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SerenaDuru May 20
You’re so pretty when you’re sad,
But you’re so pretty all the time.
Why don’t you smile?
You must remember how to, right?

Remember that time, when we went to the beach, and your sister came with us?
We drove half an hour to that beach, to try and find a secluded place we hadn’t been to before.

I’ve just realised I hadn’t mentioned it before now, but that was one of the best days of my life.
And it wasn’t because it was exciting, or successful. It was peaceful, and more heaven- like than any other moment of my reality.

I wish you knew what it’s like to lie upon you, and look into your eyes.
The sun shone over the residing cliffs, bolder than ever in your presence. I wouldn’t have noticed if your eyes hadn’t been shining so bright.
Our near naked bodies seemed one with the beach and the sky, as if the whole would wrought this moment just for us.

I was so blessed to be your love in this most glorious moment.
I shall forever be blessed in your presence, my most serene star of the Earth.
old willow May 19
My body is well,
the mind dwells,
yet the heart is swelled.
old willow May 10
The sky is long, the road is far, wind and snow blow straight.
Dangling white specks of snow unfolded gracefully,
Yet home is naught when the dust flutters.
Just like a fishing boat in the rain,
Destination is just another
Khoi-San May 3
Today I listened to our songs
it felt like touching the heartbeat
of my friends from a distance
Jason Mar 10
My mister,
Through bliss and hurt don't we miss her?
Her hair- silky mist
Her eyes- dreary mission wishes
her tears, it seemed, had fallen before the march,
before this hardship.
You carried that torch forever
No one cared but her.
And now such is blurred earth
Until you've become snuffed, wouldn't you be glad to be set fire to?
Starry eyes agaze to a blaze of new desire too
Much higher
High enough.
Gargee Pareek Mar 10
As I lie here
Matching my breath to yours
Sun kisses the horizon
The night melts into the wee hours of dawn
A perfect symphony of our breathing
There’s something pregnant in this silence
that looms over our beings
A gentle reminder of all the years

There are days when years of anguish uncurls into a breath of sigh
This is one of them
Anmol Mago Mar 3
"Keep in touch with me --
                                               forever!! "

she said with a conviction
so genuinely made up
that he couldn't help but

( Why does forever always mean NEVER ? )
dedicated to (you)
Nina Feb 15
I got myself tattooed
For every different guy that i deeply loved
On different places
That reminds me of them
Tiana Jan 7
You live in the stars
When I look up at the night sky.

You live in the songs
That I write about you in our
secret hide;

You live in the melody
We used to weave together,

You have and always will live
in my heart forever;

Is it easy to forget anything?
When I look around and see you
in everything?
Reminiscing lost love
J J Oct 2019
Her flesh, a captive of words.
Her life, an interpretation of soul.
Nettles split the skin and lift


As we brush aside this side of the road.

Rejuvenating old memories from when
We first met; silent walks, sharing thoughts
On death in eidetic smirks.

Two figures, lit white by the streetlights,

Like the florets of the dandelion--
Disbanding from their headquarters
  To float and be peacefully dead for a while.
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