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Mikey Kania Dec 2019
i just wrote a letter to a good-hearted man.

it is night where i am right now.
while writing, i heard my father's steps.

he slowly approached me; mistrust in
his face.

he thought i would have done something
bad. i had not done so.

five minutes i spoke to him; i needed him to
believe me since i will travel to another city
later today.

i do not want to say "farewell" in disharmony.

yet, i am not disappointed or angry.
everyone acts weakly from time to time.
i forgive my father.

before going to bed i will talk to somebody

somebody who is everywhere and always with me.

nothing to add.
Kitana St Cyr Jun 2018
He had to go
I dared him to, right here right now..
Or her ?
This would be my last stretch,
Before I grieved of a lost that still exists

I received flowers
It wasn’t my funerals

You’ll know you’re still alive
When you can taste the sweetness
Out of a burnt caramel

Now how far is her homeland?
I bet the roses there smell like snow

Picture a waterfall with a scenic view,
You’re standing by a beautiful girl
She’s glowing!
What a perfect moment!
It's Canada for goodness sake!
But you’re not ready,
You can only buy ONE ring.

If another tree is planted in the soil
Of your heart,

Why are you in Canada?
- know where your heart is before asking of someone else’s -
Amaris Jun 2019
I want to trust, I want to believe
But I can't shake the feeling that it makes me naive
I hate to be laughed at, I avoid the crowds
My self-deprecation is already too loud
Multiple times my heart's been broken
Yet I still hand it out to others like a token
Of how much I love them and how much I care
But they take it and break it, it doesn't seem fair
Each time it happens, it's a new hole in my heart
What do I do with these feelings that tear me apart
They tell me hiding from others is no way to live
But I'm just trying to protect what little I've left to give
Michael H Jun 2019
Forever blue
With happiness too
A rushing firmament
Upon our natures

Severing the real-ness
Of our every drink or soda;
Our mistrust and laziness
Sorting the true yearnings

For we can do better
By an electric storm
Of our brain
Overseeing all
Brad post Jun 2019
These emotional pills,
are too hard to swallow.
I keep forcing them down,
against all my will.
Now I’m choking to death,
and you want to know how I feel?!

Damage upon damage,
that’s covered up with fresh paint.
But the layers are peeling,
showing fresh wounds of feelings,
you may think you’re in love,
but I know that you ain’t.

So don’t get to know me,
because there’s no way you will see,
the person under the mask,
with the hollow, bloodshot eyes.
You may think you can reach me,
but you’ll just set me free,
because it’s just empty air,
where I used to be.

So just do us both a favor,
and keep, your who's, when’s, and why’s.
And I’ll let you imagine,
you didn’t see a disguise.
Darryl M May 2019
A staffed bag be the mind on a road trip,
A repeated T-shirt be the thoughts.
Take me where the road leads,
But unto love, leave me behind.

How you got it, is not how you keep it,
But how you got it, is how it remains.
Renovations of the thought in mind.
Like nails shaped for beauty,
so are actions for innocence.

Desire be a hoodie,
a perfect covering for the sides,
What a shame be to the exposed.

A popped balloon is loss of control,
Is control handed over, part of the loss?
Completed: 11th August 2018 [19:41 PM]
Makenzie Marie Mar 2019
You didn’t intend to do this
But you know what they say
About the road to hell.
And it’s full of near misses.
Makenzie Marie Mar 2019
Will I ever be able to trust you again
If admitting what you did
Was not in your plan?
Nicholas Booth Feb 2019
Remember when you held me in your arms
and told me you'd always love me
a perfect thing, without harm
but all of  sudden there was he

he who stole
my vital role
in the love we shared
but you did not care

for anything else
like the books on your shelf
because it was his picture
that remained
I must have seen his picture on that ******* bookshelf a thousand times before I questioned it.
Momoir Jan 2019
Please don't call me to tell me nothing
When I ask you where you are,
I don't want to hear "somewhere"
When I ask what you're doing
I don't want to hear "something"
Keep in mind that I did not call you,
and if I had it would be for a purpose

Your elusiveness evades and insults me
If you have no trust in me as a friend,
Then why do you call..
Out of boredom of loneliness?

I know you are aware of my feelings,
Are you aware of how tender they are?
These little things to you...
are all so big to me,
I take it all so personal

No more can my precious heart bare burdens,
I'd rather not hear you call at all and just miss  you -
rather than be taunted and haunted by you

If you are my friend,
Then trust me,
I can take you further than you have ever been in your life,
I can make you hear the stars not just see them in the blackened sky
I can show you the choreography done in a flower's dance.
Rather than just see a flower and smell it,
I can give you special magic,
If you have faith in me
And bring you closer to your material needs...
Push you towards your goals and help you achieve them...
And take NO credit when you attain them,
With me by your side... Be assured that you will attain them
My drive is unsurpassed no matter the mountain...
I can climb it...
I've done it for myself, soared with the eagles,
Only after slinking with the snakes and sinking with the lures of life.

Now it's only my pleasure to serve others,
If you have no trust in me, no faith, no belief...
Then I cannot make magic for you, nor bring you relief
from troubles sorrows and pain, nor show you how to enjoy and embrace the rain and terrain of life...
So you can hold fast to the good things when they come.
I have no way to prove to you what it is and what it's all of.

I can only tell you that my loyalty does not come easily
Nor in abundance,
But if you have it, which Paul, you do indeed,
then stop and listen to the music of the stars
watch the flowers dance...

And know with confidence that whatever your cravings on this silly earthly plane are... that your goals are achievable with me as your friend.

And if you choose another path
And choose not to trust me
Then don't bother me
There are other people
That can utilize this unique potential of mine
So all I'm asking is...
PLEEZE, don't waste my time...
Written by my mother for my father,  May 9th 1995
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