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Never I was asked,
"What do you see on closed eyes?"

On closed eyes
I see you
As the wave of hope
Stirring the soul
One of a kind
That I know

I would have said
Genre: Observational
Theme: The Reflections
Amanda Feb 27
You'll be my poison
I will drink up
Every single drop
Until you are an empty cup
The venom made you sick
Extracted after so long
You might be free of toxicity
That's not all that is gone
Your heart already rotted away
Before the elixir burned my throat
At least saved some of you
Tried being your antidote
Now I feel ill inside my body
Emotions are being erased
Because I love you so much
I'll gladly die in your place
I can be pensive
You can be so sure
You'll be the poison,
You'll be the cure.
ghalya Jan 20
They tell me that one day someone will come into my life and make everything feel right again,
but how can they? I've always longed for things I can't have, people that don't return.
I have never felt the sublimity of anyone's presence like I did with yours, nevertheless, I pushed you away.
I always do this, when I finally find something good worth keeping, the fear of losing it makes me subconsciously push it away.
I let everything get the best of me, not realizing what I'm worth, I never keep what I deserve.
I am brimming with secrecy inside of me, your presence still lingers within me.
The truth was never meant to be seen, only touched and left for eternity to disintegrate.
Even if we were destined to be, I think it's only imaginary.
nightdew Jan 15
poison is what you are,
but i guess, somewhere
in my imperfections, i too,
prefer poison more than the antidote.
poison me, then.
There’s beauty after all.

A light in this cruel
meaningless life.

A sad angel’s
musical antidote
against insanity.
Different moods require different music.
Rich Oct 2018
You are my ginseng

another ingredient in my antidote:
this conjuring of awakenings and borrowed wisdom that I brew at night

In the cauldron I keep under the bed
next to the mug with your name

No one knows about it
except for you, me and whatever spirits may inhabit the room,

you loom
over me when … naught but a shadow befriends me

You see these sorrows of mine have me speaking in past tongues
back to times so historic, I need to be at the present with you at a time so euphoric

If only you could feel in a moment
what you make me feel daily
could your body even contain the glee?

You’d need 2 or 3 clones

AS I’ve said, you are my ginseng

a treatment prescribed to me by Karma herself
because the beatings and betrayals I’ve endured
ensured that my reward would be a love that made every nanosecond worth it

And I will make sure to take a dose





Dedicated to my love.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Even when
Hope seems malignant

Still there is life
Keep breathing
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Applied Antidote
Madison Sep 2018
It kills me but I've never been so alive,
My vitals drop, my temperature rises,
All because you're near,
You keep me on the brink of death,
But if you leave today, I won't wake up tomorrow,
Your my perfect poison,
My only antidote.
The last two lines are my favourite.
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