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sheri May 29
i long to be
more than just
the person that looks
at the screen
to keep in touch
with what you're doing

you say that
you're just
a click away
but it feels
more lonely
without you
actually here

the photos that
you send of you
from somewhere
miles away is
somewhat comforting
for my aching heart

but can you
just stay here?
stay by my side

the bed's just
a reminder of
an empty space
and it hurts
to see it
"hearts will still beat for the ones it loves, even if they're far apart from the one they adore, right?"
You won’t speak to me
Because all your energy
Was spent.
I guess this is the price you pay.
And I had warning
But living this is not the same.
And I have never felt as far away from you,
In every way,
As I do today.
Sunny May 17
On that one night, you hummed to yourself.
Some song from some game, I suppose.
To you, it may have been just noise
But it struck my heart.

Your voice was relaxing
And I just laid down, listening in awe
Captivated by that sound
It was beautiful.

As I laid there, I was overcome
With a strong sense of calm
And in that moment, I felt I could lie there forever
Just listening to your hum.
Sunny May 17
When you're awake
Likely chatting away on Discord.
I'm likely tossing and turning
Trying to get to sleep.

And when I'm up
At an ungodly hour in the morning.
You're probably asleep.
Hugging your pillow, I hope.

Halfway across the country now.
The distance between us feels further
Yet when we talk it feels like
You never left.

One day, I'll join you
And then, finally
Our schedules won't be awkward.
Instead, they'll be synchronized.
Sunny May 17
When we're apart
I just want to talk to you.
You plague my thoughts
But I don't mind.

I wanna know
How you're doing
Even if it's a simple answer
It makes me happy.

Our talks might be short
And I might not know
What to say to you
But I don't care.

I feel like we make
The most of the time
We have together.
But why do I want more?

I wanna feel your hand grasp mine
Our fingers interlocking
Our lips crashing together
In a frenzy of desire.

You're something I can't
Get enough of.
An addiction. A craving.
Some sort of drug.
Sunny May 4
A cross-country trip that should
Take about five days at most.
Maybe more.
And during that time, we won't get to talk.

I'll miss you
and my heart aches just thinking about it.
But I know that this is something
you have to do.

I'll be waiting for you.
I hope you'll be safe.
And I know that you'll
miss me too.
I love you.
Eloisa Apr 24
In my hours of bliss
Here in this world full of words
In my time of grief
You’re my poem I’ll always write
and the story of my life
Eloisa Apr 22
For some it was poetry
   For me, it was bits and pieces of you
   More of you...and less of me
No, it was everything about you
~I miss bits and pieces of you.
   I miss all about you.
Eloisa Apr 21
How lovely the days of spring—
thinking about you.
Listening to the birds sing and waiting for the day you’re here with me.
~ I truly miss you!
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