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Chrissy Ade Feb 1
A man will try to make you feel
Like the *** between your thighs
Is the only thing you have to offer
And the only thing you should be ashamed of
But why should I be ashamed
Of what makes me a woman?
Yes, I bleed once a month
But it doesn't compare to the    
Flowers that have grown between my legs
Because I have given life
And life lives within me
Men insult this place
As if this was not their
Gateway to their first breath
They fail to realize that they
Are half-woman too
Never let a man take your power
Chrissy Ade Jan 12
You listen to me
But you don't hear me at all
I'm not so sure you heard
My screams and my bawls
You left me to sit here,
Watch me crumble and fall
Now I'm positive
You don't care at all
Because you never pick
Up the phone when I call
Now I'll sit here alone
And talk to these
Paper thin walls
Now I'll sit here alone and talk to these paper thin walls
They say to do one thing that scares you everyday.
Love scares the ever living **** out of me.
But, for you, I will live in constant fear.
When someone knocks you down with a wet towel
Get up

When someone hurts you
Get up

When it gets hard and impossible
Get up

When you can see nothing but darkness
Get up

Remember who you are
Remember where you come from
Remember you are unique
You have a right to be here
Get up
  Jan 4 Chrissy Ade
In time we grow, As the river flows,
May no vicious wind take thou beauty, I sow
with such delicate soft petals,
Will grow you too well,
A fellow little flower like me,
Will soon blossom as well,
A note to all flowers, to never see what's infront of them but to seek what is ahead of them. :)
  Jan 4 Chrissy Ade
I think
I am thinking
That i don't like to think
What others think of me
I wrote myself
A story
To live
A mask
Covering the pain
The things I want
To keep hidden
From the rest
Of the world
What if
I'm starting
To think
I want them
To know?

Contemplation I suppose
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