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Mriganka Dey May 31
My love to her is a roaring fire.
She's all I ever did or will desire.
Without her I am no more,
'Cause she's all I live for.

She's my red colored rose,
Yet I don't know why her I chose.
Guess that's the way the heart is,
That way of working is only his.

I hide behind a "hey" or a "hi,"
But the truth is that I'm just too shy.
The truth is that I'm just too scared
Of her reaction if she knew I cared.

Every day my feelings I fight,
Try to change them, make them right,
But they already long ago are,
They already went too far.

Sometimes I feel like a creep.
I feel I'm on a mountain that's too steep.
Sometimes at night I can't even sleep
Because of what's hidden down deep.
If I could, I would capture you in my eyes and turn blind out of the fear of losing you
but then there is this thought
that opens my eyes.

If I could, I would cuddle you all day and all night till eternity
but then there is this thought
and I refrain from touching you..

When you smile
I simply want to freeze the time
but then there is this thought
that takes away the time from my clutches.

I want to spend countless sleepless nights
by just wondering about you
but then there is this one thought
that envelopes me with slumber of despair.

I want to write a lot,
express tons of feelings
but then there is this thought
and I feel helpless.

  "Kyon *** main tera raahi,
                     Jab tu hai kisi aur ki manzil"
here i am
with you.
here i am
faking a smile.

i wish that just once
you would look at me
for who i am,
not the one with a mask.

here you are
with me.
here you are

you look at me
with your enchanting eyes.
you smile at me
with your crooked grin.

all we do is joke.
all we do is fake.
i wish that one-day
we can go beyond that.

maybe you don't love me.
maybe we're nothing more
than friends,
than acquaintances.

you're with her,
not me.

here i am,
wrote this in grade nine french class because i was feeling down that my crush didn't like me the way i liked him. what's worse is that he liked my best friend and she felt the same way. she betrayed me and girl code.
Inked Quill Apr 9
I could’ve woken you
In the morning
And kissed you warm
On your lips
I could’ve hold
Your hands in mine
While strolling
In the morning light
I could’ve kissed you
Under the mistletoe
Crooning the carols right
But I didn’t do any
Just because
I was in love with you
But you weren’t
In love with me
ay Mar 24
One of the hardest things,

you can do,

is to let go.

Let it go.

Let it be wild.



it’ll come back.
D A W N Mar 4
beds crammed with our bodies,
bodies so close
hearts so distant.
the beating of my heart
matched with the
ticking of the clock to
the patter of morning rain
to the continuous  beeping
of your alarm.
hell, they almost sounded like
wedding bells.
but i couldnt hear the sound of
your heart beating.
not a single pulse, my love?
bodies tangled in the same bed with the person that doesnt like u back.
smile flower Feb 24
a boy who was too harsh

a boy who wanted to impress his friends

a boy who knew how delicate the girl he held in the palm of his hand was

a boy who didnt care about relationships


a girl who was too scared

a girl who was willing to tell anyone anything just for attention

a girl who soon learned that teenage boys dont care

a girl who just wanted to experience love

Jim and Jennifer

two people who met

two people who were in very different places emotionally and socially

two people who didnt know how to stop

two people who should have never met

two people who were and used to be
have u ever wanted to ask them why they did the things they did.
Casey Jan 30
So bored, scrolling through social media sites.
I see you've updated.
Excited, I message you.
Just a simple, "Hi."

Shortly, I realize my mistake.
The recent picture, it shows you with your friends.
Laughing, having fun.

I remembered what you said yesterday.
"I'll be at the carnival tomorrow!"
Your face in the photo looks so, so happy.
Smiling brightly, eyes shining.
All the things I could never make you feel.

What's the point anymore?
I delete my message.
You won't be answering anyways.
You're out there, having a great day.
And where am I?

Just here.
Wherever that is.
Sitting, staring at this screen, watching, waiting.
It's all too much to handle, imagining you today out with your buddies.
Playing in the sun, on the carnival rides
without me.

We used to be close, so close.
What happened?
I was thrown out, like a broken toy.
Tell me, to you, am I nothing at all?

I scroll past the picture trying to hold in the tears.
It's all too much.
I can't do this anymore.
I can't pretend.
It hurts, it hurts so much.
I know, deep down, I still love you.

Even though I cut that ribbon, it's weaving back.
Why now?
It shouldn't do that, you clearly didn't care.
So why still do I?

I clutch my chest, let out that sob.
The tears come falling.
The ribbon's back.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to hurt you.
I feel so, so, alone.

I'm so sorry.
I fell in love with you all over again.
It's torturous.
Once again, I'm feeling alone.
Sonu kumar Jan 17
If       you     got       the     one     you     loved
You will never understand the beauty of love
When you will understand love you will fall in love
Sonu kumar Jan 15
Either I don’t deserve you
You don’t deserve me

I don’t know whether I deserve you or not but you deserve better than me
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