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annh May 21
Buttered parcels filled,
With rose hips and cinnamon;
Heartache’s antidote.

‘Only the pan knows
how the boiling soup feels.’
- Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate
Amanda Apr 15
Cradle my body
Hold me close
Need your love
Another dose
Touch is just like medicine
Better when I breathe you in

Heal wounds with your kiss
Transform pain into pure bliss
Sadness makes me cough and choke
You're the fastest working antidote
You are the medicine for my pain
The Key
That locks
The Door

With the same key
The Door
Genre: Observational
Theme: Solutions ||Vaccine
|| In the background of COVID-19
Rajinder Mar 4
'Love is the only antidote', he said
'I am also on antibiotics', she wrote
on a paper napkin.
'I wanna kiss you love', he whispered.
Looking in his eyes, adjusting her mask 
she slid the Off shoulder, a little more.
Chrissy Ade Jan 4
I could write a maze
Of metaphors for you
Just to let you know
How amazing you are
I could tell you that
Your smile is the sun,
Sunshine painted on your face
Or tell you that your
Kindness is a language
I wish to speak fluently
Your eyes are an ocean
I could swim in for miles
And you are a rose
That blooms with each season
Your lips are the antidote
For every frog I've kissed
And your voice is a melody
That knows the song of my heart
But I dare not say these to you
For my heart is scared
I'll keep them to myself
These feelings I would
Rather not share
I'll keep them to myself, these feelings I would rather not share
Rachael hays Jan 3
SPLINTERED - the antidote  

'choosing to remain Impervious until the reflected familiarity enters the body by connecting, presenting the vast realm of awareness - the unbearable lightness of being floats into the atmospheric sound.  vibrating deeply to souls core...are he and I still impervious to others... all the while the dark familiar perched watching our transformation '

with empathy, i understand
as we began the third act,
the moment of ******* ...
fingers at my throat
he would take command.

encased in a tough outer skin
from years of pressing down...of squeezing... his own pain transmuting through the pressure. pushing the anger and hurt back into his own body.

layer upon layer of scar tissue,
release of the useless agony the poison trapped below the surface.

knowing was present when I stood beside him.
as the ritual began,
vermilion borders grazing,
lips, ivory snarling over my skin

i pleaded for just a few moments and denial did not come.  

one. two. three...i counted.
waiting for the sacred sensation.
exploding inside this realm of physical boundaries he filled the vacancy in my heart with each movement.

in perfection, gasping as he penetrated

pushing me down into the space,
thrusting essence of his being into me, touching the awareness of my mirrored imperviousness  
his intensity pulled me into the void
we launched, penetrating our exterior skin...knowingly allowing the shedding to begin.

puncturing his thick skin,
my fangs drew out the poison...
into my body it flowed.

the antidote is him.
my death was a whim
to my surprise
the antidote is him.
~7Au17 Rachael Hays
Published 2Ja20
Nuit noire mais belle de Malaga
De tes hamecons et de tes leurres
De tes vers luisants et polissons
Qui gigotent dans le vin du clair de lune
Instille-moi de tes piqûres,  de tes ourlets
Des criquets qui chantent au fond de tes criques
Tes vaccins, tes rappels et tes antidotes
Cachés au creux des terriers
Des mangues et des câpres qui mûrissent
Sous tes obscènes caresses.
De la froidure romantique de tes rhums capiteux
Muselle-moi dans  la cannelle de ta souricière
Bâillonne-moi de tes eaux de Styx
Aspire-moi de tes yeux de khôl
Je ne suis qu'étincelle
Infime brindille incandescente d'amour
Dans l'attente fébrile du point du jour.
Valentin Jul 2019
Hundreds of ants in my brain
I am floating in the air
I am escaping from my body
Deep and intense breath
He is taking control of my inner thoughts
I lose myself in his mouth and tongue
Heaven's doors wide open

Shine on you, crazy diamond

Naked every second of the night
Sobriety makes me see things different
He is my antidote and I'm afraid of him
When curiosity meets mystery
He knows that he shouldn't but
Euphoria of love above us
Magic powder makes us fly away together

Shine on you, crazy diamond

Please let me cry of fear
Slowly entering the cage of love
I can hear his heart beating from miles away
My mind is distraught and powerless
Butterflies in my stomach
Getting bigger and more numerous
Will they have enough space to fly freely?
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
Never I was asked,
"What do you see on closed eyes?"

On closed eyes
I see you
As the wave of hope
Stirring the soul
One of a kind
That I know

I would have said
Genre: Observational
Theme: The Reflections
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