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Seema Jul 2017
A beggar begs for money
To afford his wants and needs
His helplessness looks funny
To some overgrown weeds
Once he owned so many things
Money became his greatest power
Pride and ego his greedy wings
Soon left him to beg in his last hour
The wise often say,
What goes around comes around
Coz karma has million eyes
It digs your deeds from underground
And makes you pay for your wealthy lies
On the streets, under the trees, over the bridge
His golden birds flew,
Sitting alone, wondering on the ridge
Remembering and recalling how he grew
A wealthy thief, who was unknown
Ripped off the poor with what they had
Now, his karma seems to have shown
Living, yet wishes he was dead...

699 · Jul 2017
Pinned With Pain
Seema Jul 2017
Lean not on to me
O' dear one
I am weary and old
All day in the sun

Standing, bearing
The heat and rain
Abused and vandalized
Pinned with pain

My branches shade
To one and all
Now too old to stand
I am ready to fall

No leaves, no greenery
Only dead branches stand
Birds just pass by
As I am stuck on this land

An woodcutter showed
No mercy today
Chopped off all branches
And took all my pieces away

Now I am just rooted
Like an ugly dying pole
Wishing for a great storm
To release my tortured soul...

Respect the nature, respect our trees, if they ain't around, there will be no breeze. Don't just kick on a dying tree to make it fall...look carefully, it may just be alive like our grandparents.
670 · Sep 2017
My Country, My Fiji
Seema Sep 2017
A place to spend your holiday
A place of peace and getaway
Pack your bags and grab a flight
For Fiji is awaiting your atmost sight
Early sunrise, cool sea breeze
Waterfall wonders, you'll surely freeze
Hikes like no other, activities you'll enjoy
No dangers, no creatures no forest toy
No roaring lions, no slithering snakes
No bears of any kind that awakes
Just wild birds chattering their plea
"Come on humans, why do you flee"
People friendly of all races
Sometimes its hard to tell their origin by faces
Food of great delicacy on a bed of island chill
You'll not be disappointed when you'll get your bill
White sandy beaches open to all
Bonfire activities often on a roll
Special island dances and firewalking by natives
So much to do, plan your island motives
Just now I see a big cruise ship docked at sea
Why not come down and enjoy
A small piece of heaven, my Fiji can be...

670 · Jan 2018
A Dying Horse
Seema Jan 2018
A dying horse,
Was being dragged over a marked cross,
On the ground its body lay,
Mocked and tortured up all the way,
Only few blinks with tears filled eyes,
Waiting for its beats to stop while the time flies,
There it lay next to its grave,
Hoping to be pushed in by the masters slave,
A few more minutes before the soul surrenders,
Once loved and praised by many spenders,
Now the weak await for the death to fall,
To free its soul from its body, once admired by all,
The eyes stopped blinking,
The tears stopped rolling,
The heart stopped beating,
The poor horse stopped breathing,
Pushed in its grave by the masters slave,
No one to praise or raise hands to wave,
Gone are the people who came along,
Finally resting its body in the grave alone...

Spilling imagination. Inspired by a picture of a horse.
668 · Aug 2017
A Bright Star
Seema Aug 2017
I want to be a bright star
In my own realm to hark
Way above the others
That shines in the dark

Bright like the morning sun
More than a diamonds spark
A one of its kind born
I want to leave a genuine mark

Tho, my hands can't reach,
The sky where the stars reside
Maybe oneday I might just greet
When my soul will finally abide...

662 · Aug 2017
Misjudged Love
Seema Aug 2017
She was the last
The last one
To be ripped apart

No mercy was shown
Just flames of fury
Not even by her own
None made a query

Love was all she did
She did love him
But all got rid

Not of the same caste
They misjudged the danger
Their love didn't last
She became a stranger

Lack of family support
Support was none
For them, no one fought

Materialistic thought
Fake religious pride
Their love was caught
And soon they died...

I know I know I am a little carried away with fiction :)
656 · Sep 2017
Art Of Black Magic
Seema Sep 2017
Creeping vines tangle on my legs
Dragging me away in the thorn bushes
I scream, I shout for help I beg
No one to hear, as my head rushes
****** and twigs patch up the cracks on my body
The place I am breathing, I see nobody
A craft art of black magic I sense strong
My path was blurring, then everything went wrong
What I do now, to overcome this dread
Already damaged body, I feel I am dead
Lord of light, the true one help me guide
Losen these vines, to your righteous word, I abide
A struggle of little, I'm off the vines
Trying to run, where the light shines
Taken back to the same path, where it all started
How my friends and I got parted
A dream of such is hard to forget
A friend I've lost...that was my only regret...

