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Kennedy 6d
today my phone was on for 15 hours
and 44 minutes.
today i spent half of those 15 hours on facebook.
these days, it's the only way i can make sure You're okay
it's the only way i can see You,
and in those photos You're smiling.
it's not the smile You gave me at my first concert.
it's not the smile You gave me on christmas.
it's the happiest smile i've seen from You.
the only one where You're completely sure,
this is the way You want Your life to be.
this is it for You.
i spoke to Him,
Your heart, Your love,
Your endgame.
i get it, love dies and hearts heal,
You made sure i knew that.
You didn't need me, never wanted me.
i was never meant to be,
the metal hanger that never worked,
the blockade in front of the road
to Your dream.
You had the drugs, the men, and you had Him.
and as wonderful as He was,
as great as Your life was going,
there was always me.
i think about You. a lot.
and everything i have to say is positive,
i have the memories of You,
all Your lessons,
all Your mistakes.
i like to think about them,
i like to remember faces, and places, and all the meaningless things.
but they weren't meaningless to me,
because while You're ignoring and avoiding
i'm thinking and rushing into the fire.
i want to remember Your face.
i want to remember the smile You had.
the smile handed on a gilded platter,
but it wasn't real gold, was it?
because once the day ended, so did the happiness, and the paint chipped.
once He left, once He disappeared
without a letter, without a word,
without any warning to You,
His love, His heart,
His endgame,
You went back to bed.
Pope John Paul II
Johnny P the Deuce
(to his friends)
empassions an Easter sermon
years before the Passion
or millennia after
to Jane Fonda
feathered red and nicotine stained
watching the city burn
station wagon
Prachi Aug 22
Let’s take a ride
With photos as our guide

Not that they are enough
But they bring out all the stuff

Those collection of instances
Those endearing reminiscences

Each picture tells a tale
Dragging us on its trail

More than anything else
It subjects your inner self

You contemplate with a new perspective
And gradually become introspective

Those memories caress you
When you are lost and feeling blue

The journey ends up to meet yourself
Getting the push to move forward oneself.
I stare at the photos,
Trying to feel what it felt like living in that moment.
Trying to relive the feeling that made us smile so hard.
But all I feel is nothing as I stare at the long gone moment.
Maybe that how it is,
This is the bitter and pale side
Of every moment that passes by
You live a moment only to forget what it felt like.
Tony Tweedy May 12
Happy are so many memories...
But better still is the instance from which they are born.
It was the being there... the who, the what, the where... memory... the photograph of something that we wish could live forever.
Steve Page May 5
I spent my day breathing life into my memories.

I often walk or sit among them.
I give them
the attention they ask for
to maintain their roots.

I administer
the moisture they desire
to retain their colour
their scent.

I know they aren't
what they used to be
but they grow with me
and give me hope
for more
more beauty
more life
and more to live for.

I spent my day with my memories.
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