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Destruction breeds creation a man he once told me.  
But I'm all deconstructed and this creation I can't see.
I've been seeking shelter, shelter From The Storm.
Because I can't take this battered braking feeling I'm so torn.
Well all I see is bridges and they're burning in my dreams.
While I'm searching for passage to a place I can be free.
So just deconstruct me tear apart my lonely mind.
Desolation and frustration is all in there you'll find.
I'll just batton down my hatches and rosin up my bow.
Cuz the way it's looking we're in for a hell of a storm.
It's getting Wicked with a quickness can't you hear that thunderous roar.
I can't see the road signs I don't know which way I'm going.
Eve K Sep 2
It's been a while,
Since i drunk so much.
These days, my drug is just the smile,
I lay down, it's my new crutch.

I miss the days, that were softly red,
I miss the feeling of wanting dead.
My life is sore, but not so much more.

I wish, I wish I knew where to go.
Just sit in my calm place now, meadow.
It was all a lie, I told myself.
Instead, I put it on a higher shelf.

Do these feelings last?
Or do they simply pass.
I'm asking, not enquiring
something something requiring,
some strength and love,
is not enough, especially from above.

Was I always destined,
To be your friend or be your foe?
I do wish to answer, however, although....
I dont know, what to think no more.
I feel empty not just sore.

I feel like I've lost myself,
I ask for help I asked for help I ask for...
No more than the ordinary person.
Why can't I write how I used to?
Why can't I write only in pain.
Why can't I write when I'm feeling sane.
What is this curse?
What is this verse,
could it be any worse?
I feel so numb,
Down to my thumb.
I feel like I've lost my brain.

I feel so alone,
Yet I feel not alone.
I feel like I've lost again.
jocethepoet Aug 4
I’m not saying that I have a bad life
I have everything I need to survive
I have a job, roof over my head, support
I buy the things that I need and want
But for some reason I have a feeling in me that just does not want to leave me alone
I don’t feel like I’m worth it
I deserve nothing that would make me happy
Why? I honestly don’t know
No one understands what goes through my head
Im very insecure and constantly worried
I worry that people don’t actually like or love me
I worried that everyone thinks I’m annoying
Nothing helps me feel totally happy
Not money, family, friends, nothing
And I don’t know why.
I feel like I’m alone
No one is helping me fight my battle
A army of one
I have visions of me fighting
I have moments where I just sit in my room and drive myself crazy overthinking
I end up crying and fighting with myself
Yelling, punching things,  throwing things
And picking fights with my boyfriend
I love him I really do
But, I feel like my insecurities are pushing him away
He says he loves me but I don’t believe him
Why should I
I’m nothing, im not important to him
I feel like trash compared to the other girls he’s been with
He can do better then me

I want help and I need it but I don’t know where to get it
Self medication isn’t helping anymore
And it will get worse
I just know it
I know me
Saudia R May 6
I hate who I am

And I never want to get to the point
where I leave you

because I leave me.
Zan Apr 21

Why do I constantly feel alone
I alway feel like I am unknown
A creature just wanting to be their own
A creature that has drasticly grown.
Lily Bajo Apr 13
I fumbled
I lost your trust
I lied
and spilled the love
Why O why
Unrequited love
I regret, I apologise
I ask for forgiveness.

With a swords length love
you've loved
I cannot spill an empty cup
with a kings heart you love
I will not spill a half filled cup

A letter sealed with a kiss
and delivered to your solitude door
because when one acts the fool
what can another do?
I was unruly, I played *****

I should have given all of me
and let honesty be
I should have moved you in at Parham
and learned to love you better
I did more than blur
A lanscape between two
Perfectly me and you

I take my cross
I take my faults
I cannot blame my weakness for your pain
or cry sorry excuses to make it goaway
I failed you, precious you
I am sorry.
Cory Bauer Mar 24
You dont hate me as much as I do
If love was a color it would leave my heart blue.
Happiness  never got to blossom ,like a **** it was hate that grew .
Recently I pray to god that I wish it was yourself I never knew.
I blame me and begged you to say what it is I gotta do .
Now you got some one else it makes me cry to hear you  call him boo .
I'm lonely ,sad,lost and  deppressed alll because of you .
hj Jan 6
Dig ur claws into me why don’t you
Shatter my heart of glass
Stab every part of my body that still works
**** me with ur words
Dig into my skin
And cut the pieces
I tried to mend
Break my life and my existence
It’s already broken
What’s the difference
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