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Nov 2017
My child I dearly pray
The wrong doers will pay
Your life was priceless
To some meaningless
You had a golden smile
Tho so far, so many miles
If I had you here with me
You would have been alive to see
There are those who have lost
Beautiful innocence by cost
I am deeply hurt reading about you
My heart cried tho I don't know you
The red t-shirt you wore last
Will alway remind me of this past
Why your family had to flee?
Why authorities ignore your plea?
Why the boat capsized in the ocean?
Why was there no precaution?
Why the world had to see you washed on the shore?
Laying face down on the Turkish shore
Such a beautiful child, how many more!
The aches getting worse as I see your face
You left every heart to break where we trace
It was not you fault, Oh baby boy!
You were thrown off board like a broken toy
May the good spirits guide your soul
Don't you worry, these ruthless will burn in hole
Even hell might reject them for achieving such goal
You were a Syrian prince, one can hint
Your tragic death would stay as an imprint...

Wrote this in 2015, after this tragedy shown in all news channel.

My prayers goes to thee and the others who were also the victims, R.I.P Thy Souls in peace:
"Aylan Kurdi, three year old
Brother Galip Kurdi, five year old
Mother Rihan"
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
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