let
- my mind
be engrossed in your
transcendental thoughts...
Megan Jan 19
I don't why i punish myself
is it even punishment ?
am i being dramatic ?
is there parts of my past i don’t truly forgive myself for ?
i feel ****** up
i have ****** up but to think my life is not amongst the worst makes me even more depleted
..depleted, depleted
why should i be defeated ?
please help me ascend
i’m just a wounded soul, one of many
and i cant go round again
notes from a wounded soul, one of many
i hope this relates to you
Niel Nov 2020
Generous to all
                  In every manner
         Primal flutes, ghee abound
    A spectral becoming
         You, I, discarded plastic
An infinitude
           Boundless being
    One of many, image of the sun
Mamta Wathare Aug 2020
There was a war within me
A ****** terrible war - of deception - and lies - of hurtful ties that became knots in my belly and threatened to end me
Darkness clouded over - a hundred wails rang in my ears
I lost my sight - I lost my mind - only my soul remained
A soul that knew only your name - it invoked you - again and again

You arrived
like a knight
a brilliant blue light
in all the darkness
to lift the veil
The masks fell apart in your presence
And I saw your face, pouring with unending love, so holy, so pure

The war turned into a dance
An eternal dance of us
My war cries have become songs
They flow like rivers into the ocean of you
Rama Krsna May 2020
inside that inner cave
shines an effulgent flame,
complexioned like camphor
bearing a crescent moon
he’s pure as white jasmine
sole terminator
of the veil of illusion
cast by the lilting tunes of
that captivating flutist

© 2020
Tizzop May 2020
a golden stage of holy voices
hide us all from  the rain
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven

a young male in the audience, dancing
god is mighty, god is mighty, god is mighty
a sturdy background singer, grateful
today we are forgiven, forgiven

our god is awesome and he will be
our god is awesome and he will be
walls, decorated with kindness
today we are forgiven, forgiven

love is in the air like lights, lights
love is in the air like lights, lights
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven
Today is a holy day.

Much Love to:

YouTube: My God Is Awesome Charles Jenkins

May God bless all of you poets, poetesses and readers.
Our God is awesome.

This poem is dedicated to all of you, it's dedicated to Charles Jenkins and his amazing team of background singers, it's dedicated to my family, my wife and to my children.

Heaven yeah!
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