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Nina Jan 5
You flew back home
Just a day ago
And yet
Here i am
Back at the place i first met you
Hoping I'd bump into you
Hoping I'd see you
Even though i know
You're no longer here
Carson Mia Dec 2019
Old Friend,
Do you look at me
How you look at someone
Who you never see?

Old Friend,
Happened to us?
Remember those days
Upon the school bus?

Do You even remember
the secrets we shared-
laughs that we had-
oaths that were sweared?

Old Friend,
Has time consumed you?
It's almost as if I never knew you.

Old Friend,
As the days go on,
You will never be there.
You will always be gone.
s Willow Jan 2019
Wispy moonlight beams,
enter the barren church
a place of dreams.
Outside next to a silver birch.
Inside women in search for someone,
someone long gone.
I kneel upon the alter.
The pain fills the void with slaughter.
A slave, frozen to his peace.
Nothing left to hang on.
It’s the end run.
Robbed forms,
lifted the storms.
However, my naked flesh spared not.
Grey May 2018
The past awakens in my weary eyes as I lie here
A beauty beyond the stars
A young innocent love, my dear
We could have soared higher and traveled farther
The hopes of a future within our grasp
A phantom and dark beauty
Would I find love at last!
A pain to leave me with anxiety
Finding love left to the past and haunting dreams of my future
You were the fire that lit my soul
A beauty who stole my heart, you.
I should've seen the end sooner
My love you have gone
A love that will never die
Grey Apr 2018
We were reckless and fury
We were beaten and broken
We were rebels and leaders
We were young and fierce
We were demons and saviors
We were carefree and dreamers
We were wolves and wild
We were family not forgotten

In time the memories will bring us back
In time we will run free once more
In time we meet again to remember
In time there will be smiles and laughs
A group of misfits and dreamers. A pack.
The Shadow Pack.
Pack Fam.
Boy do I miss them, I miss them all. Hopefully in time we can all get together again
What is there left to say?
I've run out of tears
I've run out of pain
Two long years you've been away
What is there left to say?

*The Suicide Diaries
Caitlin Miller Nov 2014
he never loved you
& he never will

and who's to say anyone ever will
really love you, I mean
because everyone pretends this dark part of you
doesn't exist
but to you
it's the only part left
Habiba Shaheen Jun 2014
And I wake up in the middle of the night, trying to believe that you're gone, trying to accept the fact that you never really wanted to stay.
Martin Narrod May 2014
He weeps his heart, and hangs his head,
He doubles back, and follows her back to bed,
She says, " Some homes are towns and lives, while others wear their homes inside." And he keeps up though he's kept out, the volatile, the sudden frown.
She makes up the cupcakes but they're never vegan are they? No they're never vegan are they?

He makes a gift, and wrings his thumbs, the bubble bath, the tepid tub,
Outside where the rains have gone long, something gives him something strong,
And he picks up where he had left off, the trouble is he doesn't know when to back off, and the cupcakes aren't vegan, sweet and such spectacular, but they really aren't eaten, now that they've been made with eggs. No the cupcakes aren't vegan, though they are quite delicious. And he loves her forever, though he never eats again. No he never eats again. No he never eats again.

— The End —