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Aug 17 · 109
Fear or Faith
Chrissy Ade Aug 17
Fear has taken my left hand
And Faith has taken my right hand,
Pulling me in opposite directions
Like children playing tug-of-war
I’m swaying between the road that diverges
Into a life of comfort or a life of greatness
And I cannot decide who deserves my heart
Does Faith deserve it because it embraces uncertainty,
A tortured game with unpredictable results?
Or does Fear deserve it more because it promises certainty,
An enemy of progress that loathes new adventures?
Faith has taken my left hand and Fear has taken my right hand
I cannot make a choice; they are pulling me apart
Where do I go from here, I’m running out of time
Jul 1 · 97
Chrissy Ade Jul 1
When I told you that I was famished
I didn’t imply that you should keep
Spoon-feeding me the same, old lies
As if I wouldn’t spit them out again  
My stomach wails and moans because
I refuse to swallow your inedible lies
That plagued my mouth with a rancid taste
When all it wants is something to eat  
When I told you that I was famished
I realized that my words had fallen on deaf ears
And you would never understand the gravity of my needs
I asked you for the truth and you failed to deliver
So now I have chosen to look for something better
This body is need of food and will not survive if I
Continue to live empty with someone who thought I was full
Lies are like candy, sweet but not filling.
Apr 14 · 247
Her Secrets
Chrissy Ade Apr 14
My mother carried me in her arms
When I was just shy of being three
In the palm of her hands, I saw dainty charms
She said it was a gift to the big, blue sea

With me on her hips, she tip-toed out the door
In the early morning hours to be discreet
When we arrived, she quickly walked to the shore
So the crashing waves could tickle her feet

She carefully placed me down on the sand
As she walked deeper into the water
She opened up the palms of her hand
And couldn’t help but think of her precious daughter
She took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air
Like she had forgotten what it was like to breathe  
The cheeky wind tousled with her midnight hair
Smiling wide-eyed, bearing all her teeth

She dropped the trinkets in the ocean
And watched them fall like leaves
I saw her overcome with such emotion
This was the face of sweet relief

Her eyes glowed brighter than before
But there was still a hint of her meekness  
She was unafraid of her new freedom to soar
For the ocean promised to guard her secrets
Mar 25 · 179
Lonely Part Deux
Chrissy Ade Mar 25
Here in her lonely
At a quarter past three
When the sun still sleeps,
Sadness reigns her in
Enveloping this child
Devoid of self-worth  
She’s oddly comforted
In Sadness’s presence,
Safe in arms that she was
Unaware could hold her
At this dark, ungodly hour,
Sadness became her mother,
Rubbing love into her back  
While tucking a strand
Of her hair behind her ear
As it whispered sweet dreams
Sadness wraps around her back,
Pushing for a confession
That she was too afraid to give
So here in her lonely
At a quarter past three
When the sun still sleeps
She releases those stifled tears
That became oceans over time
Drowning in her insecurities
Sadness was her only lifeline
She was lonely at night, She was lonely during the day, She felt lonely tonight, She felt lonely everyday.......
Mar 17 · 190
Chrissy Ade Mar 17
A snake will always be a snake
No matter how much you want it to change
You cannot will something to change
When it is comfortable in its skin
A snake will scour the terrains of this earth,
Slithering on its underbelly to patiently wait
For the perfect opportunity to present the perfect victim
A bite that strong will never infuse you with honey,
Sweetening your veins like a cup of coffee
No, a snake will permeate you with venom
Traveling through your blood like a wildfire,
Spreading its poison as fast it can
Burning everything from the inside out
Hoping to **** you in an instant
It feeds on the tragedy for breakfast
But savors the pain for dinner
Accept the nature of its ways
Because trust is foreign to a snake
Believing its heart can be thawed and saved
Is a waste of time
When its wickedness and deceit
Are the only things that can keep it alive
Long time, no post :P I found a writing prompt online where I had to include three specific words: snake, honey and thaw! I hope you guys like the end result of this!
Dec 2018 · 581
Chrissy Ade Dec 2018
Let me be your motivation
As we jump into this sea of persuasion
Swim together freely in a deeper exploration
Let this be our secret, a spontaneous vacation
I feel sparks when you touch me, what's this weird sensation?
“Falling in love” seems appropriate, can we celebrate this occasion?
Let’s get carried away and fly with our imaginations
Hoping that they will lead us to secret destinations
Baby, can these moments alone be our salvation?
As we become enthralled with each other’s inclinations?
Kiss me quick, make it last, my lips are ravished with anticipation
Take my hand and follow me so we can have endless conversations
This is probably one of my favorite things I've written so far! I haven't written a rhyming poem in a while, so it felt good to go back to my beginnings.

