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Seema Sep 2017









Accepting your love as they are without any change. Denying their faults as in appearance. Get him inside, remember to just have and know love. While the forever playing music is never over. The fragrance of the perfumed quaikee(outstanding, special look)roses, spread to ultimation(to the best version). By versing and conversing with xaern(to enjoy something so much you begin to hate how much you like it) and your cute little zab(blabber or talk).
Seema Aug 2017
I want to be a bright star
In my own realm to hark
Way above the others
That shines in the dark

Bright like the morning sun
More than a diamonds spark
A one of its kind born
I want to leave a genuine mark

Tho, my hands can't reach,
The sky where the stars reside
Maybe oneday I might just greet
When my soul will finally abide...

Seema Jun 2020
A candle unlit
A room so cold
A broken window
Is all I hold

My love, my life
I've lost to thee
It is my fate
But I want to be free

Why, my love
You had to leave?
Was my love not enough
Or you didn't belive

Instead, you smile
Like nothing's wrong
While seeing another hand
Touching you for long

It is okay, I guess now
To forget you for good
Even your memories
To erase, if only I could

It is easier for you
To say goodbyes
To the hand that holds you now
Doesn't know your lies

I hope you treat her right
And she might treat you same
Unlike my drowning fate
Else, she might end up same...

©Seema Sen, 2020
May relate to some, it's never too late to move on...
Seema Nov 2017
Fueling my day with a refreshing drink
Over a cup of coffee, my mind sets to think
Another long day with you off my mind
A lie I tell myself each day that you off a kind
Each sip from the cup, brims my eyes with tears
So much of you left in my head, though its being years
Looking at my phone with your picture on the wall
Everytime I sight it, I wish you would call
Leaving my cup half empty, my phone beeps
Thinking its my work call, I quickly take the last sip
The voice kicked my emotions high
When he called and this time he didn't say goodbye
My heart glows with love again but on guard
Not expecting too much, this day is gonna be hard
He hasn't forgotten me, I am still in his heart
Meeting at the same place where once we grew apart
What's gonna be this time, I hope it's our new start
He adores my love, he's still my part...

Fictional write.
Seema Sep 2017
A forgotten piece
Memories of his
Like honey so sweet
But became a cheat

With his charming voice
Made infinite promises
He left me with no choice
Now he regrets and misses

Another ring, another miss call
Looks like you got cheated
How does it feel to fall?
When same way you get treated

You took for granted
My love and care are so unwanted
Don't you even dare

What you do unto others
Others would do unto you
Karma rocks, as such my dear
I've become deaf, I cannot hear

So stop wasting my time
Fetch for another chick
It's not a vigorous crime
But make sure it's your last pick...

Seema Sep 2020
The stale air still carried your scent to my inner muse
To flourish the dead feelings which once bloomed into a forest
Like the silence of a midnight street where even the lights flicker
Walks my two feet with my never ending shadow
Soaked in the moonlights dew, a humble handful residue
Of my dying love...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema Jul 2018
There has to be a way
To say
Whatever I may
Losing myself again and again
As the pain grows in my chest
Trying hard to restore my sane
But none retrieves,
To stop the pain
Tears give way to potholes
The depth unknown,
Hiding my face
With silent mourn
Beggy, sunken eyes call to you
None pay attention for
Some may just come along,
Asking for more
A drink or two is good enough
Thanking the bar when served at night
Counting my tears, bearing this love
Emotions, rise to fight
A guilt in my throat, struck my senses
To wake up from this hangover feel
Pleading myself in a hurry
I made death, a fine deal...

Fiction. Spilling imagination.
Seema Jun 2019
Your talks are like the rain on a much-needed soil that cries for your storm
Your smile, like those wild flowers that gets brushed by the scorching wind
The fragrance from your body, sends a vivid signal to my ultimate form
Like that of none imagined, bound by this earthly ground
The seas and pasters dance to thrill the view of your existence
As now, I feel the elements of natural beauty, whole-heartedly surround
The pearly glossed lips, part to utter a sweet siren
Chanting a rhythm, of a scared love scene under the deep blue sky
And I, who stand apart, miles away moan my heart in silence.

