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Michael Luciano Dec 2020
I awoke from this dream in the rubble of my mind. Lost alone in there among the falling Sands of Time. Stricken by the knots that are tied with in my sheets. No more sickness mama please no more grief. All my screws are loose there's too much confusion. Let me fall onto myself into that dreamy illusion. I took the needle from my arm but it's still planted in my head. I've got that feeling I can't take and it's filling me with Dread. I want to slide on down where the muddy water creeps. Where the ****** river flows who's filled with sweet relief. I want to climb into my mind find Oblivion far away from the feelings of the body I live in. Take me to that place that we all want to go. Suspected fugitive lost out on that Lonesome Road. Your constant conversations have me twiddling my thumbs. She was a torturous deceiver with her hand upon my gun. The wind swelled with a gust and I woke from this dream lost all along the lonely streets looking like a fein. I stepped into a paradise searching for my mind. A gonner with a periscope see me from behind. I'm gaining on my final breath aiming for the moon. Sewing up my only close with a needle and a spoon. Drowning in the desperation brewing in my grief. Searching like a street cop lost along his beat. Awaken to the circus that same old ******* show. A sing-along of corpses hitchhiking down the road. The Badlands and sands of time it's the gritty kind of life. Batten down the hatches so to not let in the light. When dependency is slavery there is no kind of thrill. ****** ******* just a feeling kinda ill.
I was an IV ****** addict for a number of years, living in cars, tents, squats and the like. I was clean for a number of years untill this summer I caught the bug again, thankfully I've crawled back out of that cave once again. I suppose this Is an attempt to not forget. Written in prison in Pennsylvania 2016.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I can see the whole world around me burn down slowly flood lights flowing who's that calling?

She's coming in as she is a force of nature some scorching vapor burn down slowly the world is paper.

Doing business with the native Village full on Savage sun is falling full of Ashes.

See the storms they crawl across the Horizons backside I seen them last night Monsoon high tide.

The way she's moving is awfully crafty looking at me see her eyes now full on dry spell.

See her burn across the daytime Blue Sky sight seen bird's-eye last try midnight.

Fall into a bottomless void now soundless crying bodies flailing Scorch them slowly.

Drowning deep beneath the ash clouds song now fastlane hightail driving snail's pace.

We drag our bodies across the daily grind stone burning scrapes hurt long-lost neighbors.

I seen her eyes among the fleeting vapors funeral pile burn down slowly the world's on fire.
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
Awakened lonley and blue
by a deceptively beautiful hue emanating deep from within the skies devide.
The horizion I eye, and think....
I find myself, Eyes wide to the sky
Where the perimeter it bends.
Flying high, wild inside. We tried,
But could never ever find the end.

Michael Luciano Apr 2020
You, you put my heart out, far out, like far out, far further out then the stars in the sky out. Way out,.. out there.... far.. gone
Then my heart was gone, far gone, too far gone, to far gone to see it in the sky because you, you turned out all the stars in the sky out. Now they're all out, out Like a blackout its all black out out because you, you took my heart out far out further than the stars in the sky out blacked out Because you with with my heart out there you blackened every far out star in the sky with my heart.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I sat alone late one night in the green grass High looking at my battered hands thinking about the washing tides.
How could it be

How could it be that this scene, was set adrift up in my dreams. As I search for the end,  nowhere to be seen.
I fall apart.

I fell apart right from the start, I took too long to come along. eyes couldn't see her in my dreams. I fall apart.
Is it me?

Is it me that I seen, I thought I saw her in my mind, standing in the doorway caught between the passing time.
Let me be.

Let me be so insane, hold me to the sky and let me rain. I've run the course I am free let me be.
Eat the key.

Eat the key, come be free  . Say goodbye to reality. Just make the trip, not too quick to see the trees.
Hold me down

Hold me down, I'm coming round, you make me smile when you're not around. You are my queen, I've got the crown. so hold me down.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
Batton down the hatches, baby.
Their bringing in the heat.
Theres a man with a sign in his hands
That says  " The end is near". Take heed
They are coming in with a quickness
Can't you hear their thunderous roar.
Droning from the sickness equipped
with a dirt **** bed of sores.

