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Ashwin Kumar Jan 26
I have been yearning for true love
For years and years
For decades and decades
I have seen it in movies
I have read it in books
But to experience it in real life
Is a different feeling altogether
Of course, when you have lived
For as long as thirty two years
It is utterly impossible
Not to fall in love
At least once, or maybe even twice
And I am not even counting crushes
They are as ephemeral
As the life of a mayfly is
The love bug has bitten me twice
However, on both occasions
The love has been more lop-sided
Than the recent Men's Ashes
On the first occasion
I was slower than a snail
By the time I finally confessed my feelings
The girl was already engaged
On the second occasion
It was an arranged marriage
After two initial meetings
Followed by two months
Full of frequent phone calls
We had a rather simple engagement
Since then, it was apparent
That the going was smooth
Even if it was a long-distance relationship
However, just before the wedding
The pandemic chose to strike
The marriage had to be postponed
By five frigging months
Consequently, things were never the same again
Mind you, I was very much in love
But, as I mentioned earlier
It was a long-distance relationship
And I could sense
That slowly, but surely
The girl was beginning to fade away
And the marriage, when it eventually happened
Was an absolute trainwreck
Now, a year and a half later
I am single again
And the quest for true love continues
This time, I hope and pray
That when I do fall in love again
It will be duly reciprocated
And will be as long-lasting
As the love
That my family has for me
mledoe Dec 2021
Hot and cold.
Sweet and sour.
Both extremes with no in-between.
The excitement is life-giving.
The pain is gut wrenching.
A drug that fills the emptiness.
But slowly kills you inside.
The bittersweet feeling of unrequited love.
Paras Bajaj Feb 2021
Only if you knew
how much I
torture myself
to be with you
“just as a friend.”
My cure for hiccups is
An empty bottle of beer I kiss everyday
And  I wonder if a genie come out
I'd wish
That I would have never met you
The night that I met you
The year that I gave
I said that I loved you
You shrugged off my feelings
G Dec 2020
It is still you———

while it is her... still
Krizel Grace Dec 2020
Three words I've kept from youー
Words you'll never hear nor read
No one will know, not even these words I write
I just hope the moon didn't eavesdrop that night
Cause it's a secret I only told the stars.

whybenzocry Oct 2020
0 2
you think attention is love,
that's why you suffer so deeply.
Tiana Jul 2020
Cherishing my love for you,
I won't allow my morals to get away
Cause I know you aren't far away,

Somewhere in my heart,
I won't allow you to go far;
beautiful hues
brandon mater Jul 2020
with a simple hello
and a plain fine
l never knew that there was a fine line
between being something
or simply just wasting time
so l have decided to let you go
even if it makes my heart sore
but love is the loneliest place when you fall alone
Dongdongi Ralte May 2020
What will i ever do,
When i am so much enchanted by you?
Even though i have a soul so dreary,
I tend to be blithesome at the sight of you.

Oh tell me what i ever need to do
To be the one destined for you?
If only i could bid these emotions adiew,
I would endure less than i need.
There was this boy way way way out of my league i had a crush on or rather i was afraid to have a crush on. But we'd talk sometimes and i found him so gold, so pure. But then i realise i was catching feelings and i denied it since he was heaven and i was just a pebble.
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