Spilling imagination.
Seema Sep 2017
The darkest of night
I've yet to see
In his sight
I always want to be
A lover, a soulmate
Perhaps in future
Who knows our fate
Life isn't a torture
You are all, one can desire
Close to perfection
I really do admire
Tho he ignores my reflection
But I can see the flames in his eyes
Burning like the precious ambers
Lightening up my heart's chambers
My secret love from past years
Always smiles, when he hears
My voice in the loneliest crowd
I am lucky to have him, am so proud
He's now reading my writes
As am penning it tonight
My love, my future
Adores my writing nature
I write, he reads
On my words he heeds
A line or two he tries to add
But erases it off, says it sounds bad
So I dedicate this write to him
For that special someone, who calls me Sim...

Yep, fictional ;-)
Seema Aug 2017
Come my dear, let me take you among the stars
Let your heart sway in this enchanting breeze
Through these mystical fragrant flower gardens
Along, into the cold night, where the dews freeze

You are my co-dreamer, my co-thinker, my fantasy
If you become my co-traveler, lifes journey will be easy
Walking together, enjoying natures panoramas
Your soothing slow love is now making me crazy

Ink these emotions on a chapter of your heart
The sweet memories that lay among the skies
Hand in hand, once again headed to a start
But this dreamers fantasy, got lost among the stars.

Seema Jan 2018
A dying horse,
Was being dragged over a marked cross,
On the ground its body lay,
Mocked and tortured up all the way,
Only few blinks with tears filled eyes,
Waiting for its beats to stop while the time flies,
There it lay next to its grave,
Hoping to be pushed in by the masters slave,
A few more minutes before the soul surrenders,
Once loved and praised by many spenders,
Now the weak await for the death to fall,
To free its soul from its body, once admired by all,
The eyes stopped blinking,
The tears stopped rolling,
The heart stopped beating,
The poor horse stopped breathing,
Pushed in its grave by the masters slave,
No one to praise or raise hands to wave,
Gone are the people who came along,
Finally resting its body in the grave alone...

Spilling imagination. Inspired by a picture of a horse.
Seema Sep 2017
One day I will go in a deep sleep
Without troubling anybody
Death will leap to my soul and keep
No cries, no weeps, I envy nobody

Fallen, strangled, struggled, broken
All laughs mock, my life got in trouble
Beaten, taken, unheard when spoken
Pricked and stung like a ***** bubble

Tried and pained, laying in stains
Couple more hours before I sleep
Under this tree, soon when it rains
All my painful miseries, it will sweep

These bed of leaves, serves as my grave
A perfect funeral, with heavenly showers
I, to was once energetic and brave
But what can a God do, without its powers...*

Words from a tired mind :)
Seema Jan 2018
The hands that petted my head
Is now sick and laying in bed
This makes me weak and sad
Cause I don't have my dad
He left us to join Gods army above
While we treasure his memory and love
This moment as my relatives choose to move aside
It's an assurance that they gave, but lied
That's okay, I've learnt to be strong
And proved others that they were wrong
It's this life that we pay with our deeds
To the plants that bore this fruit
Bearing three previous seeds
The middle one is I, almost timid and shy
The first is a beauty but she's not with us, why?
The last is an explosive, flame him and you die
But don't be scared his a charming lovable guy
Enter my world and with love you shall fly
With my precious dog  greeting in a bow tie...