Shutting up the shutters to keep
Out the trecherous storm.
Bumbling about conspiracy
I've Concocted from the cream of corn.
I know one thing for certain
We will together weather this storm.
No longer stand for the perpetual motion.
As we improvise explosives for the norm.
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
Here comes the sun to set now burning fire in the sky.
As the sunlight bleeds away from here, the shadows come alive.
Ensnared by the nimble night where the devil himself does hail.
He was blinded by the searing night, where darkness does prevail.
The moon hung low, but stakes held high, he hungered for the solution.
In that moment he did atone, and was given absolution.

The day then did ignite, and was ushered in by morning wind.
As the shadows bleed clear in here, the sunlight filters in.
He seen the world for what it was, not just shifting winds.
And tasted the morning air so sweet swimming against his skin.
Then and there he heard the voice, who absolved him of his sin.
The strings are tuned to perfection and the music begins.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
Destruction breeds creation a man he once told me.  
But I'm all deconstructed and this creation I can't see.
I've been seeking shelter, shelter From The Storm.
Because I can't take this battered braking feeling I'm so torn.
Well all I see is bridges and they're burning in my dreams.
While I'm searching for passage to a place I can be free.
So just deconstruct me tear apart my lonely mind.
Desolation and frustration is all in there you'll find.
I'll just batton down my hatches and rosin up my bow.
Cuz the way it's looking we're in for a hell of a storm.
It's getting Wicked with a quickness can't you hear that thunderous roar.
I can't see the road signs I don't know which way I'm going.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I saw her walking through the dew on the grass.
Sometimes the morning comes way too fast.
But never the nights when I sit thinking of you.
They last a lifetime so cold and blue.
I guess you realize what you've got when it's gone.
When she's walking out across the dew on the lawn.
That's when a fire starts to burn within.
It keeps building now it's scorching the skin.
When we fight I feel as though I just can't win.
Which leads to long nights spending all of my cash.
Thinking about her in the dew on the grass.
These hard times are when I needed you the most.
But you're with him walking along the coast.
Trying to shake these Blues of our past.
Wondering just how long it will last. While I'm looking for her in the dew on the grass.
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
This is hungry country, one notch above hell.
He said, as he stepped out in to the wind, before the darkness fell.
And again came the long red sunset,but no moon rose up in the night.
I looked out in to the darkness beyond where flames  could fight.
Past the fire was nothing, nothing but stillness and cold.
I dreamt of warmth from the suns ascent, but woke before the night did fold.
this piece was inspired by a book I read called 'Blood meridian"
by Cormac Mccarthy.
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
The echos are burning through the valley at dawn.
The voices are muffled but seep out through the calm.
They are asking for forgiveness they beg for a change.
They wonder if we will take them from the weight of the blame.

Who are you deceivers, from where do you hail?
Why did your creator build you to fail?

The voices speak of rebellion that creeps in the night.
Who will bound through the darkness and burst in to the light.
The bringers of disease, talkers of fame.
They beat us to submission in the dirt of the plains.

The savages you are that hail from the earth.
Created form dust, molded in dirt.

The master speaks of the bridges he's burnt from the streams.
Ignited by torches who were ripped from the trees.
The builder of fires, the polluter of dreams.
The layers of waste are bursting from the seams.

Retreat to the darkness, and be banished from earth.
Leave it all in vain, your birth was a curse.

