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Sep 2017
My eyes unfolds
What is seen
Yet untold
For the mysteries
It secretly holds
I have yet to mould
My heart to be bold
To reveal the cold
A truth, unspoken
To talk about it
Is to break, what's broken
But its a burden to hold
The clay sage, has eyes of gold
I've seen it, in the nights cold
The clay sculpture
Made by the potter
Grew an inch shorter
I am too scared to tell
None will believe me
And thus, they will sell
I don't know if it's a good omen
But this is unusually uncommon
I need to find out who else has seen
Perhaps together we can gleam
The mystery behind the golden eyes
Or am I just hallucinating and threading the lies
One way to find out that I am still sane,
Tonight I shall unveil the truth behind this game...


Goodnight all....that's all for today...too many stories spilling off my mind. Got to put myself to sleep ;)
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
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