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Namu 47m
In this mad, mad world
All we seek is composure
But no matter how old
Self hate is alcohol,
You're either drunk or sober
Body numb.
Brain empty.
Heart hurts.
Whole me is paralyzed.
Everything is not fine
None of it are
Its getting me ***** myself up
Without further ado
scenarios riding like a coast
Feelings driving like a pro
None of them are fine
Even when you try to smile
Every step is not worthwhile
Even when you know where to sail
No one is backing you when you fail
Its dive in or succumb with the cruel tail
Where fantasy seize to be fantasized
Where dreams seize to be dreamed
And where pain seize to hurt
None of them are well and fine
When the clock ticks at every second
While you lay your back on your head board
Thinking everything will vanish in a snap of a finger
Hoping reality wont be cruel as it already is.
However you can’t stop it from happening,
You can’t stop the clock from rotating against its solars
You need to live with it. May it be bad or lucky.
Because none of it are fine and well handed to you
I feel the first drop, then the second
Painting my white flowers red
A pain stabs me below the belly
Like a knife so sharp and heavy
One peep sends me off the rails
Driven mad by this cruel spell
Chocolate and sleep keeps me sane
Distracting me from the pain
So, my lovely gentlemen,
When God graciously sends
A baby into your life
Just think twice
About the mothers who're shamed
Because of the blood they waste
So that you can be a daddy.
Sabene May 16
I am 104 kg and 6ft,
I constantly hear “You should lose some weight”
What do you think I am trying to do, I stopped eating processed foods, went on walks and was happy my weight stabilized,
then you had to run your ******* mouth

What is it about you?
Why can't you mind your own business?
Why is it that you find it okay to imply to my mother that my dressing is inappropriate, just because I wasn't wearing a duppatta

You judge my clothes,
Are you bothered by the fact that I rock both traditional and western clothes?
Are you afraid of the bold moves I make?
Are you afraid that your ladies are no longer under your control?
Let me tell you this, I am no man's Sabene, and I will not back down

Sabene is a phoenix,
her wings, you will never cut
You may burn her with your words,
but from those ashes, she shall rise,
Bolder, Braver and Freer than ever.
A big FU to society from my end. These are just some of the snide comments I've heard and today I decided to write everything down and clear my head. I heard a great quote from Reddit today, "They don't deserve to live in your head rent free". I've decided to give society the boot and I hope you will too.
No one deserves to be anything but what they are, don't let anyone change you.

To those of you, wondering, a duppatta is a piece of cloth worn by women around the neck to hide skin around the neck and chest.
nif Apr 30
above her feet
and lil tummies
above her teeth
tiny necks
and chubby arms
in final form
a female physique
all cheeks
i am woman
jules Apr 25
she has spent eternities despising herself
searching in the mirror for the existence
of an ethereal reflection
staring back into her ocean eyes
whispering soft lullabies
an abundance of external lies
for it could never match
the true beauty and radiance
that resides inside

the most impeccable love story
is the one she holds with herself
for when she comes to realize
the resiliency of her bones
the captivation of her words
the radiance of her dance
and the effervescence of her energy
she drips in empowerment
like sweet honey
drips from the wildflower
Natalia Apr 24
Growth, empowerment, love.
Words of our generation,
Words we can't get rid off.

Should we try to? No.
Look within,
Feel your heart grow.

Love yourself, it's deserved.
No matter what anyone says,
It should not be curbed.

Hate, oppression. It is all rife.
My dear one, don't forget,
You get to live your best life.

If people turn and say nay,
Don't panic, do not worry,
I promise, they're not here to stay.

Growth, empowerment, love.
All treasured things,
That you can be proud of.
With everything going on in the world. It seems as though the media floods us with a lot of news regarding any oppression and hatred going on around the world. I wrote this thinking about how prominent it feels and how all the negative influences in my generation are nothing compared to the pride we should be feeling about how we empower and love each other.
Hanging in there with the life support,
Eyes opened with a blur vision,
Analyzing my state,
Needles everywhere,
contusions and lacerations were too there,
Wait, I can't open my left eye,
Oh right! he punched me right there in our fight,
Aah! why does it pain so much?
Oh yeah! he threw pipe at my head to crush,
I guess this was bound to happen,
Because I contradicted,
At every rule which stated biasness,
At every person who eyed me with lustness,
At every time when my gender was the conclusion,
At every stage when my 'no' to them was a confusion,
At every step when my abilities were dejected,
At every moment when my rights were rejected,
Feels like I contradicted too much,
Should I have not?
But then I would have started to do it a lot,
With content I closed my eyes,
At least I tried and fight,
Soon the doctor said I was no more,
Guess I couldn't tolerate it furthermore.
Feminism isn't about making women strong.
Women are already strong.
It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength.
zelda rangel Apr 21
In an empty ballet room, I grasped a blue spellbook with unknown proximity. Its enthralling sensation made me realized that I truly never mastered the ability to feel withdrawn. There are certain things in life that I cannot look away from—such as enticing gestures, delicate scenery and a glass full of wine. I am who I am and none of the people I have met or I will meet can change that.

I had this clarity that I have to feel big, even in small spaces and that I don't have to feel small in crowded places. Although I sing a different song when I am alone—fearful yet incandescent, and sometimes menacing, at least for me—my own colors can be atrocious, and yes, I love it.
ALEX Apr 17
As a kid, I would always be by the window, looking up to the sky.
Genuine happiness is felt as I see it filled with clouds and birds flying.
But sometimes, the sky I see is gray, empty and dead.
Sometimes, the sky is crying and angry.
But, it doesn't change.
The sky is still a sky.
The sky is still heaven.
It's what we look up to and dream of reaching.

Aren't you a sky as well?
Sometimes, you feel butterflies in your stomach.
Sometimes, you laugh so much, you could die.
But there are times that you'll lose interest
in people, in life and even in yourself.
Sometimes, you'd think of ending it all.
But remember, that if the sky is still a sky
despite the changing moods and no matter how hard it is to accept.
You may be lost at some point
but you are still you.
P.S love yourselves extra more today!
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