All feedback, CC and comments are welcomed
Dec 2018 · 126
Chrissy Ade Dec 2018
Darling, please tell me
When you hear my name mentioned
Once in a blue moon, on quiet afternoons
With all the time that has passed between us
Do your bones still jump and dance with joy,
Awakening and reigniting the old feelings
That you once held so passionately for me?
Or do you feel the opposite and burn from the inside out,
Your blood boiling, heart racing, muscles aching because
the sound of my name alone can no longer tame
the raging war you’re battling inside?
First post in 2 months
Names have connotations for everyone, both positive and negative. When you hear certain names, do you contract or do you expand?
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
Chrissy Ade Oct 2018
The night cupped sadness into its hands
swaddling it like a newborn babe
gently promising to never let go
But the night quickly fell to its ending
while the morning rose for its beginning
and the sun smiled gleefully in return
Sadness cried for night to come back  
for sunshine was not a language it knew
so it retreated to its hole and waited
because only the night understood its tune
If night had a best friend, it would be loneliness(lonely)
Sep 2018 · 1.0k
Chrissy Ade Sep 2018
When they greet her each morning
The clouds will always kiss the sky,
softly taint her with their love
grooming her for a beautiful day

But do they know that nothing they do
will ever hinder her from hiding her truth?

She can beckon the rain to pour gently,
even descend fiercely as a wild shower
release a luminous shock of white,
striking against her nakedness
accompanied by the bellowing thunders
the ones that cause even the strongest
to tremble as trepidation hugs their bones

-- when she finds it necessary--

Her actions are not contingent
upon the desires of those who
only want the easier side of her
To love her is to accept her wholly
and truthfully for everything she is
Critiques, Comments, CC and Feedback is much appreciated
Aug 2018 · 810
Chrissy Ade Aug 2018
I hope I'll be bold enough one day
To share my secrets and share my pain
so that I will no longer feel
Maybe the day I share my pain
is the day the sea will hold my hand
not to punish me but to drown my sorrows
and wash the old away
One day, I'll arise anew and let go of the sea's hand
so that I can walk with Happiness instead
Make this heart of stone soft-river its way to freedom
Because all I dream to be is
All feedback, comments and critique are appreciated.
Aug 2018 · 9.5k
Days of the Week
Chrissy Ade Aug 2018
On Monday we met, our eyes fixated on one another, eager to know more
On Tuesday we talked, twiddling our thumbs, fidgeting in our seats, pondering on the right things to say
On Wednesday we hugged, your arms held me close, heartbeats in sync, I felt myself floating
On Thursday we kissed, our lips gravitated towards each other, like the moon and the sea, the connection was natural
On Friday we confessed, three little words wrapped around our ears,
forever tattooed in our minds
On Saturday you disappeared, no note, no call, no text
not a trace of you left that I could still hold on to
On Sunday I cried, my heart still beats, but never the same way,
would you ever give me a reason if I ever asked "Why?"
Just a cheeky poem about first love... :P
Constructive  Criticism and feedback is welcomed and appreciated :)
Jul 2018 · 5.2k
Chrissy Ade Jul 2018
The nightingale is titillating;
its songs shiver down my spine
while listening to its melodious voice;
hearing the pitch-perfect harmonies,
is as calming as the summer sea

I watch the nightingale, perfectly perched on the tree
whispering sweet sounds of seduction
beckoning to her mate
its voice echoes throughout the night
Filling the eeriness of the pitch-black sky

My own nightingale, won't you sing to me?
Your voice is my sanity,
soft-spoken and light, solace rests in your songs,
It covers me like a blanket,
shielding me from all harm

Safe and sound in your presence
captured by those gentle brown eyes
your peace is like the moon,
Resting still in the dark
But always following around

My nightingale sings me to sleep
as the sky changes from dusk to night
the sweet little notes caress my ears
while I gently close my eyes
dreaming to her lovely lullaby
I consider this poem an 'old' poem since I wrote it about 5 years ago. I decided to revise it from the original, which I may or may not post later. All feedback and CC is welcome!
Jul 2018 · 102
Chrissy Ade Jul 2018
I cried out to the sky,
shouting in every octave
and every note,
desperately waiting for her answer

She was still

I could feel the anger rising
the fire in my belly roared
it could not be contained as
I was begging to be heard

I was ignored

I cried out to the sky again,
screaming an endless breath  
as I felt myself leave my body,
falling on my feeble knees

The silence was deafening

My ears piqued as I heard the rumbling in the distance,
the ominous, grey clouds covered her like a blanket
She was preparing her grand entrance,
and I was the opening act

I waited for her to pour out to me,
to drown out the hurt I had swallowed
to water the dying parts I neglected
to cleanse me of the sins I harbored

I cried out to the sky one more time,
ripping her apart
with my arms stretched out wide,
waiting for her to fall into me

Her answer come slowly,
one by one, I could feel
the raindrops kissing my face
the cleansing was upon me