A senti write I guess, goes on with the mood.
Seema Oct 2017
My mind rejects your thought
Clashing like waves, rocking the boat
My heart echos the feelings caught
Through these waves, that come afloat

No assurance of this pulse that beat
Tired of love, tired of each sin
Nailed and knocked of being a cheat
My world sinking as it took a spin

What has been done already
I cannot go back to undo that
My life is on a rock boat, unsteady
As I sit and recall our last chat

With a sharp blade, I tally the days
On my wrist where my pulse state
I cried out for help, in many ways
Pushed off, from everyone cause of hate

Now I bleed while the water turns red
The boat is sinking, I will not save myself
Drowning slowly with this pain in my head
Cherish the moments and look after yourself!

Suicide and being suicidal is NOT the answer. Please talk to someone who can listen to you. Life is too precious to commit suicide!
Seema Oct 2017
Into the sky
I see you fly
I doubt my vision
But you on a mission
You have metal feathers
With a shiny armour
Very proudly you fly
With untamed drama
An air strike flight
Shooting in the skies
The day seems night
How fast the time flies
The peacekeepers
Rescuing the survivors
The hell gatekeepers
Leash with tank drivers
I am a child of today
But tomorrow I may never see
Gunning and shooting all the way
Escape seems not a key
Surrounded by forces
Am lost in the middle
Wondering the causes
Of a naked needle
Onto the helpless people
That strive to survive
Stained in blood, some now criple
Few still alive, am one of them
As I light this lamp
Oil drapes on my gown
Death surrounds the camp
What day is today?
What date is today?
Don't mark my death
Don't light a lamp....... our memory, I pray!!

•|Dedicated to the war torn countries|•
Seema Oct 2017
The stars shone bright
I searched for Leo
It didn't rain last night
So easily located my cleo

The sparkles up so high
I am down here watching
My throats running dry
Some drinks I am fetching

Smiling with a roaring pride
I kept my eyes upon the sign
A shooting star took a ride
Seemed right in my glass of wine

The beautiful beast rests in the sky
I am getting up to say goodnight
Before I become a twinkle in its eye
I need to switch off this light

But my life isn't near to expire
As I have plans to settle
No time to give up and retire
Until I combat each of my battle...

Seema Aug 2017
When days are drowning
And wind is charming
The laughing Sun, churns
And the skin spots are alarming

Bare the natures wrath
As we are the ones responsible
Dumping litter here and there
Forgot about disposal

Reasoning our irrelevant actions
And scrambling with our rights
Driving in polished cars
While some adhere to plights

Campaigners walk on streets
To pick up others waste
People just pass by to greet
Hungering to delicacy taste

Activists, I am not, No!
But we all know that it's wrong
To litter around is no show
Coz clearing takes too long

It's commonsense, alright
Please use your educated brains
Pollution is at a rising height
Clogging everywhere when it rains

Mother nature gets mad at some point
And we see in news, the flooding and rain
About anywhere in the world we are
I think everyone has a working brain!

Seema Aug 2017
Thin as a stick
A child so brave
Piles up bricks
For food he craves

***** torn t-shirt
With a quarter pants
He seems quite hurt
As he plays with ants

He works to feed
With what he earns
Little boy weeds
In the sun, he burns

With face turned red
He strives his best
Lives in a strawshed
He hardly has his rest

At the age of ten
His family got killed
Ever since then
His never been healed

Now, his sixteen
Well built and tall
A learner so keen
He's learnt it all

Time flew with work
Night spent on study
Ears closed on mock
He was almost ready

Ambitious and smart
Graduated in toppers list
Now his real life starts
On a good salary, he sits...

Seema Oct 2018
Like a clay ***, this heart
Cracks from within and out
Bruises, scars just a part
Muted, yet it shouts

Don't break me, I beg to thee
My scars are still healing
I bare no harm, you see
It's just another feeling

Look deep into my eyes
You can't read, can you?
Words have drowned in tears
I see you got someone new

What I shouldn't expect, is expect
Expectations lead to heartbreaks
This has always been a fact
Ending with lots of aches


Cracks will seal, scars will heal
No more cry, tears will dry
Smile will peek, dimple on cheeks
Feel the blast, forget the past

Stand in rain, drain your pain
Thank your feelings, that made you change
Be an insane yet a sane
Life is wholesome not as strange...

