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This bathroom buzzes with the sound of a fan whirring.
It's blades loom and spin with a constant rhythm.
The dim, ultraviolet light on the ceiling,
Bleaches everything out into shades of cream and khaki.

I lay in a calm and murky pool enclosed in cold white walls.
Steam rises from its surface and fogs the room.
The water condensates in mirroring beads on the walls,
Making the tiny bathroom seem colorless and infinite.

I want to go home to my own aqua green bathtub,
Walls crawling with tiny square tiles of burnt umber and burgundy.
Where my silent meditation in the bath,
Is interrupted by your call on the telephone.
Kris Balubar Jul 2020
1,096.4 miles away
180 minutes far
one phone calls dial
hoping to the universe,
you are here instead.

as I dream about you
lost in my thoughts,
I know that was not for naught.
I'm stuck here only to know how far you are.

I clutch to remind myself,
it will all get better in time,
your smile seems to cross my face,
setting my mood at a new pace.

I hold onto these things,
because these are coming
sooner than I will think of
in the hope of a better time,
that you will be here.
colette alexia Aug 2020
I think about calling you
But I know it would only disappoint
“Hey, what’s up—your friends not home?
Why are you calling me on the phone?”
I’d lie and say I just had time to waste
Went from my safest place to saving face
And it’s sad
Sad I no longer know you like that
Rajinder May 2020
Life sways in gasps
a breath struggles
over sagging phone waves.
The words I send trip off
the line stretching two ends
swinging high above the valley.
I speak floating in clouds
the voice may reach you
over quivering cable
wait, let me die,
'Don't disconnect.'

'Don't disconnect' - last words on an Italian youth to his beloved from his hospital bed using a doctor's phone
Of Corona virus times
colette alexia Apr 2020
I never really wanted you to call me every day
I wanted you to want to
And that's why it was too much to ask of you
Chrissy Ade Jan 2020
You listen to me
But you don't hear me at all
I'm not so sure you heard
My screams and my bawls
You left me to sit here,
Watch me crumble and fall
Now I'm positive
You don't care at all
Because you never pick
Up the phone when I call
Now I'll sit here alone
And talk to these
Paper thin walls
Now I'll sit here alone and talk to these paper thin walls
japheth Sep 2019
of our every
are etched in views
i stare
and smile at.
Adrian Nov 2018
I love you
I love you
Say it back
I love you
                  No you don’t
Ash Young Oct 2018
It was not my first time drunk, not even close
but it was the first time that the floor span as a child's spinning top
and faces swam in my too-dark-too-bright-toomuch vision.
It was the first time I lost my footing and my back crashed into the wall sliding down until my knees hit my heaving chest and my palms pressed white against kitchen tile.
It was my first time crying into the shoulder of a boy I don't know, ripping my apple-bruised heart out of my retching throat and pushing it into his ***** numbed hands.

(after that my memories become manufactured by the later retellings of others)

something about the roof shingles being cold against my back but the stars being warmer than my smile ever was. Something about a phone call to a girl I once loved apologising over and overandover for falling for another. Something about a text at 1am that had my cheeks blushing and my stomach clenching convulsively around Gin and Guilt.  

(something more a little something more to drink)

Later, the boy who clumsily cradled my heart and my head in his lap, will tell me that I smiled at him through tingling teeth and told him that I would rather die than wake up in the morning.
- an age old rule, never fall in love on an empty stomach
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