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Freya Adwin Apr 2019
The burn
of skin,
the smell concerns
your friends and family.
They know they’re next, but
they’ll try their best
to fight me off
but I'll bite off
chunks of their skin
to reveal their succulent blood
that lies within.
Let it pour over my tongue,
let the taste
my thoughts
they melt away
with the bitter taste of ****** on my lips.
My mind-
it’s twisted!
as your skin between my teeth.
The smell-
They claim it reeks but
its all I live for!
It's just a shame it's what they die for.
Just another murderous poem, those are my favorites. People are gonna start thinking I'm mentally deranged or something if I keep this up lol.
The Angry Pencil Aug 2018
There is no bigger ******* than the guy that does every spiteful, abusive, mean, and petty thing he can do to make you mad and then gets mad at you for fighting back. I can't do this anymore. It is killing me inside. I soooooo need justice. I need God( if there is one) to smite this ******* down. I want him to repent all the things he has done and said and plotted against me. I want him struck by lightning, mowed down by a tractor, I want him flattened by a steamroller, I want him gone. I want his tongue cut out and then burned and fed to rats. I hate him with every f** fiber of my being
I am obviously very angry.
Seema Jul 2018
Stop tracing my heart,
With your ***** finger
I smell blood, on your murderous hands

Get out of my face,
You don't belong here
Your breath smells like of dead

Leave me alone,
I owe nothing to a freezed mind
Not even good words of wisdom

Reap your deeds,
Screams, begging and hurts
Is all I hear, from your silent posture

How many deaths,
And whose paying for all this kills
It's all noted, in the hells receipt

Payback time will come,
Your screams and moans
Will never be enough for those souls...

Spilling thoughts and imagination. Tho, monsters like this exist in our society. Keep yourself and loved one safe.
Umi Apr 2018
Ah, you fascinating flower, an old gardener who still looks after his duty, mumbled to himself in awe of the stargazer and spider lilies,
They seem so majestic, yet innocent to the extent of a wounderous aura sent by their gentle yet stinging smell, spreading across the room
He said to himself that maybe,  if they are as beautiful and heavenly as he thought,their taste should be beyond reasoning goodness, sweet
Just one bite later, the taste engaging in his old mouth has caused him to become numb, confused and with an irrigular heart rate, paralised.
Oh such an intent, to punish all those who dare to bring ruin to their glory by eating them, trying their taste with death ? Truly murderous.
Seeping through his body before slowly draining his poor life force, the fate of an unknowing man who had become the vessel of great unfolding fury of a flower which seemed to be so kind before hand.
A treasure is alike a flower, the gift of life resembling its beauty and hournour, growing proud until the sweet poison of death overtakes it
When I knew the meaning of eternity you were no longer there, Darling

~ Umi
Viseract Aug 2016
You think you're so good?
Exploiting someone like that?
Having yourself a little fun
Don't give a **** if it's bad?

Well *******, you are ****!
When you hear me come
You better run!
I can **** you easily without a gun!

Send you to the morgue, start saying goodbye
The last words you'll say before you die!
I hope I'm the one to slit your throat
And how's this for a little side-note:

I don't even ******* KNOW you!!!
Fucken ****
He loved Christmas
The cold, the sounds
How the smell of food passed
And trees weigh a thousand pounds

He smiled at the little children and the Santas
And waved at the moms
He paid his dues to the Church
And donated home made balms

He was a simple man
He loved to paint
He went home and smiled
His little home was very quaint

He went to the basement
Got out his brush and started to go
The body next to him was still
He loved the sight of blood on the snow
D'Arcy Sahn Oct 2014
Your blood paints the walls
Intestines spill everywhere
Don't take my chocolate
Cee Valenso Jul 2014
Irked by the stale life I am in
A bland dish seeking ample spice
The intersection of our roads was exhilarating
A new-born daredevil shall not think twice

Perilous was the color of your eyes
The way your gaze froze me in place
Flames previously nonexistent began to rise
And desires now asked to feel my embrace

Dangerous was the shade of your plump lips
When you speak, the way they curve
Electric bolts pierced through my fingertips
Then infiltrated my every vein, every nerve

Treacherous was the sound of your voice
The way curses became a pleasing melody
A single syllable balked all perturbing noise
Enticing me into your wicked sorcery

Lethal was how you skillfully kiss
The way it sets ablaze the surface it meets
My formation of thoughts have gone amiss
The settling insanity is now who greets

Murderous was your hand's every touch
The way your fingers danced on my skin
Dull-looking blades were deemed to do not much
But yours were sharp enough to slice my soul within

Pestilent was how you wrapped yourself around my body
The way your frame is fitted to mine
Tremendous waves devour me completely
And I drown, though not in brine

Deadly was how you wanted to play
The way you wanted to love me
From my ever-so-monotonous life, I have gone astray
My life is the price; I'll pay it fully
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