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Rhoemeoh May 2019
Today, you came home to a package.
It was a box that I  had taped up tight.
Inside you found your worn out high school hoodie.
When you unfolded it, nearly every picture of us fell out like confetti.
And at the bottom of the box, in a thick hemp cloth, you found a framed picture of you
looking miserably in the mirror, back at me.
I was behind you, smiling and deliriously happy.
The picture was in pristine condition.
I wrapped it the way my ancestors would cover a mirror
after a death in the house.
They did this to keep  the spirits from passing to another realm.
I did it knowing we had ended that night and  that you would forever be looking back for me.
You will be miserable and I will be deliriously happy.
Written 4-14-2019
I was feeling some kind of way about new beginnings and what to take with me. Thank you for reading!
Purcy Flaherty Apr 2019
I got a penny in my pocket,
a cricket in a box,
a ladybird,
a dragon fly,
a little silver fox,
I got a key,
a golden eye,
a pie up in the sky;
I've got so many lucky things;
Oh! these lucky things of mine!
I'll cross my fingers,
Hold my breath,
pull the petals one by one
I'll gaze into my lucky bag;
and marvel at the lucky ones.
shooting stars and moon lit skies are dazzling to my eyes.
But I treasure all these luck things;
Oh! these lucky things of mine!
Now make a wish
and count to ten
then turn three times and say again!
"I'm a silly superstitious ****!"
Yes I'm a silly superstitious ****!
putting faith into the  silliest things
Seema Oct 2017
The number thirteen
On the day Friday
The murdered twins
A coincidence I may say

The lucky the number
Or unlucky a member
A dark day of sorrow
It's today not tomorrow

Friday the thirteenth
A superstitious belief
Crawling from beneath
It's no grief but a relief

The more the believers
Of this unlucky day
The more life shivers
In the dark anyway

A positive thought
To a positive mind
Sets lose if caught
From such negative blind

A number it is, for sure
Lucky or unlucky could be any
Being rich or be poor
Believers I believe would be many...

...and it's a bright morning today, 13th October :)
S C Netha Oct 2017
Everything means
what you want it to mean.
means anything.
In particular.
No particular event
specifically signifies
a specific occurrence.
Unless we want it to.
Everything is relative
To our point of view
And no particular event
Is marked by another.
In particular.
Nothing means anything.
In particular.
Everything means nothing.
Unlearn superstition.
ky May 2016
Glowing in the darkness of the night
Looks too delicate to touch
So far away
Wishing for a better something
Even though it’s superstitious
If only
They really granted them

— The End —