654 · Jan 2018
You Will Wish For Me
Seema Jan 2018
When the leaves will fall
You would miss me
When the cold will crawl
You would wish for me

When tears will fill your eyes
You would long for me
When you breakdown with cries
You would wish for me

When you watch the stars at night
You would think of me
When you sitting at a height
You would wish for me

When your tears will finally dry
You would intend to forget me
When you drink and cry
You would only wish for me

Or maybe not...
653 · Jun 2018
Do I or Do I Not
Seema Jun 2018
Conseal the pain of this broken heart
Let there be flashes of light
Unveil this darkness, O' sheering rain
Drums of thunder thumping tonight
Blots of ink dubbed on paper
Melting candle wax shapes a figure
Breeze of glory, sound of chimes
My trembling hand on the trigger
Drowning deep in this nights swamp
Swallowing pins and needles of taste
Tears break into silent cries
This life is just a waste
Do I or do I not
The fight is still going on
Live or die
Coz I am already torn
Helpless, but there's a guilt feeling
Why be a coward for someone elses mistake
Live and start all over again
Give no time to fake
Pulling the trigger gives no escape
My soul would be barred in this world of fake
Why should I take my life
Why not, correct my mistakes...

Fiction, not my story.
648 · Aug 2017
Seema Aug 2017
You're silently killing me with an unknown weapon
I know it, because I've seen this happen
I've noticed this from your reflection
And it's not some kind of dramatic action

Nor it is a dream that suddenly becomes alive
It is you, and it starts as soon as you arrive
You say, that I am sick and too stressed
But it's nothing like that, am not depressed

What wrong have I done, that you want to hurt me
You've asked me, several times for my car key
Hang on! Do I know you? "HELLO"
Hey!!! Where? Where did she go?

643 · Jan 2018
The Smell Of Purification
Seema Jan 2018
The smell of burning incense
Awakes my sleeping senses
The ringing of temple bells
You got go, that's what mum tells
To the morning prayer
Which I love, is not rare
As each day starts with Gods name
The days go by almost the same
Peaceful atmosphere all around
As the smell of yagna surrounds
The air purified from negative vibes
And silently the bees leave their hives
The locals then extract the pure honey
Which is sold and thus a source of money
Life is just perfect living with less noise
Here in the village, but it's ones choice
To choose the style of life they prefer
And if asked to me, I always refer
To the place where I would love stay
Is in my village, where we all had our own way...

635 · Aug 2017
Demon In Disguise
Seema Aug 2017
Led by a strange shepherd flock
In a small village near a creek
Reached at sharp twelve o'clock
With a look of a daring freak

It was one of the darkest nights
A few dim lights shown far away
It was a silent moonless sight
O' t'is what a tiresome day

Listening to the howls of the wild
I sat on a rock, to wait for daylight
A faint cry of an innocent child
Kept me awake all through the night

A cursed village some say
Located at the foot of a mountain
I hope it's not the one where I've to stay
But that one was near a fountain

'Once I get a solution to end that demon
I will have to continue this journey
To save our children and women
From the evil one, whose disciples are many'

Cold crawling up my frail veins
Like a slithering tree snake
Fog gathering like luminous pain
Over a distant lake

'How long will my village people suffer
From that ruthless false god
He is an evil demon bluffer
Who preaches false word'

'Behind the preaching, he kills for blood
A creature of the dark night
He hides the bones in the mud
Out of everyones sight'

The shepherds boy disappeared
Among the patrols on our way
Hours after he appeared
The darkness slowly faded away

The rocky path led to the old hermit
Who poses magical healing powers
It was hard to get an entry permit
But then welcomed after few hours

The hermit knew my situation
And began his weird chant
He gave me a magical potion
Which was my main want

Now to sprinkle this potion on the demon
And send him back, where he came from
Not another child or women
Shall get victimized in this wrathful storm...

