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Nina Feb 2
It is wrong
To be 19
But already looking for someone
To have a future with?
To plan marriage and children?
Every guy i came across with
Walks away
Because of what i want
Maybe  I'm too young to think of the future
But last night
I met you
And you told me
How you're looking for someone
To start a future with
You laughed it off
And said how you're too young to be thinking about it
And yet you were
I didn't know
Id find
Someone who is as freaky as me
To be wanting a future with someone
At such a young age
I think
He's the one
I hope he is
Mishka Wayz Nov 2019
I wish I was a little child,
Small, weak, but not wild,
When comes Slenderman the groom,
It's not the doom,
For it had be well,
As the opposite of Hell,
The voices of my brothers speak for the dark,
I listen,with a growing spark,
I give up, I want to end…
Bend not there and not here bend,
Just straight,
Leading to my fate,
I wish I can stop, I wish I can stop,
But I only can do is follow the darkness like hop to hop,
I'm hungry, I'm hungry for the dark,
Give it to me,
Like feeding a hungry shark…

-Mishka Wayz
Wieird poem. Even I, the one who created this poem, don't know what this is al about. Lol. But I'm sure you can understand by reading the poem. Lol. And the 'brothers' are the voices inside the kid's head. Lol
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna do a lot of freaky stuff to you,
But I doubt if you want that too.
I mean, I could just ask you for it.
But it wouldn't feel as good as it normally did.
I wanna do some stuff to you, but you're just.. so innocent. I wouldn't even think about sharing it. So, that's why we're here.
MisfitOfSociety Mar 2019
Fresh out of the oven!
It tastes so good when it comes out so fresh.
Just a little bit of seasoning,
And it will be tasting so good!

It is the besta pizza in the world!
Come on down and taste the besta pizza in the world right here!

You look so tasty,
You look so **** tasty.
I want to put you in my mouth,
Because you look so tasty!
You look so ******* tasty!

I lift you carefully up to my quivering lip.
Water cracks through my concealed ravinous face.
I wrap my mouth around you,
and bite into an explosion of flavor!
It is the besta pizza!
Come get it while it is hot!

I like to play dominoes on pizza,
it is the besta.
It gives it so much more flavor.
Look out for cheese pizza
Panda Dec 2016
"Sorry I'm late sir... I ran into a strange man down my street who kept following me and asking to borrow my socks. At first I ignored him but realizing he was following me to school, I stopped to question him. When I asked him why he wanted my socks, he said he wanted to smell their musky scent. I flat out asked this man if he had a foot fettish, and he guffawed telling me he had a smell fettish. I quickly speedwalked away from the freaky man and because my nerves were so jumbled, I forgot to grab a pass in the office."

Finally notices its a female substitue, and looks at classmates to see their mouths hanging open ready to catch flies

"So... I will just sit down now"
11th grade, Art class. Most embarrassing moment in high-school, (not including the time I jumped on a new teachers back thinking he was my friend...)
Corona Harris Jan 2016
Please O' Lord
Don't let this consume me
This burning urge to do injustices
To violate her sheets
To desecrate her temple
God Almighty
What a beautiful temple you've made
Carved to perfection, it entices me
How can I resist this temptation?
She is my every craving
Tell me Dear Lord
Is it wrong for me to admire your art?
To gaze upon the bareness of her walls
Feel the thickness in her stature
And if So...
forgive me Father
For I can no longer restrain my hands
My tongue can't stay in its cage
My body can not be with out hers
She must be consumed by me
By My lust
~Corona Harris~
Ever have that feeling like someone's watching you?
That feeling you get when you feel eyes on you all the time?
It makes you feel scared, like they want something.
And when you look, they don't look away, they just stare.
That sense of someone wanting something, but not speaking.
It makes you feel like you want to disappear, not be seen.
Until finally, they walk away, leaving you alone again.
And though, you feel better, it still leaves you wary.
Wary of why that person wouldn't stop staring.
Wary of thinking they might do the same thing again.
Thinking they may come back to stare at you again.
It just makes you feel so wary, like they want your attention.
Being watched is something you don't ever want to be.
Because it's a horrible feeling, that leads to being paranoid.
I just had that feeling a few minutes ago, and had to write about it.
It's creepy when someone won't take their eyes off you for no apparent reason. I wanted to ask what she wanted, but couldn't. It was just too freaky seeing her watching me, not saying a word. Well, that's my freaky poem for today. Thanks for reading this if you did. Feel free to like, comment, what you want to do. Again, thanks for reading, bye! :)
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