Spilling thoughts. Have no expectations.
Seema Sep 2017
Sometimes I feel like a fish without water
My arms empty without my daughter
This planet's greenery being chewed off
Chocking to breath, no air just cough
Stars lose their gravitational balance and fall
Ocean creatures crowd the shopping mall
Our brains steam up to explode
Our mouths fill up with loads of word
The ignition pressured to fire off people
Massive explosions causing ocean ripple
My mind is a dangerous place to peek
You wouldn't find anything of what you seek
A whole planet, galactic system, entire universe
Resides inside my little head
Open doors through my eyes you can see and add
The perception opinion that you can actually train
The pointless manic operating my brain...

Seema Aug 2017
Sipping tea in porch
Cool breeze, temperature falls
Crescent moon sailing
Birds in the vermilion sky
Sun sets in the peacful realm

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Seema Sep 2017
The winds whistle my name
As I walk on this lonely path
Everything looks almost the same
Except the monuments ruined art

The heart was stained red
Tear marks on it's face I saw
The monument looked sad
On this bright day, it refused to glow

As I looked closer, I felt drips of water
Over my shoulder, as I stood near
A feeling of a mother, missing her daughter
In those still eyes, sipping out was its tear

I never thought stones could really cry
Crafted by men, a persona beautiful art
Even if I wipe out its tears to dry
I wouldn't feel the pain it bears in its heart...

Seema Aug 2017
Lost in the thoughts of ancient realm
Many thousands of years back
Nothing then has stayed the same
Such civilization, understanding we lack

Every ethnicity group had a tale to tell
From every little corner of this mother earth
How we worked and walked, then we fell
Cycles of life flourished again with birth

Each era had it's own vulnerable states
And each state had it's own Queens and Kings
The then ancient calendars with marked dates
Of unplanned wars in those dates boldly clings

The cities that have sunk or drowned deep
Took away with them, their entire civility
In the great oceans graveyard, now it sleeps
To be discovered by people with extreme ability

The now generation, is very inquisitive
On every find of any ancient matters around
But the finds become government subjective
Mostly those found from deep underground...

Seema Nov 2020
Darkness speaks a volume
In a tone,
That fumes my blood,
nurturing my energy
with the rhythm,
that's now, a song.
A tongue of voices
hovering to the tune
picking up the pitch,
that almost hinders the ruin.
A stigma touch
lost in the delusional vibes
with cries of glory
praising the lives.
A hit pandemic carcass
Brews with a story
We all know about...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema Sep 2017
Without you
Life seems meaningless
Without you
Sometimes I feel helpless
Without you
I get scared and careless
Without you
My mood gets hopeless
Without you
My nights are sleepless
Without you
I feel incomplete
Without you
I rather not live


You've gone
Away alone
Blown my mind
Torn my heart
Weakened my sorrow
Cheated my love
Tortured my soul
Lied on my life
Faked all the feelings
Shattered my dreams


You saying, you are sorry?

Seema Nov 2017
...who has seen heaven?
who has seen hell?
could you tell me where is gate eleven?
i forgot my way, as i fell...

...this place looks good
it's neither heaven nor hell
with plenty of delicious food
could anyone just tell?... is where i seem to be
my senses alert me to stay
as beautiful waters surround me
this is another heaven, i must say...

"who am i?"
an angel of prosperity
observing from miles
lost concentration, fell on reality... wings, i fold
as i walk on this heavenly ground
i might just stay here,
until i am found...*

Fictional write.
Seema Aug 2017
Slithering is the sound I hate to hear
On the ground, perhaps everywhere
At the lake, I barely walk near
Hearing the snouts, I wouldn't dare
I love the sea but too scared to be a meal
Of the razor teeth gliders, ready to ****
I've stopped picking coconuts recently
As the buzzing hard-shelled falls on me willingly
Right when I thought to pick some flowers
There came charging angry little towers
Noon is when I sit outside with my hot tea
The silent blood suckers happen to be
Out from their dark little camps
I am really fed up of these stinging vamps!

