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Raise your head
Raise your hand
Raise your voice
Speak it.

Shut your mouth
Close your eyes
Find your fear
Seek it.

Claim the place
Within yourself
Don't feel ashamed
Claim it.

Take your rage
From these past days
Take it.
Feel it.
Scream it!
A shoe that fits no longer
change blowing through the open doors
A rhythm that springs from my core:
My shoe it fits no more
My shoe it fits no more
My shoe it fits no more

Stripped from expectations
guided by a vision
A whisper from the void:
The empowerment of choice
The empowerment of choice
The empowerment of choice
I've got the power to create
The hips and thighs
Perfectly voluptuous

I've got the power to birth
I've got the power to make life
I've got the power to make breath

Don't tell me that I am powerless
Don't tell me to do what you said
You answer to me

I am The Goddess
you answer to me
Jo Organiza Mar 29
An empowered woman that looks at you with unbothered recognition;
Like a walking sculpture beyond the measure of imagination and description.

Her mind is filled with wonders, and her heart is a slate;
born to be herself and not to solely procreate
A capable woman that hits like a note
A note that is enough to float your melodic boat
One that accepts you even if you look like a goat.
Poem- A Poem about Women
Twitter: @JoRaika
Let me handle, said the man;
Detailed everything, but the woman.
I did everything, said the man;
Without hesitation clapped the woman.
In front; I will be, said the man;
Praised actual, but was the woman.
Wasn’t it just another rumor by man;
All did but unknown, the woman.
May be that’s why there’s no more green but sand;
Cause motherhood only defined the woman.
Dedicated to all woman out there, mostly housewives.
SiouxF Mar 21
This is me,
I am strong,
I am powerful,
I am courageous,
I make no apology for who I am,
For who I am
Is forged from pain and suffering,
The lessons were hard,
The road was long,
But led to a stronger, better, more empowered version of me.
So if you’re struggling,
Feeling weak and abused,
Hold strong,
Be steadfast,
Raise your head up high,
Look for Him who supports and inspires you,
Know your suffering will be turned into strength
And an inspiration to others.
For some it takes a while to reach this place,
To slay the dragons
And stand in our power,
But once there,
With God on our side,
Lo betide anyone who dares to put us down again!
This was inspired by someone I met today in the way they held themselves, how they were strong and true to who they are, were unapologetic for that, and in their being was an inspiration to me
Snam Mar 17
The Jezebel
Screamth, Not I.
My ******* though dun
Nay, not I.

Forbidden from silence
Banned from breath
The words come spilling
Manned by wrath

My heart lies with you
Of the sorrow that’s within
Fate comes unwilling
Betraying our last wish

Thy spirit soars
Well past the hourglass
And you think I’m thankful
For what is beholden

But again, I say
Not I, not I
My hairs be wires
What belies compare

Beauty without beholder
Leaves room for the wilder

Dame, pretention knows no bounds
Hate hold thy ground
Femininity cannot succeed
by emulating
toxic masculinity

That's female DISempowerment's job
In order to step into my power as a grown woman, do I have to grab my crotch, blast WAP, flirt a lot, wink and stick my tongue out? Do I have to go to strip clubs with the fellas to prove, I'm cool? Do I have to claim emotions are a weakness? Do I have to call women "B*tches"? Do I have to insult another woman's figure?
Is "sexiness" our greatest power?
It's a shame how many women get duped into seeking money, status, fame, careers, fans,... off the female dis-empowerment of themselves or their peers. Let's do better ladies! and let's demand better!
grace snoddy Jan 20
my heart walks along a new path,
a road filled with cracks and certainty
in the hope that time does heal all wounds,
and that one day i will fall in love again.

this path seems solemn and lonely.
my state of mind more introspective
and versatile
with only the gentle whispers of the wind
to accompany my racing thoughts.
the fresh air soothes my wary frame
and embraces my soul within.

its hard not having you around,
to ramble to, to laugh with, to be present with;
as i am reminded of your absence
in the presence of my solitude.

but ive grown to find the grueling process
to be a beautiful one.
because with pain and sorrow i was exposed
to the depth and magnitude of my essence.
i was introduced to myself as you simply
mirrored my reflection back to me.

i realized i was always whole.
i was always here.
and ill still be here after youve gone.

an independent incarnation of
all my past lives lessons,
and all my futures regrets.

i am all.
i am the universe personified.
hello all!! its been a very long while since ive posted on here, as ive suffered with the worst writers block for the longest time. i am happy to say that ive been getting my muse back, and i plan to post my works on here as i usually did beforehand. i am glad to be back, and happy 2021 to you all <3
SA Szumloz Jan 15

I am not a word in your dictionary you can merely define;
A synonym, a replacement, of the one you called "mine"
I refuse to be claimed; replaced. Thus, I will never satisfy
The definition of me is me. So, sayonara and goodbye!
This is my life.

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