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Jeremy Betts Apr 12
Would you get a load of this priick...

Entitlement punk crybaby excrement
In mom's basement
Trying to **** his own wick

No ******* with a chick
Mildly pathetic
Stream it to the public

Embarrassment is gonna hit
Shoulda quit
To late
Now this is what you get

Find blame and aim it
Control the topic
"It ain't me" it must be women's empowerment?

Assuming you never knew what rhetorical meant
You can't know that wasn't
I'm asking,
That's not a statement

The angers placement
Seems specifically targeted doesn't it
Common denominator
Looks to be your equipment...
...dip shiit

Y'all need Jesus, you're sick

Bipasha Dutt Feb 10
Love doesn't mean
letting someone
live under your shadows.

Love means
helping someone
find their own light.

Don't call
                 dependency as love

Love is
Rone Selim Feb 5
They think they can throw rocks at me,
to blind what’s in hindsight
But they dont understand Eternal Light
thrives in dark nights,
Rock bottom is my design,
I absorb it take power from it and form it
Peak through pain
Hurdle will be MY game,
so let’s play this game right.

Hidden motives they hide,
but I saw them with my minds eye
The say “love” as in false disguise
But real hatred they harbor inside

Which only ends in their own demise, because out of lust many of these men desire
to get in between my thighs,
to feel the divine inside
So I be polite and tell them to;
raise their consciousness above my waistline
and to go back to their wives. Respect her.


After the first line, I discussed my emotions with a friend. We talked about what I was feeling and then mixed in some shared creativity and emotions with my friend. Some power, empowerment and truth combined with a little humor.
Malia Jan 19
Don’t call me pretty.

I am not a delicate
Rose to be plucked
At your fleeting desire.


I am

I am not a willow
Bending in the time
Of your gusts.
A pastel shade
Of pink, meant to be
Seen, but not noticed.


Don’t you realize?

𝘸𝘦 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘮𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘶𝘱 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘦.
Mays Benatti Dec 2023
Wide space
To Reflect
Can you Relate or do you object
Or we can Debate
Please Don’t hesitate

For in this wide space, we have room to grow
To reflect on our lives, and the seeds we sow
We can see our mistakes, and learn from our past
And find the strength within us, to make it last

But do you relate, to this need for space?
Or do you object, and prefer to keep pace?
We can debate, and share our different views
But let's not hesitate, to find common ground and choose

For in this wide space, there's room for us all
To find our own path, and answer our own call
So let us reflect, and find our inner light
And with love and compassion, make our future bright.
Graff1980 Nov 2023
Everything is pure imagination,
colors pulled from the mind’s
massive palette,
as new dimensions reveal themselves
in swirling abstractions
of curling rainbow action.

The colors she sees internally
are multi layered and 3d,
rapidly releasing childlike energy
and remaking her inner existence
into a safe fantasy,
as she takes that imagery
and makes it her waking reality.

She takes the power to paint and reshape
a poorly formed life of pain
into a playground of
crimson, purple, yellow,
pink, and blue
for everyone to view.

Everything fades to background noise,
and there is only art unfurling,
as the unconscious writes its own story,
as time moves at its own pace,
letting awe and intense focus
color her sweet cherubic face.
Joshua Phelps Sep 2023
if you stay in
your own head

the memories,
faded, might

leave you
in dread.

just torturing

simply feeling
hopeless, and
angry instead.

it's not worth
putting yourself
through this

even if life's
a little complicated.

look with your
eyes, not
all hope is lost.

even in the
darkest places,

the light will
shine bright
when you need
it most.
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
it always seems that life is happy to remind you
that it doesn't owe you anything.
it doesn't owe you happiness.
or friends.
it doesn't even owe you an explanation
of what happens at the end of your story.
but guess what?
you don't owe life anything either.
you don't owe anything to anyone except yourself.
it's your time. your happiness. your choice.
because it is your story.
alexis Jan 2022
humanity is at constant odds with freedom.

it varies in definition – one man’s liberty is another’s snare. there is so much that is preconceived, that precedes and influences human thought, it makes freedom seem self-indulgent — a vehicle for ego-stroking and inflated sense of purpose.

freedom is simpler for others. it’s the one objective way to live — it’s the only way to live.

and maybe i’ve become too accustomed to the weight on my wrists that i refused you, vehemently opposed a chance to fly out from my cage into the new world. was i supposed to be thankful? i didn’t even know i had wings.

you released my usual tight ponytail from her tower upon my crown. black waves crashed upon the shore of my shoulders, i couldn't help but feel drowned in them.

you bared my skin from the safety of my clothes. you assured me that your touch was better armor for me. but there’s not enough free flesh of yours to cover what i wish to hide. a small ice age passed through the room every night, chilling me so deeply that not even your cloying warmth can stop the shiver of disdain traveling my spine.

you freed me from the comfort i used to have. you relinquished me from the safety of being me.

i tried to see everyday as a chance to grow comfortable, and everyday i had no choice but to be a stranger my own house because every chair was taken by your wants and every wall painted with your desires over mine that there was only standing room left for me.

i felt liberated in the way a captive animal roams its enclosure. i was king of a small domain, but a pawn to a larger kingdom. but i’d much rather liken your love to being an animal lead to slaughter with no wool over its eyes. it’s freeing, just not in the way you’d want.

when i finally gathered enough scraps of courage to tie my hair up again and sheathe myself in layers, i retreated back to my cage, not with my tail between my legs but the feathers on my chest ruffled with pride.

i believe more now than ever that freedom exists in the captivity of self. let me throw away the key and waste away in comfort.
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