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Latifah Nov 2018
listen to some sad songs
look at a couple of photos
remember the good times
and all the things that made you smile
wipe a few tears here and there
sleep an hour or a dozen
cry a little more
till there's no water
left in your body to offer
but remember
this is only temporary
and when you wake up
it'll just be another memory.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
My times are changing so
fast, how strange my life
does seem, different but
just a short time ago a life
of being a happily a married
man, years ahead still to
come I thought how wrong
I was
Then all gone like washed
away with the evening tide
only our loved ones miss
us left with just our photos
and the memories If not for
those, no one would even
know we'd ever been
Photos memories washed tide gone married
happily wrong
Rose Brown Nov 2018
the warm spring
dwindles into summer
into school
into Halloween


Daniel H Shulman Oct 2018
Did you know when you posed for that photo
That it would represent my sincerest dreams?
Did you know, posing, letting yourself go
That you would represent all of love's themes?

There's a picture I can't look away from
With simplicity of your innocence.
There's a picture of what love can become
With simplicity, strength and elegance.

Your lines and curves and perfection of shape
Transport my soul and take hold of my gaze.
Your lines of your chest o'er shoulder and nape
Transport my soul to see beauty and praise.

You are the picture I paint in my head
Of beauty that only exists in thought.
You are the picture I dream of in bed.
Of beauty that I have forever thought.
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Charlotte Sep 2018
The other day I looked at some photos,
Memories played before me as if they were live.
How funny the way time moves and the way life goes,
What feels like a day was really 365.

So much can change in a year.
What you want, who you love, what you fear,
365 days can either give or take away all you hold dear.

For me, a year has brought me plenty,
New hair, new friends, another year in my 20s.

But what a year hasn't changed,
Is the way that I feel.
Between you and I, no words have been exchanged,
A year has done nothing, no wounds have been able to heal.

Some nights I'll look again at those photos and still shed a tear.
In time things will get better, check back again this time next year.
K Wolff Aug 2018
Here you are -
frozen in time.
Here i have captured
The warmth of your smile

Lines speak experience,
Framing ageless eyes.
Your infectious radiance
Tells me no lies.

No joy is contained,
No emotion forced.
There is no need for restraint -
No need for remorse.

This moment will survive,
Unspoiled by time and wear.
Even after death arrives,
You'll always be there.
Felt compelled to write something after flicking through the pictures on my phone. I have very few pictures of the important people of my life. I also realised that my favourite pictures were the worst ones.
Pyrrha Aug 2018
It took looking at your pictures today
To remind me why I deteste your name
Taking them before I didn't know they'd linger with pain
Curse the digital world
Where I can't watch you turn to ash in a radiant flame
Ellison Aug 2018
Each and every page that goes by
Out of the corner of my youthful eye
I can see each and every passing thought
I expected fate should have bought.

With tears tumbling down each cheek
Them bright happy faces are so sought to seek
Did those eyes seven months ago know of today?
Did they know his mind would ever be okay?

And with trembling fingers, I can scarcely believe
That memory misplaced in my web of weaves
I used to be able to say that I had HER heart
Now I lay on the floor waiting for the inevitable depart.
For every smile I see knows not of what we now do
And we've changed from the years that changed even you
So should I still be in love with the girl that flipped me upside down?
And risk all those months again wearing that same darkened frown?

Because each and every photo from yesterday
Lacks what is present here right now
And if I ever could relive any of my years
I would still experience the same fears.
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