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Chrissy Ade Aug 17
Fear has taken my left hand
And Faith has taken my right hand,
Pulling me in opposite directions
Like children playing tug-of-war
I’m swaying between the road that diverges
Into a life of comfort or a life of greatness
And I cannot decide who deserves my heart
Does Faith deserve it because it embraces uncertainty,
A tortured game with unpredictable results?
Or does Fear deserve it more because it promises certainty,
An enemy of progress that loathes new adventures?
Faith has taken my left hand and Fear has taken my right hand
I cannot make a choice; they are pulling me apart
Where do I go from here, I’m running out of time
  Aug 17 Chrissy Ade
we often like to convince ourselves
love can conquer all

love is medicine
love is the answer

love is a hello
and goodbye

we like to convince ourselves
love is enough

it's a lie

love is alive
it dies
  Aug 17 Chrissy Ade
She kissed him
With question marks?
While he kissed her
With "quotations"
And together they became
a run on sentence...
It never ends.
  Jul 10 Chrissy Ade
sometimes I wish I had cancer
then people would send me flowers, and get well soon cards.
but I am bipolar
so when I am sick
I suffer alone, ashamed
because too many times
people synonymously use my illness for crazy.

-please stop
  Jul 1 Chrissy Ade
spilt on the couch
like a glass of

with perfect curves
for calvin

her rosé lips
seep into

with every kiss
staining my

till morning comes
i’ll spend the

refilling you

till morning comes
with sober

it’s me and you
empty as

if you don’t have a valentine
take this little glass of wine
Chrissy Ade Jul 1
When I told you that I was famished
I didn’t imply that you should keep
Spoon-feeding me the same, old lies
As if I wouldn’t spit them out again  
My stomach wails and moans because
I refuse to swallow your inedible lies
That plagued my mouth with a rancid taste
When all it wants is something to eat  
When I told you that I was famished
I realized that my words had fallen on deaf ears
And you would never understand the gravity of my needs
I asked you for the truth and you failed to deliver
So now I have chosen to look for something better
This body is need of food and will not survive if I
Continue to live empty with someone who thought I was full
Lies are like candy, sweet but not filling.
  Jul 1 Chrissy Ade
She had the moon in her eyes
The ocean swaying to her will
A tidal wave of a presence in the room
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