Uurrgggghhh mosquitoes
Seema Sep 2017
You aimed the gun at me
Finger set on the trigger
You gave a wicked smile to see
And pulled the gun away from my figure
You hugged me assuring you're sorry
Then my body draped down on the deck
In a pool of blood, as you whispered, don't worry
With the dagger stabbed on my back
You kept smiling until I passed out
Then you dumped my body in an unknown creek
You cleaned the blood stains without doubt
And left the place for good within a week
My soul still cries till this day
Waiting for him to return
To ask him why he threw me away
And let my soul revengefully burn
Why my tears poured for his love?
Why he stabbed me on my back?
Why he dumped me in a creek?
Why he turned down my luck?
But today, I have a feeling
That he's coming over soon
A mindset for healing
I'll see him at noon
To get away from his wealthy life
To find peace
To embrace my memory
To find me
To apologize to me
But it's been many years
My spirit still weeps in fears
Each day I waited and saw the way
It's now, his time to pay!

Seema Aug 2017
My life you hold
Your energy too cold
For the truth was told
Yet a bid, and I was sold

The crawling rigid fear
Year after year, I hear
I'll takecare of you dear
But no one wipes my tear

An orphan, mistreated
With frowns always greeted
My voice unheard, defeated
And all this gets repeated

Each night my heart cries
My soul begs, my mind lies
Things will be ok, with tries
My face sinks as my tear dries

No love of any kind
No happiness I ever find
Too many questions in my mind
This living, is so unkind

Run away is the only option
Drawing a picture without caption
Thinking life spread in many sections
My life sliced in infinite fractions...

I have heard some, sharing their life stories with me.
This write is inspired by one of those experiences.
Seema Nov 2017
The bones break
The fleshes bake
The horror around
Am nailed to the ground

The filthy beings
Never before seen
Chant my name
Playing their game

My hands tied
My eyes desparately cried
My egos lied
My conscious died

I see myselfs all around
Duplicates of me surround
Identical, hard to make
Whose real, whose fake

More noise in my ears
Letting go off my fears
Brushing off my final tears
Same dream over the years

The days get shorter
The nights stretch longer
My inner soul gets buried
In the darkness, when carried

Gloomy begs under my eyes
My conscious console's with lies
I try to forget my dreams
Yet, I hear their siren, screams...

Google doesn't help much on overcoming bad dreams.
Seema Dec 2017
The sky is crying
So are these eyes
But then it shys
Away in the rain
Wash away pain
A gist of insane
In my brain
He was at gain
While vain
What was main?
Unmatched reasons!
But hey, that was then
Now its another season...

Fictional write.
Seema Jul 2017
Lay me down, on a bed of thorns
For the flowers refuse to bloom
Am already mentally paralyzed
My days have turned gloom

Looking out to the sunset
Thinking of drowning my pain
Tears refuse to comfort me
Coz anxiety has grabbed me again

Let lose my demons from within
The torture is way too much
See how my soul twists and turns
As my eyes are closed to watch

******* away, O' King of winds
To the deepest cliff around
Dark, lonesome shores greet
As I plagued myself on the ground...

This is not based on me. Tho, I believe some may face this anxiety attacks daily.
Seema Oct 2017
How can I make you
That I can't live
without you
You didn't understand
my love
I'm still waiting for you

You stayed in my heart
Yet you didn't realise
my pain
Without you I'm so lone
Everyday these eyes rain

Lonely is this heart
without you
Pouring in sadness
as it misses you
My heart is so anxious
As each beat awaits
A reply from you...

