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Louis Verata Mar 5
I pray to the seven skies
But no one replies
The Moon under my feet
When I think of Meztli
That great umpire called Time
Makes me sigh
Endless tides could not
Stop Jesus's stride.

Great Dame Fortune
You turn that wheel
To no one's surprise
God to your right
One thing He cares  
Not to decide
Everywhere Krishna I see
Equalizing suffering and felicity.

Demiurge people teach
Gnosis I want to reach
Zoroaster laid the seed
For the Heavens to preach
Ahuramazda I wish to meet
To Allah I secretly plea

I don't want to wake up
From this dream!

In all honesty
Probably a gnat was I
That couldn't even fly
In my previous life.
Äŧül Jan 25
Remember it always, The Bhagwad Gita already prescribed these four broad methods of worship:
1. Idolworshipping: Simple and sweet. Easy to decorate, imagine and connect with the PäräBrähmä. It promotes arts and literature.
2. Non-idolworshipping: These forms of worship don't require any stone or materialistic idols to connect with PäräBrähmä. It's also very easy to misinterpret.
3. Agnosticism: Here people are not concerned about PäräBrähmä as such but their refuting the existence of Brähmā is making them Hïnđūs.
4. Atheism: These people are fed up with the popular concept of PäräBrähmä because there's no point that they can see is favourable for them.
In Bhāgwäđ Gītā, Präbhü Śrī Kṛṣṇä lays down a very simple explanation of how all of the above ultimately lead to The PäräBrähmä.
A philosophical outlook
Matthew Sep 2018
A moment of his peace
Is greater than
An eternity of suffering
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
Envelop me
As a feeling
fragrant love
seeping in my every pore

Envelop me
with Your Being
A satin scarf
draping my heart in silence

Envelop me
with your touch
white foam caressing
the ends of mother ocean
holding, dancing and being

Feeling the touch
Touching the Being
Being that one
True infinite eternity
Enveloped in You
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
They ask me why i chant Your name?
Is it to gather myself within?
For focus, clarity and mindfulness?

Is it a prayer to God above?
To reserve a spot in His Divine abode.
A place for my soul in heavenly realms?

Is it for my desires manifold?
Health, wealth and family
oh yes! And a little comfort too?

If truth be told,
        My Beloved Divine
I don't know why
         i chant this name of Thine
I chant it once
         And then again
And then again
        And again and again
                     It is so sweet.
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
i love You
For no reason
And then again
For every possible reason

i love You
for the clear sky
Blue – just like you

i love You
for the clouds
And thunder
Your Divine dance

i love You
for the rains
mixing with my tears
and taking them across
this crazy worldly ocean
To Your Lotus Feet
My heart
And soul
From now to eternity
Dustin Dean Jun 2018
It was stepping into the Afterlife
With extraterrestrial angels
Singing the chorus of My Sweet Lord
In otherworldly harmonic unison
As George Harrison embraced me
Open arms, his face transforming
Between his and Jesus Christ's
And mind you, not the one you know
But the true Middle Easterner
Most Christians tend to forget

It was a segue into a golden palace
Where Krishna showered me
With korma flavored karma
For all deeds gone unnoticed
In a life of ego and suffering
It was a most revealing of times

It was a feeling of fearful dread
When Muhammad appeared
Before he gently let me know
Misrepresentation by extremism
Had plagued his holy message
And to just live for your neighbor

It was inside a bamboo house
That was set on a tropical land
I went in to simply find peace
And saw a golden glowing man
Meditate a couple feet in the air
With one eye open, he said
"I could **** you with one thought
Conversely, you could too
However, we sit in peace
And there is great power in that"

It was all the same
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
Sweet is Your creation
Sweeter still art Thou

Grace is every breath
Blessed still
Is the breath
Intertwined with Your name
Holds in that moment

Residing in Your name
You expand to fill my being

Every cell dances
And love pours out
To all creation

Filling this vastness
with light
Blue as Your Feet
Just a feeling when chanting the holy names of God.
Krishnapriya May 2018
We make up our stories
Our logic and rationalizations
For what happened
That shouldn't have
For what didn't happen
That should have

We say
God is benevelont
The universe is your friend
Don't worry
All is well and always has been

Yes, these are good stories
And maybe they are true

But what can i tell my tears?
The arise from a deep well
my heart
The well of tears

They cry as they wait
For the moment and day
When this friendly universe
Makes up its own mind
To bless my clouded eyes
with the vision
of Thine Feet

Blue Feet, Bamboo flute
My life, my love
My refuge eternal
Krishnapriya May 2018
Born of Earth
To return to ashes
In the lightening span
We call this life

I pray
My Master Divine
To make this little light
I call my life
Your own song

Bless the last note
To fall
As dust
At Your Lotus Feet
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