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mark soltero Jun 16
tonight I am elated
I feel just fine
things can change
people can learn to be kind with time
you can find me at the edge
cause I'm close but never ready to jump
you can trust me to never fall
drive against the coil
so I may not find peace
because tonight I can be anything
to feel good I don't care how
my desires grow I don't care why
close to the edge
tonight I want to feel fine
I don't care anymore please
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2019
It’s been years now that I’ve loved you
In the basement I kissed and hugged you
Though I was redirected to your cheek
My knees couldn’t help but feel weak
Your eyes they glisten like stars
Your skin like beautiful smooth sand bars
The sound of your voice fills me
And I get lost in you as you lift me
You press your chest against mine
In that moment everything stops, even time
I long to be by your side
Nothing else matters, I don’t want to hide
I wish I could tell the world that I love you with my heart
I wish we could just hit restart
Elizz Jun 2019
So there I sat
Watching the mat
Unravel and ravel itself

Confident in its weathered fibers
More stains
Than the weary could carry

Chills seeping out
From once passed
Winters marching in solidarity

Deep ruts of snow
Lovingly folding in on each other
While flurries fly

With a child brew mischief
Autumn swarays
Prancing ablaze

While the ladies abroad
Exhale their feathered haze
The gents down low

Noses alight with a healthy glow
When all has been honed
Only then will it show
Chrissy Ade Dec 2018
Darling, please tell me
When you hear my name mentioned
Once in a blue moon, on quiet afternoons
With all the time that has passed between us
Do your bones still jump and dance with joy,
Awakening and reigniting the old feelings
That you once held so passionately for me?
Or do you feel the opposite and burn from the inside out,
Your blood boiling, heart racing, muscles aching because
the sound of my name alone can no longer tame
the raging war you’re battling inside?
First post in 2 months
Names have connotations for everyone, both positive and negative. When you hear certain names, do you contract or do you expand?
Kwamé Aug 2018
Happiness is getting the last slice of pizza
While sitting atop the leaning tower of Pisa
It is stepping in fresh new snow
Or watching your favorite show
It's ice cream on a hot summer day
Or being first at the buffet
The smell of new shoes,
Being told good news
Its getting a new hairdo
But above all,
happiness is within you!
Many people find it hard to rely on themselves as a source of happiness. It is possible to find happiness inside yourself.
Shannon Feb 2018
you touch me
like a child
eyes bright
alasia Mar 2017
when she says she is empty,
she is not asking to be filled.
stretch her thin and you will see
peeking through her worn body.
stretch her thin and you feel her
burning what you hold.
do not hold her.
when she says she is numb,
she is not asking to feel something.
do not wait out her novocaine
drooling down her chin.
do not wait out her novocaine
she is elated.
do not bring her down.
she is a bookmark holding someone else's place:
do not move her.
someone left her,
she does not know the other side:
that does not mean you show her.
someday she will be fire.
she will dry all that she has soaked with her
ravine heart.
you will follow her black markings to something
she will be followed.
do not be surprised when she does not moan,
she will not moan,
she does not feel.
she is still ice.
when she says she is ice
do not try to melt her.
she will be fire.
Elizabeth Larsen Sep 2014
This moon pulls,
it tugs at my strings,
it convinces my heart
to break free of its cage
because these bones contain.
Its a promise,
a romantic persuasion,
a new idea,
it excites my heart,
makes it want to join
in the happy jubilee
of the moon and its connection to me.
My heart cant fly,
if it escaped it would shatter,
its slivers scattered across the earth.
it would cause new life to grow
where the pieces had fallen
but I would be left empty,
with a broken cage,
with worn out strings,
with nothing left for me,
so ill keep it contained,
until the next moon sings,
to see what this next moon brings.
I'll keep the moons joy to me
for fear of its manipulation
of my hearts deepest persuasions.
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