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Feb 2023
On the brink of a breakdown, and armed to the teeth.
He packed up the provisions, and headed for the street.
Readying for resistance with blood letting on his mind.
That's when the series of events began to unwind.
                                     Welcome to the killing floor
                                     The band it did sing.
                                     Bring along your loved ones
                                     For it's the falling of the king.
He has taken all precautions in the exacting of his revenge.
He will follow his thoughtful plan through the bitter ******* end.
We will burry them in fault lines that fracture to the core.
Enough with all the bawking, let's settle this old score.
                         Welcome to the killing floor.
                          We're so glad you could attend.
                          Come gather your belongings
                           For it's the beginning of the end.
Bathing in the carnage, the taste of vengeance on his breath.
One by one they took the look in to the eyes of death.
and one by one their corpses were carted from the ring.
It's a **** calamity, you could hear the angles sing.
    Welcome to the killing floor.
    Runnin' red with blood
    Rising to the rafters
    Filling with the floods.
Michael Luciano
Written by
Michael Luciano  37/M/Pennsylvania
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