Poetic fiction story.
624 · Aug 2018
Desire (Tanka #61)
Seema Aug 2018
Rock my ruin pillars
As they might flutter to fly,
To your barren heart.
Aching with the aging pain
I am broken, from the start

Syllables count 5-7-5-7-7
617 · Mar 2018
Seema Mar 2018
I rather not shout,                      to provoke certain spirits
                               In gain of my own      
                                                           Why should I dig more,
when buried things are known

Out there in the dark,
                                           amongst the old monuments
Find my name engraved,          
                                             when you have lived your moments

I, for thee was once a famous being,
                                       now resting in pieces not in peace

How could I, be happy                when I got locked out alive
My beating heart wouldn't stop,   and my eyes lived to see

                                                    Literally, suffocating myself,
as the way out was none to find

In this dark, pit of horror
                                              even the sun, dares not to shine
                                            The culprit escaped, however,          
by dumping me here,

My conscious returned,        but no one could hear

A pile of mud and heavy stones        carefully braced
                                            My nails dug in deep
and my breathing raced

In a moment,                   all was freezed and gone

                  My heart, my soul, my life......all TORN.

Fictional write, spilling imagination.

My apologies for my poet friends for not posting much on here as for some situation. But I'll try reading most of your writes as I get time and will atleast post one poem daily.
599 · Feb 2018
Valentine's Day
Seema Feb 2018
When your days are gloomy and,
       you need some shine
Give me a call, so
       we can meet up for some wine
I may be far but,
       my thoughts reach you everyday
You are very special in your own special way
Being a Valentine is no big deal
I know your cheeky thoughts I know what you feel
Now stop smiling at your phone my dear
This Valentine's day comes every year...

Happy Valentine's Day Poets and Poetess :)
590 · Nov 2017
Love May Never Come
Seema Nov 2017
The seasons changed
The clouds gathered
The rain poured
But you never bothered

The rain is pouring once again
But my love is not here
This heart weeps in pain
It yearns for you my dear

Lonely are the streets
Lonely is my house
Lonely is this heart
Loneliness all surrounds

Whom shall I tell of this loneliness
As it's spreading like an illness
My eyes keep wondering
My eyes keep searching

This loneliness is making me insane
Waiting for you to come
How naive is this heart, as it doesn't understand
When someone leaves, they never return

My tears pour down to damp
The pillows on which I cry
My heart burns slowly like an earthen lamp
They won't stop no matter how much I try

The seasons indeed have changed
And my love hasn't come love may never come.....

585 · Aug 2018
Chameleon (Tanka #64)
Seema Aug 2018
Tiny marble eyes
Visible like a radar
Grinning on the lush
The cutest bundle of joy
Beautiful chameleons

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
575 · Jan 2018
Tragic Cruise
Seema Jan 2018
On the bed I lay
Bubble by bubble I let my breath sway
Deep below this ocean
Where there is no escape way
My fate struck bad luck on this very day
Friends and families gathered today
For a cruise tour over the bay
This happened in the month of May
The boat caught up near a far strait
Where current flowed in massive state
No one knew we would meet up with a blow
When the boat began to move slow
The engine stuck alerted the crew
Knowing so, our fears grew
The captain immediately called on rescue
Most people had life jackets on
While I was left alone in the queue
One sudden bang and I was thrown below
Lucky I sank holding onto a rope let low
I thought it was my death fall
But few hours later, I realised it was a rescue call
I was saved from death
Which I was about to meet
I never reached the seabed that lay to my greet
I got lucky as I am alive and safe in my own bed...

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
575 · Aug 2017
Human Trafficking
Seema Aug 2017
The clip slips from my lips onto the ripped carpet. In the dark kneeling to feel where it fell. Trying out the door but it's locked from outside. The clip was a hope to open as once I tried the trick at home. By now, darkness has engulfed the room, and there is no other escape route. It's quite chilly and too silent as where I am being kept. For almost two hours I am trying to figure out how I got locked here and where am I? Someone must have knocked me out as I am still feeling dizzy. My mobile is dead and my wrist watch seems smashed. As I try to feel around the room, I stumble over someone. I call out but no response. So very hesitantly I check on the pulse. DAMIT!! I am locked up with a dead person? I bang on the door to let me out, but who would hear me? Little do I know, that I am already sold out at a good price. Little do I know, that I am already being shipped to another country. Little do I know, that I am in the middle of the sea. Little do I know, that I am inside a shipping container and not some room. Will I be alive to even see and meet with my coming doom!

This is just a freestyle write.
572 · Oct 2017
Seema Oct 2017
Dragging a blood soaked body
Down the hall into the basement
In the presence of nobody
Then cleaning up the placement

The lights are out, in a room I hide
Under a staircase secret door
Terrified as I cling on the side
While breathing less laying on the floor

Another body being dragged
And another, how many?
This house seems to packed
Everyone dead, alive if any!

