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Chrissy Ade Jan 12
You listen to me
But you don't hear me at all
I'm not so sure you heard
My screams and my bawls
You left me to sit here,
Watch me crumble and fall
Now I'm positive
You don't care at all
Because you never pick
Up the phone when I call
Now I'll sit here alone
And talk to these
Paper thin walls
Now I'll sit here alone and talk to these paper thin walls
japheth Sep 2019
of our every
are etched in views
i stare
and smile at.
Sawyer May 2019
Half asleep
with a worried man on call
Half asleep
when he berates me for wanting to die
Half asleep
when he helps me to calm down
Half asleep
When I cry and say I cant
Half asleep
When I say goodnight.
Adrian Nov 2018
I love you
I love you
Say it back
I love you
                  No you don’t
AlexAsh Young Oct 2018
It was not my first time drunk, not even close
but it was the first time that the floor span as a child's spinning top
and faces swam in my too-dark-too-bright-toomuch vision.
It was the first time I lost my footing and my back crashed into the wall sliding down until my knees hit my heaving chest and my palms pressed white against kitchen tile.
It was my first time crying into the shoulder of a boy I don't know, ripping my apple-bruised heart out of my retching throat and pushing it into his ***** numbed hands.

(after that my memories become manufactured by the later retellings of others)

something about the roof shingles being cold against my back but the stars being warmer than my smile ever was. Something about a phone call to a girl I once loved apologising over and overandover for falling for another. Something about a text at 1am that had my cheeks blushing and my stomach clenching convulsively around Gin and Guilt.  

(something more a little something more to drink)

Later, the boy who clumsily cradled my heart and my head in his lap, will tell me that I smiled at him through tingling teeth and told him that I would rather die than wake up in the morning.
- an age old rule, never fall in love on an empty stomach
Tommy Randell Oct 2018
yes, she said
she flew twelve thousand miles
to end up carving my name
into a defenceless tree
otherwise, she added
it would've been into my back
while i slept

living there now
she says i am safe
until she runs out of trees
and flies home

when I asked
who's calling please?
i heard a small gasp
and then a click
as the phone was put down

my wife called out
from the kitchen
who was that dear?
don't know
i replied
wrong number, i hope
Karyna Holleman Sep 2018
i didn’t cry or care about any of what i did until i realized that i got blood on the daisies you bought me yesterday.

until i realized how disappointed in me youd be for letting my life drip into my bathroom sink.

because i should’ve called you.
because i should’ve told you.

because now my daisies are bloodied and stained and I should have reached for them before my pain.
after having waited for the reciprocation, today it all ended.
In a blink of an eye, at the end of the call, was a disheartening cold, all ended.

so, you trying to tell me that all it ever took was a weekend's impulsive reaction? a lack of account on your own actions?

I thought what we had going on was so strong, the bond was so strong, boy was i so wrong.
it was just a weak reaction, no more ******* therefore rejection.

I have waited for so long to hear those words spill out..... out of your mouth, like a glass of red wine that fell to the ground and stained the carpet, today you utter them with so much disdain, I hope the stain wont remain.

I have always wanted to undress you, to stare into your eyes and see a myriad of emotions, but as I continued to stare so were your words like daggers that pierced my eyes and so I close them, in an attempt to cure the pain. enduring momentary relief.

I wish i could tell you, that i cry blood, but i don't. I really wish i could tell you that i cry blood, but i don't.
So i carry my weight and heard for the door today i wait no more.
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