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im a teen, of sorts
17 years and still told to speak up
but I cant tell you to listen
told to speak
but all thats heard is a long drawl
"but you need to stop
grow some thick skin"
shut the F* up
listen to me
cant you see me
cant you hear me
I tell you that hurts
I tell you my pain
but where is the change
"you arent old enough to understand"
im old enough to have a heart
old enough to speak
im old enough to feel
why do you think
every time you cry
I try to help you feel better
ive been there
and if not
ill walk right next to you
for you
so shut up and listen
how todays youth get treated, but yet they have more ideas than just about any adult, so listen to us
Philomena Jan 12
I guess you could say I hate you
But hate Doesn't feel quite right
After all there was a time once
I wanted nothing more than you in my life

And  know it was never nothing
Because nothing isn't something to cry about
But isn't it sad
Sad to see it all die out

It's a bitter sting now
Because as much as you frustrate me
You were the only one who believed
You showed me how to see

And days turn to months
And months to years
I hope you forget
All your fears

So it's not a goodbye
So much as a see you for now
But when the world sets me back in your court
Don't expect me to bow
I know this isn't the last of it, that would be far too easy, and nothing comes easy, so see you on the other side.
Helen Jan 8
tell me, how did it feel when my foot pierced your chest
when i told you to get off of me
tell me, was it hard when i told you no
when i made you realize that you are not the owner of my body
that you do not get to decide what choices i can and can not make
please, in full detail, for everyone in attendance, explain how your heart slowed when i proudly exclaimed “stop, do not touch me”
because i am not your property
somehow, i don’t remember signing the lease over to you
my shorts length is not a public property sign
saying “all are welcome”
because with my hand on a tarot deck, i will proudly exclaim that “my body is mine” that my words and decisions will not change unless i want them to
and maybe one day, i will allow someone to sign a lease and borrow the title
but today, i get to keep the pen
sharon Jan 2
he was the sun
she was the moon

he didn't know that
all she wanted was
to shine alone.

– s.r.
— she was not just the moon, she was light.
Amelia Dec 2018
A Guide on Burning Emotions
1. Get your heart broken
2. Contemplate your existence
3. Vent to a trusted friend
4. Realize you both hate emotions
5. Utter two simple words: "**** it."
6. Agree on a meeting spot
7. Meet at midnight (because that's when it hurts the most)
8. Hug each other
9. Dig out the shattered pieces of your heart
10. Lay them on the logs cut from behind the Heart- Breaker's house
11. Shed your final tears over the imbecile who didn't see your worth
12. Get the black matches that mirror your future soul
13. Both of you light a match by the tip of your painted nails

14. Light the place up
This is something I wrote after venting to a friend after getting my heart broken. We have plans on ruling the world one day, as you will see in a future poem.
Manasvi Garg Dec 2018
Perhaps, you were born kneeling
and crying
expecting a kiss of mercy
and touch of love
Perhaps, you were not born strong
and feisty
seizing the smiles on the faces
that saw you
but remember, woman
you were never weak.
You may be the kind of woman
that men want to keep
and you can let them keep you;
hold you, grasp you, clutch you, anything-
if it means that they can get
a lingering sense of what a woman feels like
But don’t let them squeeze away
the very soul of you;
what makes you you
don’t whimper wordlessly
while their knuckles turn white
from holding onto you so tight.
You may be the kind of woman
that men want to write about
and you can let them weave you
into words, phrases
stories, metaphors, anything-
from the curves of your smile to the dips of your hips
let them frame you into pages
But don’t let them ink your innocence
with dark shades of night
or color you frail
when you’ve only ever been valiant
throughout your life
You may be the kind of woman
that men want to love
and you can let them love you;
kiss you, care for you
praise the delicacy of your being
and the strength that lies within
But don’t let them adorn you
with mere adjectives of the common-
“Pretty” “****” “hot”, and whatnot
You are worth more than
just words that are meant to capture you into feelings
you are bold, like the text on my computer screen
you are hope, like that hidden in the Sun
you…are beautiful.
You are a woman
a human
a mother,
a sister,
a daughter,
an equal.
And yes, perhaps
You were not born strong
and feisty,
but remember, woman
you were never weak
You are the whisper
of the wind
singing in our ears
‘Carpe Diem’
you are our yesterday
and tomorrow .
But above all-
You are a woman
And that should be enough.
Namu Dec 2018
I am danger to men
I must cover up
Behave well and then
Pour my guests a cup
I am heaven to men
I must pamper up
Flirt well and then
Be lustful when I ****
I am hindrance to men
I must shut up
Suffer and when
I speak up and fight
There will be me no more after tonight
La vie en femme.
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
There’s two types of people in this world and some of them aren’t as confident, proud, outgoing, steadfast, and brave, the list is endless, as others. This is written for those who take the back seat for the most part and don’t always love the lime light. Don’t worry, some of us understand you.

She wakes up in the morning
and rolls Herself out of bed
She tries Her hardest and clears Her busy head.
She gets to the mirror and sees Her smile.
"Oh my word what a pile of ****...
I still have to do today
just to say that I am done"
is what She needs to tell Herself everyday
but She sadly stops at part one.

She examines herself,
takes the make up off the shelf
and puts on Her face for the day.
She thinks of all the people She needs to face
And what exactly She needs to say.

To be polite … while being precise
but without being Un-PC.
but these words evade Her
like steadiness in a seizure
so many faces that daunt Her,
past social encounters that haunt Her
and it’s only the beginning of the day.
when I see Her engage with the   
bewilderment of people,       
it’s an interesting sight in itself.

(as David Attenborough)
as the female puts her best foot forward,      she also uses Her sceptical eye too     
and Her heart, goes back in its shell.       
it’s not that She doesn’t trust the other humans in the species,      and it’s not that you aren’t to be liked,       
but She needs to tell if the friendship is for one second or for life.

I watch Her and notice how She holds a conversation like I want Her to hold my               
....... heart.        Anxiously, yet tentatively and caringly too.
But it’s lunch time now and for Her that relief,
to sit, not eat, and have a self-debrief.         
“you’re done with half of things in your way for today, and it’s all smooth sailing from here!”
is what She needs to tell Herself right now       
but there’s a slight change added in Her schedule,
its panic and ******.                     
“WHAT EVER SHALL I DO?”.             
then the soothing voice,
of Her chubby Adonis,             
has to tell her what to do:       
don’t you worry,             
don’t you fret,
together we’ll see this through.   
You’re already half way done and you’ve climbed small mountains,     give yourself credit where it is due!”       
but in her mind, it sounds, otherwise       
it sounds like there’s still mountains ahead     
and only molehills achieved.     
and the energy levels are depleted.     
and baby now you’re halfway.

So it’s something to ponder how someone can wonder and stress and dwell and plea.     
on social situations that you may take for granted as something to face on the daily.            
so, don’t be impatient, but for once just stand in Her shoes and find some other ways to wipe away and not give them their blues.
A spoken word piece I did based on my Fiance and her general daily anxieties
Jul's Dec 2018
I'm a woman that needs to be loved
I'm a woman with dreams & hopes
I'm a woman with love that wants to express
I'm a woman that won't back down in what I believe in
I'm a woman with desire
I'm a woman that is up for a challenge
I'm a woman with a lot of despair, and needs to go away
I'm a woman that has dreams and hopes filled with desire that's going to come true
I'm also a woman with desire that wants to express it in a way that makes me feel good
I'm a woman filled with love, but I wanna be with my love
        Written by Julie David
Erika Dec 2018
know your worth.
know you’re worth it.
know you are worthy.
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