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Seema Oct 2017
The number thirteen
On the day Friday
The murdered twins
A coincidence I may say

The lucky the number
Or unlucky a member
A dark day of sorrow
It's today not tomorrow

Friday the thirteenth
A superstitious belief
Crawling from beneath
It's no grief but a relief

The more the believers
Of this unlucky day
The more life shivers
In the dark anyway

A positive thought
To a positive mind
Sets lose if caught
From such negative blind

A number it is, for sure
Lucky or unlucky could be any
Being rich or be poor
Believers I believe would be many...

...and it's a bright morning today, 13th October :)
Hannah Nov 2015
Fueled with hate
Everyone thinking that this gate
Is the way to defeat
Or combat perpetrators
Negativity fills the air
As if no God is there
Selfishness will eat you
From inside out
You can't afford to
Live without a soul you,
Should prepare for the worst
But only hope for the best
Brooklyn Brooks Feb 2015
I want to be a dust cloud
off the grid as a ghost,

The will to be unaffiliated
and resilient with equipoise.

I'm the moon light at night,
the sun blaze by day,
the thunder of my memory is yet to come. my Guessing will soon be forgotten.

— The End —