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Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
The sunflowers longed for the
Love and care,
Which just left in a wrenching way,
May be the sunflowers shouldn't be coming to the garden anymore,
Just not to make the heart feel unloved.
It's unloved my dear
CupcakesArePink Nov 2020
you wont talk to me anymore. i made sure of that

you wont ever see me dance in up(r)ple rain
or the way my eyes glint in the setting sun
(y)ou wont catch our scent of coffee
or feel the soft lingering of my h(a)nd
you wont taste the cherry o(n) my lips
or hear my unfinished lullaby

you wont talk to me anymore. you made sure of that too.

(you) *******, you(h)eartbreaking familiar stranger
take it all back
(u)nset ou(r) da(t)e and senti(me)nts
(take it all back)
Terra Levez Oct 2020
Is it my fault that I love you
Is it so much so my fault
That you need to try so hard
To make me unlove you?
Don't worry
I'm trying too
Nina Mar 2020
If you didn't love me
Then why did you pretend to?
Why did you text me everyday, hour, minute?
Why did you call me everyday?
Why did you pick me up from work?
Why did you always hug me when you know im not okay?

You said you don't love me
And yet
You're doing things to make me love You
You became so important to me
And i wonder what i did wrong
To make you leave

So why?
Tell me why.
If you didn't love me,
Why did you make me love you?
Nina Aug 2019
I couldn't help it
But to smile
Every time i look at you
Or think of you
It *****
Because it's pretty obvious
That i like you
You could see it  in my eyes
And especially my smile
But you don't care
You don't care about my feelings
So I'll promise you
Sooner or later
I won't be smiling
When i see your face
I will look at you with a straight face
And show you
That you're no longer
The reason why i smile
Nicole Aug 2019
Allow me not to forget
let me pour this pain
until i exhaust myself
with the impossible idea of you

Allow me not to forget
the fragments of yesterday
the stars have witnessed it
the moonlight beams for it
as you slowly
held my hand
"im not in love with you anymore."
Haueru Jul 2019
You love me
Now you hate me
You appreciate me
Now I'm not a man but a child
You want me
But rather have other men
You stand by my side
Now I'm all alone ditched
Man how can I trust
One as wicked as you
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