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Queen Jul 2018

Let's make love tonight
under the sheets, we'll start a
sweet, sinful war.

Our bodies, like magnets, will become one.
The way we move,
the friction we create,
will make
a fire
that'll burn each one of us inside.

- ACT II -
Leave the window open.
Let the moon stare at the messy art we make.
Its light kissing our skin,
its stars dancing with the rhythm of our breathing.

Baby, can you feel it?
Your blood rushing through your veins,
your heart beating,
waking up underneath your rib cage.

- ACT IV -
In this moment,
we are drowning in the riverbed of thirst.
Our hunger for something real —
a connection,
hands we can hold on to,
purple hearts we can call our own.

Tell me this is real;
that we are alive,
that we are brimming with love,
and we are full of it.

Tell me this is real.
You and me.

- ACT V -
It's 4:00 AM.
The sun will soon kiss the horizon.

We are still lying in bed,

I reach for you
and kiss you here,
here, and here

and you look at me
with intensity in your eyes
and said,

"I am home."
i wrote this thinking of you
Haylin May 2018
I want to slide my fingers
out of my pockets
into your lap
in between your legs
and push your buttons
until your eyes roll back
into your head
and pass out and go to bed
That Random Guy Nov 2017
let's start with going to places, starting with your neck
Christine Sep 2017
it's hard to say who would be the planets and who would be the solar system. we easily revolve around each other
Styles Jul 2017
I want to slide my fingers
out of my pockets
into your lap
in between your legs
and push your buttons
until your eyes roll back
into your head
and pass out and go to bed
سماء Sep 2016
You're so small and helpless. I know how hard you try to conceal your eagerness, but it's not going to work. Not with me.
As I wrap my fingers tightly around your neck, you press your legs together.
Do you have something you're hiding from me? I yank your legs even further apart, loosening my tie as you part your lips slightly, emitting a small mewl as you bend your knees.
I grab a fistful of your hair with one hand and use the other to yank down your underwear, and all throughout this, you've maintained your composure quite well.
I'm impressed... but, well, not that impressed. You'll be easy to *****.
All it takes is a few tiny gestures... small movements.
Something simple can drive you so crazy, mm?
I trace my fingers in little circles, just above your core, getting just low enough so that I'm almost brushing over your ****. Almost.
I'm only satisfied when I notice the impatience growing on your face.
You seem surprised as I drag you across the bed, towards the edge, and grab your wrists, using my tie to bound them together.
You seem even more surprised as I suddenly begin to rub my fingers along your slit.
Is it moving too quickly for you? Are your thoughts in a blur?
My fingers aren't stopping, sweetheart, and, oh-
3 are already inside you now.
It doesn't seem like you're handling it very well at all, I can feel your ***** constricting desperately around my digits, but guess what?
I'm not going to stop.
You're rocking your hips against my hand, but that isn't doing much for you, obviously, because I can practically see that adrenaline building up inside of you.
I can see your frustration in the flush of your cheeks.
You'll *** when I decide.
As I hook my fingers inside of you, dramatically speeding up my pace, I can see you believing you're almost there.
"Yes, yes, yes, that's the spot, faster, faster--"
Then, my fingers are gone.
I hear you mutter "****" underneath your breath, and that pulls a chuckle out of me.
Where's your composure now?
Let's see.
One finger slides inside of you once again, much slower than before. Your eagerness is still at its peak now, but you can't reach your high this way, honey. I curl and uncurl my finger, adding another, and another, and you moan in satisfaction.
You can't even rock your hips once I've held them down, and my spontaneous fluctuation in pace can only leave you wondering when you'll finally be relieved.
I rub my thumb in circles around your ****, once again rotating my fingers inside of you, and you're just about a mess at this point.
You're screaming, whimpering, pleading me to have some mercy on you. Your voice fills the room to the brim.
I only increase my pace thereafter, and your voice gets caught in your throat,
is it washing through you now?
Styles Jun 2016
reading your ***** text
like love letters
the words take over me
with a vendetta
of turning me on
like your body
every line gets better
picturing you in my mind
as I'm reading every line
using my fingers skillfully to reply
wishing it your body I was touching on the whole time
Kim May 2016
sext: i can still smell your sweat on my pillow. my blankets tangle around me but they should be your legs. come back.

sext: when people have near death experiences, in those minutes before doctors bring them back to life, i imagine they hear your voice. i wonder if you’re why they think they found god.

sext*: you’re still in my dreams but my roommate is worried because i sleep all day, all night, all weekend. i cannot escape the only plane where we both still exist together.
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