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Mister J Jan 2
Umpisa pa lamang
Alam ko nang gusto kita
Nakita ka pa lamang
Atensyon ko'y nadukot mo na

(From the beginning
I knew I like you
The moment I saw you
You already captured my attention)

Paghawak ng iyong kamay
Pintig ng damdamin ay bumilis
Mga emosyong itinago nuon
Pilit nagpaparamdam muli ngayon

(When I held your hands
Heartbeats in overdrive
Buried emotions in the past
Making themselves felt in the present)

Sa pagpungay ng mga mata
Ako unti-unting nabibighani
At nung akapin sa'yong mga bisig
Tuluyan na kong nahulog

(The way your eyes look at me
Makes me intrigued by the second
And when you wrapped me in your arms
I completely fell, then and there)

Ngunit pag-sinta'y parang walang halaga
Sigla ng unang pagkikita'y unti-unting nawala
Di malaman at mawari ang mga dahilan
Na nang dahil sa nadarama ay pinipilit maintindihan

(But it seemed these feelings hold no value
The passion from our first meeting dwindling
I can't comprehend and identify the reasons why
But because of this love I feel, I still try)

Pilit tinitiis ang mga pighati
Kahit unti-unting nadudurog ang puso
Aanhin ang dignidad na patapon
Kung puso'y hindi marunong umibig

(Enduring the searing pain
Even if my heart is crushed
Setting aside my meaningless pride
If I don't know how to love right)

Siguro'y nagiging makasarili
Ngunit lahat ay binago at binigay
Lahat ay tinitiis damhin
Kahit na lungkot ay di mapawi

(Maybe I'm being selfish
But I changed and gave my everything
I endured all the ill feelings
Even if the loneliness doesn't go away)

Bakit hindi pa yun sapat?
Para ika'y sumugal sa akin?
Nangako ng pag-ibig na di magbabago
Kahit ang mundo natin ay tuluyang maglaho

(Why is it not enough?
For you to take a chance with me?
I promised you a constant, stable love
Even if our world crumbles to dust)

Naghihintay sa iyong pagbalik
Mula sa malayong dako kung san naroon
Ang puso **** labis nang nasasaktan
At takot nang umibig muli

(Waiting for your fateful return
From that far, hidden place where
Your broken and beaten heart is
That lost all hope in love)

Ialay ang pusong nagdurugo
Kapalit ng puso kong gusto kang mahalin
At nang lahat ng sakit ay aking akuin
At nang maibalik natin ang ngiting mailap

(Exchange with me your bleeding heart
With mine that anticipates to love yours
To share with me the burden of your pain
And bring back the elusive smile on your face)

Mahal kita umpisa pa lamang
Mamahalin kita kahit masakit
Lulunukin ang dangal at dignidad
Sa pagsusumamong ikaw ay maging akin

(I loved you from the very beginning
And I will love you still amidst the pain
I will swallow my pride and dignity
In this arduous quest to make you mine)

Sana matapos na ang ating paglalaro
Ang tagu-taguang walang patutunguhan
Panalangin kay Bathala sana'y marinig
Ang pusong nagsusumamo'y sana yakapin muli

(I pray for the little games to end soon
This hide-and-seek that seems meaningless
Dear God, hear my prayers and pleas
Of the heart that yearns be embraced again)
Originally a Tagalog poem
But I made an English translation for the foreigners

I hope everybody likes it!
Happy Reading! Thanks!

Jordan Ray Dec 2018
I play hide-and-seek with my demons,
They count to ten but always find me again,
I try to cover myself in secrets,
But they peel them away and uncover my face

Starts with a scratching at my door,
Told them that I don't want to play anymore,
I try to hide behind my walls,
They always find a way to make them fall.
Elizabeth Dec 2018
It was December 2, and the sun fell early on that cold, dark, night. The kitten purred at my door and the soft meow sounded as though the snow was slowly flowing beneath my bare feet. Outside I sat waiting for something to come from the stars, maybe a shooting star or a beam of light calling me to the darkness that was soon to come after the stars finished their game of hide and seek. I sat playing hide and seek with my thoughts, hiding all the feelings I once felt from his warm touch as the weather grew colder in late November. I was ridden to my bed, in sullen darkness where nothing but a porch light peaked through my stained curtains. I was stuck playing hide and seek where no one ever found me hiding beneath my bed, away from all the demons and monsters that called me into the night.
Beneath my bed I lay
Pagan Paul Oct 2018
Stars shine behind clouds
peeking through on occasions
the sky's hide and seek.

© Pagan Paul (10/10/18)
Samreena Lodhi Aug 2018
Shadows still linger in this bright light,
they thought well about where to hide,
broken hopes, shattered dreams, and shallow spirits,
are the foods that gives them strength to ride,
to ride in the shadows where darkness always rise.
Sweara Ahmed Dec 2017
The way life betrayed me,
Caused' a havoc in my mind.
Roaming in the deserted graves,
Thy ghost is what m' tryna find.
Shadows of the dark dancing around me
Screaming and crying, m' in a bind.
Wind's whispering my name,
Asking me to seek you around
As it's a game.
Darkness tryna get it's claws on me,
Closing all my ways to escape behind.
I surrender,
So knackering this hide and seek is.
The lights of hope flickered last time,
Seeing everything clear with eyes but my soul's gone blind.
~Sweara Ahmed~
* You are blind if your soul stop showing you lights of hope. You are empty if your heart stop caring. You are waste if your mind stop creating.*
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