A krampus out from where
HIDE! HIDE! I don't wanna die
If I beg, will it even care
The horned beast, master of lie

The floor clenched, I hope it doesn't find
Everything seemed quite
Then I felt a hungry breath from behind
****** eyes, breathing smoke, SLASH!

......and I too became quite!

Happy Halloween :)
570 · Dec 2017
I Bid My Farewell
Seema Dec 2017
The blood spills on the floor
The paramedics rushing through the door
Me laying half dead in the hallway
Just remember the hands that took me away
Such a traumatic tortuous killings
Foreheads stamped with karmic billings
Most heads slayed only few spared like mine
It was impossible to recall as there was a long line
As the monstrous acts lasted just few seconds
For sure I read about purgatories
But such only existed in the mythical stories
Holy God, if this is what is like to be in hell
Then the dark days on earth has begun, I can tell
The nightmares coming alive for most
There are demons there is also a host
I know my life days has been marked today
There is no miracle, just killings everyday
Therefore God, I pray for forgiveness of my sins
The doctor's are hopeless and just work on the wins
For the people half dead in comma like me
They left their concerns and let us be
I wish never to wake up from this painful sleep
As the sights are unbearable to see and weep
I shall not witness my death afterall
I bid my farewell to this wicked world...

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
569 · Aug 2017
Spare Me, My Eyes
Seema Aug 2017
The vultures roam low
Deserted in the middle of nowhere
Ready to begin their hunger show
To rip my body off and share

My heart is still at beat
I am not yet dead
For I am longing for our meet
But right now I am so scared

I pray for the cannibals to go away
The more I try to move myself
The more flocks dive my way
Inviting themselves

I peep at the sheering Sun
And hope for it to disappear
Water left, I have none
My vision so unclear

I get back up on my feet
Heading towards the shady creek
While vultures fight on decaying meat
Fighting with their sharp beek

Dear vultures,
If I become your fresh meal
Then please do me a favour
For I'll bare all the painful feel
Just spare my eyes for my saver

He who is my only love
Lost and gone out of my life, yes
God, shower mercy from above
And let me get over this mess...

Inspired by the hindi poetry:
"Kaga sab tan khaiyo chun chun khaiyo maas. Do naina mat khaiyo, mohe piya milan ki aas."
569 · Sep 2017
Luring End
Seema Sep 2017
Rivers flow
Humans grow
Stars glow
Humans blow

Toxic waste
Air pollution
Humans haste
Perfect solution

Beggars hungry
Homeless ****
Humans angry
Robbing wills

Bullets fired
Tanks raged
Juveniles hired
Humans tagged

Terrorists warns
Lives lost
Families torn
Priceless cost

Lust gains
Humans pained
No brains
Love insaned

Lots learnt
Media zooms
Orders sent
Countries doomed

Hunger peaks
Children sick
Humans weak
Diseases leak

Money priority
Humans exported
Marking territory
Guns imported

Humans kidnapped
Women rapped
Lives begged
All taped

Tears lack
Government slack
Manics back
Terrorist attack!!!

Seema Dec 2017
A blessed year it has been
So many things done
Happy and broken I've seen
You were amongst one

Wishes I have for, all of you
May you continue to write
For your ink may never dry up
As all darkness may ease with light

Here at Hello Poetry
I heartedly thank you all
For every poet who has read and supported
And would pull me up, when my poems would fall

From the isles of Fiji
I wish you all happiness and joy
It's gonna be a blast tonight
I hope you all will enjoy....

Love to all.
559 · Feb 2018
Lessons Learnt
Seema Feb 2018

I'm proud I listened,
I'm proud I didn't have my way,

For my parents taught me that life is not easy,
That one has to struggle thus life turns busy,

I'm proud I struggled with them,
I'm proud they were my inspiration,

I have come across many milestones,
Helped families who eventually turned into bitter stones,

I'm proud I was taught to serve "God" first,
I'm proud I was taught to serve "Others" second,
I'm proud I was taught to serve "Self" the last,

For this world is a beautiful creation,
A heavenly paradise with all satisfaction,

But for some who had their own say,
Discriminated the values that was taught everyday,
Chose their own selfish way,
Engulfed in the darkness, dosed on high, dropped dead on the ground....lifeless they pay...

Spilling thoughts. Raining Monday morning.
547 · Sep 2017
Chala Ja_Leave
Seema Sep 2017
Kitne aur zakhm, dikhao ge mujhe
Gir kar kabhi bhi, na pasakoge mujhe
Teri kismat mei mein nahi, koi aur hai
Tu mera sanam nahi, na jane tu kaun hai
Har waqt aazmate **, apni mohobat mujh par
Lekin raham kar,
Chala ja mujhe meri haal par chor kar...