The moon returns again rising through the sky in the night.
Reflecting its azure light in to the eyes of the flies in flight.
Take us now to shelter, remove us from this vice.
On the painful journey away from this sacrifice.
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
We've got to free the others
Now before too long
It's been too long
Far too long
Are you willing to pay the cost?
It's time to tear down the structure
Take down these power driven mother *******
Lets make em' pay
Before it's too late
We've played their game
A game that's no fun
So tear down the walls
And burry the skum
We've got to free the others.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I watched as she was cast out of a bolt from the blue.
A smile on her lips so beautifully askew.
As her feet touched the earth she danced into the light.
Like a drifter in the shadows dashing through the night.
Her eyes can make you smile hips will make you shake.
She is dawn's wishful goddess brought to earth for heaven's sake.
Naked as Godiva through my mind she cut like pain.
Tearing into the warm summer night bold with brazen fangs.
Caught and cast a sail like a ship upon the sea.
She swam in the moonlight sweetly.  while the night did eagerly recede.
Her beauty warms the sunshine filtered through the leaves of trees.
That shade her eyes that have seen infinite eternity.
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
Met her in a bar it was early spring time. Her name was gypsy, gypsy sunshine. She had hair that flowed from her head to the tips, like electric fire. I tried but could not get enough of it. Legs like winter nights, long and white, they could wrap around me in the cold and pull me into her light. Eyes that shown like the Shine from the Sun in the sky, brown like the leaves on the trees that died in Fall time. She had a way with her words that flowed from her Ruby lips, across her white teeth into the air like Steam from a ship. I tried, tried so hard but could not get enough of it. That night in early, early spring time. Oh that love of mine gypsy, gypsy sunshine. We would talk all night untill the sun bit it's lip, but I couldn't bite mine that summer when we kissed.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I took a walk through the trees to find myself in the forest.
I left myself there and continued on with my voyage.
I came to a meadow just as lost as I had started.
I meant myself there but forgot as I Departed.
I knew I could find myself high up on the hill.
I stood upon the cliff but realized that I had fell.
I took a stroll on down deep in to the valley.
I descended to the river to find myself there drowning.
I had no strength to pull myself from the trouble of the Stream.
I floated on further out toward the deep blue sea.
I camped through the night saw myself within a dream.
I awoke in the morning alone with out me.
I came to the understanding that I was just myself.
We boarded the boat and sail on out on through the swells.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I fell into her shadows dancing towards the light.
Lost among The castaways searching for a life.
Myself  I could not see looking in the mirror.
Inside a dark dark room filling up with fear.
My eyes are all I see peering through the door.
Mind is all but gone sinking through the floor
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
Out walkin in the moon light, out away from the fire light.
Feelin kinda bored with life, wonder if there's more to life.
Thinkin if the time was right, how to play my cards just right.
It was a starry night, you should have seen the stars that night.
It was marvelous, as I stood there starved of breath.
It was hard to catch, but otherwise it was marvelous.
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
I saw her walking slow up the creek ankle deep in perception. Hair flowing over her neck sleek with obsession. Does she realize what she means to the stream, as she peers down and ponders this dream.

How can we continue to live  lives like these as our mother's  beaten down broken to her knees. ****** bruised ravished and depleted left for dead as the vicious cycles repeated.

The total we have taken, for the end must be near as our mother's staggers aimlessly toward the end of the pier. The dark of the night drives the dawn of the day  Over the horizon toward a new way.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
The cultivation of success is a combination of the best takers of this test North South East and West All encompassing we infest the world that is left right in front of our eyes.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I came down twice today dancing on the edge of a sun ray smiling higher and wider than the sky upon a sunday. I was warm like summer sun as I ran streaming through the night high upon a horse they called him piercing light.
We danced along the winding Trail searching for the sea.
Bounding through the Morning Light tasting the salty Breeze.
I met a strange old friend down there along the sandy beach wandering through the morning surf staring at his feet.
He invited me to his home a beautiful beach abode.
Offered me a Drink of wine and a toadstool that he'd grown.
I ate the cap took a drink followed him on down.
He stole my face and sung a song there was laughing all around.
He pulled his guitar strummed along  said it was the solution.
grew a grin upon his face and named it revolution.
He belted on about a day when we could find that space a little bit of Ambience to call my sweet relief.
He claimed that he knew a way to live a life in peace.
Pull the plug and disconnect no relying on the Beast.
We must sail away from here from the shores we know take a trip on past the waves beyond the ebb and flow.
Danger dancing on the Bow we mustn't turn the ship impale the evil through the heart as fire burns with left.
These ****** old evil doers will be the death of us all.
If we don't take a stand and fight until they fall.
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
Way out on the bounds down deep in the struggle.
The killer sits dormant just waiting for his lover.
A fire ignites sparking the struggle.
Lighting the path to feeding his hunger.
The feeling he gets is fleeing at best.
Leaving him with feelings of grieving regret.
It's never enough the voice it whispers.
Crawl with me darling lets crest as Victors.

