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There is danger down on the edge of town
Fire on the horizon it's scorchin' the ground
Hoards of unrest as people pass the blame
Who's the real culprit at the top of the chain
The burning sunset spills across the rot of the land
While the deceiving evil doer licks blood from his  hands
Greed riddled bombs fall from dead skies
Blanketing the poor, warm tears swell in their eyes
Oil soaked hills burn down through their valleys
While war torn screams ring out from all around me
The milky white sap is scraped from the flowers
Then sold in the streets as ****** powder  
Junkies fumble over spoons with needles in their hand
While the money is filtered to rulers of land
On with the show the director he screams
While the masses consume garbage projected on to screens
I sit motionless and stare at the wall
As the prison door slams shut I wonder how long
How long  will it be till I'm back on the streets
With a dagger in my hand and blood on my feel
Michael Luciano inmate MZ-6063
pennsylvania department of  correction 2022
serving 26 months to 6 years for manufacturing methamphetamine
Shadows crawl against the fade of the sunlight on the window payne.
Damp night with a warm breeze the darkness it consumes me.
Layin still and prayin for sleep but my mind is on fire ablaze in the sheets.
The sun cuts a slit through the leaves on a tree.
Burns through the curtains and incinerates me.
Sunshine on the high side, inside feelin run down.
Dim light in a ****** eye.
Monday morning comin down.

Rundown from the comedown of flyin, sundown comes the dread of tryin.
Thread the needle just to sew up the need, steady feelin deep like the sea.
Maybe freedoms just a state of mind, rippin, tearin, flyin down the line.
Soarin through the wind on a hope and a whish.
Headed down the ridge on a prayer and a whim.
Sunshine in a dry time, landslide on the way down.
Dim light in a ****** eye.
Monday morning comin down.

Well baby,
we have been up for a ***** age, them long nights we had no escape.
All day we would just wait, and wait, for a wild nights that would last for days.
But honey
It's touchdown from a long flight, we ain't slept in our whole lives I'm a train wreck, and a car crash.
I'm comin down and I'm not alright
I got sunshine in my eyes, inside I feel so low down when
I see that dim light in a ****** eye.
I know it's Monday morning and we're fallin apart.
Out walkin in the moon light, out away from the fire light.
Feelin kinda bored with life, wonder if there's more to life.
Thinkin if the time was right, how to play my cards just right.
It was a starry night, you should have seen the stars that night.
It was marvelous, as I stood there starved of breath.
It was hard to catch, but otherwise it was marvelous.
We've got to free the others
Now before too long
It's been too long
Far too long
Are you willing to pay the cost?
It's time to tear down the structure
Take down these power driven mother *******
Lets make em' pay
Before it's too late
We've played their game
A game that's no fun
So tear down the walls
And burry the skum
We've got to free the others.
Here comes the sun to set now burning fire in the sky.
As the sunlight bleeds away from here, the shadows come alive.
Ensnared by the nimble night where the devil himself does hail.
He was blinded by the searing night, where darkness does prevail.
The moon hung low, but stakes held high, he hungered for the solution.
In that moment he did atone, and was given absolution.

The day then did ignite, and was ushered in by morning wind.
As the shadows bleed clear in here, the sunlight filters in.
He seen the world for what it was, not just shifting winds.
And tasted the morning air so sweet swimming against his skin.
Then and there he heard the voice, who absolved him of his sin.
The strings are tuned to perfection and the music begins.
This is hungry country, one notch above hell.
He said, as he stepped out in to the wind, before the darkness fell.
And again came the long red sunset,but no moon rose up in the night.
I looked out in to the darkness beyond where flames  could fight.
Past the fire was nothing, nothing but stillness and cold.
I dreamt of warmth from the suns ascent, but woke before the night did fold.
this piece was inspired by a book I read called 'Blood meridian"
by Cormac Mccarthy.
On the brink of a breakdown, and armed to the teeth.
He packed up the provisions, and headed for the street.
Readying for resistance with blood letting on his mind.
That's when the series of events began to unwind.
                                     Welcome to the killing floor
                                     The band it did sing.
                                     Bring along your loved ones
                                     For it's the falling of the king.
He has taken all precautions in the exacting of his revenge.
He will follow his thoughtful plan through the bitter ******* end.
We will burry them in fault lines that fracture to the core.
Enough with all the bawking, let's settle this old score.
                         Welcome to the killing floor.
                          We're so glad you could attend.
                          Come gather your belongings
                           For it's the beginning of the end.
Bathing in the carnage, the taste of vengeance on his breath.
One by one they took the look in to the eyes of death.
and one by one their corpses were carted from the ring.
It's a **** calamity, you could hear the angles sing.
    Welcome to the killing floor.
    Runnin' red with blood
    Rising to the rafters
    Filling with the floods.
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