How many more scars will you show me
Even if you fall, you will not be able to seek me
I am not your fate, but there's someone who is
You are not my lover, nor do I know you please
Everytime you test your love on me with keen
But have mercy,
Leave me alone in whatever situation I might be in...

545 · Nov 2017
Power Of Prayer
Seema Nov 2017
The hands of a giver
Like our Lord
Flows like a river
Pushes us forward
We the receiver
Beings of today
Believe a deceiver
Dramas everyday
Dark days drown you
Trustworthy left few
You cry and pray
He listens what you say
Delivers from evil
Yet you're led by devil
In dark holes
You hide like moles
Found by the cops
Beaten from bottom to top
Heavy dose on drugs
You lay on wet rugs
Cry till your tears dry
It's about time to try
Kneeling down
Like a messy clown
Asking for forgiveness
From our Lord God
You yell out your grieveneses
And utter the good words
The prayer cleanses your soul
Sparks light in the dark hole
You feel the hand touch
Thankful so much
The evil being cast out
While your soul comes about
At the feet of our Lord
You deliver reverence
To the almighty God...

545 · Jul 2017
Lyrical Healing
Seema Jul 2017
Lyric pours in my ears
Like that of sirens enchanting song
Swaying with the rhythm, with happy tears
Flipping pages, with folded bookmarks torn
Thinking back, from where I've come
Memory blurs as my sight grows weak
Random expressions build as crumb
Ripped pages, which once filled with heartbreak
Music flows down my soul
And strikes few strings of a chord
Don't be cold as a lump of burnt coal
Kick back the past and move forward
Rain has flourished and cleansed the spurts
The marks left by those that hurt
Tried but tired of their evil guts
Yet, they still try to fix and flirt
The vibes has enlightened my spirit
And dragged me in the surveil light
I smiled once more,
Knowing my path is set alright!

539 · Oct 2017
Sad Truth!
Seema Oct 2017
The ground looks hard and crumbed
Little water soaked up as swamp
Birds chatter and flee for food
This climactic change has done no good

Animals die as lack of vegetation
Most starve and die of malnutrition
Extinction of many, ARE WE NEXT?
Counting our paces along with the rest

The ozone depletes at a steady pace
Pollution piles up in many places
Over the news, barking of such situation
Yet just a few percent take any action

Education they say, educate to lessen pollution
So many educated, now developing poisonous solution
Natural air we breathe, is no longer pure
Air borne chrome, education digs more on cure!

"Money comes from paper, paper comes from trees
Trees give oxygen, intake carbon dioxide
Yet we destroy this natural source for money
Money gets people richer and powerful, thus
invest in making and testing new diseases on people, animals, environment. On success, then cure is also developed. Within this period, so much is lost. We are not far from extinction either...ARE WE!"
532 · Oct 2017
Human Beasts
Seema Oct 2017
Crawling mists
Moonless night
Hovering beasts
Pledging plight

Stars sink in sky
Mind puzzle bound
I ask myself, why
I'm not yet found

Hands covered in dirt
Laying low in the reeds
Pulling up my skirt
Thinking of my needs

Dews covered my face
Dusk broke the first light
Birds began to race
Two voice seem to fight

Up on my feet slowly
Finding my track back
My feelings so lonely
O' where is my pack

A dim campfire shown
Delighted I ran towards
My heart got blown
Seeing bodies hung via cords

Which way shall I run
My lifeline running low
A shot from a gun
And my pace geared slow

Blood smeared on my face
As I fell on the ground
Lost my track in a trace
Human beasts surround...

Spilling imagination :)
530 · Jun 2017
Pin Drop Silence
Seema Jun 2017
I don't know, how many heartbeats are left in this body. But I can assure you, that my time is quite near. Near to the gates of freedom from this sinful body. I admire, the ticks on the old wall clock. It gradually reminds me of my choking last breaths. The treasure chest in my heart weighs heavy with sorrows. The key resides in my mind, where the memories churn. My eyes stare wide at the pillars and the high ceilings. The energy to raise my hand has drained to the point, where I can't even get up. Blurred vision and twinkling micro lights fly whenever I blink to see, to see what I've missed more. To see that one peace that my soul craved for. To see you, being successful. Sometimes, I hold onto my get the feelings of death. But then, I am suddenly perched with enormous pain, like a million needles stamped over my chest.
A pin drop silence, then a siren sheering sound bust in my ears. And this, my dear I believe is a tour of hell.
It's just a bad fate, I carry with me, and this will leave me only.
Only, on the day,
I leave this needless body, for good
And all the pain, the sufferings, the sounds shall stop
A pin drop silence

