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YusufKudsi Aug 30
She was different than the rest,  A Sunflower facing the moon.
Trying to grow taller than the rest, to have a voice in a windless field, to be what she is meant to be, when everyone is just the same.
Her roots were the strongest but she was the weakest
How can you blame her when she is just a sunflower facing the moon.
A wild wind took her off, now she is lonley like never before.
All she wanted was to be heard but she was just a sunflower facing the moon.
K Jul 24
I feel trapped in this world
As if I don't belong here
I don't belong here.
I know
But being reminded of it makes me feel worthless.
no one knows what it's like to be you
no one knows what it's like to walk in your shoes.
And honestly, no one ******* cares.
No. one. *******. cares.
that's the problem
which is why we hurt ourselves
which is why we cut ourselves
to find that piece of pain to keep ourselves going.
To constantly wish to die
but secretly hope to live
hoping one day that this misery will change
we hope it will change
but maybe it won't.
maybe it will all be the same
maybe life will always go on this way
maybe your family won't understand
maybe they won't support your dreams
maybe no one will love me
maybe I will be alone
it will change
or maybe my thinking won't
maybe my mind will keep spinning.
viola Jul 2
loneliness is a rock sitting on my chest
painfully restricting my ability to breathe
Bre Marie Aug 2016
Only if they knew the pain I've gone through. I could be me without all the lies, no more worries not a tear in my eyes.
Ear to ear my smile appears... The unseen stitches that have held together my smile and all my tears. Wishing away all those painful dreams; I slay them.
Candis Soul Jan 23
Are you awake??? I feel like I am drowning. I am falling into a pool of tears. My heart feels empty as I write. What it wrong with me? Why do I do this? I am selfish with loneliness. I feel pain all around me. I don't want the pain to shape me. Somehow it seems to win. This pain is fulfilling. Why??? Not even I can explain. When will my tears dry up? I am furious with this out come. I just want to cry night and day. So my flooded pain can dissipate.
How I am feeling...
Sam Jan 15
nobody notices,
nobody notices the loss of heat,
from an insignificant candle,
on the mantlepiece

nobody notices,
nobody notices the dimming embers,
the slowly dwindling light,
of the flickering flame

nobody notices,
despite how close to the candle,
they may be
despite the fact they lit the candle themself

but still,
nobody notices,
as it slowly burns,

I should of never bought the story that the devil sold me
He said he'd put demons in my head so I'd never be lonley
Little did I know they would try to control me
And now my heads to heavy for the angles to hold me
Listen very carefully I'll tell you what they told me
"Why would you want to be OK when you can O.D slowly
She was divided ÷ by the times × her new addition + was taken away -
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