Seema Aug 2017
Tears of joy
It was a boy
Families were happy
Then the beat stopped
Doctors did their best
Did many necessary tests
But the little heart
Didn't gain a beat
The mother was still out
On anesthesia dose
Her pulse was weak
He was hurt and crying
And she was slowly dying
The last moment
Such was the torment
He was broken
In million pieces
Not a word spoken
By his beloved Mrs
1a.m and the feel of cold
He looked at her, one last time
Kissed her, a painful goodbye
Suddenly all the vows became a lie
He cried his heart out in vain
There was no one to sooth his pain
I was watching him, from the other side
The place where spirits dwell
I am, just a spirit guide
In another world, if only I could tell

Seema Nov 2017
Like all colors decorating the paper to make it beautiful and make it worth seeing, life becomes as beautiful like this colored paper, with all colors of blank or empty places..SUDDENLY..the paper drifts in the rain, paper washed away, all colors washed... all what is left is a blank white breakable soaked paper... this is how life is at times..with all colors washed away and leave us soaked in tears....making life miserable, living in fears, etc...

Seema Oct 2017
The lights getting dim
I am with him
In his arms
Embracing his charms
How romantic, this night
I feel am falling from a height
Landing on his chest
Oh yes, the feeling is the best
Our eyes drowning deep
As we get closer and closer
Consuming each others sleep
It's like time has stopped
For this moment only
Silently kissing, no more lonely
The rain showers, and the breeze blows
Over our wrap bodies as love flows
The way our bodies sway,
My eagerness automatically makes its way
I'm truly blessed to have him tonight
A perfect affection, a playful night
Lived each moment like there was no end
Only if I could remember the broken parts to mend
A dream so beautiful that rarely passes my night
Soon at day break, everything fades in the light....

Seema Oct 2017
The lights getting dim
I am with him
In his arms
Embracing his charms
How romantic, this night
I feel am falling from a height
Landing on his chest
Oh yes, the feeling is the best
Our eyes drowning deep
As we get closer and closer
Consuming each others sleep
It's like time has stopped
For this moment only
Silently kissing, no more lonely
The rain showers, and the breeze blows
Over our wrap bodies as love flows
The way our bodies sway,
My eagerness automatically makes its way
I'm truly blessed to have him tonight
A perfect affection, a playful night
Lived each moment like there was no end
Only if I could remember the broken parts to mend
A dream so beautiful that rarely passes my night
Soon at day break, everything fades in the light....

Fictional write :)
Seema Feb 2018
Tempest triumph turmoil tomb
Seeketh life or seeketh whom
Ashes, bones lay beneath me
Humble yourself, so you can see
A wide range of locus holograms
Pinched around like metal prams
Escape none to route a way
Knuckles grit, sinking everyday
Dark puffed, stuffed grey matter
Auction solidarity is no better
Speech of silence, clouds of rain
Piercing pledging pleading pain
Thy grace, I praise as heavens open
Not above but a voice has spoken
Walk the steps downs, the voices called
Come to us, you belong to our world
Pushed dragged and pulled a few miles
Clowned faces, greet with smiles
Mummified shrouds hang like dolls
Eyes spring out like the tennis *****
Dredged with stinkful skillful spills
Rainbow colored infinite pills
Wide-eyed blinks match the flurocent
Contour light lights up the magnificent
Bridges burn birthing ashes
Torn ripped ***** worn sashes
Two hands praying, Lord save our nation
Two legs walk, it's another fashion
Rotten forgotten the limpage lives
All hands stuck in the money hives
Online tariff tragic traffic terror
Highlights viral vital error
Known unknown captured in doubts
Strapped bodies spillage by mouths
Shots of needles through my veins
End of life, foregone with pains!