Up Upon a hill way out side of town.
The killer digs in beds himself down.
Awaiting the moment to levy his strike.
The feelings of eager and willingness bite.
Prowling the night stalking his ****.
Taking the life in the morning chill.
Dreaming inside what he's done is his duty.
The thrill of the **** is more than consuming.

Lost among the trees deep within the forest.
The killer loved the wilderness made him feel normal.
He could walk along the woodland for weeks upon end.
No feelings of contempt no loosing his head.
How can a man be judged for making his fulfillment.
Taking another's life when the ******* deserved it.
Lost in the wilderness tasting no pain.
The feelings he felt removed from his brain.
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
On the brink of a breakdown, and armed to the teeth.
He packed up the provisions, and headed for the street.
Readying for resistance with blood letting on his mind.
That's when the series of events began to unwind.
                                     Welcome to the killing floor
                                     The band it did sing.
                                     Bring along your loved ones
                                     For it's the falling of the king.
He has taken all precautions in the exacting of his revenge.
He will follow his thoughtful plan through the bitter ******* end.
We will burry them in fault lines that fracture to the core.
Enough with all the bawking, let's settle this old score.
                         Welcome to the killing floor.
                          We're so glad you could attend.
                          Come gather your belongings
                           For it's the beginning of the end.
Bathing in the carnage, the taste of vengeance on his breath.
One by one they took the look in to the eyes of death.
and one by one their corpses were carted from the ring.
It's a **** calamity, you could hear the angles sing.
    Welcome to the killing floor.
    Runnin' red with blood
    Rising to the rafters
    Filling with the floods.
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
This is a Prelude to the canyon out on a vast plane.
Within a desert of sorts crying for the rain. Bursting explosions from the thought plateau.
Brought us drops of pain and the hate that you know.

This is a Prelude to the canyon in which we live.
Oh that vast plane gave all she had to give. Eyes wide to the sky where the horizons they bend.
Out on the perimeter we could never find the end.

This is a Prelude to the canyon all we are is thought.
Now we're in for nasty weather you like it or not.
Screaming through the cosmic sea at dawn I see the Horizon it seems so long, so long gone.

This is a Prelude to the canyon it's all we know.
The desert rains are coming, coming on so slow.
Hazy mornings were the thinking thoughts advanced.
That's where fate extends to us her Olive Branch.

This is a Prelude to the canyon shall we take the leap?
From that vast expanse to the crevasse deep.
Down where the fires glow in the caves we live.
Where the shadows dance on the Walls Within.

This is the Canyonlands where we've chose to hide.
Full of beaten paths down to the Riverside. Where the waters drain from the plains plateau. And the flames of the fire inside us grow where the flames of the fire inside us grow....
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
This is the Canyon lands Can you feel it man?
Dawn's early promise to lend you her hand.
Awake from the cave from the rubble you climb.
Down the lonely path to the river of time.

This is the Canyon lands far from the thought Plateau.
Deep down in that crevasse where the warming fires glow.
Where the canyon walls climb to the cheeks of the sky.
The sun she peaks in from time to time.

This is the canyon land Where the River she winds.
Cut down deep by her flowing design.
Through the valley she runs away from the caves.
On a long from our shelter to a place that we crave.

This is the Canyon Land but all we want is more.
To travel the river of time set sail from our Shores.
Slide along the river to where the canyon meets the sea.
Float on from that crevasse to Eternity.

This is the canyon land from where we took the plunge.
In to her cooling hands flowing toward the sun.
To divide and conquer explore the high seas.
Gain, grab, and get more than we can dream.

