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Juhlhaus May 2
Gravel mounds in the mist
Are the mountain ranges of fantasy,
Spring green, eerie seen
Through commuter train windows.

Pitched roofs recede
Into infinite distance,
And junkyard parking lots are legion
In the gray suburban obscurity.

Factories and landfills loom,
Monuments and masoleums,
The labor and the leavings
Of Earth's little colossi.
Musing on the view from a morning commuter train.
Jordan Hudson Feb 10
Civilization and the Earth will freeze
Signs and words that we can't leave
Not there, cold air
We all will dare and silently grieve
Population gone, this song
Will explain the pain of us all
As this world falls with us, God is there
Civilization and the Earth will freeze
Signs and words that we can't leave
Not there, cold air
We all will dare and silently grieve
Population gone, this song
Will explain the pain of us all
As this world falls with us, God is there
In the air in the sky
We all will die with a sign
That signifies our lies
And stains and mistakes
That creates the pain and the rain that **** us slowly then quick
Kills us slowly then quick
Yeah, Yeah
Roads slick, guns click, police raid, people invade
News is on, TVs glowing, phones showing
People gone, water flowing, countries owing
World of today, this way to the edge
Of the Earth, my birth signified a sign
Of the end but I will rhyme
Will not stop, modern cops
Protect, building tops, flooded docks
Bunny hops to the top
Yeah, we won't stop, yeah we won't stop
Sewer flow, street light glow
Main roads, city crows, canals low
Civilization I know
Civilization I know
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Dead sea
Ain't nothin' left, yeah, told you, look around, what you see, nothing, that's right, it's a dead sea
Civilization, title says it all
Ivy Collins Jan 9
suffering Clots in my gut
humanity gurgles In my throat
holes drilled into the Veins of the earth
as i taste a country drenched in colonIzed blood on my Lips
a melting arctIc leaks from my eyes
weStern destinies fester in my chest
as the fissures in its surface smoke my lungs out like burning gAsoline
i can Touch each pole with the pads of my fingers
and shake the glassy world
one day i will lay flat and press my tongue agaInst the world
and feel it dissOlve in my mouth
like the fizzy tablet of Nothing it is
ravyn Dec 2018
its quiet,
except for the humming of the
lights and
the electronics plugged in for
my convenience

of course,
everything is here for my
convenience, Right?
who else
would it be for
if there was anyone
else but me

of course,
im still polite
even if there isnt
anyone else to annoy
im still civilized

(what is civilized? if
im the only one?
am i the civilization? i
dont think
thats the
definition. organism?)

i cant hear anyone else
or see anyone else
i could be anyone else
but who exists to prove myself to?

a tv is playing softly behind me
i turn to it
its a relic of times past
that people were
once here
and thriving

my phone pings,
startling me

dont forget the milk
EP Robles Oct 2018
How sweet is the affliction of humanity
to speak of it's ills renders me unsocial
to think of it's crimes too horrendous
How sweet it is to turn an eye away

And farewell, sweet world, my dearest
fiend.  That we remain calm and serene
while all things great and small burn
makes us one of a kind.  

That I have secluded my sanity from all
******* of my fellow creatures
and have remitted self to tangled
words and convoluted thoughts ...
makes all of my internal organs
breath easier.

How sweet is our affliction.


:: 10-07-2018 ::
Madness.  Complete and utter madness.
Amy Perry Apr 2018
The poets are too grim.
Too somber, too solemn.
Too serious for a world
That's bound to spit them out.
Programmed for defeat,
With their pessimistic vision
And their bouts with mental illness,
And the way they cut the gristle
From the bone of life.
Exposing the bare bones of it all.
They spend their whole lives sawing away,
Exposing the raw truth,
Digging down to the bone,
Living by the razor's edge,
And they take the little meat
They've collected
And they examine it -
For it is this kind of stuff
That entire empires are built upon,
Entire lives are shaped by.
It is this that the rest hungrily consume,
Piece by piece,
And they chuck away the bone.
Shashank Feb 2018
vines, so virile and verdant, grow in the golden light.

like pythons, they grip concrete pillars with all their might.

cracks and wounds appear, and dust pours out from within.

they grip harder still and wrap around the pillars now so thin.

tree trunks to pencils, the pillars now appear to be.

there was a forest here once, of sparkling cement trees.
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