528 · Dec 2017
The Rock Dome
Seema Dec 2017
A gem in the solar
North, south polar
Is round throughout
Earth is all about

Water, air, heat and cold
So many myths untold
This giant rock holds
Every living creatures behold

Sun, moon and many stars
Brighten this rock so far
You and me see this
While cruising in our car

Stand on a height
To cherish the light
The bright rainbow fall
Or spectrum by the waterfall

Collect the visions seen
And imagine where you've been
With lame name rock dome
This place here, we call home...

527 · Oct 2017
Don't Be A Cheat
Seema Oct 2017
When the other is a cheat
And you are not
Everytime they meet
They think they won't be caught

Hush now and feel the tears
Of the one you are cheating
Losing you, acts like fears
To them, whom you avoiding

Don't do such deeds
As what goes around, comes around
Fulfilling your ***** needs
Then kneeling on the ground

Praying on the loss of the loved ones
It would be too late then
For they will be gone for months
And may never ever return...

520 · Mar 2018
Do You Recognise Me?
Seema Mar 2018
I stood before the gods
But none had time to see me
I was kept with the odds
For unlikely reasons, may be
Besides, I am just a feather
Floating with the delirious winds
I hope to be together
But I've lost all my kins
Far and further, I rest on a tree
And see crowds gather
Fortunately, I am free
Camouflaging in this weather
Dirt and dust cover me dearly
Making a coat of foundation
It's hard to make out clearly
So, now I am in fashion
Lots sit or stick out from hats
Dipped in ink, the fancy quills
Decorated in fine mats
Processed in mills
But I am just a part of someone
Whom I've lost in a matter of time
Everyday bored watching the sun
Wonder, what was my bearers crime!

Inspired by a floating feather.
519 · Jun 2017
Seema Jun 2017
She lived with her dark side
Only to believe, that one day
The light would reach her
To show her the right way

Committed with naive sins
She thought of giving up all
Same as everyday
She would let herself fall

Addicted to some new drugs
That filled her lungs with smoke
She coughed and repented
Then she started to choke

Heaven, it is, in the world of smoke
Hell is no where near, to be seen
She was losing herself in the mist
Awaiting death, to cleanse her sin

Failure was her try, to get back on her feet
As she sat there wailing her heart out
Deafness and silence seemed to grasp
But no one responded to her grieving shout

She pledged to bring a change
That would make her feel free again
         In the hope that the mist would disappear  
And relieve her from her miserable pain...

516 · Oct 2017
Embraced With Love
Seema Oct 2017
Holding onto my wine glass tight
He was dancing with her tonight
His gaze locked onto mine
But in his arms was another shine
My thoughts cursed him of his arrogance
Such a user of beauty and innocence
"That's it!! I can't take this any longer"
For what I thought of my love being stronger
It was nothing then a lustful devil in disguise
Coordinating thoughts, playing his game wise
As I turned to go, he grabbed me by my waist
And on the dance floor showed his delicate taste
I was his that's what he whispered in my ears
Leaning over to brush off my tears
Held me tight as if I was running away
I still remember his words until today
He fulfilled his promises and made me his
We are blessed with two beautiful kids
As I wait his flight arrival at this airport
Smiling away, remembering those days we fought
Everytime letting me win with the charms he bought
We got tied into a knot on this very day
Time just few and its our twentieth anniversary today...

Inspired by neighbors anniversary party.
516 · Sep 2017
Tropical Heat
Seema Sep 2017
I am losing my mind in this heat
Can anyone rock on some crazy beat
Let's do a hip hop rain dance
So we all can feel a little less tensed
Rain God, hear us through
We dance from our heart, that's true
O'Cmon, don't be so stubborn
Just shower hard in our urban
I honestly can't think straight
Soon we'll turn into human bait
Baked in this burning sun and heat
O'please can you give us rain as a treat
Things are moving in slow motion
There's salty smell coming from the ocean
It's getting too stuffy, why can't it snow
A little cooler, but I really don't know
Tropical Fiji, why are you getting hot
It's like sitting in an oven or being stirred in a ***
All my energy seems sapped in
I am feeling hot, I am suffocating within...

