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 Sep 8 Nina
 Sep 8 Nina
You can make people
Laugh with you
And cry with you
But you can never
Make them stay with you
This is something I learnt today when the clouds cried with me
 Sep 4 Nina
 Sep 4 Nina
I stopped looking
for my other half
in other people
the moment I realized
I was already whole
within myself.
I find no shame
in my solitude
now that alone
I do not feel lonely.
 Sep 2 Nina
We love the night
Because she holds no secret stars
Or fears no moonlit falling out
Open Skies - An honest series
 Aug 29 Nina
im still in daze
are you my love story?
or just
another picture to burn?
 Aug 27 Nina
Aylin Chavez
 Aug 27 Nina
Aylin Chavez
As I say my hello to you,
I begin to prepare my goodbye.
Every hello ends with a goodbye.

So hello,

I wish our love wasn’t so cruel,
but our love conflicts with one.
Love had a different journey for us.  

I never understood your love,
and you never understood mine.
We confused our love.

I had my flaws and you had yours.
We were imperfect,
even though we worked wonders.

I was once your hello,
then I became your goodbye.
I was another goodbye to you.

Now I’m saying goodbye,
even if you were the first to leave.
So goodbye...
 Aug 23 Nina
 Aug 23 Nina
Lovely words, pretty lies

Now I know you can't be mine.

Bleeding lip, tattered heart

It still hurts to be apart.
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