I’m sitting on a moving train.
I feel my life passing me by and
I'm staring at the ceiling.

Metaphors shouldn’t feel real.

I live between home and away.
Leaving my mark as I pass by,
Never fully connecting to the world

My life doesn’t feel real.

My loneliness makes living easier.
Depression seeping out of my skin,
Turning the world around me quiet.

I don’t want to be real.

I don’t have to be real.
I just have to act alive.
I just have to act.

(That’s what I’m good at)
depression hits hard at the worse moments
Erin Knight Feb 19
nothing is rythmatic in my body
its not a twinkling night
the sheets are sticking to my thighs, distressed
                            its never fucking cold in california
i'm stripped down to my bra and underwear
and the radio playing right next to my ear with a fizz - another channel struggling
my neighbor is fighting with her husband
overthink life to find things  
                                    i'd rather not miss  
i've waited for the mailman to drive away before releasing my breath

i'm laughing because i don't understand what's coming out of my mouth anymore
is this poem too long? sorry guys
No one will see your worth until you do
but how can you
when no one makes you feel worth while
Alina Arcadia Nov 2017
Have told me
that loneliness is a heavy thing
That it sits in your lungs
It ways you down, dragging you

But my  loneliness is a bird
And it lifts me
It lives in my hollow bones

I am traped in an empty sky
The strom pushes me higher
Further from the ground
And I am lost to the night
Forgotten again
John Doe Nov 2017
The first time you said you loved me Was by the water fountain
The first time we kissed was by the water fountain

I gave her my heart the moment she told me she was in love
But now her cup is filled with something different in it

Got lost along the way and was all alone
I brought along a shovel and dug into the dirt
After a while I hit solid stone

Was so dark I couldn’t see
My hand disappeared in front of me

But if we ever find ourselves back at the water fountain
It will be broken and the rust will be showing

But  I know this is onlywish
Like when you said you loved me and didn’t love her

So now I just sit here lonely by the water fountain
Jose H Sep 2017
I am whole
I am alive
Full of life
Full of love
Yet in it all
Life has slipped from my grasp
For moments in the days
I am lost
I am unable to walk my path
Looking back for you
To walk hand in hand
But at days end
I have ran you off
Now I stand here
Longing for the day
We may stand hand in hand
SMedjhed Aug 2017
I saw muself falling apart
with a wounded soul and a broken heart

In a sh*tty place full of durt
everything in me screaming i'm hurt

Under the grey cloudy sky
with onr half opened eye
i can see where i will die

Laying alone on the ground
where no living thing is around
so sure that i can't be found

I don't know what happened to me
all i needed is someone to care about me
someone to make a better happy me

I guess everything is messed up
my redeem is that i'm giving up
cause i know it's hard to stand up

For all what i desired i was banned
everything was out of my hand
and after all what i have been through
i think all of this has come to an end.
My first poem here, hope u like it  :)
Lucy Jul 2017
I hate what I have become
Someone incapable of love
Never long lasting
I've been emotionally fasting
You've changed who I was
I will never be the same because
Of you....I'm no longer that hopeless romantic
I'm now that girl who wish she never had it
Being in love was a myth
All those months proved it
With all your lies
Now my heart is lower in size
It's hard to trust new people I meet
Because there is nothing I can do but keep
Remembering everything you put me through
Now I can't move onto something new
As I stare into space, standing quietly and still
I don't think anyone can save me or ever will
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