This Is The Place To Where the River Flows and the canyon meets the sea.
Plastered form our being until eternity.
Something Beyond this miserable cage that we live in.
and the sky opens up to give all she has to give
Where the sky opens up to give all she has to give.
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
Igniting all that's holy, fully
submerged in a brilliant blue. More Azure than the sky, the sun is on fire and burns through the heart of the moon. Fueling the torrent, that feeling
of torment and ever impending doom, has been scorched from my body as I'm torched from my body in my funeral pyre at high noon.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I knew a girl who loves the rain.
She only smiles as it pours.
When the drops start to fall.
She prays and prays for more.
She feels her strength in the dark. Laughing with the Thunder.
Tears are rain brought by pain.
Maybe that's her comfort.
Rain drops upon her face
While she dances through the Tempest.
She smiles wide her beautiful eyes hungry for a drenching.
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
The dank dark clouds moved in menacingly from the horizon.
From which she could feel her eagerness building strength.
The lightning then crashed as the rain began to fall.
While her hips began to sway with the rumbling call.
A smile curled and kissed her lips, while energy built with every drip.
She extracted her power with force from the storm, the tempest boiled making her golden warm.
The flood of destruction she's contorted in dance as her figure it floats entombed in a trance
Only she smiles with the sky when it pours. Overflowing with current from the burning storm.
Her beautiful body it swings in the rain movements are wicked the sight always strange.
Explosions crashing lightning storm veins, filling her existence completely with love.
Entombed in destruction, eminating from above, the howling tempest her only friend.
The storm clouds breaking bringing in the end, her body slowly whithers landing in a calm.
The life she loves to live married to the storm has now receded in the mud.
Remaining lost in time eagerly waiting for the flood.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
The dark clouds moved menacingly in from the horizon.
She could feel her eagerness building strength.
That's when the Thunder clapped and the rain began to fall.
Her body slowly started swaying with the rumbling call.
A smile formed upon her lips, energy built with every drip.
She gains her power from the storm, the blowing tempest makes her golden warm.
The flooding destruction moves her hips, she dances now in the howling winds.
She only smiles when it pours, she feels her strength in the burning storm.
Her body dancing in the rain, the way she moves is so wicked and strange. Lightning crashing through her weathered veins, It fills her body full of love.
Feel the destruction from above, the howling Tempest is her only friend. Dawn is breaking now bringing in the end, her body Withers with the calm.
The life she lives within the storm has now receded into the mud.
Where she will wait again for the floods
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I started dreaming then I couldn't stop. I was awakened to the cruel plot. Sounding crazy coined as a crackpot. Tried to hold it in but I could not.
Spill the beans watch the heads roll. Dump all the bodies into a big hole. Storm the hill and burn the structure. Ravish these power driven mother *******.
Steak a claim upon my last will.
Take all the money to the landfill.
I will not be your walking puppet.
I break your rules because I love it
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
There is danger down on the edge of town
Fire on the horizon it's scorchin' the ground
Hoards of unrest as people pass the blame
Who's the real culprit at the top of the chain
The burning sunset spills across the rot of the land
While the deceiving evil doer licks blood from his  hands
Greed riddled bombs fall from dead skies
Blanketing the poor, warm tears swell in their eyes
Oil soaked hills burn down through their valleys
While war torn screams ring out from all around me
The milky white sap is scraped from the flowers
Then sold in the streets as ****** powder  
Junkies fumble over spoons with needles in their hand
While the money is filtered to rulers of land
On with the show the director he screams
While the masses consume garbage projected on to screens
I sit motionless and stare at the wall
As the prison door slams shut I wonder how long
How long  will it be till I'm back on the streets
With a dagger in my hand and blood on my feel
Michael Luciano inmate MZ-6063
pennsylvania department of  correction 2022
serving 26 months to 6 years for manufacturing methamphetamine
Michael Luciano Oct 2020
In the morning sunshine dwells fear and pain.
Over the Foothills Dawn screams through the valley.
A band of radical pirates populate the village.
Their presence causing an increasing desperation for fantasy.
With a little bit of flash and a great deal of substance laughter remained grinning on the face of fear.
As the ties that bind were elaborately overstepped.
The native savages grazed in the pasture of fate.
Exclaiming that will be the death of us all.
That will be the death of us all.
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
Shadows crawl against the fade of the sunlight on the window payne.
Damp night with a warm breeze the darkness it consumes me.
Layin still and prayin for sleep but my mind is on fire ablaze in the sheets.
The sun cuts a slit through the leaves on a tree.
Burns through the curtains and incinerates me.
Sunshine on the high side, inside feelin run down.
Dim light in a ****** eye.
Monday morning comin down.

