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Everything will work out for us in the end
Enduring our said love for each other
Existence have been doubted
Exit gates aren't open for now
Entering magnificent world of love!
Essence will fade,
Excitement will be lost,
Elderly advices,
Escort loving hearts to home,
Expulsive mind to dwell
Ever since it was started.
Everything works out in the end
Enable casting heals
Every wounds must healed
Everything works out in the end
Dealing it on my own!
Delusional and wrecked,
Descriptive insanity
Destressing myself on my own
Don't you dare!
Dealing it on my own is not healthy
Disaster of both metaphors
Degrading love,
Displacing hearts,
Destroying faith,
Destructing vows,
Deleted mindset,
Distance may help
Days will come easy
Dealing it on my own
falling out of love
easiest thing in the world
focus on yourself
It works.
Nina May 29
You said you love me
Do you no longer love me now?
You'd say you miss me
Am i no longer the person you're missing?
You had feelings for me
Have those feelings fade away when i left?
Tell me.
Am i still in your mind?
Am i still the one that you love,
You miss,
You want?
Or am i just in the past now.
lorainne May 5
out with the old,
in with the new.

the falling of leaves, went in sync with the falling of the heart.
falling with the orange hues of leaves,
along with the warmth of your hugs
and with the intimacy of your kisses.

as i fall, i grew foolish. like a kid who were once fooled, like a grown-up who were once scammed of something.

i loved you like a child desperate of love and receiving love. i grew up wanting only your trust and attention, but that’s not what you want. as you set up all of your lies, your “too good to be true” stories, i became foolish. you fooled me once, fooled me twice, and fooled me thrice. now all i got was lies instead of love. love was the only thing i craved for yet you crave lust.

that’s what love does. it strangles you. yet we still want it.

it’s scary how someone can manipulate you by taking advantage of your trust.
it’s scary how you can be unaware of the things you’re willing to take even if it’s losing yourself to someone.

loving you, loving every centimeter of you made me love myself less, respect myself less and it was the most sinful thing i’ve done to myself.
— i lost myself as i loved you.

i was foolish to love you even more when all you did was to lie in front of my face.

i was foolish to love you even more when all you did was to control and manipulate me like a toy you’ll get bored of and replace.

it’s scary how you continuously say you love me, when you never really do. the feeling of not being able to speak for myself was more traumatic. i became a mess, thinking that one wrong word, and it’s all done.

i loved you so much to the point i water myself with fear.

from orange, it went pitch black.
there was never a time i expected all of the negative things to come from someone i thought who loved me, cared for me, but i was wrong. but **** it. i knew it was wrong yet i still let myself go this far.

out of all lies and foolishness, i grow as a better and wise person now. as i move past from it, i felt like the world needs to know this before i can move forward with being myself. one who can express her words more in writing.

every single thing in this world happens for a reason. now i know mine. all of the pain and trauma it caused, had its own reason.

all that was left from me is my ink, and your words.
but you know what? — scratch it.

i pushed myself trying to win you back, but there was nothing to even try. how can you sleep peacefully at night, knowing the emotional pain you caused someone?
      i guess you can never answer that until you became your realest self.

as months pass by, i became frightened of you. knowing you can do all these things to me.
i can never be the greatest, newer version of myself without finding and getting back the lost parts of me from you.
Driah Feb 26
He took me that night
No one listened
Came to me
Put a hand over my mouth
Touched me in places I never should've been touched
No one listened
He said I was fine
This was normal
I believed him for a while
No one listened
I told after years
No one listened
He wouldn't do that
That's your uncle
He's not like that
No one listened
After a while
I stopped trying to get people to listen
No one listened
One day a guy did
He said he cared
He said he loved me
But he didn't
You don't hit someone you love
Don't give them bruises in places people can't see
And he didn't
He ultimately bruised my heart
And they both broke me
But I love them both for it
They made me who I am
seethroughme Dec 2018
the flaming torch
has turned to ash
i burned for you
not too long past
out of sight
not out of mind
but out of heart
is payment in kind
i hope you realise
what you’re denied
see now, fool
you were blind
japheth Nov 2018
i don’t think
it’s possible
to unlove you

— and i don’t have any complaints.

i’ll just love myself more
until i forget
what it means to
not have someone around

and focus on having
myself around — present at all times.
hello im back after three-four weeks of hiatus. it’s been a rough month for me bc i’m doing great at the job i reallt wanted so i want to focus on that. i’m still practicing how to write happily so stay tuned for more. ily hello poetry community, without u guys, i dont know how id pick myself up
Bea Aguilar Nov 2018
It hurts so much.

How could your words
Be so cruel,
Yet I still wait for it?

How can I love you
This much
When you can unlove me
Just like that?
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