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Jana Pelzom Jul 2020
The Internet is a scary place,
There are drug deals;
Illegal *** tapes;
Some crazy cults that send you (if you fall)
hair twine and bloodied Voodoo dolls;
Dead bodies out for auctions
(Who knows how they died);
Do not forget
The slavery rings that still exist,
And a bidder that sits on their cell
now called a room,
But these are mostly unknown.
People complain of **** sites
Though don’t educate otherwise,
They instead protest *******
and some, showcasing of certain arts;
Isn’t it terrifying?
There’s more degradation on YouTube
Compared to the Red,
That goes by unchecked;
There’s little children worried
why they’re not as skinny
Or worse yet why there are not enough likes.
I think I’m lucky,
I am not as affected,
Yet here I had sat,
Thinking what would these blurred faces like;
Is it a good story;
Or a catchy rhyme;
How can I make them smile?
No! Stop and think!
Now I Know the internet is scary,
I forget as I’m looking away
The noose is hung around my neck;
I’m caught like a fish by the Net
Or a fly stuck in this Mysterious Web.
WWW (world wide web). “www” in Japanese texting culture is how we showcase that we are laughing, an English equivalent of hahaha or the Thai 555 or the Spanish jajaja
www ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
atop the east hills
an outer edge of sun rays
were seen early this morn
The prophet ordered
To wish your hand
And get wished your members
To clean up
Your out appearance
As well as your heart

Wish as you perform a pollution
As you will pray before you eat and after
Your member will clean

When you hear someone ill
Tell him to be in
His home and not be out

The ill or sick must not come
Or visit the right and healthy one
To keep the people so cured

If the pest is ascended
At any land
God may keep every land
One must not get at
This causality land
To keep the society sound

And one does not visit
To be safe and right
If one has cured
God prevents every worst
And the cure is not advanced
And he gets dead
With great faith and patient
He will be considered as martyr at the battle
Who fights against the bad enemies
Or he defends his wealth
Or fights to protects his sons
Or his beloved wife
Who carries every smart sense
He will be at best heavens
That is the brief of the prophet tales
this bad things which occur to world must give us the signs to prtect ourselves from every harm and follow the instruction from the wise and good persons who has deal with clear and the upper spirit
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
You, you put my heart out, far out, like far out, far further out then the stars in the sky out. Way out,.. out there.... far.. gone
Then my heart was gone, far gone, too far gone, to far gone to see it in the sky because you, you turned out all the stars in the sky out. Now they're all out, out Like a blackout its all black out out because you, you took my heart out far out further than the stars in the sky out blacked out Because you with with my heart out there you blackened every far out star in the sky with my heart.
Solaces Dec 2019
In between dreams..
Toward the haze..

I chose the haze..
And got lost in a maze..
There were etheric echoes sweeping on through..
Sky trees passed on by like clouds on the move..

From their leaves fell the haze..
A pollen of light flakes..
Its what the dream realm is made out of..
Mind dust and star love..

I wake up and its past 11..
I was in the outer rims of heaven..
d   r   e   a   m  s
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Martians of stars too
Earthlings far the planet
Moons and stars the ufos sparkle
Worlds of outerspace where aliens

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
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