Spilling thoughts.
Seema Oct 2017
The flame raises
Above the heads
Of many races
Without being sad

Each morning shines
With uplifting rays
Shooting lights up the pines
Like the water sprays

Mother nature such beautiful
Rules this planet called earth
With Sun up Sun down dutiful
Each where we've taken birth

The rain, the sky, the creatures, the moon
Not one single string gets thrown
Night, day or be noon
Each radiants their fragrance unknown

Peace be thy calming waves
Leashes back and forth in the deepest caves
Into the realms of untouched habitat
Where human invasions has taken a start

Out in the night when the stars shoot
I pray and wish for the wars to stop
Thinking of the elderly roots and younger shoots
Hopefully my eyes don't see the marching troops...

Seema Aug 2017
The singing of chimes
Depicts an untold story
I've not committed a crime
But am still, very sorry

I have a lot to tell
But this place,
has a weary clime
Can you wait, till am well
I sure, witnessed a crime

"Detective", I'll spit out all
Just let me breathe for a while-
Tomorrow I'll give you a call
And then we'll go to "Half Mile"

"The crime scene", Detective
At the corner of the Half Mile road
I am not being introspective
But two guys were carrying a load

They asked me for a lift
But I grew suspicious
So I took a race through swift
Coz they looked insidious

With the head flash light
I could see something dripping
They dropped it and ran for their plight
On the other side, running and tripping

I gathered courage and went to look
My breath weakened, suddenly
And what I saw, made me puke
A body or two smeared bloodily

I then ran back to my car and sped
Next morning, I read the horrible news
And became more scared
I should've reported without any excuse

That's all I know, "Officer Sam"
But I do remember their face
I will definitely help to nail them
And be a witness, in this case...

Say NO, to crime. Report incidents.
Seema Jan 2020
In this world of sorrow
Evidently, the wind blows,
away the tannic flames
And water dries up its flows
Whistles sound like whispers
While speeds jag and slows
Little breaths puff off
As to them, my prayer goes
Never experienced anger
That run from head to toes
Lagging behind in time
I am sure everyone knows
But a wish for a dream come true
That just this night, it snows
However, it turns a pity
We slim slot to pose
Happy like glass thin
Accepting a bunch of rose
Walking behind an old building
Whiping up my leaking nose
Sniffing on temptation
And in goes the dose
Mocking myself with lies
Yet, happy to be on toes
Rushing winds sing with delight
While the sunset aura glows...

Spilling thoughts.
Seema Jul 2017
The rain pours unsteadily
Like how my tears do
Slowly and swiftly
Turning my days blue

The beats of my heart
Struggles to pace
Leaving me shattered
With a puffed up face

Sitting by the rear window
Glancing at the raindrops
Pouring tears inside
One slit and the blood drops

Slow breaths but still alive
A prescription to pain relief
Has plucked my senses
And refreshed my mind

Gone are the loved ones
As I remember and grief
Accidents happen rapidly
Leaving lives blown,
             like a quivering leaf...

Life is precious, be safe.
Suicide is cowardness.
Seema Nov 2017
Who is black?
Who is white?
Rip apart each skin
And find the buried sin
Everyone is  same
Regardless of name
With no skin
Stands one color only
Now who is holy
Mix them up
See from above
No black
No white
No brown
No light
Just unified red
May be God was color blind
A monochrome shield lined
Shades of black, grey and white
One of the reasons why, humans fight
Our physics is same
Yet, color biased shades shame
Literate are we, which part of mentality
Its a total opposite, grieves to insanity...

Seema Aug 2017
When all the lights will die
From this planetary universe
Of course you'll wonder, why?
This darkness can't go inverse
Isn't the above lines wrong?
Imbalance of light and dark
Would bring chaos for long
Destructions will leave its mark
Will there be another 'Noahs' ark?
This time or next...

