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MAX castro Feb 2020
Soon you will meet that person who will hold you on your depth of despair.

Soon you will meet that person who will hate hurting your heart.

Soon you will meet that person who will take care of your heart because he knows how damaged you were.

And soon you will meet that person who you truly deserve.

You will meet him. Trust me. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve.
Nina Jan 2020
There are plenty of fishes in the sea
But which one will take the bait?

You will come across so many different people
But there will only be one that is suitable for you
So it's okay to talk to a lot of guys
In order to find the right one,
There is a need for a trial and error afterall
Nina May 2019
We were both broken
And afraid to love again
But we were a perfect fit
A perfect match
To make our hearts whole again

But we forced ourselves too soon
Colliding our hearts together too fast
That it shattered into pieces

Instead of taking it slow
We only broke it further
If you can love the wrong one
so much,
just imagine how much
you could love the right one.
a gale Aug 2014
Like two missing puzzle pieces
that found its way to each other
filling the empty spaces of the other.
Like a torn picture
being put together
after being pulled apart.

How your fingers
interlock with hers
filling the spaces in between.
How she found
the missing parts of your smile.

How she is your other puzzle piece
your other half of the torn picture.

How she is with you.

How there’s another puzzle piece
on the other corner of the picture.
How there are other pictures
torn as well.
How all these things
are still hoping to be perfect
for the other piece
for the other half.

How I still wait
for your fingers
to interlock with mine.
How I still wait
to be the one to complete
your smile.

How I am with you.
They tell me to let go
because you have found
the perfect girl
and that’s not me.

But tell me,
how do you let go of something
you don’t want to lose.
How do you let go of something
so **** important to you.

Tell me,
how do I let go of you?
I know I have to face the facts
But I’m sorry
because I’m still holding onto the possibility
that yes,
she is perfect for you,
but maybe...
Just maybe...
I am the right one for you.

*a. gale

— The End —