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Vellichor Jan 17
I can’t help but wonder,
What happened to you?
Did you ever find peace,
After all you’d been through?

It’s been more than five years,
Since I last saw your face,
But I remember the tears,
At our final embrace.

We shared so much laughter,
On 31st street.
But when life forced us apart,
The joy turned bittersweet.

If I saw you again,
Would it be like old times?
What would run through your head,
If I showed you these rhymes?

Would you respond to a message,
If I were to hit send?
Has life been good to you?
Has time been your friend?

I wonder who you’ve become,
And if you’re out there too,
Do you wonder about me,
How I wonder about you?
Tsunami Jan 8
really hot days
remind me of my home

the one across the sea
with mangos ripe on the vine
and yellowed grass

if I close my eyes,
i can almost taste the dust in the air
feel the warm embrace of my family members
that i miss so dearly
smell the petrichor off the hot cement floor after a fresh monsoon rain

time zones apart feel like worlds apart
and they are
when your family is dying
and there is no way to comfort your aunt
because her husband is taking his last breaths

there was no chance for her to say goodbye
to her father, to her husband,
both lay in hospitals
continents apart
isolated, but not unloved
both gone, not even a month apart

the borders have been closed for i don’t even know how long
there is no physical way for us, let alone her own children, to be present
all we do is wait

most of my memories are spent on
drinking chai on the veranda
or dancing in the rain with Papa
playing holi with pails of water mixed with “gulal” and water pistols.
seeing the smiles of all my family members,
together once again.

really hot days
remind me of my home
smoke from the wildfires mimics the smog in the air
the sun - a red ball in the grey sky
if i shut my eyes real tight
i can still get a glimpse of us on the rooftop, celebrating life.
i miss home -
sergiodib Jun 2021
I like the word reminiscent.
Like an echo of a quondam.
Events that very likely happened
But are inevitably vanishing.
Passions still light the night
And northern lights wave in a psychedelic sky.
Is it reality or just a faint dream?
Once we lived on that bluish dot,
Covered with trees, down the Galaxy
Where the breeze danced with the sea
And just music could lull thoughts.

Perhaps after a Big Crunch and a new Big Bang,
With a little patience;
We might all be Revenants.

“So this is a good bye.”
Written after listening to the song Porcelain by Moby
Man Mar 2021
to the man donned in black
to the woman with no spine
and a broken back
you work in slumber
with eyes unopened
to life's beauty
you have only spoken
brief talks betwixt dreams
stiffened, when awoken
of thoughts that linger a ways away
in a land of virtue
reminiscent of tolkien
I can keep it all to myself
the things you said to me
the things you did
it's mine forever
it's mine alone
the things I wish I did
the things I wish I said
I should have put a bullet
in your pretty little head
I can keep it all to myself
the things I said to you
the things I did
the things I thought
it's mine forever
it's mine alone

Instagram was a graveyard
of memories that came to pass
my ex shared a picture of our son
on the backseat of his car
with their hands touching
whoever "he" is
I wonder if he knows
all the nasty **** you love to do
the ****** up thoughts you keep
the thoughts that keep you
so very far away from me

Now Instagram is a nightmare
a collage of everything
that makes me sick to breathe
it's where my dreams died
and reanimated
as someone else's
and that's ok because
in a way
they are still mine forever
his and mine alone

If we ever touched again
that would be
our very own cosmic Hiroshima **** up
I wonder how many souls we'd stamp out?
I wonder how many dreams would die?
mine are at the forefront of my mind
the dreams I had of us together
as the happiest three man band
the world has never seen
Mohammed Nusky Dec 2020
Besotted by an ardor,
Beseeching for its vanishing color.
Today I've no words!
Tomorrow I see you, the day after it rains.
No day passes without our idyll,
Once again summer,
jelly and butter.
With me you're unbridled,
With you I'm at home,
You enervate my sadness,
Eviscerate my fear,
Our long silences paints bliss in evening ours,
You search in me for that deluge of love,
Skin and skin sears doubt, closer and closer,
Lost are we in ourselves amidst lust.
Soon, why so soon should you leave?
Your eyes brimmed with tears,
Cheeks crimson smear,
Lilly of the valley redolent in your hair,
My words; did they fall in your ears?
You're far, beyond oceans,
Arid deserts,
Edifying concrete!
I'm here, singing, singing
Awaiting for winter...
Benjamin Aug 2020
The crunch of bones,
The smell of blood,
The aching whisper,
Of pain to flood,
My brain complete,
Neurons explode,
The anger rising,
Through veins it flowed.

A lifetime away,
Maybe the next,
I'll have what others,
So easily fetched,
But till that day,
My time is numbered
I'll travel this life,
A poem I wrote to vent some feelings of anger.
Claire Aug 2020
Enthralled by the whispers of the night,
Deluged by a myriad forlorn dreams.
Like rain that promptly meets the ground,
Show again the smile of transience.

All that's beautiful cannot stay,
The fading spring complains of fall.
Like spinning tomes, the leaves fall away,
Like a painting the clouds shall recall.

Life's last flight, dance sweetly in the air.
Life's last cry, sees through me 'till the end.
Hold my hand as we pass this divine,
Cruel borders of life and death.

Reminded of the night's impermanence,
As I gaze at the misty, translucent moon.
That starry night won't ever be the same,
So for whom am I waiting in the wind?

All that's beautiful cannot stay,
The fading spring complains of fall.
Like spinning tomes, the leaves fall away,
Like a painting the clouds shall recall.

Life's last flight, dance sweetly in the air.
Life's last cry, sees through me 'till the end.
Hold my hand as we pass this divine,
Cruel borders of life and death.
My very own song which I wrote and personally performed for our Music project. I am very proud of the song and my performance, as well as the significance of its meaning. I hope those who read this will receive solace from their own burdens.
avenjoe Aug 2020
Cut out the lights, you don't need any
Lights are fading away, it shines elsewhere
Grace, you've been put out from grace
Dishonesty, you're granted from it

Got yourself stood in the edge about to slips away
Cliff, opening it's way, channel you to seventh level of contrition
Awaiting the hour of reprisal
Left you in your own misery

Reverend, reverend
Is this a conspiracy?
Your whole life is a conspiracy
Crucified for no sins

No mercy on you
No revenge beneath you
Nothing new for you to see
Blood stream down from the lacerated sky

As its marches you to the purgatory
Boisterous sounds going on
Reminiscing the sworn you've had
It's where you're ascended from now on
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