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Sydney Oct 5
You were a heartbreaker
That broke my heart
And many others

You kissed my hand with no emotion
Said, "See you, I'm busy today."
But I saw you kiss a girl by the ocean

The next time you came, you found all your "lovers"
You asked, "What are you doing altogether?"
And without you, we marched down the corner
Sydney ©2020
I know I
said I wouldn't
be capable of
breaking someone's
but I guess I lied
because I have broken the
hearts of those I never
loved in return.
men are amazing
‘til one draws the game
and one burns a skin

i love your foolish words
and how you think
you cured me with ‘em
you thought a queen would vow?
yes, but never to a piece of pawn
of the enemy, only to the her king

calls, morning texts, goodnights
oh how i love them
sweet, vulnerable, innocent moments

you’ve got everything fit to ******
the crown but wait—
i am the crown,
built with steal of broken hearts
and mental shocks

if you think i am madly in love
well think again
salts can be deceiving as like a sugar
you know i’ve got a long list of ex lovers
all of em turned to ashes
because each ones i’ve burned quite well
from ashes to roses they all come back at once

begging for my love,
because never once i chased
and if we’re on a long ride
baby it’s gonna be hell

this is my game of love
it will leave you with a nasty scar
you won’t forget this angelic face
i’ll leave you wanting more.
the girl who once fell in love, now plays the game of hearts, she’s stronger and undestructable, one heartbreak could really change you and it’s been a torture to fall again.
Jamie Jun 13
He was a
Will only
Get in the way
So why do I miss him?

He will ruin
My dreams
Put a block
In the road to
So why am I craving his caresses?

He is far
Too needy
And doesnt
Care for you
So why am I willing to take a bullet for him?

You had to
do it
He was becoming
Too real
So why do I regret it?

He has no
No ambitions
So why am I completely infatuated by him?

He is toxic
And he promises
A world full of
So why do I want to accept his offer?

I pushed him away and now I hate myself for it
Nina May 26
He looks like a player
i don't mean someone who plays sports
he looks like a boy
that plays with feelings
he has that playful look
a look that's only looking for fun
his words are filled with lust
nothing good ever comes out of it

take him away from me
i don't need a boy who plays with ones heart
i need a man to fix this broken heart.
Erica Girone Apr 19
She took care of me
And I took advantage
She was my clarity
I took her for granted
Thought she’d never leave me
Since she knew all my damage
But she finally stop believing in me
Because her heart, I mismanaged
what do you call this?

this ******* void, this deep hole
dug up by us both in each other
i know you feel this too
we share this now, as we shared all else

my phone plays your favorite song
as i'm out for a run

cars on the road start moving faster and i'm thinking
if the hit would hurt less if i close my eyes

****** by this absence of you

this isn't love,
this is the feeling you get
after it leaves.

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my eyes are drawn
to your white lettering
and black label.

my soul is rather
fired up by that
substance inside you.

my lips,
by the taste.

“don’t do this to yourself, you’ve been good all this time.”

“you’ve been steering clear, you’ve been attending your meetings.”

i tell myself, as i reach in
my pocket and rustle through
the chips i‘ve collected all
this time as reward for
learning to live without you.

but ****.

that smell. the way you feel inside me.
the way you make my head shake.

the way you make me forget.

you taste of liquor, my dear, and i’m a recovering alcoholic.

oh ****, i’m sorry...correction.
was a recovering alcoholic.

so a toast,
to your wonderfully devilish eyes,
and to another relapse.

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Jupiter Sep 2019
they call me a heartbreaker,
because im all alone.
but theres no way they could know,
the only heart ive broken is my own.
fray narte Jun 2019
But all cliché kinda sad poets have it —
a storm of poems
for someone who left.

And darling,
all of my storms
are named after you.
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