Dry season too soon.
514 · Sep 2017
Not Born For Slavery
Seema Sep 2017
Collecting my tears in my cupped hands
Feeling the aches by the leashes of wips
Some of the bodies still sway as it hangs
Slaves are we, fetch gold till our skin rips

They call themselves the clean beings
Their skin flashed white while ours dark
They say we are ***** and our blood stinks
And stamp our backs with a hot rod to mark

I am a girl with so many broken dreams
Trapped in slavery with other unfortunate slaves
My mouth is sealed yet my soul desperately screams
I wonder why people of such, declare godly behaves

My mind is numb, my body is torn
I am used by many, as a nights babie doll
I wish I wasn't a female to be born
No one comes for my rescue, whenever I call

I am so done living like a house without a door
No knocks, no greets, just entered by goons
Each night I have to kiss the filthy floor
Beaten, ripped, one hears my moans

Tonight I am passing out from this world for good
My life is worthless among these hungry lords
I am not gonna be another meal or fleshy food
My soul can no longer bear the wrath nor,
                                             my body can afford...

Inspired by a documentary on YouTube about slavery.
514 · Sep 2017
Know Me :-)
Seema Sep 2017
I am called an angel
I am called a ninja
I wear silver bangles
My color is of ginger

I have doll like eyes
My figure is of a small coke bottle
I hate tales of flying lies
I live in the pacific portal

I smile when I am sad
Tears are always in abundance in me
I have a temper and I do get mad
I am only a human, you see

I love reading and adore writing
But my mouth ain't a word diarrhea
I love silence and scenery sitings
I've been writing for over an year

I am in love with my adorable dogs
Who make my lone day bright
Cloudy yet windy, misty or fogs
I love this weather, as a cold night

My inner me is a mischief child
I am in my early working thirties
My imaginative writing gets wild
I am quite authoritative

I teach info tech, I love my students
Knowledge sharing is my best part
I am intolerable to fake mutants
But, I hate to see them depart

My name is Seema and I am a free writer
With the challenges I face
Each day makes my life brighter
With the blink of time in trace...

513 · Oct 2017
Don't Give Up
Seema Oct 2017
The road is rough
The work is tough
But losing hope
And unable to cope
Is our biggest drawback
Where we start to lack
Our true capabilities
And thus neglect our responsibilities
The thoughts of getting rich
May lead us to a dump ditch
If we do not change,
The way we are
The way we think
Accepting challenges, being brave
Working hard as time blinks
When all pays off at the end
Then you do not have to crave
For anything you wished for
For everything you can have
What little you can serve
To the unlucky ones around
And showers of blessing will automatically surround
Where we are now, is not "The End"
Strive, Thrive, Revive, Refresh, Recharge, Reclaim!
.......Go For It!!!

511 · May 2018
Seema May 2018
On the shores of heaven
An angel sits, with bright wings
Guiding the souls to their gate
Soothing hymns, it sings

The golden gates open wide
To welcome the souls to its realm
Hailing to our father, the saviour
All souls, look the same

Glory to the mighty king
Above and beyond all
We raise our hands and praise to thee
Please listen to our call

One, you are, that of high
For every being and soul bows to you
The creator and destroyer of this universe
We submit ourselves to you...

Inspired by an article I read today. I am not a Christian tho.
509 · Jul 2017
Never Lose Hope
Seema Jul 2017
My hands are short
My sight is weak
My legs are crooked
But I can still speak

I may look ugly
As I am not normal
I envy your freedom
But am quite formal

Wearing heavy specs
And seated on a wheelchair
I try out different activities
When time is spare

My life, starts and ends
With the daily medical checks
A rare disease has caught me
Where my skin suddenly cracks

I am thankful for this life
As I see the disgust around
Sympathies come uninvited
Alien eyes tend to surround

I know my span is limited
To see the outside world
But I am kind of high spirited
I'll see it before am called

Situations may be different
Don't lose possibilities and hope
You are not alone in this
Learn to stand and cope...

This is not my story but my heart and respect goes to all the special needs people. Who despite all odds, never give up on life.
504 · Oct 2017
Ek Pal_A Moment
Seema Oct 2017
...Ek pal ke andhere mein
Kho jaaon maye.
Ek pal ki khamoshi mein
Sabh kahe jaaon maye.
Ek annkahi baat
Jo dil mei chupi hai,
Is chandani raat mei,
Sabh kuch tere naam
Kar jaaon maye...


In a moment of darkness
Let me be lost within
In a moment of silence
Let me just say it all
Words of my past
Hidden in my heart
In this enchanting moonlight
Let me put everything before you...

