Sometimes I leave my computer on
when I'm trying to fall asleep at night...
it used to bother me greatly,
but now it just reminds me of when you were here.

Exy Smecher Jul 5

lovely moon
free the skies out
send me the sun
pull me closer
to her gravity

miles away from her
distance would not take
what is hidden safe
in this heart

i will be near
till she come in and out
those every evenings
of my view

i will be near
too near to my dear

Phoebe Jun 18

I can't stand it anymore
I just can't
The long hours waiting
Waiting for you to wake up
For just snatches of conversation

I can't stand it anymore
I just can't
Being jealous of the stars
For they get to gaze down at you
While you dream far, far away

Martin May 6

A couple of days and nights
I acquired sadness and restlessly
Anxiety always prevail
I'm acting strange

I'm longing for you
Loneliness tearing me apart  
But i keep on chasing our memories
One by one

But when i see your bubbly face
And heard your angelic voice
I felt rejuvenated
After being devastated

honey May 1

258.4 leaves a bad taste in my mouth
- 258.4 is broken promises and lonely nights
- 258.4 is the distance between us
it's a blessing
it's a curse
- 258.4 is two kids crying their fucking eyes out
- 258.4 is complete and utter solitude
it's feeling like you're not enough
it's feeling worthless
- 258.4 is seeing you two together
- 258.4 is wondering why you don't reply anymore
if i should have kept my mouth shut
if i should have kept quiet
- 258.4 is love and it's pain
it's burning hot and searing cold
it's hating everything i've ever been
- 258.4 is all it took to break us

I hoped that she will improve now,
Instead she's on a downward curve.

She got out of one LDR back at that time,
Only to fall into a longer one with him.

Haryana is closer to Punjab if compared,
Mauritius is so distant for another LDR.

My HP Poem #1498
©Atul Kaushal
Spooky Babe Apr 12

I know it's been sometime
Since our eyes last locked
My heart now only pines
It mourns like it's been shot

Do you remember the things you once said?
All the promises that you made?
To be honest they've never left my head
Cuz I don't want that part of you to fade

Have you gotten rid of me?
Have you wiped me clear from your mind?
Was it just as easy as it was to leave?
Have you truly left me behind?

For my love X
April 12, 2017

I was fractured until I met you;
the boy who saved me from halfway
across the world. Somehow, you pulled
me from the waters I was drowning
in without being there to touch
my pathetic body. You taught me to swim
rather than pulling me out;
you never were afraid of taking the road
less travelled. When I finally met you,
touched you and saw you only to cry
when saying goodbye, it was as a complete
person. I could look you in the eye
and love you the way I should have
for all that time. I was your equal.
I wasn't fractured anymore.
I'm not fractured anymore.

~~ I could never not love you, Chris. No matter how far away you are.
Thank god for the internet and it bringing me your friendship. ~~

Always there she is,
Like the color of an evergreen tree.
Always uplifting she will be
When I am down.

Always the best advice she can muster
When she has not a clue herself.
Always I will be her priority
Even if she has ten other things on her plate.

Her long yellow hair, and bright blue eyes.
Her tomboy looks and unproportional nose.

She lives so far away, yet she is still right beside me.
Late night phone calls hours long,
Consisting of boy drama and family problems
And of remembering summer nights of laughter.

We don’t talk nor see each other everyday,
But she is my best friend and I am hers
And I will never take her for granted
Because she has me and I got her.

I’m tired of thinking of you all the time,
It’s stupid that I can’t keep you off my mind.
I lay awake at night thinking of pretend kisses
And dreaming one day of being your Mrs.

It’s stupid I know,
But my thoughts are out of control.
I bet you don’t even think of me,
Not for a millisecond it seems to be.

Of course, I don’t know this for sure,
But if you did, I’d like to think you’d send and “Okay sure!”
You didn’t even reply to the last text I sent you,
I bet you didn’t even read my pathetic plea.

Now I waste my nights thinking of lost dreams
All because you made be believe we could be.

Last stanza is definitely my favorite.
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