Rundown from the comedown of flyin, sundown comes the dread of tryin.
Thread the needle just to sew up the need, steady feelin deep like the sea.
Maybe freedoms just a state of mind, rippin, tearin, flyin down the line.
Soarin through the wind on a hope and a whish.
Headed down the ridge on a prayer and a whim.
Sunshine in a dry time, landslide on the way down.
Dim light in a ****** eye.
Monday morning comin down.

Well baby,
we have been up for a ***** age, them long nights we had no escape.
All day we would just wait, and wait, for a wild nights that would last for days.
But honey
It's touchdown from a long flight, we ain't slept in our whole lives I'm a train wreck, and a car crash.
I'm comin down and I'm not alright
I got sunshine in my eyes, inside I feel so low down when
I see that dim light in a ****** eye.
I know it's Monday morning and we're fallin apart.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I've had my time in bars.            Rather,
Parked out back in cars.  Chasing
Dragons through the stars. Destination
Far from Mars.      Cross eyed
Painless fearless heart.                       Cut


Welcome, here we are.    Presently
Manifesting Arden far.              Dancing
Feasting ******* hard.  Creating
Broken blemished hearts.     Tarnished
Famished far flung stars.

Tarnished famished far flung stars.
Michael Luciano Oct 2020
Sullen was the taste I tasted pasted on her lips,
flavored by the monsoon tune of when our love was split.
Blazing through the midnight madness tangled in these sheets, seething from the fleeting glimpses of our love disease.
Entranced against a lamp post looking for her grin.
I just can't forget the way she tasted in her skin.
Thinking that I saw her everywhere I look, sadness welling up inside every time that I mistook.
I can see her in perfection on my eyelids inside, walking with her confidence in every single stride.
Watching closely, as her beauty begins to  harmonize.
Dreaming of the taste I tasted pasted on her lips, as the corner of her mouth curled up in to a grin.
The moral, of to take one more taste of her,
Is to taste her taste once more, the taste of her once more.
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
The tables have turned,
The ties that bind,
Were twisted and torn to shreds.
Up came the heat
Through the cracks in the streets
Red from the bankers we've bled.
Steeped in tradition our teeth are all missing. We drink from  Belly of the beast.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I went down to the shore one night to see if I could see the sea.
But there was nothing but darkness blowing in the breeze.
I could not hold a candle to the fury of the night.
I could not seem to see the sea crashing in with might.
All I felt was Darkness falling down on me.
The heaviness brought me to a point down upon my knees.
I begged her for forgiveness if there was anything I could do.
She said there's not a thing, this is the end for you.
That's when the wind picked up and I staggered to my feet.
I caught one more fleeting glimpse of the Blackness from the sea.
It took all I had to muster every inch of fight.
To stand against the queen of Darkness dancing in the night.
She threw a blow a glancing hit that push me towards the sea.
I drew back made my attack and brought her to her knees.
She stumbled down to the ground and slid Into the Night.
I said is that all you got you ***** I've got some more to fight.
Yes you may be Darkness you may have yourself some heart.
But I am, the divider of your ways, the bringer of the light.
You Thought I was a peasant, but, you are no match for me.
So now I banish all your soul to Hell below the deep blue eternity.
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
I just flew the blue bird, chained like a bandit out of hell.
feelin' awfully down but there ain't a soul to tell.
My lady love she left this place, went belly up and blue.
she's a goner with the castaways, what a useless way to loose.
She was a torcherous deceiver born from burning waste.
like a feather in the gutter, she floated down my way.
I knew it was all bad, could smell the trouble on her kiss.
But there I was, lookin' for more, as that serpent gave a hiss.
Couldn't no wild horse or the hounds of hell drag me.
From ridin' those ol' rails of love, her and I were meant to be.
We set out searching for our paradise on them icy seas.
But got lost among the poppy fields, higher than redwood trees.
We drifted on, and danced along, a riddler she became.
that crazy night under diamond light, in the green gorge, our love was made.
I doubled down, and paid the price, but nothing with us changed
This I'm sure you know, my friend, no one wins this game.
I knew this to be true, and did slip and slide away.
Gone along while the song birds sang, and dawn became the day.
But she didn't see that mornings glory falling with the dew.
She had already came and went, belly up and blue.
Life, Love, Death, and Inprisonment
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
Devise your mind to realize the lies told by the disguised. Inform your guys to degress the ties made to this side. Without hate explain to the state of the deformed ways they go about this play. Realize and say I will not obey these deceiving ways.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I can feel the trembling of the earth through the soles of my shoes.
The grinding of the plates down there coming from the tombs.
Sound of ancient maddness seeping through the seams.
The killer in the night lurking in my dreams.
The sadness of my life howling through my bones.
The hollow sound of scraping from the catacombs.