497 · Jul 2017
On The Other Side
Seema Jul 2017
If you rock me down from a mile,
I'll still be smiling like a crazy fool
It might hurt me for a while
Coz I am not made of sheep wool

The hatred you flare from your gaze
Shows your inner most reflection
The invisible flames that blaze
Has burnt all my forward affection

Chuckles a voice, only eyes could read
From behind the screen
Someone has planted a poisonous seed

I can feel the evil smiky grin, hissing
And your eyes fixed reading the fake
I purely feel your emotions, missing
For you've been long awake

The delicious words spoken in tongues
More like a ******, pretending to be God
The enmity loads darkness in tonnes
And slithers you, with a lizard tongue sword

I've never seen you in such a state
It's now visible whose behind it all
You're just one of its bait
It's just fishing, from the otherside of the wall

The attraction is quite magnetic
As the devil now, sounds more like God
Making lives his slaves as pathetic
It doesn't seem, like it's bored...

496 · Nov 2017
Light - Haiku
Seema Nov 2017
A ray of bright light
Beaming on my scared torn face
Through a small nail hole

5-7-5 syllables
490 · Nov 2017
Help Me!
Seema Nov 2017
My life
          My hands
My clothes
          Laying under
And this
          Touches to
Covered in
          Someone help me
Been shot in my
          I've lost my
Can anyone
          Put me to
Help me
          HELP ME!

Fun with words.
490 · Dec 2017
New Years Eve Confession
Seema Dec 2017
I loved you
And I love you still
I will not beg you
But I will wait for you
To see if you live up to your promises
Yes, the ones you've been making
None fulfilling
I gave you multiple chances
Yet you demand more
Am out  of your league but my silence will break,
Once you prove your promises true
I do confess, I loved you and I still do
But I want those words to be real

From you...

Happy 2018 :)
490 · Feb 2018
Murderer In Mask
Seema Feb 2018
All I could hear was knock knock
Anyone in there
Then blank mind block

The smell of smoke
The raging anger in the blood shot eyes
The ill feeling
Made me choke

It was all well and a happy day
I set down to pray
A beautiful shopping day

In my room I sat writing as usual
Out the window I saw something unusual
A masked man peeping in the other apartment
Without thinking I called out

Not long when I heard a shout
Perhaps the masked man caused harm
I ran to the phone but the line was dead
Foot steps raised an alarm

Slowly I moved into my room
Locked the door
And then I heard a loud boom
No escape from my room

The masked man jammed the door from outside
And here I was scared, locked inside
I screamed, shouted but no one heard
Smoke slowly filling the room

I moved to the corner of my room
I prayed, I prayed hard for rescue
But none could hear, only smoke just smoke
Hard to breath, room heating up

I felt it was my end
My heartbeat felt slower
My lungs gave up and I fell on the floor
Eyes blurred with tears, face grabbed all fears

Knock knock I could barely hear
Someone call
I was laying beside the back wall

After few hours I opened my eyes
Looked up to see the ceiling not the skys
I was alive
Saved by the fire fighters

Yes I could breath fresh air again
Out of the smoke filled room
That was almost my doom
I was glad that I was still sane

But I could feel the pain
In my head, in my chest, in my veins
The murderer successed in killing Mr.Rein
His escape was in vain

Laying here in the hospital bed
Trying to control my tears
As I faced with the most unusual fears
I still remember all, even its been years

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
488 · Nov 2017
The Burning Coal
Seema Nov 2017
I feel the cold crawl up my spine
Eventhough am sipping this wine
There is no warmth inside
So I move to the fireplace and sit by the side
Filling my body with the warmth outside
How remarkable are those burning coals
Glowing red to orange, blue to gold
Your thoughts pushed by waves in my mind
Rough edges with no shores to bind
Life gets such tough at times
Every minute, every hour seems like a dime
As I search within the warmth out of cold
The memories of past unfold
Each sip of this vintage drink
Makes my heart rise then sink
But here sitting with my drink alone
My visions blur as I take a step along
Back at the fireplace thinking on my role
While within me dwells my lonesome soul
Just like the fumes from the burning coals...

Fictional write.
487 · Aug 2017
Concrete Jungle
Seema Aug 2017
Green forests eliminating
The wildlife extincting
Bulldozering, man machines
Look how the heartless cleans
Big factories, more pollution
Activist hailing for solution
Yet, enjoy the shopping malls
And watch sunsets over the walls
More diseases in the air
I guess nature is being fair
Using all the forest lands
Now a concrete jungle stands...

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