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May 2018
I could feel his breath on me
Filled with heated lust
Triggering my visible spine
Any moment, the fangs could ******

He counted my heartbeats
Slowly nearing my ear
Whispered, delicious blood
And that ignited my fear

Holding me tight, yet being gentle
He had on a mesmerising scent
Looking deep into his eyes
Felt like my veins have burnt

A starry full moon night
And being caught up as a prey
It almost seemed liked midnight
Yet, in his strong arms, I lay

Pink blossoms, showered like rain
As the winds increased its pace
His warm lips gently touched mine
And, I was taken into galactic space

He embraced me like a flower
And continued to kiss me
Like there won't be a tomorrow
For me to ever see

I didn't fight back or resist
Perhaps I was hypnotized by him
But a night, I will never forget
When all lights slowly go dim

A life spared but repaid with lust
To the dangerous, night walker
An everyday trend
Meeting up, by the storeroom locker!

Fiction write. Spilling imagination.
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
         Bipasha Dutt, Fawn, Cecelia, Cné, Pages and 39 others
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