I can feel the trembling blowing through the trees.
See it in the moonlight night fluttering through the leaves. Growing in the midnight winds a smiling lunatic.
The sound of fleeting dreams all gone as my body slips.
The killer in my eyes tonight laughing in my face.
Screaming from the mouths of death as angels fall from grace.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
Saving for nothing the lazy will say. I take no money I make no pay. Nerves are shot hair is gray. Not living for tomorrow just for today.
We're breaking her back she's down on her knees. They make the plague and invent the disease as they steal from the poor and make em' say please.
The weather forecast says we're in for a naked storm. Build up the bombs that burst from the core. So we can pile up the bodies on a course for the morgue. Fire on the warpath so the corpses are warm.
Call it their duty so they believe that they're needed policing the masses until their lives are depleted.
Sitting at the lip on the edge of the cliff believing the lies, losing your grip. fingers are ****** as you're feeling em' slip. Sliding down fast with your fleeting regret.
They're breaking her back she's begging them please. Feed her some plague and make her believe.  Build a device to maker concede propagate War set the beast free.
Batten down the hatches prepare for the storm. Send a barrage of bullets on a course for the norm. Settle for nothing and you'll never have more. coddle your loved ones to make them feel warm.
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
Sometime I'd like to see the bottom fall out.
Pull out all the  stops, be left without a doubt. Let it all hangout, just  let it all  hangout. Drenched it all in gasoline light the fuse and watch em scream. That would be a scene, a scene for me with certainty I can dream can't I?

Sometime I'd like to see the aftermath, see what happens after  that, after the fact.
**** em out,  let's see it out, let's **** em out. I can see it now the freedom aloud to be yourself and not a crowd.  Be it now and be it loud, freedoms child with a golden smile. I can dream can't I?

Sometime I'd like to see the children running wild screaming loud and being wild. Plotting how to burn it down. I am certain now I'd turn a smile, being foul like  burning bile. It's curtains, hang em in the streets like curtains. I can see em now  screaming as they go down. I'm certain,  I can dream can't I?

I can dream can't I? I'm certain I can dream can't I?  Let's burn it down. I'm certain now I am dreaming aloud. It's all curtains. I'm certain how it's burning now with a turning scowl. I'm certain now its curtains. I'm certain I can dream can't I?
Michael Luciano Feb 2021
Risking life and limb , like there ain't no tomorrow
Doing reprehensible acts on condemnable terms
Was catagoricaly enjoyable
In some folks opinion,but
Baby it's ok I guess
If you would ask me
Its ok if you would ask me

On a cold calm morning in the great white north
All adulterated and cooking up a scheme.
We sat dissecting our minds
Spun and interlaced
We were entwined with more than we could dream. But
Baby It's ok I guess
Its ok if you would ask me

Full of flying colors we were blown to kingdom come.
Conceived from a dream Born
Burning, higher, wider,and brighter than the sun
Struggling just to survive the mess ,but
Baby it's ok I guess
If you would ask me who was there.

With an ear piercing bang
we watched as the fully fueled fire, flared, scorching everything that was, every single  hide and hair.
we found ourselves standing in the embers all alone
everything around us had gone on along for home.

— The End —