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lots of laugh
lots of cries
lots of smiles
lots of frowns
in all the lows
and in all the highs
you are there
you are here
in my heart
in my mind
in my spirit
i know
location is far
but your
loyalty is on par
this is for a longtime
this is for the long haul
i like you
will lock this
definitely this is not lost
it is a sure found

some windows open
by force
by clicking
by checking
by pushing
by pulling
but this interface needs a user
the user is me
i open my window
i open my heart
i open everything
to experience again
to feel again
to love again
to be loved again
and this is one hell
of a user interface
this user interaction
is a
universe intersection
i found my red string
we found the You(U) and I
on each other
and i can't be grateful enough
for giving me the U in my I

Lila Apr 25
walking in at 5 pm
my hands fly to my phone
looking for your message
to know i'm not alone

your words are calming
your smile divine
i'm so so proud
to call you mine
(wrote this for an old love. we ended on good terms but seeing this in my drafts brought back memories)
It's you
The boy with the brown hair
And brown eyes that glisten
The cheeks that go red so easily
That smile that could light up a room

It's you
The one who distracts me from my sadness
Who is a face to imagine when I need you
The boy I live so far from
Yet couldn't feel any closer

It's you
The one I met at the perfect time
The boy who showed me I was lovable
Right when I felt I wouldn't find love again
When everything hurt and you took it away

It's you
The one the other side of the world
Who I can't wait to meet
Because the calls with friends are nice
But being with you would make me whole

It's you
The one who's pain I wish I could take away
The person I wish I could make feel right
The boy who's stuck in the wrong body
But the one I get to call mine

It's you
The one who listens to me rant at 3am
Who makes me feel safe
The boy who's hand I want to hold
And my shoulder to cry on

It's you
The one who helps me come alive
Who helps me feel the most like me
When I feel like I'm a ghost
It's you who makes me feel alive
I love you
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2020
i  miss you
very much
very often
very frequently
it will never
vanish or even
it will just
more and more
this is
i surrender my
coz this love is
this will be
even just for now
it is just

samantha Dec 2020
i thought i knew exactly what it meant
to have found a person who makes you feel whole
to want so badly for them to be near
to ache for their touch or a fleeting glance
or simply to hear their voice
i've written and sung and told tall tales
of love both lost and found
but nothing has ever come close
to the words i write for you

for you are magnificently strange, wonderfully infuriating,
absolutely maddening, and unconsciously kind
you consistently captivate every crevice of my soul
unknowingly pulling me closer and closer
and one day, i'm sure,
you'll pull me right into your arms
and all will be well
thank you, for everything. happy birthday, baby.
shipwrecked Nov 2020
some days are worse than others. the tide pulls me under most times.

no buoy or life jacket to keep me afloat.

it's more like an anchor dragging me down into the depths.

some days I can hardly even breathe. my chest hurts from the moment I wake up to the moment I try to sleep.

but I'm just sleepwalking on an ocean of happiness I can never swim in.

i look in the mirror and the smile I see is not the one you gave me so long ago.

its just a ghost of a memory I can never get back.

i'm getting better at tricking the darkness into letting it's grip off of my heart.

i'm getting better at keeping my head above water.

i'm getting better at pretending it's all alright even though I'm constantly breaking inside.

i don't know how much more I can break.

i sure do miss you being here.

you were my life jacket that kept me safe from the most devastating hurricanes.

i don't know what I did to make it all go away.

please come home.
shipwrecked Nov 2020
your hoodie hangs in my closet quietly

it mocks me over and over again reminding me that you're not here

i can barely even touch it, let alone look at it

i want to feel your comforting embrace  wrapped around my frail and broken shell of a body

but you left me here; a shipwreck left to rot

i can't bear to even feel the ghost of your embrace

if I wrap that hoodie around my shipwrecked frame, I will start crying

and by that I mean my tears will create a storm so devastating it ends the world

yet you never come back

if you loved me, why'd you leave me?
shipwrecked Nov 2020
i've been jumping in front of trains lately

asking myself if it's really worth the risk

the way a skydiver looks at the ground miles away and wonders if today is the day it doesn't work out

while you're halfway across the country by now, leaving this all behind

i've been jumping in front of trains lately

wondering what the hell it will take for you to see the pain you left inside me

if I could just find the right thing to prove to you that I'm dying

maybe then you'd come back home
11/12/20 | 2:47pm
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