The nun
And the whore
Are close artistic comrades
Without sexual puritanism,
Neither would be necessary
But Christian Fundamentalism
Has always tended to promote

PuppeteerV Dec 2016

"Sorry I'm late sir... I ran into a strange man down my street who kept following me and asking to borrow my socks. At first I ignored him but realizing he was following me to school, I stopped to question him. When I asked him why he wanted my socks, he said he wanted to smell their musky scent. I flat out asked this man if he had a foot fettish, and he guffawed telling me he had a smell fettish. I quickly speedwalked away from the freaky man and because my nerves were so jumbled, I forgot to grab a pass in the office."

Finally notices its a female substitue, and looks at classmates to see their mouths hanging open ready to catch flies

"So... I will just sit down now"

11th grade, Art class. Most embarrassing moment in high-school, (not including the time I jumped on a new teachers back thinking he was my friend...)
Corona Harris Jan 2016

Please O' Lord
Don't let this consume me
This burning urge to do injustices
To violate her sheets
To desecrate her temple
God Almighty
What a beautiful temple you've made
Carved to perfection, it entices me
How can I resist this temptation?
She is my every craving
Tell me Dear Lord
Is it wrong for me to admire your art?
To gaze upon the bareness of her walls
Feel the thickness in her stature
And if So...
forgive me Father
For I can no longer restrain my hands
My tongue can't stay in its cage
My body can not be with out hers
She must be consumed by me
By My lust
~Corona Harris~

Ever have that feeling like someone's watching you?
That feeling you get when you feel eyes on you all the time?
It makes you feel scared, like they want something.
And when you look, they don't look away, they just stare.
That sense of someone wanting something, but not speaking.
It makes you feel like you want to disappear, not be seen.
Until finally, they walk away, leaving you alone again.
And though, you feel better, it still leaves you wary.
Wary of why that person wouldn't stop staring.
Wary of thinking they might do the same thing again.
Thinking they may come back to stare at you again.
It just makes you feel so wary, like they want your attention.
Being watched is something you don't ever want to be.
Because it's a horrible feeling, that leads to being paranoid.

I just had that feeling a few minutes ago, and had to write about it.
It's creepy when someone won't take their eyes off you for no apparent reason. I wanted to ask what she wanted, but couldn't. It was just too freaky seeing her watching me, not saying a word. Well, that's my freaky poem for today. Thanks for reading this if you did. Feel free to like, comment, what you want to do. Again, thanks for reading, bye! :)
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015

The earthquake in a dream is coming,
It's coming,
It's coming.
It clashes with real life,
It clashes,
It clashes.
It wakes me up,
It wakes me,
It wakes me.
The door is open,
It's open,
It's open.
Someone is there.
It's only Brook.
It's time to wake up,
It's time to get ready.
Soon I'll go to school.
"Did you notice that earthquake?"
Asked Brook.

It was October 2, 2012 and there was an earthquake. I apparently dreamt of one and it seemed to go longer than my dream was and so I predicted and earthquake at the young age of 11 in the young grade of 7th.
Neptune Jul 2015

This was a twisted night,
I looked naughty at her sight,
He brought me a sexy scrumptious babydoll,
Where I took her fully on demand,
Commanded us to kiss,
I felt her lips speak on mines wanting me to make her mine,
He watched us unravel into one of his prolonged fantasies,
In my mind I felt amoral,
But every part of me love the entertainment of pleasure we had,
The night aroma smelled like grapefruit,
And she tasted like a sugar cane,
Such a bittersweet moment,
Move baby move,
Slow baby slow,
She did by my every word,
I had to much control on her,
Like she was my little voluptuous puppet,
That night it should've last longer,
Her curvy body so addictive to hold,
Her heartbeat so quietly beating to match mine,
The way she looked at me as if I brought her back to life of happiness,
I noticed how she fell for me more than I care for her,
But I noticed how I fell for him more,
We made it clear how we felt that night,
He made it clear how he liked it,
Will I ever be the
same without her,
Or is it the two that finally makes me complete.

Adam Jan 2015

As I was laying in my bed, I noticed my eyes straining.
I wasn't blinking, so they were pretty dry at this point.
I reached into my night stand drawer,
pushed aside my grinder and grabbed the cure.

Eye drops.

I screwed off the cap, grabbed my left eye and up with the bottle.
As the pressure was building from my light squeeze, a glistening ball appeared at the tip.

The cure.

And then, it

Causing a refreshing blur.

I looked up and moved my eye around…
and around before placing my eyes to the

the floating woman at my door.

Darkness, Shadows, Fright’ning screams
Red eyes haunt you in your dreams
With serpent coils and spider crawls
Clouded skies and banshee calls

Cold chills running down your spine
Something’s counting down your time
Monsters wait to draw your blood
Don’t listen for that sick’ning thud

With every turn you hear a howl
Eerie, freaky, creepy, growl
Apparitions all around
Voices groaning underground

Death and phantoms at your neck
Pirates on a grim ship wreck
Something’s coming down the hall
With fangs and claws and dying squall

Darkness, shadows, is this real
All this fear and dread I feel
I must wake up and see the sun
Or this nightmare won’t be done

Have a Halloween poem for Christmas! I'll try to have a Christmas poem for Dec. 25 (or Valentines day)
Poetry by MAN Oct 2014

Go ahead Suck my Vibe
Whip swings side to side
To your middle I will dive
Penetrate..take a ride
DOM..instruct you what to do
Vibrate you with my tool
Head spins as we screw
Wetness in you starts to drool
Submissive are many souls
Dominate fill their holes
Spanking one of many tolls
Hand print red starts to glow
Kinky love a part of me
Its sweet embrace my destiny
Cumming Tantric for eternity
Leave you laying blissfully..

M.A.N 10-2-14 Free flow poem for my sex-stoned scorpio blog...♏
Raiyaan Mahbub Sep 2014

Is it even possible,
To fall in love with,
A person you've never seen,
Or heard?

Is it even possible,
To fall in love with-
Out even seeing a glimpse,
Of her picture?

Is it even possible,
To fall for someone who you
Doesn't even know you, but you would
Love to hold her?

Is it even possible,
To fall for her by just going
Through her works,
Not even knowing if,
it was done by her?

As impossible as this
May seem,
I'll risk it all,
Just to write by her.

I'm willing to sound desperate.
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