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Bardo Mar 15
One day my young niece was showing me some photos of herself and her
  friends on her phone
She had loads and loads of these photos
I was thinking to myself I don't think anyone's taken a photo of me in forty
Then I thought what'd happen if I got famous and someone wanted to write
  my biography (would be a short book)
And they'd say Give us some of your old photos to stick in the Book
And of course, I'd have a problem, I'd have no photos to give them,
Then I remembered there was this Novelty Joke shop in town
They had a great collection of all these different kinds of wigs
I thought maybe I could buy a few wigs then stage a few photos
Pretend they were from earlier days,
Yea, I could get an Elvis wig with the sideburns, I could say that was my
  Rockabilly stage
Then I could get a big Long Hair wig and say That was my Hard Rock
I could get a Mohican wig and say Well that was what I looked like when I
  was a Punk Rocker
And Hey! Maybe I could get one of those lovely big blonde Dolly
  Parton type wigs
I could say
"Well that Summer I was listening to a lot of Country music".
A bit of fun for St Patrick's Day. Have a Great One. Cheers!
Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
Were we lovers
Or only good friends
I still don't know
Although in the same timezone
But somehow always in different seasons
We seem to miss one another
Like ships passing in the night
You seem to be doing well
Or so your pictures say
One never knows with you
Using your smile as a guise
But your eyes give you away
You are more transparent than you think
Wrapped in cellophane you are
25 August 2022
sean achilleos
Oskar Erikson Jun 2022
i think the worst thing
is never knowing how
many photos of us
you had on your phone;
while im sitting here
ruminating how
i ended up alone.
Eloisa Jun 2022
Staring at my return ticket
to the past
My sunset in a wine glass
Hazy but wondrous
Some things stay even one departs
Mrs Timetable Mar 2022
Diving deep into
The photograph
I see who you are
Touching the surface
With fingertips
Unable to feel
The warmth of your skin
Tracing your face
Touching your chin
Fully submerged in
The pool of your
I feel who you are
Deep in my heart
A photo is worth a thousand words, thoughts, memories
SS Jan 2022
i used to hate having
     my photo taken

to see every flaw and imperfection on display.

i used to hate
    the photos taken

the ones you glued into our scrapbook.

but now?
i love the photos given

& what they do to me.

for before
it felt like memories stolen

a painful reminder of

it reminds me of memories given
all the love we gave

it's scrapbooked in my memory
and brings a smile to my brain

so thank you for the photos taken
as they no longer bring me any pain.
hello, poetry. i'm healing and back home.
Nigdaw Aug 2021
I bought a Leica camera
someone said
it must take really great pictures
I sat and watched it
for over an hour
it never left my bag
Luna Maria May 2021
I stare at the pictures of us
I still have them on my wall
I only seem to remember the happy memories
SquidInk Feb 2021
you told me it was over
i hear it loud and clear
but deleting our messages
broke my heart
taking down our pictures on my wall
hurt like hell
and giving back your stuff
was unimaginably painful
until i had no trace left of you but the memories
then i knew, it was over
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