Seema Sep 2017
Creeping vines tangle on my legs
Dragging me away in the thorn bushes
I scream, I shout for help I beg
No one to hear, as my head rushes
****** and twigs patch up the cracks on my body
The place I am breathing, I see nobody
A craft art of black magic I sense strong
My path was blurring, then everything went wrong
What I do now, to overcome this dread
Already damaged body, I feel I am dead
Lord of light, the true one help me guide
Losen these vines, to your righteous word, I abide
A struggle of little, I'm off the vines
Trying to run, where the light shines
Taken back to the same path, where it all started
How my friends and I got parted
A dream of such is hard to forget
A friend I've lost...that was my only regret...

Seema Oct 2017
One day...
This beautiful body will be, just a heap of ash
My name...
Will be cancelled from formal papers with a single dash
It's a birth and death lifecycle that we all ride
Tho sometimes people cheat death, so they remain clocked at the road side
The things we are running after, claiming its ours
Are laid back once you've been put to rest after hours
Being rich, being poor doesn't change the color of ashes to gold and dust
The bones and aftermath are identical once in grave, while the imitations put on our bodies,
The organs burst first followed by the rest
Laying in dirt, bodies coned, head pointing to the west
Life fulfilling with what we have gained
Death comes uninformed, souls get pained
Burnt, buried, sank or served dishes to vultures
Life flies between living games of cultures
Souls light up the world as stars in the universe
Sometimes I wish, if life could also be reversed...

Spilling thoughts :)
Seema Aug 2017
Buzzing is an angry bee trying to nest on my hair,
Just won't stop flying near my naked ear.
Hard to see, my face covered in a mask care,
A vicious sting of it, is all I fear.

Waving my hands in the air to chase it around,
Soon it comes buzzing after a while.
An angry wild bee that won't buzz off from my surround,
I know it really wants to kiss with a smile.

Could it be the spell of flowery sweet scent on my blouse,
Attracting the little ****** on me today.
Or is it the sweet cart that sells sweets near my house,
My mind is too confused, what can I say?

It's a memorable kiss on my red cheek,
Like a balloon, so painful as I speak!

Seema Sep 2017
Some say,
The high and low tide of life rises
Coz of astrology...
The good and bad, the power and obsession
The poor and the rich, the success and rejection
And all other happenings, from family to relationship
Good days, struggles and all the hardship
Coz of astrology...

In our culture, we have nine planets which rules the daily work course of life
Each planet, has its own pros and cons on a person
Behind the occurrence, there's a reason
Most in our culture believe that if good deeds are done with,

Clean heart
Clean mind
Kind soul

Then it's your good karma and thus,
The angry planets stay away
Some say,

Learning and knowing about each planetary god
Rises million questions, that it becomes hard to word
I myself, did bit of reading and research on these planetary gods
And all I can say is that, just keep doing the good deed
Help those who are in great need
If you can afford enough, cook to feed
Try to save yourself from envy, anger, jealously, greed, conspirator, expectant, obsessed mind
Always calm yourself and remind
Every life deserves happiness in any form
Such that it can heal that life from a storm
Be generous, be kind, be calm, be lovely, be helpful without expectation
And leave the rest on god without hesitation...

Believe or not to believe, just be a better kind soul.
Seema Oct 2017
When the winds will blow
And the stars will glow
When the waves will pour
And kiss the sandy shore
When the dark night shines
On the growing vines
When the thorns will wrap in
And I bleed from within
When my lips get sealed
And no one by to heal
When my tears will dry
And my surround gets dead
Don't you cry
Don't get sad
Just wipe the dust off my lips
And kiss me a goodbye
So my spirit feels at bliss
While flying out, up in the sky...

Seema Jul 2017
Sweeping over my naked feet,
Is the gentle waves of the sea
Back and forth it comes to meet,
My locked memories with a key

Teary eyes, sink with thoughts
While listening to the waves, clash
How easily, he untied all the knots
My past seems to bash and flash

Silent lips, yet a beating heart
Feelings of despair pour as tears
As I collect the pieces part by part
My mind taunts, while my heart hears...

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