One turned into many
and many turned into a storm
I no longer needed
to make my presence known  

The rain became her hands,
wrapping herself around my body
My will to fight her was gone
She finally gave me what I needed
This is my first poem after not writing for over a month (I KNOW........) :( So I apologize if the poem is a bit rusty!  Constructive Criticism is always welcome
Jun 2018 · 3.2k
How do I..
Chrissy Ade Jun 2018
How do I ask my mind to shut off?
How do I tell her "Enough"?
How do I ask my mind to leave me alone
when her very essence is to control my life?
She bothers me when I want to sleep,
I'm restless, wrestling with the thoughts and
uncertainties that I cannot put to bed
My bad days become her vice
My good days become her stomping ground
I'm a prisoner of my own mind
The feeling of constantly running away
but not knowing what you are running from
Always thinking the worst
but never really knowing why
My heart dancing inside my chest
bouncing off the walls while I
lay perfectly still
The incessant crying that drowns me
in a sea of endless fears
She calms down when she wants to,
but she never truly goes away
I always feel the storm coming
but I never know how hard it will rain
Constructive Criticism is welcome! :) I wrote this poem about my own anxiety hoping to make sense of it all :)
Jun 2018 · 27.0k
Chrissy Ade Jun 2018
My lips have always craved the taste of danger.
Maybe it is because I don't know what's good for me
or I'm in love with the high I get from it
The high that takes me to the heavens,
surpassing the pillow-like clouds
resting against the azure canvas
I remember the taste so vividly,
I salivate at the thought of it
It's sweet like candy,
the sugary goodness
rushing inside my veins
delicately coating my tongue
bites between my teeth
explode into a thousand little pieces,
dancing inside my mouth
Your succulent lips pressed against mine,
remind me of the taste of summer strawberries,
juicy and tender with citrusy undertones
we're kissing like there's no tomorrow
Oh how I feel your lips part from mine, then touch
and part again the way the clouds greet the sky
Before a rainy afternoon
How can something so bad taste this good?
Oh I'm convinced your kisses are a drug
Nice to play with, but toxic to the mind
Kissing you must be equivalent to intoxication
shockwaves through my body,
the paralyzing euphoria
I don't think I could ever give you up
This addiction is taking control
Constructive Criticism is welcomed :)
Chrissy Ade Jun 2018
The blank paper stares at me
It knows I have no thoughts
But how can I keep it from winning
when I have nothing to share?
The paper mocks me from all four corners
Challenging my thoughts and intelligence

For I have nothing to write

Searching high and low
I'm seeking for inspiration
Words fading, people leaving
memories disappearing into the dark void
My tongue incapable of letting
the emotions fall from my mouth
They run to avoid my grasp
My hand reaches out to them
But they flee once again

The ink is wasted. Pen is silenced. Going unused.

The blank paper stares at me
For I couldn't birth my truth
Mocking and laughing
The paper won.

*Inspired by Jessica DeBoo's "Unclaimed Territory"
I wrote this in my Creative Writing class when I was in 10th grade and my teacher wanted us to model the poem after Jessica DeBoo's 1999 poem "Unclaimed Territory", so this poem is inspired by it. It is just about dealing with Writer's Block, which is something I'm sure all of us have gone through at point in our writing! This is actually the revised version of my original poem, so I wanted to know what you all thought of it! Comments, constructive criticism and opinions are welcome :)
May 2018 · 135
Never Enough
Chrissy Ade May 2018
I’m slowly accepting that
No matter what I do
No matter how many times
I have bled on this cold, unforgiving floor
No matter how many times I have cried
Oceans in the dead of the night
You can never pull the wool out of your emerald eyes
To see I’m slowly killing myself
For you
For your approval
For your acceptance
For your love
You tell me you’re proud of me,
But I have never heard a lie so sweet
You tell me to chase my dreams
But bind my feet before I can even move
You tell me to love you with all my heart
But you mangled it in this ****** war
I rise up in spite of the pain
Only to feel your burning hands
Hurl me across the room
My bones shatter like glass
Every time my body hits the floor
This cold, unforgiving floor that has held me down
For too long with your crushing weight pressed against my back
I struggle to break free, flailing my limbs in every direction
But one look into those perfect, emerald eyes hold me in your trance
Gazing into your deep abyss
Your eyes pierce me like a knife
Carving me out slowly and then all at once
How long can my heart swim in anger
Before it drowns in it too? I ask myself
She swims to get away, but somehow still yearns for you
Your lips kiss me all over with a frigid touch, sending chills down my spine
You smell my fear as you wrap your arms around me tightly
I desperately try to claw my way out of your grasp
You think you know how to love
But your hollow heart weighs deep in your chest
My heart drowned in anger
I slowly died because of you.

— The End —